ViraLightning Review: A Viral Online Success Building Software

ViraLightning Review: everything you need and want in a piece of marketing software

ViraLightning Review

Just knock it off already! Why do you insist on being somebody else’s income leveraging TOOL? Listen to me. YOU need to be the one on top… That is, the top dog getting other people (like affiliates) to send you SALES 24-7 on autopilot. In other words, If you wanna get RICH online you need to LEVERAGE your own efforts… via the power of others. Normally that means slaving away for months creating your own product, so that you can attract affiliates. But NOT ANYMORE! With ViraLightning you are the guru now, thanks to this fricken INSANE new software. How possible? Let’s find out in my ViraLightning Review below!

ViraLightning Review


If you’ve been selling income systems or ways to make money online, This new cloud-based software could put you out of business. What it does is spit out special FREE 3 page income funnels designed to go VIRAL… where users can legitimately STUFF their affiliate accounts – without having to spend a dime. Truly revolutionary.

ViraLightning is the world’s first and only software of its kind that ethically utilizes OTHER peoples’ products… To give YOU all the benefits of product ownership. With ViraLightning software, you can have a complete A-Z viral money-making campaign ready to GO in as little as 5 minutes… A campaign that you and/or affiliates can start sending FREE traffic to, or that you could even prep for a full blown launch should you desire to do.

In other words, This is a groundbreaking cloud based software transforms virtually any affiliate product into a 100% complete viral income system – in 5 minutes flat. Including a professional 3 page web funnel, The exclusive viralightning™ referral system, an automated zero-maintenance member area for your users, and more… The creators even take care of email support for your users.


ViraLightning Review

Vendor Bryan Winters
Product ViraLightning
Launch Date 2018-May-24
Launch Time 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


 ViraLightning Review

ViraLightning was created by Bryan Winters – Owner at GoldLiger Marketing, Inc. He has been in the online marketing game for over 15 years. Nearly all top Inter-net marketers know him, or at least know of him. He and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as DualSqueeze, My Traffic Coop, My Funnel Empire,… and many more. Now, let’s look at the next part of this ViraLightning Review and find out its features!


Here’s what you get

  • ViraLightning Software v1.0
  • Use VL software to launch a live, fully hosted viral web funnel within minutes
  • Your VL funnel includes an automatic password protected member area for your unlimited users, where they’re able to unlock their own auto-replicated websites to promote your campaign as affiliates (we handle all support for FREE)
  • Integrate your affiliate offer of choice as the built-in ‘income engine’, a.k.a. the featured offer
  • Integrate your funnel with Aweber, Getresponse, GVO, or store emails for free with our automatic VL List Storage feature
  • Robust customization options including custom background images, custom presentation videos, featured offer logo, Social Unlock settings, and more
  • Unlimited ‘on the fly’ edits
  • Free support (they support both you and your users)
  • Quick start training video
  • And more!

With ViraLightning software, you’re essentially getting a 100% done-for-you online business in the brief amount of time it takes to fill out the launch box form and click the LAUNCH button. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this. Advanced customization options are also currently available for no extra cost. You can optionally embed your own YouTube video presentations, change the background color of your funnel pages, insert background images, insert your Facebook Ads pixel, and more. Whether you want to use a ‘stock’ funnel or create your own modified version is totally up to you.

Using ViraLightning cloud based software is very similar to creating a simple Facebook ad in the sense that you’re just filling out a simple form and clicking some buttons, except that instead of merely having an ‘ad’ come out the other side, you’re getting a complete online business – ready to take on unlimited affiliates who will promote your ViraLightning campaign and built-in affiliate offer of choice for free.

Here’s the bottom line: ViraLightning software is designed to bring you unlimited FREE viral traffic. It’s designed to build you an unlimited list of email subscribers. And of course, it’s also designed to generate unlimited potential sales of your featured (built-in) affiliate offer of choice. It’s everything you want in a piece of software, and it can be all yours for just a fraction of its full value by ordering right now.

ViraLightning Review


The secret to making your first $1 million dollars online is to create your OWN product. The reason is simple: As a product owner you can get 100’s of affiliates pushing your offer, sending you $1,000’s worth of FREE traffic. WHAT IF… you could get 100’s of people to promote your favorite AFFILIATE product FOR you? Meaning all the same benefits of product ownership, WITHOUT your own product?! Well now you ***CAN***. ALL you need is a free affiliate offer. And this ViraLightning.

Can you imagine finally having your own offer with unlimited affiliates sending you FREE traffic, email subscribers, and potential income? That’s exactly what ViraLightning can do for you… Without any of the time, money, and effort that goes into product creation, simply because VL software builds complete marketing campaigns around other peoples’ products. And the real KEY is that it does so in an ingenious way that still incentivizes other people (affiliates) to flood your campaign with FREE traffic.

Normally, people would only promote your offer if you’re the product owner. But with ViraLightning, you can have other people promoting your campaign whether your chosen featured offer is a product you own, OR an affiliate offer (meaning a product you do not own).

What VL software can do for you has never been possible until now, because there’s nothing else like it. Obviously, product creation is extremely demanding. The benefits are great, but it sucks up a ton of time and resources… Which is precisely why ViraLightning is exactly the software you need. Instead of busting your butt spending months to create a big product launch, you can create an offer that’s ready to launch or ready to potentially go viral within MINUTES… As quick as lightning.


The way ViraLighting works is actually very simple, just as all truly great products are… This web-based software automatically builds 100% complete, viral campaigns around the affiliate offer of your choice… So the affiliate offer is your ‘income engine’ instead of your own product – which is why you don’t need a product.

After filling out a quick form and clicking the 3 page ‘master web ‘LAUNCH’ button, you get a proprietary funnel ready to generate free VIRAL traffic, build your email List, and generate unlimited potential sales and commissions via your affiliate offer of choice… After launching your new campaign, it’s time to GO VIRAL… And this is where the similarity between ‘getting affiliates to promote your offer’ and ‘going viral with ViraLightning’ ENDS…

New visitors are invited into your ViraLightning campaign through your master web funnel, which is a special 3 page website generated automatically and ‘on-the-fly for you by the ultra newbie friendly ViraLighting cloud based software. As they arrive at your web funnel, your visitors are given the opportunity to join your new VL campaign for FREE, which is how you begin building a free email List of your own. Their free version funnel is LOCKED, meaning no income potential is activated until they complete either one of two built-in options to UNLOCK their site for earnings potential. These two options are called Coupon Unlock, and Social Unlock.

From here, the way that the Coupon Unlock feature forces customers buy and the Social Unlock feature can continue to make your campaign go viral is nothing short of brilliant


  • It’s for those that have been used as leverage, but who now see the power in creating leverage for themselves…
  • It’s for those that want to build email and buyer’s lists for themselves instead of only for others…
  • It’s for those that want to have audiences of people sending them free traffic, rather than ‘doing all the sending’…
  • It’s for those that want the best of both worlds, referring to the ease of affiliate marketing, and the benefits of product ownership – with the power of viral marketing on top of that…


For a limited time, you can grab ViraLightning with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my ViraLightning Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

ViraLightning Review

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ViraLightning Review

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