Vidjack Reloaded Review: The World’s #1 Interactive Video Builder?

Here’s the reality my friend… Making money online is NOT that complex. It boils down to just two things… Traffic + something to sell. Once you perfect the two, you’ll have no problem with making money online… You’re likely struggling with the traffic part, right?

When it comes to making money online, traffic is mandatory. It’s the bread and butter of ANY online business. The secret ingredient that you need? Buyer Traffic… It’s a form of targeted traffic that has a STRONG desire to buy what you’re offering. With that, could you make money online?

Well here’s the good news… We’ve figured out a way to generate 100% free buyer traffic, and without doing ANY of the work ourselves. It beats everything else out there by light years…

How? We do something called “hijacking”. In a nutshell, We “hijack” OTHER people’s videos to send free buyer traffic to our offers. And it’s completely legal and ethical because we do it in a unique way…

It’s all possible thanks to Vidjack Reloaded. Would that interest you? If you answered yes, pay close attention to my Vidjack Reloaded Review below!

Vidjack Reloaded Review

What is Vidjack Reloaded?

Before I get into details, let’s start with a definition of interactive videos. It is one of the ways to approach potential customers of many companies at the moment. Instead of using traditional videos which is a one-sided way of communication, interactive videos help improve engagement and interaction between customers and the companies.

Traditional linear videos have limited functions, such as play, pause, rewind, fast forward, or restart. There isn’t much that viewers can do with the content to enrich their experiences. On the other hand, viewers can have more control over their experience with an interactive video through a variety of tools and features.

An Interactive Video, gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video content itself through a variety of tools. Users can click, drag, scroll, hover, gesture and even complete other call-to-actions to interact with the video’s content like polls, quizzes, surveys and even buying a product. You can also add logos, images, buttons, texts, optin pop up, sliders, timers and much more…

As you can see… it looks like you are going to need multiple tools to create a single Interactive Video. And that would mean a bucket load of money spent on getting all these tools and then finding a way to make them somehow work together (which mind you, these weren’t meant to).

However, creating a successful interactive video is not a thing that can be done overnight. Many marketers have failed miserably due to inadequate attention to details. So how can we be successful with this potential mean of marketing?

What if you could click your mouse 3 times and legally start hijacking OTHERs  videos for free targeted traffic to any link? Which site would you want to siphon traffic from? Perhaps sites like YouTube,Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.… Just imagine how much traffic you could be getting if this was possible…

Presenting: Vidjack Reloaded – Breakthrough Cloud-Based App Legally Puts Your Links On OTHERS’ Videos To Get FREE Traffic Within 90 Seconds. Vidjack Reloaded is ground-breaking software which allows you to legally hijack any video and put your In-stream video ads on it without spending a dime.

What Are In-stream Video ads? You can see Youtube uses it for their platform. You select a video and they force you to watch an in-stream video ad before you can watch the main video. When you click the link inside the video, you get directed to the advertiser’s link.

  • Turn OTHERS Videos Into FREE Buyer Traffic
  • Super Easy, Even A 10 Years Old Could Do This
  • 100% Ethical And Legal
  • A True World’s First, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like Vidjack Reloaded
  • Finally, Get Traffic That Turns Into Sales…
  • No Extra Expenses Or Fees Involved
  • Free commercial license included

Vidjack Reloaded is a brand new proprietary technology that legally hijacks & turns any youtube & vimeo video into a profit pulling machine by adding interactive elements (ctas, email gates, share gates, reviews, gamification, ecom widgets, etc) that explodes traffic, leads & sales in minutes.

Vidjack Reloaded is a cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform that lets anyone… regardless of skill or experience, maximize video engagement & conversions for any marketing goal, faster & easier than ever before possible

Vidjack Reloaded allows you to quickly create high-value “interactive videos” that automatically suck in traffic, build your list, and practically force people to buy in 2022 through deeper engagement!

