Freedom Sale Review: Software Bundle Deal of The YEAR

As you might already know, it’s not easy to run or start a successful online business. There’s ton of variables you have to consider – else things will go terribly wrong. Things like knowing where to get traffic, where to find and promote best-selling products, how to create your own bestsellers and so on…

But just imagine being guided every step of the way until you achieved 7 Figure in sales… Wouldn’t that be a great story to tell and live by? That’s why you need to check my Freedom Sale Review below now!

Freedom Sale Review

What is Freedom Sale?

Freedom isn’t free. Freedom requires hard work and sacrifice (BUT you are about to get a shortcut!) Couldn’t you use a shortcut to financial freedom right now?

I know you’re working hard at this online thing… You are blessed with the opportunity to make things happen on the internet. Rejoice in that because it’s a luxury that not everyone has. With today’s technology you can accomplish Freedom Sale.

  • Complete control of your time.
  • Freedom from the shackles of a day job.
  • Freedom to work when you want and…
  • Freedom to earn as much MONEY as you want!

Have you ever heard of a “weekend blowout” – it’s a term coined by Omar & Melinda Martin about 10 years ago when they were running an online sale? It doesn’t happen often but whenever they do these blowouts things get a bit crazy.

Customers get ridiculous amounts of value for insanely low prices. Softwares and tools that normally cost hundreds of dollars are reduced to practically pennies. Products you wanted to buy but couldn’t afford, suddenly become within your reach. The playing field becomes leveled during a weekend blowout.

Guess what…. This is one of those blowout weekends. There is a FREEDOM SALE about to kick off. The front end is a bundle of three mid ticket products.

  • CONVERToolz software which normally sells for $197
  • Commission Magnets software which normally sells for $297
  • The Internet Marketing Clinic training which normally sells for $197.

Freedom Sale is the culmination of all the author’s collective experience as online entrepreneurs… all packed into 3 powerful modules! This program is designed for business owners at different levels that want to get to the next. Whichever way you see it, you will benefit from this system

It is an online marketing product bundle consisting of software and training to master affiliate marketing. The package includes permanent access to 3 products… CONVERToolz, Commission Magnets and the I.M. Clinic.

  1. ConverToolz is a software to create lead funnels, beautiful landing pages that connect with YOUR autoresponder and build YOUR LIST. Best part is that you get OVER 150 products done for you. (yes, seriously this is worth thousands)
  2. Commission magnets is a software that creates amazing bonus pages which you can customize. The cool thing is that it includes the bonus products!
  3. The IM Clinic is a brilliant training package that takes a deep dive into the 4 most important parts of your business. Traffic, List Building, Conversion & Scaling.

From zero to 7 figures… they find that an online business owner typically goes through 4 stages: newbie, beginner, intermediate, seasoned. At every stage of making money online there is a different strategy, different approach, different mindset.

For instance, most people start out with little capital. So it makes sense to use money-making methods that can generate quick returns for effort and investment.

But as the business owner matures in his or her business, to ‘graduate’ to the next level requires another mastery… Affiliate marketing on its own can only go so far, thus it’s time to sell your own products. And to go from low six figures to high six or even seven figures, it’s easier to hit that kind of income goal through high ticket.

Right now there is a great opportunity for you to snap up 3 Products that will explode your I.M. business For One Ridiculously Low Price! Seriously, that’s not hype. It’s a fact.

If you’re trying to create steady RELIABLE income from the internet, these are the products you absolutely need and you probably already considered buying them. Each of these 3 products will play a very important role in your success. By combining them you will be able to…

  • Attract customers
  • Create lead funnels in minutes
  • Build your list
  • Assemble killer bonus offers
  • Avoid falling into deadly marketing traps
  • Keep your online business healthy and flourishing
  • Finally make consistent commissions!

Imagine having the most current software, products and funnels DONE FOR YOU… along with the TRAINING to make it all super easy to operate.

Sounds expensive right? Well guess what… For the next few days, price is no longer a factor. There is a Freedom Sale going on and you need to see it for yourself. So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Freedom Sale Review as I’ll show you what you will get inside.

