UpViral Review: Your 2023 Ultimate Viral Marketing System!

Mastering viral marketing may seem deceptively simple, but achieving success in this arena is no easy feat for the average small business owner.

The major players in the industry possess substantial budgets that allow them to assemble teams, hire developers, and establish the necessary infrastructure to execute viral marketing campaigns with precision.

They have the advantage of thoroughly testing their campaigns before expanding them, significantly increasing the likelihood of success while mitigating risks. Unfortunately, for those without access to such abundant resources, running viral marketing campaigns can be challenging and potentially unprofitable.

It is difficult to accomplish without investing substantial money into software, personnel, and other essential components.

But what if I told you that there is a groundbreaking solution that changes the game entirely? A solution that guarantees a constant flow of immense viral traffic without the need for endless Google searches for elusive hacks? If you’re intrigued, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive UpViral review, I will delve into its various applications, explore its impressive features, examine its seamless integrations, analyze its pricing plans, weigh its pros and cons, provide step-by-step tutorials, discuss a few of its competitors, and present a compelling case study showcasing the successful UpViral campaigns

. Brace yourself for a transformative journey into the realm of viral marketing.

UpViral Review

What is UpViral?

Allow me to introduce you to UpViral, a comprehensive and dynamic web-based solution that revolutionizes every aspect of viral marketing, from start to finish. With UpViral, building highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your website visitors has never been easier!

At its core, UpViral is a powerful software designed to assist you in launching your very own viral marketing campaigns. It allows you to execute a wide range of viral marketing campaigns, including those on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and through email marketing.

One of the remarkable features of UpViral is its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of technical expertise or experience. You can launch a professional and effective viral marketing campaign directly from your computer, tablet, or mobile device in as little as five minutes.

Digging deeper, UpViral truly shines as the ultimate Viral Referral Marketing platform. It empowers you to run various campaigns, such as sweepstakes, rewards programs, and waiting lists, enticing users to share them with friends and colleagues.

By creating these viral loops, where individuals who click on your referral link sign up and then share the campaign with others, UpViral unleashes the incredible power of word-of-mouth marketing. This results in a surge of traffic, lead generation, and the conversion of subscribers into loyal customers.

UpViral offers the fastest and most cost-effective method for growing your business online, and you can embark on this transformative journey with a 14-day trial.

As an UpViral user, you gain access to our cutting-edge referral marketing lead generation system. You’ll find a wealth of tools, including the powerful software itself. You can launch your first referral marketing campaign with just a few clicks. Moreover, you’ll have access to a range of incredible bonuses, enhancing the value you receive.

What sets UpViral apart from the competition is its comprehensive capabilities, metrics, and analysis tools. It equips you and your team with everything needed to execute successful viral campaigns in virtually any market or niche.

And the best part? Since UpViral is entirely browser-based, you don’t even need a business website. Every aspect of your campaign is seamlessly managed within the UpViral campaign dashboard.

What truly captivates me about UpViral is that it’s not just a superficial, shiny object. Instead, it’s a finely tuned conversion and lead generation tool laser-focused on delivering results.

I’ve encountered similar software that comes with exorbitant price tags but lacks the campaign customization that UpViral offers. Now, you too can harness the power of word-of-mouth advertising and take your marketing efforts to unprecedented heights.

With UpViral, viral marketing is no longer exclusive to the big players. It’s accessible to everyone! If you’re serious about increasing your traffic and boosting your profits with minimal additional advertising, UpViral is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Simply put, no other app on the market can match UpViral’s capabilities, regardless of the price. If you want to secure UpViral at the lowest possible price point, I urge you to take swift action.

So, let’s delve deeper into this UpViral review, where I will reveal just how powerful this tool is and why it’s a game-changer for your marketing endeavors. Don’t miss out on discovering the immense potential of UpViral!

UpViral Review Overview


Vendor Wilco de Kreij
Product UpViral
Launch Date 2023-Jun-22
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $1 trial
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Viral Marketing
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Wilco de Kreij

Meet Wilco de Kreij, a prodigious figure in online marketing. Remarkably, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 16 by selling sunglasses online.

