Video Game Suite Review: Run a ‘Video Gamification’ Agency with Futuristic Tech

Every single digital market always aims to set up a website via which they are able to advertise their products and earn profits. Nevertheless, creating a website is not a simple mission. As a matter of fact, attracting visitors to your website, as well as convincing them to become your customers are challenging tasks which can’t be solved easily.

Therefore, my Video Game Suite Review offers an efficient approach to address this issue. To be specific, this program takes advantage of flash games such as the wheel of fortune to generate leads for your business.

Trust me, you will sooner or later find out that Video Game Suite is extremely useful for your site. If you feel interested in this application, then don’t forget to check out the next parts.

Video Game Suite Review

What is Video Game Suite?

Traditional opt-in forms, lead magnets, and pop-ups are dead in 2021. Every day you use them, your agency clients are growing more frustrated because you’re burning their money (and your own) letting traffic and leads slip away. So what’s working to build a list and get sales during this crisis? The answer is video gamification.

Small businesses are frustrated from burning money on ‘old school’ opt-in forms, squeeze pages, & pop-ups that no longer convert in 2021. But, now you can TRIPLE their leads & sales w/ the first major ‘video gamification’ software suite called VideoGameSuite.

It’s going live soon for an earlybird special & creates irresistible video lead games for you & clients. Video Game Suite is a groundbreaking ‘video gamification’ cloud app that creates irresistible video lead games that explode you or your client’s email marketing lists.

  • Upgraded and Maintained – VideoGameSuite is the upgraded version of our little scratch of lead game VidScratch’, now packed with more games, features, and usage rights.
  • Leverage Psychology – Tap into people’s natural greed and curiosity with a brand new “video gamification” email capture technology that people can’t resist.
  • Sell for Monthly Fees – Help skyrocket your traffic, leads, and sales with this 100% unique “gamification” tool (and double your agency profits by selling access to it for any price you)!

See, when a visitor is confronted with a chance to win something i.e. like when playing the lottery, the perceived value of the prize goes up tremendously. Combine that with eye-catching graphics and video and now you have something that will build an email list ultrafast!

Video Game Suite is the first ‘video gamification’ marketing app that creates lots of irresistible, lead generation games to skyrocket leads & sales today. This modern marketing suite comes with agency rights allowing you to provide a much-needed service to small businesses and run a gamification lead agency.

This is The first cloud-based video gamification lead system that creates irresistible lead games that explode you or your client’s email marketing lists. It is a feature-packed software which allows you to implement gamification to your website in a few simple clicks.

By leveraging this widget, you will be able to generate massive numbers of leads with a significant increase in the number of visitors. Particularly, the application inserts a “wheel of fortune” to your site, so visitors can win some types of discounts of special gifts if they win the game.

If you want to find out more about how Video Game Suite works, let’s take a look at the next sections of Video Game Suite Review.

Video Game Suite Review Overview


Vendor Ben Murray et al
Product Video Game Suite
Launch Date 2021-Jun-03
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Lead generation
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Ben Murray

Video Game Suite was created by Ben Murray and his partner Harshal Jadhavi. In case you haven’t known, Ben is a masterful expert in the field of digital marketing, and he has buzzed the market many times before with his fornard-looking inventions.

Some typical launches from Ben Murray are LinguaScribe, Rewardsly, LocalReputor, etc. Later on, my Video Game Suite Review is going to emphasize this tool’s outstanding features.

Key Features

Create & Sell Video Lead Games Just Like These:

  • Crane claw game: Click the crane button and maneuver the claw to get a prize. Each item in the bin can be assigned a special lead magnet, coupon, or another prize. After the claw captures a prize, it will inform the visitor and interact with them via any video you choose.
  • Scratch card game: The original! Visitors will “scratch” off the card to reveal if they’ve won or lost and get full details of their prize. You can customize the chance someone will win from 0-100% and provide hand-selected or random prizes to visitors.
  • Memory game: Try to find all the matches before time runs out on the clock. If you get all the matches fast, you can win a prize.