No restrictions, complications or template limitations. Now anyone can instantly run interactive video campaigns that skyrocket conversions … It’s point and click simple & everything you need is inside

With Amazing Interactive Elements such as CTA (Call to actions), Quiz, Video embed, Sliders, Optin form, Countdown timers, Logo & Image Overlay, Button, File download, Text overlay, Map, Custom html embed, and plenty of other elements that bring interactivity together video to Connect, engage and convert across all channels to drive massive online profits.

It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to Quickly Create profit generating “Interactive Videos” by letting you add interactive elements that display inside of the video for more than 11% increase in engagement and conversions than traditional videos. And this increases the likelihood of viewers buying.

Most importantly, you don’t need to install anything or host a website of your own to start earning commissions with Vidjack Reloaded… This software can solve your problems in just a couple of minutes.

The good part is that Vidjack Reloaded works for different industries which makes it useful for business owners. it’s already revolutionizing industries by marrying video marketing and ecommerce together.

Vidjack Reloaded breaks down the whole long and complicated process into a simple, easy one. Let’s follow my Vidjack Reloaded Review and we shall see what it has to offer!

Vidjack Reloaded Review Overview


Vendor Ifiok Nkem
Product Vidjack Reloaded
Launch Date 2022-Jul-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Interactive Video Builder
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Ifiok Nkem

Ifiok Nkem is a full-stack digital marketer, SaaSpreneur and a JVZoo high-performance leader. He founded SnapiLABs – a tech innovation lab that has created and successfully launched MULTIPLE SaaS Bestsellers… Over $4 million in sales and 40,000 users from 47 countries.

Some of his products has been a great help to me and many other marketers including MD Franchise, CopyBlocks, Marketing Blocks, etc. All of them are highly appreciated by many experts in the world. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Vidjack Reloaded Review and find out its features!

Key features

Vidjack Reloaded creates “interactive” videos, that allow viewers to customize their viewing experience by clicking inside the video. It’s truly amazing technology that can skyrocket views, engagement and ultimately profits.

This Edition Comes Loaded With Powerful, Brand New & First to Market Features

  • Use Others Videos For Free Traffic

You can add in your links and other elements. After that, you can enjoy the traffic & authority!

  • Create Video Advertisements With Ease

It’s just like a YouTube ad, but it won’t cost you a dime. Simply enter your link, and the ad you want to display appears on any video you want without any cost.

  • Hijack Any Video & Add UNLIMITED Interactive Elements

Add CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc on any Youtube or Vimeo Video

  • Upload Your Videos

No more limitation to ONLY Youtube & Vimeo videos. Create & add interactive elements to ANY video by uploading straight from your local device.

  • Create & Record Videos Using Our 1-Click Screencast Video Creator

Capture your screen & camera, your screen only or camera only and go ahead to add interactive elements and turn your screencast into a profit-pulling machine, all on the go.

  • Beautiful Player Themes

Custom player themes add pop and excitement to your videos. Choose from our pack of beautiful and attractive player themes to add more style and excitement to your videos.

  • Smart Custom Audience

Create targeted audiences of viewers based on watch time. Turn video viewers into a custom audience and create ads specifically targeted at them.

  • Abandoned Video Leads

Convert every site visitor – Zero Traffic Leakages! Get your viewers to watch your videos at their convenience by allowing them to request the video link sent to their inbox.

  • Smart Auto Play

Get your videos to autoplay on all devices & browsers. Maximise your views & conversions by auto-detecting browsers that doesn’t support autoplay with sound and adapt accordingly.

  • Resume Play

Powerful custom experience that’ll blow up your conversions. Instead of boring up viewers with watching your video from scratch, allow them to pick up right where they left off.

  • Password-Protected Videos

Apply Password Gate On Premium Video Content. Secure your premium video content under a smart password gate. Only visitors with the secret password can access and watch the video.

  • Simulated Live Stream

Effortlessly simulate an “interactive video” live stream session. This is an effective way to get your audience wowed, engaged, and ready to take action, all completely hands-free!