Since then, Wilco’s expertise has flourished, leading him to develop numerous online marketing applications and WordPress plugins that have garnered significant acclaim.

At the helm of UpViral, Wilco leads a skilled and diverse team comprising programmers, developers, designers, and online marketing professionals.

Their collective efforts are dedicated to propelling UpViral to new heights, ensuring its position as a premier application in the industry.

Now, let’s delve further into the UpViral review to uncover the treasure trove of features and benefits that await you within this exceptional package.

Key Features  

Discover the Incredible Benefits of UpViral at an Unbelievable Price of $1 trial

  • Access the world’s leading viral referral generation tool that has revolutionized businesses like Russell Brunson and Ryan Deiss, helping them attract many email subscribers and customers.
  • Experience a deluge of email subscribers and customers within weeks after setting up UpViral.
  • Unleash the #1 free strategy to captivate eager buyers and expand your email subscriber base, without relying on tiresome social media posts or intricate SEO techniques.
  • Amplify your results with paid traffic by leveraging the viral power of our software, multiplying the impact of every email subscriber obtained through paid advertisements.
  • Join our esteemed community of over 30,500 customers who have witnessed a staggering 51,430,204 email subscribers generated by UpViral.
  • Embrace the dynamic potential of Viral Sweepstakes, utilizing UpViral’s comprehensive sweepstakes toolkit to ignite a social media frenzy and drive new referrals.
  • Consistently increase your email subscribers and customers without overwhelming effort, as our user-friendly plug-n-play software handles the heavy lifting on your behalf.
  • Utilize click button templates to set up campaigns in minutes, enabling you to launch your first successful campaign today.
  • Infuse excitement and urgency into your marketing approach by hosting giveaways that create a buzz and generate email subscribers on-demand, eliminating the need for costly paid traffic.
  • Gain the ultimate edge by employing viral waitlists, which build your customer base before a major launch, ensuring a powerful head start.
  • Seize the opportunity to combat rising ad costs by harnessing the cost-effective capabilities of UpViral, consistently generating email subscribers and customers like clockwork.
  • Unleash the power of UpViral to secure sales and email subscribers even while you sleep, as campaigns set up years ago continue to deliver leads and sales to this day.

A Comprehensive Reward System to Supercharge Your Viral Campaigns

  • Create enticing rewards tailored to any niche, enabling you to offer unique prizes such as URLS to exclusive content, downloadable files for e-books or software, and coupon codes for e-commerce stores—only your imagination sets the limits.
  • Keep your participants highly motivated by implementing unlockable milestones that automatically reward them for achieving specific referral milestones, fostering continuous engagement.
  • Offer unlimited rewards to incentivize subscribers to refer new prospects to your business, ensuring an extended period of valuable referrals.
  • Enjoy the convenience of UpViral’s set-and-forget reward delivery system, which effortlessly tracks your subscribers’ progress and automatically emails them their well-deserved prizes upon reaching milestones.

Harness UpViral’s Multifaceted Approach to Expand Your Business

Continuously build your audience, establish a powerful brand presence, and reinforce your authority with customized incentives tailored to your business needs.

Unleash the Potential of Fully Customizable Email Automation

  • Seize the opportunity to send timed and triggered emails based on users’ actions, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Integrate popular social media buttons like Facebook and Twitter directly into your emails, streamlining the sharing process and encouraging wider distribution.
  • Implement multiple email triggers proven to elicit more shares per visitor, ensuring optimal results from your email campaigns.
  • Utilize automated alert emails that motivate visitors to progress toward their next goal, maintaining enthusiasm and driving them further down the conversion path.
  • Implement follow-up emails that facilitate repeated sharing, ensuring an ongoing ripple effect of referrals.

Drive Optimal Results with A/B Split-Testing

  • Conduct comprehensive A/B split-testing across multiple lead magnet pages, thank-you pages, and emails to identify the most effective strategies for opt-in, sharing, and click/open rates.
  • Transform Your Existing Email Lists into Evergreen Lead Sources
  • Multiply the potential of your current email list by embedding UpViral links within your existing emails, regardless of the autoresponder you use.
  • < UNK> Adding one-click share buttons to your emails’ll empower your subscribers to promote your business, instantly expanding your audience and creating a self-sustaining source of fresh leads.