Features Not Found in Any Other Software Include:

  • Create Different Style ‘Video Lead Games’- including CraneClaw, VidScratch, Memory, SlotMachine, & much more for insane opt-in rates
  • Advanced Drag/Drop Interface – lets you easily create customizable games and video thankyou pages with logos, videos, CTAs, & more.
  • Add Videos w/ DFY Hosting – encourage visitors to hand over their best email address and contact info in exchange for their prize w/ you or someone else’s video
  • Triple Opt-in Rates w/ Psychology- gamification is proven to significantly boost opt-in rates which means significantly more results for you & your agency client
  • Customize Win Probability- create different game lead prizes & the chance someone will win a game from 0-100%
  • Mesmerizing DFY Templates – customize games from DFY templates or from scratch w/ the ‘blank canvas’ editor.
  • Advanced Game Customization – make your lead games come to life with 100s of fonts, emojis, animations, images, sound effects, & more
  • Agency + Commercial Rights Included – sell the lead games at any price or sell access to the app for a 4-figure monthly fee.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive: All games are 100% mobile responsive allowing you to capture leads from desktop and mobile.
  • GDPR Compliant: Add customizable GDPR options to your VidScratch games so you’re fully compliant.
  • Unsplash & Pexels Integration: Make your scratch games look amazing with bonus pexels and unsplash integrations.
  • Integrates with Major Autoresponders: Connect to your favorite major autoresponder or integrate your own personal code.
  • Dedicated Support Team: We’ll quickly answer your questions and help you achieve success around the clock.
  • Well Supported: Remember, this is the more advanced 2.0 version showing this isn’t a ‘launch and gone’ one-hit-wonder.

Video Game Suite Review

Honest Video Game Suite Review: Is It Worth Using?

Building your list is the key to running a full-time business online, but regular opt-ins, squeeze pages, & pop-ups don’t really work anymore. Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic wand that easily drives traffic, leads, & sales 300% better than everyone else?

That’s where Video Game Suite comes into play.

As stated earlier in Video Game Suite Review, Video Game Suite has the ability to help you benefit from the power of gamification. By using the typical flash games like “wheel of fortune”, you are capable of boosting your site’s visibility and capturing audience’s attention easily.

According to renowned researchers, people tend to favor this kind of game due to their intuitive characteristics and the gifts they receive in return.

In addition, Video Game Suite is fully customizable, so you will find it easy to optimize the spinning wheel such as the designs, wheels’ colors, numbers of awards, and so on. As a result, visitors will voluntarily grant them your email addresses.

Besides gamification implementation, Video Game Suite comes along with a lot of powerful features. If you like the front-end package, you can think about paying a few more dollars to purchase additional training materials, obtaining extra designs, along with many more functions.

Video Game Suite has been created to help traffic seekers who do not have enough time and money to generate leads through paid advertisements or other similar methods. The developer of this widget has had many years of experience in software development. By implementing Video Game Suite, you can save a huge amount of time spent on lead generation.

The thing that I love the most about Video Game Suite is that I am not required to have any relevant experience to operate this software. Not to mention that I can freely edit and customize the design and color of the wheel so that it matches my site’s interface.

In my opinion, gamification is undoubtedly the best method to encourage visitors to pay attention to my contents, as well as increase the retention rate of loyal customers. Hence, Video Game Suite is an ideal choice when it comes to gamification, and it has already been tested multiple times with potential results.

Why Are We Getting Awesome Results with This?

  • It’s different. Which means it stands out and gets people to respond. We’re hard-wired that way and no one else has these specific types of scratch game out there on the internet.
  • It’s mysterious. Humans are hard-wired for curiosity. These gambiling games make us wonder what lies in our prize and it’s almost impossible to ignore!
  • It’s exciting. Let’s face it, people love to gamble and scratch cards have generated billions of dollars for state lotteries years after year. Be honest, have you ever bought a scratch card and gambled? Of course, we all have.

We know this business works… and we know our video gamification lead generation suite makes it easy for you to capture leads and deliver monthly services to hungry clients even if you haven’t had any success before! We’ve done all the hard work for you. The software handles the technical stuff, saves you heaps of time and years of learning.

Furthermore, Video Game Suite is also an excellent choice for newbies in the field of digital marketing. When you begin installing Video Game Suite, you will be led through a step-by-step process with detailed instructions. As a result, you can freely customize your wheel’s design and how it works.

You can embrace this brand new list building technology to absolutely CRUSH IT for your clients in 2021… bringing them insanely high opt-in rates, mind-bending ROI, fast results and a list that’s bursting with subscribers ready to spend their cash. Set up your own “wheel of fortune” right here!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Video Game Suite Review):

How Video Game Suite works

This software suite lets you create lead games that lure people in w/ the chance to win a prize (ie, free consultation, 10% coupon, lead magnet) then captures their email when they go to claim their prize w/ video tech.