Freedom Sale Review Overview


Vendor Omar Martin et al
Product Freedom Sale
Launch Date 2021-Jul-01
Launch Time 21:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software and Training
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About creators

Melinda & Omar Martin

Freedom Sale was created by Melinda & Omar Martin, the owners at Higher Level Strategies, Inc. As an agile education and Internet marketing company, the team is current in the latest developments of both technologies and practices successful in generating profits online.

The team of professionals is distributed across the digital landscape providing unparalleled expertise in each staff member’s honed discipline from graphics design and server administration, quality software and content development, and strategic planning.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Freedom Sale Review and find out its features!

What will you get inside?


This software creates gorgeous lead capture funnels FOR YOU in less than 2 minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse. These pages look absolutely stunning and convert your visitors into subscribers like nothing else on the market.

Use the page builder to set the appearance and customize the look as you want. The best part of the system is that you can select from over 200 products to offer your prospects as an ethical bribe!

YES, it comes with over 200 products and a new one is added for you every month at no additional cost. Choose products from 9 separate categories. Each of these robust digital products include a video and a PDF. Really, you’re getting over 200 videos and ebooks that you can offer as an ethical bribe on your squeeze funnels.

There is an image library with over 250 beautiful HD backgrounds in 10 different categories. Select the image you want and modify the other page elements to your liking. The software adds leads to your autoresponder of choice and even delivers the product for you on a custom download page.

Convertoolz keeps track of all your conversion stats, optins, leads and displays them nicely by campaign on your dashboard. This makes it easy for you to duplicate, edit and even split test campaigns!

You can even start to monetize your leads using the built in product banner system and select from one of the preloaded affiliate offers or just insert your own banner or affiliate link for any offer that you want to promote on any affiliate network!

  • YOU Get CONVERToolz, – a software to create lead funnels, beautiful landing pages that connect with YOUR autoresponder and build YOUR LIST.
  • YOU Get the landing page and download page builder software with built in tracking and statistics.
  • YOU Get Cloud hosting included at NO MONTHLY FEE up to 100 WEBSITES!
  • YOU Get over 150 I.M Products DONE FOR YOU, each with videos & eBooks in the massive library!
  • YOU will receive new products added to your library every single month at no additional charge! Ever.
  • YOU Get a robust library of 250 beautiful background images for your websites!
  • YOU Get BONUS 1 Traffic Training Videos to help you get the most out of your CONVERToolz.
  • YOU Get BONUS 2 Email Vault Access with over 2000 professionally written emails to use as you wish!

Commission Magnets

Commission Magnets is your very own affiliate marketing platform that makes you money by doing the marketing FOR YOU. No more fumbling around with clunky or complicated page builders

Now you can use OUR proven bonus pages, products and marketing material to… Attract buyers, make sales & earn commissions daily! We’ve taken all the hard stuff out of being a profitable JVZoo affiliate this year and beyond.

Commission Magnets comes with built in software, training, and tools. Everything you need is right at your fingertips… a variety of bridge pages, bonus pages, delivery docs and PRODUCTS. We’ve already built it all FOR YOU.

  • YOU Get COMMISSION MAGNETS, a software that creates amazing bonus pages which you can customize. The cool thing is that it includes the bonus products!
  • YOU Get 7 Done For You Commission Magnets
  • YOU Get 7 Bonus Pages (Hosted For You & Downloadable OP2 Template)
  • YOU Get 7 Download Pages (Hosted For You & Downloadable OP2 Template)
  • YOU Get 7 Marketing Material Zips (42 emails & 42 posts)
  • YOU Get 7 PDF Delivery Docs
  • YOU Get 40 Original Bonus Products (To use in any/all of your campaigns)
  • YOU Get Commission Magnets Video Course (Over 6 hours of training)
  • YOU Get Downloadable Reference Material & Resources
  • YOU Get Generic Bonus Kit (Use this to promote any product of your choice)
  • YOU Get a BONUS GPC Doc filled with guaranteed approval codes for JVZoo

IM Clinic

The IMC is a series of 4 comprehensive online business courses created for Internet Marketers that are stuck in an unproductive rut. Each clinic is taught personally by Omar and Melinda Martin who cover EXACTLY what prevents most marketers from getting ahead.