Unlock the Power of a Fully-Customizable Referral Link System

  • Implement a points-based system that rewards visitors based on the referrals they generate, incentivizing them to actively promote your business.
  • Generate unique referral invite links, ensuring accurate tracking and attribution.
  • Exercise complete control over the type and number of points awarded per action, be it visits, leads, or shares.
  • Offer additional incentives for sharing, regardless of other actions, maximizing the engagement and referral potential.

Tailor Rewards to Your Unique Specifications with a Highly Customizable System

  • Provide automatic goal-based rewards, such as rewarding visitors for sharing on Facebook, ensuring continued participation and engagement.
  • Offer multiple rewards based on accumulated points or achieved goals, enhancing the excitement and motivation for participants.
  • Deliver many rewards, including downloadable files, links, and instant discount coupons, as compelling incentives to drive referrals.
  • Enjoy the seamless automation of points, rewards, and incentives based on your desired settings, eliminating the need for manual administration.

Simplify Contest Promotions with Easy Setup and Administration

  • Facilitate manual or automatic winner selection, ensuring a smooth contest experience.
  • Easily manage multiple contests through convenient scheduling features.
  • Automate prize notification and awarding, streamlining the process and enhancing participant satisfaction.
  • Provide additional custom sharing opportunities for contestants, amplifying the reach of your contests.

Unleash the Power of Fully Customizable Social Sharing Features

  • Customize and control the sharing options available to participants, tailoring them to your specific requirements.
  • Optimize Facebook newsfeed visibility to maximize referral tracking and exposure.
  • Unlock rich-tweet capabilities, enhancing the impact and reach of shared content.
  • Exercise complete control over the appearance and display of shared posts, ensuring consistent branding and messaging.
  • Empower users with user-selected sharing options that make the process effortless and intuitive.

Seamlessly Integrate UpViral with Your Existing Sites, Tools, and Autoresponders

  • Enjoy native compatibility with all major service providers, simplifying the integration process.
  • Directly send personalized follow-up emails with referral links through your autoresponder, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Access real-time analytics to track click rates, open rates, and the number of referrals generated, providing valuable insights for optimization.
  • Experience deep integration with advanced tagging and segmentation features, unlocking enhanced targeting capabilities.

Leverage Powerful Automated Security, Metrics, and Analytical Tools

  • Ensure the integrity of your campaigns with automated fraud detection, tracking cookies, and IP tracking, effectively minimizing cheating and abuse.
  • Easily monitor the performance of all your campaigns through comprehensive metrics and tracking capabilities.
  • Manage leads efficiently, track and view all activity, and identify your top referrers and influencers for strategic engagement.

Optimize Mobile Engagement with a Fully-Responsive Design

  • Enjoy a seamless user experience with a fully-responsive display that is 100% mobile-optimized.
  • Support all smartphones and tablets, including Android, iOS, and Windows devices, to cater to a wide range of users.

Access Other Powerful Features and Capabilities

  • Easily export data in Excel or .csv formats, facilitating further analysis and integration with other tools.
  • Utilize custom domains for referral links, enhancing brand consistency and credibility.
  • Receive dedicated support and complete training through the user-friendly dashboard, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Enjoy multilingual support, allowing you to operate UpViral in any language, including right-to-left languages.
  • Benefit from full cloning features, enabling you to replicate successful campaign templates without starting from scratch.

visit the official website!

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How UpViral Works

Welcome to this comprehensive analysis of UpViral! Today, I will walk you through a quick demonstration of this powerful tool and its impact on your business. As you may already know, UpViral is a user-friendly cloud-based platform designed to facilitate various viral marketing campaigns, including viral giveaways and contests.

The best part? You can effortlessly manage everything on this platform using templates and email automation, eliminating the need for additional resources. Moreover, UpViral seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and websites, enhancing its versatility and convenience.

So, why does UpViral work so effectively? The secret lies in a little formula called “The Viral Loop,” which forms the core of how UpViral drives business growth.

Let’s break it down step by step

People opt-in to your viral giveaway or contest. By participating in your viral giveaway or contest, individuals provide their email addresses, expressing their interest in your offerings.