  • Video Hosting & Media Library

Host & Manage your videos right inside VidJack Reloaded. Now you can conveniently host and manage your videos right inside the VidJack Reloaded Dashboard!

  • QR Code Video Share Option

This means more video views, more leads & more sales. QR codes are a smart, fast, and easy way to share your interactive videos across several online and offline media.

  • 1-Click Geo Restriction Technology

Go ultra-targeted with your video marketing campaigns. Our Geo Restriction feature, which allows you to restrict or blacklist specific countries from viewing their videos.

  • Get Traffic From Multiple Platforms

You can put your links on videos from major platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and more… As long as there’s a link to the video, you can put a clickable link/call to action/buy button on it with Vidjack Reloaded.

  • Fully Edit To Your Liking

You can add in so many different elements – everything from countdown timers, call to actions, optin forms, text, images, logos, and even more..

  • Enjoy Traffic From 21 Untapped Sources

Vidjack Reloaded hooks up with 21 of the hottest, untapped traffic sources and leverages them for a surge of effortless FREE visitors…

  • Add CTA’s (Call to Action) to your Videos

Your CTA may be the most important part of your display ad, because it tells consumers what you want them to do. A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants its audience or reader to take. The CTA can have a direct link to sales.

  • Sell Your Products With The Inbuilt Ecommerce Engine

Showcase your products, sell and get paid right inside any youtube or vimeo video in minutes. Connect your paypal and stripe to receive payments right inside the video.

  • Hello <Name> Personalization

Boost your engagement, leads and sales with peronslization right inside any video using personalized text. E.g Click Here <Name>

Everyone likes to feel special. That’s why adding details into a personalized video, like your viewer’s name is the perfect way to engage and delight your audience.

  • Add Quizzes and Polls to Videos

Ask questions, multi-choice quizzes, and collect feedback through your videos. Turn passive viewers into active participants. Improve your marketing from feedback.

Embedded questions is one of the most utilized features than any other in the research around marketing/educative interactive video. Open up a dialog with your viewers with an interactive video by asking them questions while they watch your video and give them instant feedback.

  • Add Optin Forms to Videos

Vidjack Reloaded allows you to add an opt-in directly in your videos. This is an incredible lead generation opportunity that local businesses, marketers, e-commerce stores, affiliate marketers who do reviews etc. need to take advantage of.

When a user is watching a video, the video will be paused at the moment you choose, and the opt-in will appear. Once the opt-in is either filled in or closed down, the user can continue watching the video.

One of the cool things about video opt-ins, is that you can add it to any of your existing videos. You don’t have to record a ton of new videos just to add the opt-in form.

  • Add Videos to Videos

Embed a video inside a video. Vidjack Reloaded provides a feature to embed Videos in your interactive video which takes your video content to the next level. This feature enables you to further showcase something else inside an interactive video. For example, you can use video overlay to showcase testimonials within a review video.

  • Add Slides to Videos

Overlay slides enable you to add a slide to a specific frame along an interactive video’s Timeline. You can add a simple image overlay slide on your interactive videos.

  • Add Countdown Timers to Videos

Introducing Countdown Timer for Vidjack Reloaded customers: the easy way to add urgency to your video marketing with the point-and-click simplicity you’ll love.

A countdown timer is used to create a sense of urgency and to persuade a customer to take immediate action. By giving the impression of scarcity and setting a deadline for your customers, they’re more likely to take action. Create Super Urgency and promote action with Countdowns

  • Add Buttons to your Videos

Adding buttons to your videos can lead your audience to a new site, a new video, or any landing page that you want. Because these buttons are clickable right inside the interactive videos.

  • Add Texts to Videos

Text-overlay is one of the most important components of an interactive video. With users watching videos on many different devices while on the go, they may be listening or checking out your content with the sound off. This increases conversions because you can use text overly to tell your viewers the exact action you want them to take when they are most engaged.