They will attack the issues head on and show you the simple practical and repeatable solutions THEY have personally used for Traffic, List Building, Conversion and Scaling.

This is NOT a bunch of regurgitated or hyped up theory. These are actionable lessons that include both practical demonstrations along with the didactic training on the fastest and most reliable methods to succeed in these areas today.

The class recordings are available in the members area along with verbatim PDF transcripts and other accompanying material. Each module includes additional study material including slides and checklists.

  • YOU Get THE I.M. CLINIC, a brilliant training package that takes a deep dive into the 4 most important parts of your business. Traffic, List Building, Conversion & Scaling.
  • YOU Get The 3 most effective ways you can get traffic that will WANT to buy.
  • YOU Get The fastest way to get clicks and start seeing measurable results.
  • YOU Get The “poor man’s guide” to paid traffic
  • YOU Get Tactful ways to get other marketers to send you their buyers
  • YOU Get A fool-proof viral strategy that builds your lists on autopilot.
  • YOU Get Social media list tactics that’ll make you wanna slap the person next to you.
  • YOU Get The 7 guaranteed ways to increase your opt-in rates and delivery rates.
  • YOU Get Emailing tricks and strategies that actually GROW your list.
  • YOU Get The four hypnotic factors that practically FORCE people to buy.
  • YOU Get High performance AFFILIATE conversion tactics that bank over $700 daily.
  • YOU Get 5 secret backend methods for converting low ticket buyers into $10k, $18k, & $32k customers
  • YOU Get A time saving way to grow the sales side of your business with a FREE app.
  • YOU Get The keys to managing big projects without losing your mind.
  • YOU Get The exact tools that can automate your income on a shoestring budget.
  • YOU Get The trick to winning bigger and bigger launch contests and making evergreen commissions.
  • PLUS YOU Get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if you are unhappy for any reason (which I know you won’t be) you can just get your money back.

So why I said this system is suitable for all level marketers?

Because the system provides you all you need to start building your online business from scratch. Let’s me show you a little bit of the bonus training that teaches you how to make money with this system inside the member area:


Just starting out? Fundamentals are more important than ever at this stage. You don’t want to be building a castle on sand!

  • 1-0 Setting Up Your Online Business
  • 2-0 Spying On The Market
  • 3-0 The 7 Figure Mindset


Where most people find themselves in… struggling and wandering aimlessly for months, sometimes years… with little to no results to show for! This is the make-or-break stage and we cover the popular ways to make money for beginners:

  • 1-0 What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • 2-0 The CRAFT Strategy
  • 3-0 The Myth Of Affiliate Marketing
  • 4-0 How To Choose The Best Product To Promote
  • 5-0 Criteria Of The Best Product
  • 6-0 Killer Promo Secrets
  • 7-0 How To 3x Your Commissions
  • 8-0 Bonus Techniques
  • 9-0 Types Of Killer Bonuses
  • 10-0 Solo Ads To Market Your Business


You’re minting some income now. It’s time to take it to the next level by developing your own Products, funnel and scale your traffic sources…

  • 1-0 Sales Funnel – The Basics
  • 2-0 Components Of a Sales Funnel
  • 3-0 Introduction – Marketing Your Offer
  • 4-0 Copywriting – Writing To Sell
  • 5-0 Google Adwords – The Basics
  • 6-0 Google Adwords – Strategies and Tactics 1
  • 7-0 Google Adwords – Strategies and Tactics 2
  • 8-0 Optimizing Your Google Adwords Campaign
  • 9-0 Media Buying – Research And Analysis
  • 10-0 Media Buying – Your First Banner And Offer
  • 11-0 Facebook Ads – The Fundamentals 1
  • 12-0 Facebook Ads – The Fundamentals 2
  • 13-0 Warrior Special Offers (WSO)
  • 14-0 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 15-0 Instagram
  • 16-0 Tumblr
  • 17-0 Pinterest


So you’ve made a cushy income, by the estimation a comfy six figures per year! But what’s next? Now it’s time to propel into gurudom by offering your own high-end Programs that seal your reputation as a tier-1 Internet Marketer (and be on your way to 7 figures!)

