5iphon Reloaded Review: Wanna SIPHON buyer leads AND get paid for it?

Fact: If you have hot leads, and you know what to do with them… you’ll make money. Simple as that. The problem is that it costs a lot of money to get those leads. But what if it didn’t? What if I could PROVE to you that you can get hot leads not just for free… but you actually get paid in the process of getting them?

That is EXACTLY what I’ve got for you, and yes, I have proof. I’m not talking proof that I myself can do it either… I’m talking proof that TONS of folks just like yourself have been quietly making small fortunes doing this.

Starting tomorrow morning, the opportunity to do this for yourself (get hot leads on autopilot AND get paid to do it) will present itself, when a proven, viral software named ‘5iphon Reloaded’ is released to the public.

How does it work? Is it really worth your money? Let’s find out all information in my 5iphon Reloaded Review below!

5iphon Reloaded Review

What is 5iphon Reloaded?

5iphon Reloaded PRO is a powerful online income system featuring a unique, built-in viral funnel that “forwards” unlimited subscribers and affiliate commissions to its users on autopilot.

Simply log in to your 5iphonR back office where you’ll have a 5iphonR website fully hosted and ready to “siphon” in unlimited leads & commissions with a few easy steps…

Buyers receive a special DFY viral funnel (hosting included) featuring PROVEN viral technology that “forwards” unlimited leads – and commissions of up to $11,000+ per month – to its users on AUTOPILOT.

5iphon RELOADED is a brand new for 2019 remake of Bryan Winters’ SMASH HIT 5iphon system, which generated over 150,000 members and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this 5iphon Reloaded Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

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5iphon Reloaded Review Overview


Vendor Tom E et al
Product Siphon Reloaded
Launch Date 2019-Aug-07
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $20
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software and tool
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Tom E Mcting

5iphon Reloaded was created by Tom E Mcting – President of Rock N Roll Marketing LLC and his partner Bryan Winters. Tom E is one of the most reliable vendor on WarriorPlus.

You can learn more about some of his great products such as Arbitrage Alchemist, Boomerang Buddy, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this 5iphon Reloaded Review and find out its features!

Features of 5iphon Reloaded

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

Your 5iphonR list and income building system, including…

  • Your PRO funnel-based website (fully hosted) with exclusive behind-the-scenes coding to EXPLODE your results
  • Exclusive autopilot lead forwarding system (LFS): sends up to 200+ fresh leads per day
  • Exclusive autopilot commission forwarding system (CFS): sends $10-$300+ commissions per sale
  • 100% FREE viral traffic built in
  • Quick start training video – no experience needed
  • 60 second set up
  • Same day income ready
  • The ability to change your 5iphonR website’s built in paid offer instantly and “on the fly”
  • FREE email lead storage, or connect to an autoresponder of choice
  • Quickly scalable with built in autopilot income “leveraging” system

Your new 5iphon Reloaded system will send you unlimited FREE traffic and leads on autopilot, guaranteed. It’ll also enable you to make unlimited income online. But first you need to jumpstart the system.

To jumpstart the system, simply share your 5iphon website with other people online. Note that your “funnel” a.ka. website link is in your member area section. Can’t miss it.

To share your website with others effectively, you’ll want to implement our secret traffic strategy revealed in the training – keep reading this 5iphon Reloaded Review for more the details.

By sharing your 5iphon website, you’re not selling anything. Instead, you’re giving away FREE version 5iphon websites to other people. Or rather, this system does this for you as you simply share your website link with others.

How easy is that? (If you’ve been having trouble making money online, it’s because you’ve been trying to SELL things through your traffic rather than give something of value away for FREE up front – and then present your paid offers.)

Still confused about what 5iphon does? Here you go:

  • Let’s say that Bob purchases 5iphon
  • He follows directions to set it up using free traffic
  • That free traffic starts hitting his 5iphon auto-funnel
  • In the first step of that auto-funnel, visitors are offered a free version of the 5iphon software to get targeted automatic email leads flowing in. Most people sign up, because it’s free.
  • Once they have the free software they now have to give the software away to 5 people, before it ‘activates’ for them, and starts getting them free leads.
  • Those 5 leads, as well as themselves now become Bob’s subscribers. So for every person Bob successfully gives a copy of 5iphon away to, he gets 6 targeted subscribers. This process grows VERY fast.
  • In addition, when the folks who sign up under Bob also sign up new people, Bob also gets 10% of those leads. And when THOSE people sign up new people, Bob still gets 10% of their leads. And on down the line. It works beautifully, and produces sick amounts of leads.
  • In the 2nd step, they get presented with an upsell, which is where Bob makes automatic commissions
  • This system has been proven to work with overwhelming speed by tons of successful users, as evidenced on the sales page

I recommend making it your goal to implement one traffic method (free or paid) as revealed here in the training every day to jumpstart your system, and send a fresh surge of visitors to your 5iphon website.

On the surface your 5iphonR website might look similar to other funnels you’ve seen or perhaps even used… Yes, it’s got a squeeze page / email capture page up front. And yes, there are built in affiliate products. But that is where the similarity to other websites ends…

You see, it’s your 5iphonR website’s underlying software – stealth software that runs silently behind the scenes – that forces the list and building “magic” to happen.

Landing page

As people land on your front page and join your email list, our software automatically funnels them into a carefully designed series of “free action steps”… steps that will have them sending YOU subscribers and unlimited potential commissions of anywhere from $10-$300+ a pop – on complete cruise control.

5iphonR works just as well for those who haven’t the foggiest idea how it actually “forwards” daily leads… and those juicy commissions of $10, $97, and $300+ a pop straight into your account. (And does it all legally and ethically, of course.)

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How does 5iphon Reloaded work?

In this section of 5iphon Reloaded Review, I’ll show you how this system work and how to start making money with it.