A text overlay provides the ability to superimpose one or more text elements over a video stream. Overlay elements can be of varying sizes, and in the case of text elements, also of varying fonts and colors to focus the attention of our viewers to where you want it the most.

And many more other exclusive features

  • Add Logos to Videos: This feature allows you to display your logo inside a video so viewers can identify with your brand. This will boost conversions as they will have trust in the video.
  • Add Images to Videos: An image overlay provides the ability to superimpose one or more images (graphics) over a video stream.
  • Add File Download to Videos: This feature enables you to give viewers the ability to click on a button right inside the video to download a file. So you can use this mostly for file sharing which could be just any item or a pdf.
  • Add HTML Embed to Videos: You can use this feature to embed any html component inside a video.
  • Add Maps to Videos: You can use this feature to embed map inside a video.
  • Built in Analytics: Use analytics Drive your business with rich data
  • Embed and Share Everywhere: Embed your Vidjack Reloaded videos anywhere — Sales page, blogging platforms, site builders, e-commerce stores, you name it.

Honest Vidjack Reloaded Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

YOU too will be able to enjoy more buyer traffic than you know what to do with… Hijacking! Instead of doing the work ourselves, we leverage others’ hard work… How?

We “hijack” OTHER people’s videos to send free buyer traffic to our offers. But Is It Legal & Ethical? Yes, you betcha! We’re able to pull it off in a unique way, so you will NEVER get in trouble.

After considering the capability of Vidjack Reloaded, it can be concluded that the software is very user-friendly and effective as well. It introduces a new way to promote products to potential customers. As a result, Vidjack Reloaded is a good choice to boost traffic and sales.

The best part is that Vidjack Reloaded was made with the non-techie in mind, and creating these interactive response videos is really as easy as 1, 2, 3! Start creating your video funnels today and get more traffic, clicks, leads and sales!

With all of the features, templates and the ease-of-use of Vidjack Reloaded, anyone can quickly create engaging video content that drives viewers to the action desired.

Vidjack Reloaded helps you:

  • Boost sales by adding “Clickable” buttons and order links inside any video
  • 10X your engagement by adding multiple-choice quizzes and polls inside your videos
  • Build a massive email list by leveraging the latest in-video optin form technology!
  • Maximize conversions by using never-seen-before video-in-video technology not available anywhere else!
  • Ethically turn any review video online & into an affiliate commissions generator
  • Crush Competition with latest features like time-delay callout slides, text overlay, logo watermarks, superimpose images, in-video file downloads, maps and a whole lot more!

I could say it’s a game-changer for sure. Finally I found a tool that allows me to hijack any video and add my own video ads without paying any cost. It never gets easier than this I think. I can use Vidjack Reloaded to hijack traffic from any video platform I want.

And the beauty of this system is that you can do all this from a single easy-to-use dashboard and WITHOUT any technical skills or prior experience in creating videos. Vidjack Reloaded is perfect for creating interactive Review Videos, Sales Videos, Walkthrough Videos, Training Videos, etc. It seamlessly integrates with Zapier and all the major autoresponders.

The Vidjack Reloaded Commercial License is available in the front end offer itself. You don’t need to upgrade for it. You can easily charge $250 for just turning a traditional/linear video into a high-quality Interactive Video by just adding some elements with just a few clicks on your Vidjack Reloaded dashboard.

All things considered, it would be wise to say that having this app is only beneficial to your business. There is one more thing I should not forget to tell you. Vidjack Reloaded is currently sold at a very affordable price. It is your chance to get it and improve your business’s performance. Do not wait until the price goes up.

I have tried the product for a while and have some points as follows: Vidjack Reloaded is very easy to use. No skills or prior experience is needed to use the software. After finishing the tutorial, it will be crystal clear for you what to do with the tool, and it saves resources.

There are lots of templates, popups, and things inside the package so all you have to do is to customize them and publish the video. No need to glue your eyes to the computer screen for hours.

It’s an INCREDIBLY unique and HELPFUL service Agencies, and marketers can offer to local businesses, video marketers, affiliate marketers, product creators and in so many more niches.