UpViral combines a unique referral invite link with structured incentives to create accountability, encourage sharing, and drive traffic. UpViral employs a distinctive approach by providing participants with a unique referral invite link, motivating them to share your campaign with others.

The inclusion of structured incentives fosters a sense of accountability and drives increased sharing and traffic.

Shares are automatically tracked, allowing you to create rewarding contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that incentivize participants as they spread the word. UpViral’s advanced tracking system automatically monitors and records the shares initiated by participants.

This invaluable feature empowers you to create contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that reward visitors based on the number of times they share your campaign, resulting in greater brand exposure and engagement.

The system guides your visitors by sending email reminders, setting goals, and providing ongoing incentives, ensuring they remain engaged and actively involved in your campaign. UpViral takes the burden off your shoulders by proactively guiding your visitors.

The platform ensures participants stay on track and deliver the desired outcomes through automated email reminders, goal-setting, and continuous incentives, maximizing campaign effectiveness.

Then, the system takes off on its own, generating a perpetual source of new leads that exponentially compounds over time. Once your campaign gains momentum, UpViral operates independently, transforming into a perpetual source of new leads. As participants continue to share your campaign, your reach expands, driving a self-sustaining growth cycle.

To summarize the process:

  1. Participants provide their email addresses.
  2. Each participant receives a unique link to promote your campaign.
  3. Participants unlock rewards or increase their chances of winning by referring friends.
  4. The UpViral team handles the seamless delivery of rewards.

Now, let’s delve into the process of getting started with UpViral:

Step 1: Create an account on the UpViral website and sign up. Enter your essential information, including your name, email address, country, and company name. Additionally, provide your payment details to proceed.

Step 2: Establish your first campaign. Once you’ve completed the initial sign-up process, it’s time to embark on creating your first campaign. Before we delve into campaign design, let’s explore the three different campaign types offered by UpViral:

  • a) Campaign for a Giveaway: With UpViral, you can organize viral giveaways that feature a limited number of goodies. Participants unlock these rewards by accumulating specific points through successful referrals.
  • b) Specially crafted contest campaign for referral marketing.
  • c) Generic campaign with no set payment.

After selecting the campaign type that aligns with your objectives, you can integrate third-party tools or rely solely on UpViral to run your campaign.

Step 3: Design your campaign. UpViral eases the campaign design process with its plethora of ready-to-use templates. These templates, reminiscent of Canva, offer convenience and can be customized to suit your needs. With the visual editor, you can modify templates by adding or removing images, adjusting colors, fonts, texts, and backgrounds.

Step 4: Set up enticing rewards. One crucial element of planning a successful campaign is the creation of enticing rewards. You must offer rewards that captivate your audience and keep them engaged.

Remember, without compelling incentives, attracting participants becomes an uphill battle. In this section, you can configure various aspects of the rewards, such as the reward name, the number of points required to unlock it, the type of reward, the reward image, and a detailed description.

Additionally, if you aim to enhance your brand’s credibility on a particular platform, you can plan specific requirements accordingly.

Once you’ve created your giveaway campaign using UpViral, there are multiple ways to publish it, depending on your configuration. If you host your giveaway on UpViral, the platform will publish it using a domain name branded with UpViral. However, if you opt for the appropriate pricing plan, you can utilize a custom domain name for a more personalized touch.

Alternatively, if you host the giveaway on your website or third-party tools, you must copy and paste specific codes to embed the giveaway seamlessly.

Let’s check my demo video below to see it in action!

In a nutshell, UpViral operates on a simple principle that leverages the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to drive viral traffic. When individuals share your blog posts or links with their networks, the chain reaction begins, expanding your reach exponentially.

As more potential customers come across your content, they’re compelled to click on your links, leading to increased engagement and potential conversions. UpViral facilitates this process by creating a viral loop that stimulates sharing and amplifies your online presence.

Let’s explore some exciting ideas on how UpViral can be utilized across different platforms

For Blogs: As a blogger, your primary focus is to enhance traffic and engagement on your blog. With UpViral, you can implement the following strategies to achieve these objectives:

  • Encourage readers to visit your blog.
  • Prompt them to read specific articles and leave valuable comments.
  • Invite suggestions for improvement, fostering a sense of community engagement.

