Power VSL Review: The ONLY User-Friendly VSL Templates Pack On The Market

In to day’s fast-paced world, TIME is something that we never get enough of. Nobody is willing to sacrifice their precious time – not me and not you either, I hope.

  • Why waste hours trying to create sales videos that look professional if it can be done within minutes?
  • Why spend time learning about copywriting if you can avoid all the fuss and hassle and get everything done for you for just a few bucks?
  • Why pay more for attractive video assets?

If you could make your life a lot easier but still be able to create a viral video, why not take that route? Nope, I am not talking about hiring professionals and breaking the bank! Save that money to invest in your business and develop further.

So what’s the solution? Let’s find out all the details about it in my Power VSL Review below!

Power VSL Review

What is Power VSL?

Have you ever bought a videomaker? I’ve picked up several over the past couple of years, and I love using them.

BUT… I also have spent ENDLESS hours looking for the right graphics and animations…. Spent days agonizing over the script. Spent hours and hours trying to get right feel, the right length, the right… everything! And it’s still a crap shoot!

That’s because I’m not a graphic designer, copywriter, video animator, and compositor! I have people for that! Videomaker software, on their own, have improved lightyears in just a short time, but they are only as great as the content you can use to make them!

And BOY have I struggled with that! It’s super hard to find fresh content for video making, and I’m no animation artist, that’s for sure! I’ve often been caught paying a fortune to a video design company for my sales videos!

As of today… You don’t have to hire a graphic design team! My friend Shelley along with the brilliant design team at Desafa media have just released a brilliant video product!

PowerVSL is a collection of DFY Video Sales Letters with scripts designed for the IM Niches! The creators scoured through JVZoo and W+ and found the top niches for product launches and designed VSL Just for YOU!

In a nutshell, Power VSL is a huge collection of Animated Powerpoint Video templates + Script Included + Video Assets Kit. It’s not a software, plugin or wordpress theme.

They’ve created beautiful, sleek and professional VSL for Software launches, Info-products, Video Niche launches and MORE! The Most User Friendly Sales Video Templates On The Market!

VSL Templates Created For All The Top Product Launch Niches. Power Scripts and Animations, Simple to Edit (PowerPoint) and proven to convert!

These templates were specifically created to use for products in THE TOP SELLING NICHES in marketplaces like JVZoo, W+ and Clickbank! That’s how we KNOW the topics are relevant and ON TREND!

What’s inside: :

  • Animated VSL
  • Professional Scripts and Royalty Free Music
  • Logo Intro Templates
  • Call to actions templates
  • Mockup Templates
  • YouTube End Screen Templates
  • Animated Google Ads Banner Templates.
  • Professionally created Sales Video Templates, made to sell, and designed in Powerpoint!
  • Sales Video Scripts for each video. using a special formula that’s designed to captivate and engage!
  • Logo Intro Templates
  • Call to Action templates
  • Product Mockup Templates
  • YouTube End Screen Templates
  • and more

All video templates have been designed with PowerPoint, and graphics are designed with Photoshop so they are very easy to use.

Now even you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for your VSL. Just load your shiny new template into PowerPoint, edit the details like product name and box cover, and you’ve got a top notch VSL ready to go!

I’m literally still STUNNED by everything they’ve packed into this. It’s called Power VSL . It’s packed with Video sales letters that cover all the top product launches on JVZoo/W+

So if you have a product launch coming up, all you have to do is pick your video template, add your launch details in PowerPoint and export the video!

If you know someone who has a Product Launch coming up… well Power VSL comes with a commercial license, so being the entrepreneur I know you are, you could do a little editing and sell the video and make hundreds per video!

If you do nothing else, go watch THEIR VSL! They actually pulled one of the videos out of the package they are selling, added their product details, and are using it to sell their product!

That’s not all. The first 50 people will also be getting a collection of suitable for a broad range of videos with 20 Pre-made categories templates, SCRIPT & 500+ Brand new video assets that include.

You’ll find slides built for all sorts of great niches, like company profiles, medical, Education, Petcare, Healthcare, explainer and More.

Power VSL allows you to create unique, interactive and customized high converting video style for all your marketing video needs in minutes. Now click on and check our easy to use DFY Power VSL, a pack of Video Animation Templates – SCRIPTS and THOUSANDS OF ASSETS are included!!!

All you need to do is EDIT, CLICK, and EXPORT! Voila, your MARKETING WEAPON will be ready within minutes. No hassle, No fuss. So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Power VSL Review as I’ll show you what you will get inside.