100% Pandemic Proof, Incredibly Engaging and UNIQUE – You will have ZERO Competition offering this service and you can charge up to $1,000 per video (without even creating a video)

After the call, you will be able to BANK big by promising your customers videos that will guarantee…

  • 3x-4x greater viewer engagement and conversion than traditional video.
  • 36% increase in completion rate
  • 10x higher click-through-rate
  • 25% increase in sales

This is the same technology that has been used by ONLY BIG Names until now… but will be available to you now at a massively discounted price ONLY during this special call.

Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

Customizable, Clickable In-Video Buttons

  • Grab attention when it counts.
  • Customize your “option buttons” that let viewers control their experience.
  • Change colors, texts and fonts to add variety, match your brand, and stand out.

Unmatched Versatility

Use Vidjack Reloaded interactive videos for any type of campaign:

  • Lead generation, affiliate promos, direct product sales …
  • Review videos, demos, customer support …
  • Branding, content marketing, social audience building and more!

The only limit is your imagination: If you can do it with video, you can do it BETTER with Vidjack Reloaded!

Unlimited Interactive “Branches”

  • Create super simple or multi-step interactive experiences.
  • With Vidjack Reloaded there are no limits on how many interactions you include, and the drag & drop interface makes them a breeze to set up.

Customizable Interactive Options

Configure up to 3 user choices per interaction. Maximize viewer engagement and results by giving viewers options to see more video content, visit any url you want, even make a purchase.

Create “Shoppable” Videos: Send Viewers To Any Offer

With Vidjack Reloaded you can direct viewers to ANY url you want. Just make it one of their choices and they’ll be directed there by clicking INSIDE your video. Build your list, promote affiliate offers, get traffic to your blogs, increase your social following and more!

Compatible With Any Video Made On Any Platform

Use Vidjack Reloaded with ANY video you’ve already made, or make in the future, on any platform. Yes, this even includes Creative Commons & sales videos you have the rights to use!

Step By Step Training

This no-stones-unturned video training will make you an expert interactive video creator, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Therefore, from my personal viewpoint in this Vidjack Reloaded Review, getting it is a good decision to make.

The only downside I found here is that interactive videos made by Vidjack Reloaded do not work on YouTube. They don’t, regardless of what interactive platform you use.

We don’t expect this to change anytime soon either, as YouTube doesn’t want to make it easy for viewers to leave its platform. That’s why Vidjack Reloaded includes a state-of-the-art video player and premium hosting, at no extra charge.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Vidjack Reloaded Review):

Vidjack Reloaded Bonus

How Vidjack Reloaded works

To activate the software, there are a few steps for you to follow. The process is actually very easy as follows:

  • Step #1: Choose Video

Simply choose any YouTube/Vimeo Video … or upload your own.

  • Step #2: Customize

Point-n-click to customize. Add interactive elements using the built-in drag-n-drop editor.

  • Step #3: 1-Click Embed & Send

Embed Anywhere – website, blogs, social media, emails or share the links directly.

Finishing those steps will result in a stunning and interactive video that can help drive more customers to your website. Also, the vendor is so thoughtful that he even adds a tutorial video to guide you over the process.

You’re Only 3 Clicks Away From A Flood Of FREE Buyer Traffic SELECT > LINK > HIJACK

Sounds easy enough for you? Couldn’t you click your mouse 3 times? Then that’s all you need to use Vidjack Reloaded…

The beauty of Vidjack Reloaded is that it doesn’t require ANY constant babysitting. It’s one of those things that you can set up once and forgot about forever. Vidjack Reloaded will continue to get you free traffic on complete autopilot.

All you have to do is take a short amount of time to configure everything. After that, you’re all set! Vidjack Reloaded will run by itself, thanks to the built-in smart automation.

