Simple Video Management System Review: The most effective video sales technique

Video has been the story of 2020, 2021 and it continues into 2022. We’ve seen countless video platforms launch over the past couple of years which make our lives a lot easier when creating marketing videos.

These include:

  • Video creation platforms.
  • Video hosting platforms.
  • Video players.

Today, I’m here to tell you about something BOLD and something that doesn’t fall into the 3 categories above… and it’s why I am so excited.

You see, it’s rare to see something FRESH in a niche where the same products are launched over and over with one little ‘tweak’ or one small different feature. I’d like to introduce you to ‘Simple Video Management System’ and why it is important.

Let’s find out all the details about it in my Simple Video Management System Review below!

Simple Video Management System Review

What is Simple Video Management System?

Recently, ALL major browsers shut down the auto-playing of videos. This means fewer people see your videos and this obviously means less leads and sales for all businesses. However, when something drastic like this happens the market always adapts.

So, over the past few months you might have seen a lot of videos that loop while muted (no sound) or that have text over them saying “Click for sound” or “Click to unmute”. Sounds familiar, right?

BUT these solutions were only introduced by premium video hosting services. You know, the kinds where you need to pay per month. And on top of that, you’re limited to a tiny non-customizable ‘click to unmute’ badge in the top right of your video.

So it was a step in the right direction but it’s EXPENSIVE and NOT ideal by any means for actually getting more views. Now I’m not ranting for no reason! I’m ranting to tell you about something that has come along to solve this problem (finally)!

There was a problem with that high-priced video player software that took the internet by storm a while back… It didn’t work all the time. A ton of marketers complained that it didn’t work in all browsers. And fixes, when they happened, were really slow as was the support desk.

So, my friend David Perdew said enough is enough. With nearly a third of his support tickets from customers complaining that videos weren’t playing properly, he put his team to work building a video management solution that was simple, functional and worked seamlessly.

David built a video management system that was an Internet Marketer’s dream… but he didn’t share it outside his own membership… Until now… The requirements were simple. The video system must:

  • Work all the time in every browser
  • Be dead simple easy to use
  • Display videos from a local server, cloud-based source or YouTube
  • Have a searchable video database to find any video instantly and the page it’s on
  • Display timed marketing messages including buy buttons (aka – magic buy buttons)
  • Redirect to a specific page when the video completes

But that’s not all… there’s much more. And it’s all contained in a simple interface that anyone can use. Oh, there was one more BIG requirement that he’s just recently added! It has to be a great value with a single investment for lifetime upgrades.

How do you get this video system that does all that? Glad you asked. It’s called Simple Video Management System.  And let me tell you, it just works – period, end of sentence!

Well, you’re going to love me today! My friend, David Perdew, and the NAMS team have built a simple video management system that removes all the scary parts of using videos on your site.

And you never have to touch the CODE! You’re going to love it. It’s called ‘Simple Video Management System’ and it just went live (use my link in this Simple Video Management System Review for $70 off).

Simple Video Management System lets you manage the videos you show on your site from most popular servers (YouTube, Amazon S3, Vimeo) and MP4, OGG, MOV formats through one player.

Simple Video Management System (SVMS) is a WordPress plugin you can install on the site or sites of your choice. Right now, we’re giving you a multi-site license for use on any sites you personally own.

It takes away all the work involved with managing your videos by corralling them like cattle into one intuitive manager. Then you add the enhancements you want and post the video on your website.

  • Effortlessly organize all your videos — S3, YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted, in one spot
  • Truly responsive player works on all browsers, all devices, all sites (even HTML & platforms like ClickFunnels), at all times
  • Integrates with autoresponders & CRMs — grab opt-ins straight from the video player
  • Display “magic” buy buttons, optin forms, or any HTML on screen at any time
  • Complete video analytics, including when your viewers are LEAVING
  • “Chrome Proof” splash image — overlay attention grabbing animated GIF or text at start and/or end of your video!
  • Tons of customizations and SO simple to use!
  • Create galleries and grids just like Youtube or other major video content companies

Not only does Simple Video Management System provide you with a drag ‘n drop editor to create a FULLY customizable animated thumbnail (to capture attention of visitors and provide them with a strong call-to-action)… they do it for a one-time fee! This means you get to save up $99 every single month (or $1,200 per year)!

Simple Video Management System supplies the technology you need to bridge the gap between increasing your video views and the auto-play apocalypse. For the first time ever, you can easily apply captivating animated thumbnails over your “auto-paused” videos to not only capture your visitors attention, but call you to action to click and watch.