Power VSL Review Overview


Vendor Shelley Penney et al
Product Power VSL
Launch Date 2022-Feb-11
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $24
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Graphic Design
Support Effective Response
Operating System PowerPoint
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Shelley Penney

Power VSL was created by Shelley Penney and her partner Anugerah Syaifullah. Shelley is a Graphic Creator & Internet Marketer who has come up with a varied and creative library of animations that will allow video creatives to instantly add fun and engaging animated content to their videos hassle free.

Her products are more than useful addition to any marketing toolkit. Shelley and her team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as: VSL StudioQuick AdzAnimatePal, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Power VSL Review and find out its features.

What will you get inside?

Here Is What You Will Get Inside Power VSL

Premium Video Sales Letter Templates

Full HD 1920 X 1080 And Up To 4K Resolution

Inside you will get 20 Premium, High Converting Sales Videos in the 8 of the top Internet Marketing Product Launch Niches for 2022.

  • 20 premium video sales letter templates that you can use for yourself or  for clients project!
  • 8 different niches, and several different styles give you UNLIMITED options to create a perfect sales video!
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials that make it easy to edit!

8 different niches

  1. Video
  2. Software/App
  3. Local Biz Solutions
  4. Make Money Online
  5. Traffic
  6. Digital/Physical Product
  7. Problem/ Solution
  8. Resell for Profit

All designs are  created in house with our graphic designers and copywriters, using royalty free music.

Premium Logo Reveal Video Templates

Full HD 1920 X 1080 And Up To 4K Resolution

Just add your branding and you’ve got a gorgeous logo reveal to add to your videos or stand alone!

  • 10 Logo intro video templates that you can use for yourself or  for client projects!
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials
  • Created with 100% PowerPoint!

Including Script And Music

2 Ratios : 1920 X 1080 | 1080 X 1080

9 different scripts written by our in house copywriter to go with corresponding videos and all the supporting music royalty free.

Use as is, or edit as you wish!

Premium Call To Actions Video Templates

Full HD 1920 X 1080

Sometimes you just want it QUICK and TO THE POINT! We’ve created short videos to grab the attention of your potential customers.

These templates are universal…  edit them to create: product promo reminders, sales notifications and more!

  • 10 premium call to actions video templates that you can use for yourself or for client’s projects!
  • Short videos that get to the point!
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials!
  • Created with 100% PowerPoint!

YouTube End Screen Video Templates

Full HD 1920 X 1080

Almost all videos will end up on YouTube or Vimeo, or one of the video broadcast solutions! 

Therefore, we complement this product with YouTube End screen templates that we have specially designed according to current video design trends.

  • 10 premium video end screen templates that you can use for your  Video channels.
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials!
  • Created with 100% PowerPoint!

Mockup Product For Static Promotions Purpose.

We have designed a product mockup that fits every video theme, which of course you can easily change using the smart object feature of Adobe Photoshop.

  • 20 Mockup templates that match the VSL templates for consistency!
  • Created with Adobe Photoshop using Image smart object feature,for easy editing!
  • Free online solutions available if you don’t have Photoshop!

Note: if you don’t have adobe photoshop, you can also use the free online psd editor.

Ads Banner Templates In 5 Ratio

Half Page Banner 300×600 | Large Rectangle 336×280 | Leaderboard 728×90 | Medium Rectangle 300×250 | Mobile 320×100

  • Consist of 20 premium google ads banner templates that you can use for your ads promotions needs or you can also use them for clients project!
  • Consist of 20 Different niche, So you will have many options to create a promotional video that suits your needs
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials that make it easy for you to make changes that match what you want
  • Consist of 5 most convert size in ads!

Additional module for the first 50 people


Insert these SlideShow templates to increase engagement with your video. They make your video look much more informative and professional.


You can easily pick one of our persuasive VSL templates and use it to create a promotional video, an explainer video, or any marketing video you like.


FORGET about hiring expensive professional animators. More than 400 variations of animated characters for any video explainer niche have been provided for you.


This is done for you with LowerThird templates that will add a dash of beauty and elegance to your video’s text. All for no extra cost!


Save your precious time! The creators have prepared sophisticated transition packs for your video, and they are compatible with any video editor you already own.


Our All-in-One Colorful Backgrounds will instantly give your video a touch of art. Receive all of our explainer backgrounds for free. No extra charge.


Dynamic Moving Backgrounds with professional and elegant styles to PRESENT your BRAND. A PROFESSIONAL brand presentation means HIGHER END markets, and of course, will attract conversions more powerfully than EVER before!


Ready to use PHENOMENAL Tone Gradient backgrounds that can be easily applied in any animated video. Compatible with any video application and supports various video formats. ALL you can have for FREE!

Honest Power VSL Review – My Opinion: Is It Really Profitable?

Tired of paying a fortune to create a video that looks professional? The deadline is knocked on your door… but you still don’t know how to write your script? Desperate to get an effective VSL with a limited budget?

