VoiceMail Pro Review: Add unique super power to your website

There are two ways for people to reach you to buy from you…

  • #1 – email you directly
  • #2 – contact you via the contact form on your site.

In both cases they need to type a lot (people don’t like that). BUT – What if they could leave you a quick and easy voicemail? Directly from your website – YES! Let’s read the VoiceMail Pro Review below to find out all information!

VoiceMail Pro Review

Introducing VoiceMail Pro

There are 100s of visitors coming to your site every day. They want to ask you more questions about your business. Buy from you, close a deal… They want to get more info about your product or service & do business with you.

BUT – they are lazy to fill out the ugly contact form on your site and just wait to hear back from you. MAYBE you will get back to them and maybe you won’t. That’s what they think.

BUT – on the other hand, when people try to reach you on your home phone or mobile and they can’t… they can leave a voicemail and that almost always gets a response from you.

How about if you could add the same MAGICAL voicemail feature to your website? Allow anyone coming to your site to leave a voicemail instantly and then get back to them?

Well, that’s exactly where VoiceMail Pro comes into play. Now you can get unlimited voicemails from your website, add this to your site in just 60 seconds. VoiceMail PRO works on any website WordPress, InstaPage, ClickFunnel, Converti, HTML, PHP, Magento & everything else.

In the details, VoiceMail Pro is a powerful new software adds voicemail ability to any website – generate more leads, sales and income from your website by adding voicemail – just like your phone, now your website can have voicemail too.

VoiceMailPro adds an easy 1-Click VoiceMail button on your site that allows your visitors to leave you a voice message that instantly reaches you inbox and you can reply to it anytime you want.

It also builds your list, stores all your messages in the cloud and you can contact your leads anytime you want. Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this VoiceMail Pro Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

VoiceMail Pro Review Overview


Vendor Ankur Shukla
Product VoiceMail Pro
Launch Date 2020-Jan-31
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $24
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Ankur Shukla

Ankur Shukla is a forward-looking pioneer in the field of producing software services. Through his experience in his two previous businesses, he has learned the hard way to empower his customers to enhance business valuations and higher profits.

Because of Ankur Shukla’s outstanding vision and deep knowledge in what he’s doing, he has launched various buzzing products in the last 20 years, including WP Tag Machine 2.0, 25-in-1 Seo Toolkit, etc.

He has also been listed as a top vendor and top affiliate marketer on JVZoo for his productivity. Now let’s move onto the next part of the VoiceMail Pro Review where you will find more things about this product.

Features of VoiceMail Pro

Here are the key features of this software:

Get Testimonials / Feedback & Messages

This is an amazing way to collect testimonials, feedback and voice messages from your visitors.

Grow Your Website Leads & Traffic Easily

This builds you get thousands of leads from your website and helps you grow your website traffic fast.

Build A List in a NEW Way From Your Site

This is an amazing way to builds your list and you can export these leads into CSV anytime you want.

Increase interaction with your audience

Add VoiceMailPRO to your website and visitors will be able to send you voice messages from anywhere on your website by simply clicking on a button. You can use a custom button or the VoiceMailPro side button.

VoiceMailPRO also provides a hosted voicemail page, so you can receive voice messages without installing anything on your website.

Easy for visitors to send a message

Visitors don’t need a account to send you voicemail. A message can be sent with just a few clicks without typing anything. Visitors can listen to their recording before sending it. The widget allows to record messages as many times as they want, so they can practice before sending it to you.

Get visitors’ contact details

Visitors have the option of entering their contact information before sending a message. By default these fields are optional but you can make them mandatory to make sure visitors leave their info, so you can email or call them back.

Increase audience interaction

Some of your audiences may be more comfortable with speaking rather than constructing a written version of their thoughts.

Better Prospecting

Many sales agents can gauge how the client will be by listening to their voice. This tool allows you to do Exactly that.

No App Installation Needed

VoiceMailPRO supports desktop and laptop native audio recording so there’s no need to install an app for it to work.

Forward messages to email

Get notifications when someone leaves you a voice comment. You can also forward the voice messages to your personal e-mail.

Compatible with Mobile

As with desktop, your audience can record messages on their Android. ‘Phones, and iPads without an app.

Turn commenters into subscribers

When people leave voice comments, they are prompted for their contact details. You can then include them in your e-mail list.

Official Website

How does it work?

Voicemail is being used at our homes, our offices and even on our mobile phones. It is the most personal way to leave a message for someone you cannot reach immediately.

But what’s shocking is that when you reach a website and want to contact someone to buy a product or ask a question, you will have to fill out a contact form. And then wait four days to get a reply.

Why is there no way to leave a voicemail through our website? Wouldn’t it make life so much easier for anyone coming to our site to just press a button, and leave a voicemail?