For Facebook: Utilizing UpViral on Facebook can significantly boost your audience size and contribute to your blog’s growth. Consider the following actions:

  • Encourage users to like your Facebook page.
  • Motivate them to share your posts with their networks.
  • Create a sense of exclusivity by inviting them to join your Facebook group.
  • Prompt users to engage by commenting on specific posts or liking them.

For Instagram: As Instagram continues to gain popularity, leveraging UpViral can help you expand your follower base and increase engagement. Consider implementing the following actions:

  • Encourage users to follow your Instagram account.
  • Motivate them to like your posts and mention your account in their stories.

For YouTube: With its widespread reach, YouTube is an ideal platform to harness the power of UpViral. Utilize the following actions to increase subscribers and engagement:

  • Prompt users to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Encourage them to like your videos and leave valuable comments.

By integrating UpViral into your marketing strategy, you can unlock the full potential of viral marketing and drive substantial growth for your business. The platform’s intuitive features and seamless integration make it an invaluable tool for achieving your business objectives.

Honest UpViral Review – My Opinion: Is It Worth Using?

A successful giveaway involves more than just achieving viral status; it also aims to drive desired outcomes, such as generating sales and acquiring high-quality leads.

UpViral is a game-changing tool that empowers businesses of all sizes to build massive email lists, previously only attainable by big companies with expensive custom-developed tools. In my experience, UpViral outshines other giveaway software platforms with its exceptional features and unique capabilities.

The beauty of UpViral lies in its simplicity. With its user-friendly interface and reasonable pricing plans that don’t involve upsells or freemium content upgrades, the platform makes it effortless to set up captivating social media contests.

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce business, UpViral can be effectively utilized to promote your brand online. You can customize your rewards, such as discounts for online products, free webinars and samples for digital businesses.

By transforming your users into referral partners, UpViral unleashes the power of a viral loop, where each new lead has the potential to attract even more leads.

The platform’s stability, reliability, and automatic lead generation capabilities make it a must-have for growing your online presence, particularly on Facebook. The latest mobile app version has made adding contacts a breeze, eliminating the need for manual efforts.

What sets UpViral apart is the product itself and the persona behind it. The founder Wilco has cultivated a loyal following by delivering value and maintaining excellent communication.

As someone who has run successful campaigns using UpViral and been involved in less successful endeavors, I can confidently say that it caters to almost any business with remarkable results.

Setting up campaigns with UpViral is quick and straightforward. With a range of templates, default settings, and easy customizations, you can quickly launch high-quality viral lead generation campaigns.

The platform offers both simplicity for beginners and advanced settings for those who require more complexity in their marketing strategies.

Overall, UpViral is an innovative and reliable tool that caters to novices while providing advanced features for future growth. The comprehensive support and continuous product improvements demonstrate the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Before making a final decision, consider key factors such as how referral marketing can benefit your business, your existing email data, affordability, and the impact of offering discounts or freebies.

If you understand the value of building and monetizing email lists, UpViral is a powerful web-based application that turbocharges your list-building efforts. Don’t hesitate; take advantage of the $1 sign-up offer and experience how UpViral simplifies sweepstakes and referral programs like no other tool.

While it may have some limitations, it remains unparalleled for quickly growing your list and profiting from giveaways.

UpViral is an exceptional referral marketing tool that comes highly recommended. It is user-friendly, delivers outstanding results, and offers tremendous value for your business.