And it’s 100% ethical as well. That’s because we hijack others’ videos for traffic in a unique way that doesn’t break any laws. You won’t get in any trouble.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Who should use Vidjack Reloaded

Videos play an important role in many businesses nowadays. Therefore, as long as you want to reach out to more audiences out there by using videos, Vidjack Reloaded is a perfect choice to increase your chance of success.

What’s more, as Vidjack Reloaded is meant to help all types of marketers, newbies would not have any trouble using it. As you can see from the above part, the whole process is broken into small steps so literally anyone can follow and get it done.

Imagine being able to create a video once and automate it so that it can help EACH and every viewer with their OWN unique problems, while solving those problems by presenting the ideal solution? This is the power of this fresh interactive dynamic response marketing software.

Maximise your conversions with the interactive video funnels. You can use Vidjack Reloaded to build your lists, automate your sales and get 100% free search engine traffic. Vidjack Reloaded videos are also shareable on Social media!

By having videos based on interactive responses, you can easily gather targeted viewers into the right offer you want for each of them. These unique videos will keep your viewers watching longer which means more clicks, leads and sales as they “buy” into what you are talking about.

Vidjack Reloaded OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Vidjack Reloaded with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: VidJack Reloaded Edition

  • Add Interactive Elements Inside Videos
  • 100% Cloud Based – Nothing To Download
  • Timeline Video Editor Built In
  • Upload Videos From YouTube or Vimeo etc.
  • Use your video or other people’s videos
  • Customize Videos For Your Clients
  • Add Gamification & Incentives To Videos
  • Turn ANY Video Into An eCom Store
  • Full In Video Personalization
  • Autoresponder Integrations Included
  • Ultra-Fast Servers Speed & Video Play Time
  • Beautiful & User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Crucial Video Stats
  • Massive Boost In Clicks & Traffic
  • Bonus: Commercial Rights Included
  • Bonus: Interactive Video Agency Accelerator Training
  • Bonus: 7 Million Royalty Free Stock Images, Illustrations, Transparent People & Objects
  • Bonus: Exclusive Access To The My Private Skype Group Mentorship For 365 Days
  • Bonus: FREE 15 Mins One On One Call on Zoom With My Team Of Experts
  • Bonus: Unlimited Access to Our Exclusive Webinar Replay Vault

OTO 1: VidJack Pro Unlimited – $197/ yr

Users get access to Create UNLIMITED Interactive Videos, With UNLIMITED Views, Email Opt-ins, Product Sales, Quizzes, Clients, And Profits…

Plus they get access to our robust Video Thumbnail creator & Our “Futuristic” Text-To-Speech App With 100% Human-Sounding Voice-Over & Over 30 Languages On The Go.

OTO 2: VidJack Agency ToolKit – $67

Users get all the assets needed to start and run a 6-Figure ‘first-of-its-kind’ Interactive Video Marketing Agency.

Improved agency kit includes:

  • Animated Sales Video
  • Professional Agency Website
  • Telemarketing Script
  • Email Swipes
  • Proposals[Ms Word & Powerpoint Slides]
  • Web & Marketing Graphics[Biz Card, Letter Head, Brochures, Receipt, etc.]
  • Contract Agreement
  • And Lots More!

OTO 3: VideoTours360 Lifetime Deal – $67

Users get lifetime access to our bestseller VideoTours360 Ultimate Edition to Create and Sell interactive virtual tours with built-in Zoom-like video calls, an eCommerce engine, Gamification and AI Optimization. Plus Commercial license & launch SPECIAL bonus: Zero to Profits VR Agency Accelerator Course.

OTO 4: VidJack Reseller – $297

RESELL VidJack Reloaded app as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products.

Vidjack Reloaded Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Vidjack Reloaded Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

Vidjack Reloaded Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Turn OTHERS Videos Into FREE Buyer Traffic
  • Super Easy, Even A 10 Yr Old Could Do This
  • 100% Ethical And Legal
  • A True World’s First, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like Vidjack Reloaded
  • Finally, Get Traffic That Turns Into Sales…
  • No Extra Expenses Or Fees Involved
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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