  • 1-0 Your High Ticket Offer
  • 2-0 Your Step By Step Guide

Honest Freedom Sale Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

3 Steps To Online Success (guaranteed). If you follow these religiously you just can’t fail. There are lots of “marketers” out there peddling their wares on you for a quick buck. Some are good and others, not so much.

Have you ever heard of a “weekend blow out” – it’s a term coined by Omar & Melinda Martin about 10 years ago when they were running an online sale. It doesn’t happen often but whenever they do these blow outs things get a bit crazy.

Customers get ridiculous amounts of value for insanely low prices. Softwares and tools that normally cost hundreds of dollars are reduced to practically pennies. Products you wanted to buy but couldn’t afford, suddenly become within your reach. The playing field becomes leveled during a weekend blowout. Today is one of those days.

Over the years what I’ve found is that this simple process is what really matters.

  • STEP 1 – Attract leads with REAL VALUE and build a targeted list.
  • STEP 2 – Create enticing bonus offers that turn leads into buyers.
  • STEP 3 – Drive traffic, increase conversions and SCALE daily.

If you focus on those 3 things together you’ll be truly successful but if you try to do them individually you’ll probably struggle. That’s not speculation that’s a FACT. I’ve even experienced it myself and that’s where Freedom Sale comes into play.

This is coming from two seasoned Internet veterans: one a marketer who’s been selling products and services through the Internet since 2005. And the other a lady in the education business and uses social media to grow it.

And unlike most Internet Marketing courses out there that just talks about how to get started… This one covers ALL THE WAY until you made your 7 figure paycheck!

Omar & Melinda Martin are proven masters at bringing innovative software tools to the market. With Freedom Sale, they took their game to a whole new level. I LOVE that all the marketing tools needed to drive traffic, sales and leads to any business are included in ONE package.

Freedom Saleis a real problem solver. After personally using each of the tools provided in Freedom Sale. I can honestly say that if I was given a complete package such as this when I first started IM, I sincerely believe I would have been leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

This is, without a doubt, a game changer for anybody securing such a bundle of professionally designed marketing tools. This MASSIVE 3 modules, no holds barred with step-by-step course will take you from zero to making 7 figure! You’ll become a skilled Internet Marketer empowered to compete against – and beat – the very best internet marketers in the world.

Individually, these three products could make you some great money BUT combined they will explode your online business. You’re finally going to have a working set of tools, a system to operate everyday to bring in reliable leads and make sales.

There’s no guesswork here. Only PROVEN, step by step guide and strategy to take you where you are today and towards archiving 7 figure income… making it an instant income opportunity and a product you can be in business with today.

You are finally entertaining the idea of building your own 7 figure online empire and projecting your worth. You acknowledge the struggle that you are going through, where you realize should earn more than what it is you possess now. You are ready to pave the extra mile with your online business.

Above all, you are motivated to take all the necessary actions for your online business success. You are ready to take action to master what it takes to be at par with the other online business gurus, such as Russell Brunson, Neil Patel as well as Jay Baer.

There is no shortcut to success. But I can promise you this system will provide you with the necessary tools and strategies for you to set up your online business from scratch, even if you are not familiar with the Internet Marketing realm.

Let’s make this clear. Every successful story always starts somewhere. You don’t just dream for it one night and expect it to happen the next morning. What I’m saying is, everyone started off as a newbie at one point.

Maybe your knowledge of affiliate marketing or online marketing is limited. Or perhaps you are computer illiterate. Try anyway; don’t let this fact hold you back. Embark on this journey nevertheless.

Equip yourself with these trusty secret weapons: A spirit of relentlessness and quickness to learn. On a daily (and nightly) basis, go learn something new; from the very basics of how to buy a domain name, to registering it, to linking it to a website, to building a website from scratch etc.