You are not alone. Many businesses face similar problems. In this ecommerce era, everyone really needs a superb online marketing video. It helps marketers create markets, reach potential consumers, and increase sales conversion.

A marketing video that looks sophisticated and as a persuasive script is even better, because it will increase your conversions in a blast. An engaging video could increase conversions dramatically.

Seeing is believing. A visual description speaks louder than words. Boost your sales by up to 500% through do-it-yourself market videos… With effective tried-and-true scripts and attractive video assets. But in today’s fast-paced world, time is something that we never get enough of. Nobody is willing to sacrifice their precious time… not me and not you.

Either why waste hours trying to create marketing videos that look professional if it can be done within minutes? Why spend time learning about copywriting if you could avoid all the fuss and hassle, and get everything done for you for a few bucks? Why pay more for attractive video assets?

That’s where Power VSL comes into play. You don’t have to spend time thinking about creating catchy scripts for your marketing video. No more hiring expensive copywriters. Either now you can put your precious time and money to better use.

You may already have tons of video templates or video software products that claim they can help you create a sophisticated video within minutes… in 3 simple clicks. Or many of those other “too good to be true” tag lines. But let’s be realistic here… do those videos really boost your conversions?

All marketing gurus agree: Yes, a good video will surely attract leads and increase your number of prospective customers. Let me show you how attractive these video templates collections are.

You can easily pick one of our persuasive VSL templates with PowerPoint, and use it to create a promotional video, explainer video or any marketing video you like. But what will seal the deal and boost your conversions? A good script. Effective engaging and proven script will almost immediately seal the deal. That our scripts are. No fuss no hassle, everything is done for you.

Wait! If a good video and a good script will only almost immediately seal the deal, so what other key factors do you need to secure an immediate conversion? Visual attractiveness. Let’s be honest here, nobody will watch a boring marketing video nobody… that’s why you need enough video assets to create an attractive sales video.

But where do you find attractive video assets? No worries! Thousands of video assets have been prepared for the Power VSL package. And again, you don’t have to pay extra money or spend extra time to get these attractive video assets.

Power VSL is easily-quickly edited and you can turn these the BEST selling video templates, script & video assets just by mixing and matching elements & categories. It is going to help you to:

  • Keep it Simple: Concentrate on your Core Message
  • Focus on your Audience’s Needs
  • Impress your clients and audience
  • Help you create a trustworthy & tell stories brand to seal the deal quickly.

I primarily like his supernatural touches with the color usage and quirky kicks his have put in his elements. Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • Ultra HD 4K & Full HD Resolution, 16:9 slide formats
  • 300+ Unique custom VSL slides
  • Impressive Power VSL Explainer Animations.
  • New cool style video assets effect & transition.
  • Every theme creates a uniquely stylish look.
  • Music Track Included.
  • Full Animation (build and Transition)
  • Change Texts Easily
  • Used font free (link included)
  • Easily change the color of your titles
  • You can change the title to any font you like
  • Simple and easy to comprehend the design
  • Easy customization
  • Fully Editable (shapes, icons, mockup)
  • Our templates are appropriate for digital advertisers, marketers, visual content creators, agencies and more!
  • E-Commerce Projects, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Social Media Marketing Sales Videos, Teaching, and Training, YouTube Marketers, Facebook

Does this scenario sound familiar?

  1. You pick up some generic video template
  2. Painstakingly create a video after torturous hours of work
  3. Get excited and ready to deliver to your client
  4. Only to fire up YouTube and see the exact template you used, literally everywhere!

This is an unfortunate scenario most marketers, like you, face everyday. Needless to say, your visitors will immediately be turned off from the very first second.

Your business will lack originality and uniqueness. You could annoy your viewers and even lose them to some competitor who uses fresh new content.

Templated animated video maker apps were a breakthrough in tech, that brought easy video marketing to the fingertips of the average person, but it is no longer enough! That was 6 years ago! You can’t get away with using video templates that are included in your software anymore.

So what’s the answer anyway? You could hire someone to make an animated video for you, spending a pile of cash in the process.

Or you could buy an animated character from an artist or design studio, and pay royalties every time someone watches your video. OR…. You could just get Power VSL!

POWER VSL is a unique collection of professionally scripted and animated VSL that cover all the top niches for product launches on JVZoo/W+!  Scripts, graphics, animations and transitions that pop your videos to life, engage your customers and convert them to hungry buyers.

You can’t make a BAD video and expect it to bring great results. Power VSL will help you create your best 2022 videos. Your next product launch NEEDS a Power VSL explainer video.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Power VSL Review):

Power VSL Bonus

How Power VSL Works?

Creating an effective business video has NEVER been easier than this, as easy as 1-2-3! Choose the video template you need, open with  PowerPoint and click or replace with your own content. Choose the graphic template you need, and open with Photoshop to edit.