That’s where VoiceMailPro comes into play! This is a simple cloud-based software that adds VoiceMail features to your website in just 60 seconds. This is an example of an website… and when we go to the contact page, you can see a VoiceMail option here. All you have to do is press this button and it starts recording immediately.

VoiceMail Pro

Once you are done with saying your message, it will ask for a name and email… And then sends your voicemail to the site owner instantly. This makes it super easy for anyone to contact you, and also builds your list while getting you more leads from your website.

send your recording

Why spill in a frictionless process like filling out a contact form that gets 90% of the people away from your site… you can add this to any page of your site, whether you have a wordpress site or an HTML site… or you are using any other platform to build your site.

This works for almost any platform. There is absolutely nothing to install. This is fully cloud-based and stores all the data in the cloud, so you will not have to set up anything on your site.

Another way to use this is… if you want to add this to every single page of your site, making it super easy for anyone to reach you… you can add this floating voicemail option. It appears on every page of your site and can simply pop out, record a message for your visitors and send it.

record your message

Most people are using their mobile phones to browse websites these days. And that’s why the creators made this fully mobile-friendly… that’s why this app works on almost every mobile device possible.

And since typing is rather difficult on mobile devices, anyone browse on your site can easily leave a message and contact you using voicemail. This can literally double or even triple your leads… because more people will be able to easily contact you.

VoiceMailPro on mobile

When anyone leaves you a voice message you get an instant email notification. And you can listen to your message immediately. All your leads are stored in the software… that allows you to export all the leads in a CSV. You can import them anywhere.

emails and leads

Let’s check out the demo video below to see it in action!

Honest VoiceMail Pro Review – Is it worth buying?

What problem does voicemailpro solve for every website? Visitors to your website want to leave you a message to contact you about your product or your service – but they need to fill out a contact form in order to get in touch with you.

This a brand new software that allows you to add VOICEMAIL to WEBSITES in 60 seconds. Yes, its very innovative, its fresh and every website needs this to make more sales.

Now you can have anyone coming to your site leave a quick voicemail and capture that lead in a faster, easier way and make more sales. Now you can add VOICEMAIL to any website you have & start receiving voice messages from people interested in buying from your site.

Anyone visiting your site can now contact you in a super easy way simply by pressing one button and leaving a voicemail. Because of this ease of use – this software has proven to generate more leads and more sales for any website or business that uses it.


For a limited time, you can grab VoiceMail Pro with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: VoiceMail Pro 5000 $27.00

  • Add Voicemail to Single or Multiple Sites.
  • Add to WordPress or non-Wordpress sites.
  • Add Floating CTA / Voicemail boxes.
  • Add Inline Voicemail Function to your site.
  • Add Voicemail to ANY Page on your site.
  • Automatically store leads from Visitors who leave Voicemail on your site.
  • Send Email Messages to Voicemail Senders.
  • Create a different Widget for each Site you have.
  • Store 1000s of Leads without needing a website.
  • Get Email Notifications when you get Voicemail.

OTO 1: Unlimited Upgrade $47

Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

  • Add Voicemail to Unlimited Sites.
  • Create Unlimited Widgets for Voicemail.
  • Store Unlimited Leads coming from Visitors.
  • Send Unlimited Email Messages to Leads.
  • Create VOICE PAGES – no website needed.
  • Create Unlimited Voice pages for your biz.
  • Unlimited Storage for your voice messages.
  • Build Your List from your Site Automatically

And that’s not all:

  • Create Unlimited Voice Pages without a Website

Voice Pages are fully hosted by us and you can create an Unlimited number of such pages, one for each website. You can also store unlimited messages for each website with unlimited cloud storage for them.

  • Store Unlimited VoiceMails & Unlimited Leads

The Unlimited Version will store all your Email leads inside the Cloud App and you can export them anywhere you want. All your messages are also stored and you can download the MP3 file for each message anytime you want.

  • Send Emails to Your New Leads + Get Notifications

One of the most amazing features of the UNLIMITED version is that you can send unlimited emails to your leads, be it one by one or all at once. Just use this feature carefully as it is very very powerful.

OTO 2: VoiceMailPro Agency $67

  • Agency / Developer License Option 1: Sell 50 Accounts of VoiceMail PRO At Any Price You Want & Keep 100% of the Profits
  • Agency / Developer License Option 2: Sell 100 Accounts of VoiceMail PRO At Any Price You Want & Keep 100% of the Profits

OTO 3: Reseller License $97

You Can Sell VoiceMail PRO to Anyone, for any price you want… Literally any with a website WANTS this product to add VOICEMAIL to their website. And now YOU can help them do that – charge any amount you want. $29 one time or $49 or even $200 – it’s completely upto you.

We will even give you a SALES PAGE that you can upload to your site and use it to sell this product. And you get to KEEP 100% OF THE PROFIT from the sale – that’s all

VoiceMail Pro Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my VoiceMail Pro Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


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