Your main initial goal should be to build an email list up to several hundred members using low cost (or even free) traffic methods, so that you can soon begin doing FREE ‘ad swaps’ with other email list owners.

An ad swap is where you swap emails with another person who’s got a similar size list of subscribers – you send their ad (usually for a free offer) to your list, and they send your ad to their list. Hence the ‘swap’.

The potential for free traffic with ad swaps is virtually endless. So how can you get started? The creators will show you all the details inside the member area.

And here’s where things start getting really exciting. Here’s how 5iphon builds your list on autopilot! As people join 5iphon through your 5iphon Reloaded website, they’ll obviously be joining your email list directly (similar to old school, one-by-one list building).

But when they join, they’ll also 5iphon website of their own, and as they too begin sharing it with others, the “magic” begins… The first FIVE people they refer (through their own website) will be automatically added to YOUR email list (not theirs) by our system.

In other words, our system “forwards” the first 5 email subscribers they get to YOU. And from there, our system continues to forward residual / ongoing leads to you on autopilot — 10% of all of the leads they generate go to YOU.

This goes on for the LIFE of their 5iphon activity! And this happens with EVERYBODY who joins 5iphon through your 5iphon website! This powerful “lead forwarding system” is built in to your 5iphon website and runs on its own. All you do, once again, is share your 5iphon website with others and allow our system to build your list and results on autopilot from there.

Every free version member who joins 5iphon Reloaded through your referral link will WANT to get their first 5 ‘base leads’ (which are added to YOUR list and not theirs) as quickly as they can, so that they start getting the same viral list building benefit from the people they refer.

So how to get paid while your email list grows? Obviously you can make money with the email list that the 5iphon system builds you – and that alone. But your 5iphon website + system will also forward unlimited commissions to you on autopilot as your list grows – if you’re a member of 5iphon Reloaded PRO.

It works much the same way as with the list building, but forwards commissions on top of leads. This is your chance to get paid and scale a monthly income while your 5iphon website is building your cash-on-demand email list

If you’re a siphon Pro member, you not only make money with the email list that 5iphon will be building for you. As I explained, you’ll also make money right after people join your email list and then land on your paid offer.

So they’ll sign up and then they’ll see a video about 5iphon, and then they’ll go on to a number of paid offers which Pro members can get paid on. So by default, the first paid offer is 5iphon Reloaded Pro.

Meaning that the free version siphon members you refer as a pro member will result in a direct Commission paid to you if and when they upgrade to siphon Pro just as you have done.

Obviously you do have the option to change that paid offer built into your siphon website to any affiliate offer you want provided. It’s obviously family-friendly and all that.

Pro upgraded members can make money in even more ways because first off their affiliate links for 5iphon pro are embedded into the web sites of free version members beyond just their direct referrals.

Furthermore, Pro upgraded members have access to another feature, a very cool feature called Infinity funnel which enables you to add unlimited paid offers into your 5iphon website funnel. Meaning you’re not just limited to embedding one paid affiliate offer, but potentially two or three or five or ten as many as you want.

But realistically you should keep it to a max of around four or five offers, so that your new siphon referrals aren’t overwhelmed with offers. Let’s check this demo video below for all the information!

Is 5iphon Reloaded system really worth your money?

5iphon Reloaded is designed, and PROVEN by regular people, to get you hot leads on autopilot, and get you paid in the process, with FREE traffic, all from a 1 minute setup.

Imagine having a viral-inducing software that does ALL the heavy lifting for you, while you’re out enjoying your life. With 5iphon Reloaded that reality is within reach.

This is why I love it:

  • 5iphon Reloaded is 100% newbie friendly
  • It’s INSANELY viral
  • Yet proven powerful enough for experts…
  • Just enter a usename
  • Now enter your ‘money link’

THAT’S IT! You are DONE and the software is now programmed to start spitting out income and leads like they’re going out of business.

As promised… my honest review: First off… 5iphon works! I’ve tried lots of different strategies and programs to grow my list, but nothing really worked as hoped for. Most services online for list building attract mostly freebie hunters, so your list will never be an active one.

I’m excited because each day over the last few days I’ve seen subscribers added to my list. I have not experienced a lot of newbie success thus far. That’s changing now.

In addition, you will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:

5iphon Reloaded Bonus


For a limited time, you can grab 5iphon Reloaded with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: 5iphon Reloaded RELOADED PRO ($20)

In a nutshell, 5iphon Reloaded is a funnel-based, self-perpetuating (viral) online income system. It is 10X the list and income building machine of its web-renowned predecessor. And yet, it’s every bit as newbie friendly.

OTO 1: 5iphon OVERDRIVE ($97)

Enables users to 10X the income power of their 5iphon Funnels by awarding them commissions DEEP into their referral base. Users will also unlock our “Infinity Funnel” feature, enabling them to quickly and easily stack their 5iphonR funnels with UNLIMITED affiliate offers!

OTO 2: 5iphon 10X ($47)

Takers receive a package of TEN additional 5iphon Reloaded websites – normally $27 per month but a deeply discounted ONE TIME FEE guaranteed during launch.

OTO 3: 5iphon 10K Club ($197)

Users unlock the ability to add an INSTANT high ticket backend, in the form of auto-webinars paying $500+ a pop in commissions. The back end is seen not only by direct referrals, but throughout the user’s entire 5iphonR referral base.

OTO 4: 5iphon Autopilot Traffic Co-Op ($197)

This is for users who want their traffic delivered to them on a silver platter – on AUTOPILOT – by us. Takers of this OTO do nothing but buy, and they’re automatically added into our traffic rotation. This means hands-free traffic for the life of 5iphon RELOADED!

5iphon Reloaded Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my 5iphon Reloaded Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


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