Remember, the key to success lies in using the tool and implementing effective marketing strategies and crafting compelling offers. When these elements align, your UpViral campaign will soar to new heights.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of Upviral Review):

Upviral Bonus

Upviral OTOs, Discount Coupons and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab Upviral with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Upviral Starter $1 (After 14 days, $79/month)

  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • Up to 10,000 Leads
  • Use for 1 Brand
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Contest & Sweepstakes
  • Smart Leaderboards
  • Anti Fraud Algorithm
  • 50+ Integrations
  • Chat & Email Support

Upviral Business $1 ( After 14 days, $119/month) 

  • All Starter Features
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • Up to 25,000 Leads
  • Use for 3 Brands
  • Remove “powered by UpViral”
  • Restrict entries by Location
  • A/B Split Testing
  • 500+ Integrations (Zapier)
  • API & Webhook
  • Chat & Email Support

Upviral premium $1 (After 14 days, $299/month) 

  • All Business Features
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • Up to 100,000 Leads
  • Use for 10 Brands
  • Chat & Email Support

UpViral Alternatives

I hope this UpViral review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about Viral Marketing Solutions, we’ve explored a couple of other platforms.

SparkClix AI

SparkClix is a revolutionary app that empowers individuals, regardless of their online money-making experience, to quickly drive targeted traffic to their offers. It combines cutting-edge AI technology with a comprehensive list-building ecosystem, making it a game-changer.

Through engaging viral share contests, surveys, quizzes, and giveaways, SparkClix’s AI capabilities enable rapid list building and extreme sales generation. By leveraging viral share programs and giveaways, businesses can experience exponential growth and easily secure mega paydays.

SparkClix goes beyond basic traffic generation. It also includes built-in viral lead referral programs and advanced AI-based viral traffic software. By tapping into the power of viral share traffic within the pre-populated platform, users can effortlessly build massive lists and attract targeted clicks from the moment they join.

Viral Lead Funnels

ViralLeadFunnels is another cutting-edge marketing technology that takes lead generation to a new level. It can convert 350% of traffic into high-quality leads, a staggering improvement compared to the industry average of 2.35%. With ViralLeadFunnels, there’s no longer a need to rely on expensive ads to generate leads.

Using the powerful ‘Viral-Loop’ technology, ViralLeadFunnels sets off a chain reaction where a single lead can bring in multiple leads effortlessly, without any additional effort required from the user.

These viral marketing funnels can be customized for your business or your clients’, allowing you to easily create various types of campaigns, including milestone campaigns, waitlists, double loops, sweepstakes, and more.


Competeup, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive marketing toolset for running viral campaigns. Whether you want to set up referral campaigns, reward/loyalty programs, giveaways, contests, or leaderboards, Competeup has got you covered.

The software offers everything you need to generate leads, grow your email list, increase engagement, and drive sales. Its user-friendly interface enables you to effortlessly create viral giveaways, contests, landing pages, and engaging forms such as surveys and quizzes.

With its flexible builder, Competeup allows you to tailor campaigns that align with your brand’s core goals, ensuring a targeted approach to your marketing efforts. It’s a powerful tool for small businesses to connect with their audience, collect leads, and close sales more efficiently.

UpViral Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Unlock the game-changing potential of UpViral and embark on a transformative journey towards unprecedented business success. Embrace this golden opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategy and supercharge your growth to unimaginable heights!

Thank you for dedicating your time to reading my comprehensive UpViral review. I sincerely hope it has provided valuable insights to aid your decision-making process. With UpViral, you can bid farewell to all the headaches and challenges associated with creating viral marketing campaigns for your business.

By the way, I genuinely hope you found this review as enjoyable to read as I did to write. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Special Bonuses

UpViral PROs and CONs
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Powerful viral marketing tool: UpViral enables you to create effective viral marketing campaigns that can rapidly grow your business and generate valuable leads.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and launch campaigns, even for beginners.
  • Extensive feature set: UpViral provides a comprehensive range of features, including viral share programs, giveaways, contests, referral campaigns, and more, allowing you to diversify your marketing strategies.
  • Effective lead generation: By harnessing the power of viral sharing and incentivization, UpViral helps you build substantial email lists and drive targeted traffic to your offers.
  • Cost-effective: With reasonable pricing plans and no additional upsells, UpViral offers good value for its features and capabilities.


  • Limited referral marketing tools: While UpViral excels in viral marketing campaigns, it may have fewer options specifically dedicated to referral marketing.
  • Steep learning curve for advanced settings: Some of the more advanced settings and customization options in UpViral may require a learning curve for users who want to maximize their campaigns.
  • Absence of certain features: UpViral may lack some specific features that other similar platforms may offer, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

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