Even more impressive – WITHOUT you having to upload your video to the providers server, pay expensive hosting fees, hiring expensive developers and designers to create custom scripts or affect your videos loading.

Unfair advantage? That’s exactly what this is. If you have implemented David Perdew’s Simple Video Management System, you have an unfair advantage over your competition because you’ll be able to maximize your video use and effectiveness with special marketing tricks while delivering video in every browser including the mobile platforms.

And you can add any video that’s available on YouTube or Vimeo and others… It’s not stealing. It’s not unethical. Just snag videos from content creators on YouTube that allow you to share their videos. And then, add them his WordPress plugin and you can quickly create a course.

Using other people’s content! Listen, you’ve got to see this to believe it… Check the next parts of this Simple Video Management System Review now because this is going to monthly recurring as soon as this launch is over.

Simple Video Management System Review Overview


Vendor David Perdew
Product Simple Video Management System
Launch Date 2021-Jul-13
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Video Marketing, WordPress Plugin
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

David Perdew

David Perdew is the CEO & Founder at MyNAMS Premium Membership / Training and President at NAMS, Inc (the Novice to Advanced Marketing System). This is a step-by-step tutorial system focusing on Training, Tools and Teams that helps people become even more successful.

Over the past seven years, David and his team have created over 100 training courses and software products that make the dream of making real money online achievable for average people, even if they have virtually no sales or technical skills such as: Rapid Growth Plans, MyNAMS Profit Planners, etc.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Simple Video Management System Review and find out its features.

Key features 

The Chrome browser killing off auto play video has taken away a major method of grabbing attention. And more browsers will be following. Simple Video Management System helps you slap back at Chrome by adding any attention-getting animated GIF to your video, like the one you see here that our partner made. You can put this (or animated text, or a still image) at the front AND the back of your video, perfect for calls-to-action.

YouTube is king. All you need to do is load a YouTube URL (no embed code needed) in the player and it works smoothly. And because we’ve mastered the YouTube experience in our system, you have a free host.

But that’s not all. Do you host your videos on Vimeo? Amazon S3 (or any cloud storage, in fact)? Maybe on your own server?

It doesn’t matter where you host your videos, Simple Video Management System’s responsive video play will work, smoothly and easily.

Organize All Your Videos In One Spot, No Matter Where They’re Hosted Or Posted

With the high-priced video plug-ins, we mentioned earlier, it was nearly impossible to find videos once they were loaded in the system. It was a must for me and my team that my videos were organized, searchable, and in a table for easy access. The Simple Video Management System database will be the single biggest time saver for online video you’ve ever encountered.

Customize Everything About Your Videos With Simple One-Click Settings

  • Video Size: From the backend of the plugin you can adjust the video size to any size you want. This allows for greater flexibility on where you have videos displayed on your website.
  • Video Alignment: Aligning videos to the center, left or right on the page can be really frustrating if you don’t know HTML or CSS. You simply select the alignment in a dropdown box, and your video will align exactly how you want it on your final page!
  • Hide Video Controls: Sometimes, you’ll want to use a video sales letter which means hiding the controls so users can’t stop, start or pause the video before your message is delivered. This functionality used to take fancy code and JavaScript to work correctly. Now you just check one little box, and you can choose whether you have video controls or not.
  • Auto Play: With video sales letters, auto play is a key function. This tool allows you to simply toggle that off and on without having to insert complicated coding. It is point and click simple so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

Reveal “Magic” Buy Buttons, Opt-In Forms, Or Any HTML, At Any Point In The Video!

In a recent blog post, Ryan Deiss said that making the buy button appear magically on the site at the right time increased conversions by 67 percent.

With Simple Video Management System, you can quickly and easily add HTML code for buy now buttons, optin forms, affiliate banners, and more. You choose when you want them to display and appear automatically below your video. That stats are in that this feature helps!

Instead of messing with JavaScript and clunky code, how about just copy/pasting your code and clicking your mouse one time to get this powerful feature to work for you!

Complete Analytics Helps You Separate Winning Videos From The Losers

If I asked you which of your videos are “winners” and which are “losers,” could you tell me? Do you know when people STOP watching your video? Because your videos are NOT getting watched 100% of the way through by 100% of your viewers.

Knowing exactly WHEN they stop watching can help you pinpoint what needs to change in your videos, to lower their dropoff rates and improve their results.

Simple Video Management System can show you that for every single one of your videos, and so much more. You’ll know exactly where your traffic is coming from. You’ll know what devices they’re watching on. You’ll be able to see when your traffic spikes up… and when it drops down. All vital information for growing, testing, and expanding your business.