Become a Marketing Magician in 4 Steps:

  1. Choose a Lead Game: Choose an addictive game to begin capturing leads, including VidScratch, CraneClaw, Memory, Slot Machine, & more.
  2. Customize the Lead Game: Choose from DFY templates & customize your game w/ different fonts, emojis, buttons, graphics, page load animations,& more. Includes advanced settings like prizes & win probability.
  3. Embed the Game Anywhere or Sell It: Then, sell the game or access to the app to clients & embed your lead game anywhere to start capturing leads (works in mobile or desktop)
  4. Visitors Win Prizes & Watch Your Video: A visitor will play the game, win a prize, then watch a video (optional) encouraging them to give their best email address to get their game prize.

As I have clearly demonstrated in the previous sections, this platform is very easy to utilize. But if you want to have a closer look at the way it works in reality, do not forget to pay a visit to Video Game Suite’s official sales page and watch the demo videos.

Video Game Suite OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Video Game Suite with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Video Game Suite ($37)

  • Includes 9 Addictive Games
  • Drag-n-Drop Game Technology
  • DFY Video Hosting
  • Pexels & Unsplash Integration
  • Mobile Embed Technology
  • Store Leads Inside the App
  • AutoResponder Integration Technology
  • Win Probability Technology
  • Create 20 Games a Month
  • Capture 30,000 Leads a Month
  • ‘Blank Canvas’ Creator
  • Personal Rights Only
  • Includes Local & General DFY Templates
  • Commercial Rights – Create & Setup Games for Businesses
  • VIP Bonuses Included
  • Agency Rights – Integrate/Sell to 10 Businesses
  • Create 50 Games a Month Per Account
  • Capture 50,000 Leads A Month Per Account

One of the most important things that I want to remind you guys in this Video Game Suite Review is that if you are keen on purchasing this application at this stage, remember to mark your calendar for its official launch date on June 02, 2021. The front-end price of Video Game Suite is $37, so make sure that you make your decision quickly before the price increases unexpectedly.

Another thing that I love about Video Game Suite is that the developers of this tool allow subscribers to ask for a full refund if there is something they are not satisfied with. Specifically, within 30 days since you started buying Video Game Suite, you have the right to ask for your investment back without further conditions.

OTO 1: Professional Edition ($47)

Triple your earnings with the professional version of videogamesuite or your money back. How nice would it be if you could automate even more leads tasks while you triple or even 10x your profits? See how:

  • Create Unlimited Leads Games: Due to brandwidth restrictions, there was a cap on the number of games you could create. However, you never have to worry about limits again with the Pro upgrade. This means you can work with far more businesses like a serious agency and become the go-to business for lead generation with gamification.
  • Capture Unlimited Leads: Like lead games, there was a number on the number of leads you could capture per month as well. However, you can build you or your client’s list as large as you want each month with the unlimited leads upgrade unlocked.
  • Get Unlimited Game Impressions and Stats: Embedding the game causes us to use up bandwidth which is why we had a limit on the number of impressions. But, with the Professional upgrade you can get as many impressions as you want now.
  • Outsourcers License + Team Member Access Included: Don’t get stuck doing all the hard work yourself. Now you can grow and create a real agency business by creating secure team member accounts and letting freelancers do the work for you while you profit passively.
  • A/B Split Testing of Lead Games: Probably the most important feature of this app. Now you can A/B split test your games to help increase conversions and fix low converting games. I don’t need to tell you how essential this feature is for anyone who seriously wants to use this software.
  • More Game Embed Options Launch as Popups & QR Codes: Launch your VideoGameSuite games as QR codes, exit-intent popups, standard popups, sticky bars, and FAR MORE!
  • Zapier Integration Included: A feature usually only reserved for expensive Enterprise level software, you’ll get the ability to connect with Zapier giving you the freedom to do whatever you wish with VideoGameSuite. Send and manage leads any way you like, the possibilities to use this app are now unlimited.
  • VIP Customer Support: Our professional customers will get access to one-on-one support above everyone else if you are confused about the software or encounter an issue.

OTO 2: VIP Upgrade ($67)

Let Our Experienced Team Setup Your Gamification Agency and Land Your First Client FOR YOU. We’ll Create Your Agency & Even Give You a Special Video Creator to Create Gamification Videos.

Our team will help guarantee you land your first lead generation client with this mega 6-part VIP offer. Offer includes..