Learn as much as you can, wherever you can, however you can. With hard work and trials, you will eventually find the right people with the right strategies, along with your own methods to create the momentum you need for your online income. Nothing beats dedication and hard work.

Starting up your own online business doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. But I would be lying if I said it does not need effort and persistence to crack the code and earn a 7 figure income. Because the truth of the matter is, how much you earn is based on how much effort you put in your work.

Your goal is to convert subscribers into buyers to get more sales. To achieve that, you must cultivate your own mailing list, provide value and try to be creative by providing your clients with great bonuses and promotions. This will make a great edge in your sales!

So, go out there and start earning that 7 figure income you always wanted! It’s time you started making life changing commissions consistently. It’s not as hard as you’ve been led to believe. Anyone can do this as long as you have the right software and training. That’s why you need to pick up this freedom sale.

My most successful subscribers will be the ones that leverage this FREEDOM package. Be one of the action takers.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Freedom Sale Review):

Freedom Sale Bonus

Freedom Sale OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Freedom Sale with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Freedom Sale ($47)

There is an unprecedented Freedom Sale going on right now and if you haven’t looked at it yet then it’s time you did. This is very limited, only a few affiliates like myself were given permission to share it with our subscribers.

This is time sensitive, the sale ends tomorrow and the page is coming down forever. (its not just a price increase the page will disappear tomorrow)

These products normally sell for hundreds of dollars EACH but right now you can get the whole package for pennies on the dollar. This is an insanely low special price. You need to have a look for yourself.

All the techie work is done-for-you, everything is optimized, and you don’t need to do anything except access the software and follow the simple videos, but you have to do it before time runs out:

OTO 1: My unfair advantage ($37/Month or & 297 One time)

The creators set out to create the most robust and “complete” done for you system. A membership site where you could get everything you need under one roof.

A community where the tools are right there for you, a wide variety of pre-made products for you to chose from, pre-made websites, proven traffic systems, detailed list building and HELP.

Expert ongoing LIVE help on a weekly basis, the answers you need when you need them. Everything in one place.

I believe that they have just created a place that will practically eliminate the barriers, and drastically shorten the learning curve. This isn’t just me talking, the VIP clients that already have access to this thing are RAVING about it!

Trust me when I say this members area has everything you can think of. As a matter of fact, if you had to go and pay for each of these things individually it would probably cost you a fortune! I mean that.

You are going to be in heaven when you get access to this members area because EVERYTHING you need to run and manage your business is accessible in ONE place. That means one username and one password. You’ve got everything under one roof here.

Let’s Break It Down Into 3 Categories:

  1. Core Products, Training & Tools
  2. Expert LIVE Guidance
  3. Your Info Product Library

OTO 2: ACE Marketing Automation System ($697)

This normally sells For $1997 but they are dropping it to $697 for this Freedom sale! This is their full blown affiliate marketing system that provides customers with 100% commissions on all of their core products with 50% commission on the high ticket back ends.

The system has high converting squeeze pages with hard coded affiliate links in each of the follow up email sequences (over 100 in total). The system intuitively moves prospects from campaign to campaign and also pitches hard coded high ticket products to the buyers. ACE users get to download and keep the leads they acquired after they’ve gone through the sequence.

ACE comes with over 50 pieces of customizeable marketing material per product. Its also includes and extensive traffic training video library that covers all the most effective traffic methods including social media and Youtube.

The dashboard connects to the users JVZoo account and provides real time metrics on ACE links, clicks, opt-ins, conversion stats and sales for each product and through out the super funnel.

Freedom Sale Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Freedom Sale Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Freedom Sale Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • All The Top-Selling, Highest-Rated Business Automation Apps Inside ONE Dashboard!
  • Stop Paying For Multiple Apps and Expensive Monthly Subscriptions!
  • Add POWERFUL Traffic & Conversion Technologies To Your Arsenal!
  • Take Your Video, Social, Email and Webinar Marketing To Whole New Levels!
  • Replace ALL Your Critical Marketing Apps For a SUPER LOW One-Time Price.
  • And So Much More!


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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