With the VSL Plus PRO Package in hand, all you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Choose A Template From The Dozens Available.

Use any DONE FOR YOU professional template from the collections we offer in a wide variety of topics and themes.

  • Step 2: Customize Your Animated Character

Customize your animated character with ease. We have included hundreds of animated characters in this package. All free of charge! NO extra purchases required.

  • Step 3: Public the Videos

Change a few lines of text; choose from dozens of lower third graphics, backgrounds, soundtracks, and more; choose any desired video effects. Your HD Video will be ready to be published in less than 5 minutes.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Simple Custom Video Using PowerPoint

Simple Custom Graphic Using Photoshop

All the videos are ready to be shared in any social media platforms of your choice, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and many more…

PowerVSL was created with Powerpoint 365 for Windows & Mac. You should use the same version, although we don’t rule out the possibility that this product can be used in powerpoint version of 2010 and above

Inside our member area you will see all tutorials you need to start with this product. Also if you have questions please send email to us at [email protected] – Our support team will help you ASAP

Power VSL OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Power VSL with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Power VSL ($24)

  • 22 VSL Templates in 9 of the top niches for product launches on JVZoo/W+
  • Professional scripts written by our in-house copywriter, and following a proven-to-convert formula.
  • Music is open source and royalty free and is included with the package.
  • Premium Call To Action Videos- to grab the attention and convert watchers to buyers! 
  • YouTube End Screen Video Templates
  • Product Mockup that matches every VSL theme, and can be easily edited using the smart object feature of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Ads Banner Templates in 5 sizes- Half Page Banner 300×600 | Large Rectangle 336×280 | Leaderboard 728×90 | Medium Rectangle 300×250 | Mobile 320×100​
  • Plus Unannounced bonuses and extras!
  • Pricing Strategy: FEB 11- $24.95 with EarlyBird coupon “power” for $5
  • Coupon will decrease by a dollar daily starting Day Feb 12 @ 10 AM
  • Coupon Code Will Also Be On the Sales Page. We will also have price increase with each sale

OTO 1: Platinum ($27)

Get The Exclusive Commercial Rights License and FRESH 270+ Done-For-You High-Quality Visual Sales Letter Templates + Special Bonuses

  • 30 Video Sales Letter Templates in 9 Niches
  • 20 Logo intro PowerPoint Templates
  • 20 Call to action PowerPoint templates
  • 20 YouTube End Video PowerPoint Templates
  • 30 Mockup Promotions Design in PSD
  • 30 Google Animated Ads Banner in 5 Ratio
  • EXTRA BONUS 1 150 Premium Banner KIT
  • EXTRA BONUS 2 300 Animated Icon in 10 categories in 2 ratio (600 px & 1200 px) and 4 different format (AE,GIF,SWF, PNG)
  • EXTRA BONUS 3 DFY 50 Animated Cartoon Backgrounds IN MP4 format.
  • EXTRA BONUS 4 100 Animated Cartoon Icons In 4 different formats (AE, GIF, SWF, PNG)
  • Scripts And Music
  • Commercial License

OTO 2: Mega Bundle ($57)

STOMP ON THE COMPETITION Using 3 BEST SELLER PRODUCTs + Exclusive Commercial License Limited time only!


  • 50 Book Brag Promotion Video Templates
  • 50 Book Cover Design Mockups
  • 50 Book Mark Design Templates
  • 50 Kindle Book Design Mockups
  • 50 Roll Up Banner Design Templates
  • 50 Flyer Promotions Design Templates
  • Commercial License


  • 30 Portfolios Animated Video in PowerPoint format.
  • Each Portfolios video consist of size :
  • 30 STATIC PORTFOLIO In Psd Format.
  • Each static portfolio consist of :
    3D Ecover -Logo – Profile Picture – FB ads – FB cover – Instagram Stories .
  • Commercial License


  • 50 Profitable 2021 eCommerce Niche
  • 250 Google Ads Animated templates
  • 250 Google Ads Static templates
  • 150 Social Media Animated Templates
  • 150 Social Media Static Templates
  • 150 Static (YouTube – Facebook – Twitter) Cover
  • Commercial License

Power VSL Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Power VSL Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Power VSL Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Create Professional Explainer Videos in seconds!
  • No Designers Or Video Pros Needed!
  • Includes Professional Scripts And Music!
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE INCLUDED! Sell To Desperate Business Owners And Cash In!
  • UNLIMITED Business Niches! Our multipurpose templates cover all the TOP SELLING NICHES on JVZoo, Clickbank and warriorplus!
  • Created in PowerPoint! No Special Skill or Complicated Software Required!
  • Step by step tutorials to get started!


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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