  1. DFY Gamification Agency Site & Traffic System – Includes a DFY agency site focused just on lead generation with games with a DFY 5 year hosting plan. Plus, unbranded Facebook ads & ads manager set-up help.
  2. VideoGameSuite Platinum Template Collection – Get 100+ of Our Best Templates for Every Game
  3. VideoGameSuite Template Club Access – Get 2 templates each month with no monthly fees involved.
  4. Gamify VidCreator – Get a built-in video editor w/ DFY templates that will let you create customized videos to put in your VideoGameSuite games and thank you pages.
  5. VideoLeadz – Find clients that aren’t using video to help capture leads on their homepages and sales pages with this software.
  6. VIP Help – Need help customizing your site? Getting ads up? Getting ads created? We’ll ‘hold your hand’ and help guide you to getting your first client.

OTO 3: Whitelabel License ($77)

With This Most Advanced Version Of The Software You’re Getting…

  • Whitelabel the Software as Your Own with Most Advanced Whitelabel Technology

Customize the app as your own, including adding your own logo and domain and sell access to clients. No other whitelabel technology goes as far as ours does to make the app 100% look your own.

No one will know you’re associated with the main VideoGameSuite app. This is essential for growing your own business with full control over the pricing, positioning, lead generation, and more.

  • Add Unlimited Agency Clients – $697 Value

You’ll be able to add unlimited clients to VideoGameSuite to let them set up the campaigns how they want. Sell the app for any price you want to as many clients as you want to make monthly income.

  • Add Unlimited Team Members – $297 Value

Grow your agency as large as you want now. You never have to worry about how big you can scale with the ability to add unlimited team members.

  • Unlimited Video Cloud Storage – $197 Value

Videos are expensive to host which is why there were limits on the amount of videos you can integrate and have us host on the front-end version. But, with the upgrading version you will get unlimited video cloud storage.

  • DFY Reseller Rights Setup – $497 Value

With the Agency upgrade, you’ll also get the ability to sell access to the VideoGameSuite funnel and keep 100% of the profit of any sale you make. Don’t want to land clients from scratch? Then just send traffic to our already DFY funnel we’ve invested $20,000+ dollars on.

  • Reseller Material Access – $297 Value

You’ll get full access to our proven sales funnel, sales letters, swipes for clients and affiliates, VSLs, and more to customize under your own brand if you choose. Again, these cost us over $20,000 to create ourselves.

  • Agency Outsourcing Suite – $197 Value

Want to know exactly how to have other people build your agency business and find clients for you? Learn exactly how to outsource your loyalty agency services (even if you don’t think you have money to hire anyone) with this brand new training.

OTO 4: StopMotionSuite ($47)

The ultimate solution for creating stop motion videos that drive traffic and increase conversions with drag-n-drop technology.

  • DFY Templates in Hot Local Niches: Get 40 stop motion templates (20 designed for YouTube + the same 20 only square for Facebook/Instagram) to create amazing stop motion videos from in minutes. These are in hot local and general niches.
  • Drag-n-Drop Timeline Editor: Customize your videos with the easy-to-use drag-n-drop editor. Add text, CTAs, images, logos, and more anywhere you want in your video easily.
  • Thousands of Graphics, CTAs, and Audios: Add in graphics, emojis, buttons, CTAs, or background audio clips into your videos to make them sparkle to life.
  • Create Videos Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram: Insert any Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram link and turn that video into a stop motion one in seconds.
  • Turn Your Own Videos into Stop Motion Ones: Repurpose videos you’ve previously made with other editors into stop motion effect ones. Works for any dimension. Get far more out of a single video and make it more engaging.
  • Video Joiner and Splitter Technology: Join multiple videos together or crop a video at any point in the editor to get your video exactly how you want.
  • Custom Frame Rate Technology: You can even customize the amount of stop motion you want in each video. Make it smoother or choppier with a press of a button.
  • Voiceover Technology: Upload background music, voiceover, or record your own custom voiceover right inside the app.

OTO 5: Training Coach ($37)

This bonus training created by us will show you how to take your video agency business to the NEXT level and how to start getting clients fast. Includes 20+ HD modules in a cloud membership.

Video Game Suite Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my ​Video Game Suite Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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Video Game Suite Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Auto-Create Additive Video Lead Games
  • Sell Access to Clients for Any Price
  • Advanced Drag-n-Drop Interface
  • Video Technology & DFY Hosting
  • Advanced Customization
  • Triple Opt-in Rates
  • Customize Prizes & Win Probability
  • DFY Gorgeous Templates Included
  • And so much more


  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • You will need a good internet connection.

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