Opt-In Gate Captures Leads Right From Your Video

Suppose you want your viewer to get a preview of an important video, and they have to opt-in to your list to view the full video. You used to have to split your video in two chunks, set up an opt-in page, show them the preview video, and hope they’d opt in.

Now, you can have the opt-in as PART of your video! Just set the time and opt-in details… and you’re done in seconds.

Easily Integrate With Autoresponder And CRM Tagging

Over 15 top AutoResponders and Customer Relationship Management platforms (Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, many more) are directly integrated into SVMS.

That means you can turn tagging on and organize your opt-ins based on the video(s) they view. This is super beneficial for targeting promotions to specific niches for higher conversion rates… which equals more money for you.

Instantly Know Every Page And Post Each Video Appears On

If you’re using WordPress, you may have the same video on multiple pages. Knowing which pages will be affected by a video change is essential.

So we designed Simple Video Management System to show you every single page or post where your video is being used.

Change Live Videos Without Breaking

This may seem small, but it’s important. Your current video code must always point to working videos and adapt to editing changes on the fly.

I remember breaking many of my sales pages in the past because I made a tweak to the editor. Talk about hours of frustration and lost productivity! Say goodbye to this problem! Make a change, and have the peace of mind that your pages will still work!

Redirect The Viewer To Any Link You Want After The Video Ends

Do you know how powerful this is?

Suppose you promote affiliate products. Imagine creating a good affiliate review video or prelaunch video. When the video ends, you automatically redirect them to your affiliate link. You can create affiliate “bridge” pages for linking to from social media in seconds this way!

Any links work here. These can be affiliate links your own links or send them to another video. You can do all kinds of cool marketing sequences to stand out from the crowd. Don’t underestimate the power of this feature!

Add Existing Videos On The Fly

If you’re in the WordPress editor and you want to add a video quickly, being able to do that from the editor itself is important. There’s no bigger time waster than having to shut down your page, go add the video content, and then re-open the page to add the video. This plug-in makes that process easy and intuitive.

Get The Look You Want With Custom Video Player Skins And Frames

Give your videos a unique “look and feel” with custom skins and frames. More skins and frames coming all the time!

Create Pro Pages Effortlessly With YouTube Style Grids & Lightboxes

Easily create pro-quality pages with video grids and videos appearing in popup lightboxes, right from within SVMS… No coding necessary!

Official website

Honest Simple Video Management System Review: Is It Worth Using?

Do your video sales letters work? Nobody wants to sit through one – unless it’s really engaging. And if it’s engaging, you want to hit the viewer with a call-to-action magically at the right moment. The viewer sees your video as a solution, not a sales letter.

But that CTA… Where did it come from? If you’re a really good coder, you can easily manage it with a few lines of complex code. But if programming code seems like a foreign language to you, we’ve still got a simple solution.

David Perdew and his team have created the perfect solution. That’s where Simple Video Management System comes into play!

Are you using video in your business? If so, chances are… you’re using outdated strategies, or following bad advice because you bought the wrong tool or listened to the wrong people who have no business telling you what or how to use video… or maybe you’re using a video management tool that cost you an arm and a leg, only to find out that you needed a new college degree to use it…

And then, it didn’t work all the time. It’s not your fault… but you can turn things around ASAP and get the Simple Video Management System. It’s the only video system that you’ll ever need.

I installed the plugin, grabbed a random YouTube video, created a test product in Shopify with your video code in the description, and it worked fine in Chrome and Safari on my Macbook and on my Android phone. Perfectly sized on all, and I didn’t enter anything in the SVMS entry for the video except the YouTube link.

Simple Video Management System does what it says – makes adding video to a WordPress site easy. Even better, it just works. Every time. After about a year, I’ve yet to find an issue with it.

It’s quick to install, and in two minutes you can have a video on your site without even thinking about javascript or frames or any other techy stuff. It’s, simple, fast, and it works. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

It has not taken long for Simple Video Management System to become one of my go-to plugins. In fact, it has replaced all the other video players I use. It’s that good! Of course, SVMS lets you choose the visibility, and lets you easily set up and play multiple videos on any WP page from most any source.

The real power comes from the shortcode setup. This allows the plugin to show me every page the video is displayed on. This is a huge time saver. I know which pages are affect by a change. If I edit a video, I make one change and ALL the pages with that video are updated.

Here’s why Simple Video Management System (in my opinion) is different and why it stood out to me:

  • Reason #1

It ISN’T a video player, video hosting company or a video creation software (although Simple Video Management System ties in perfectly with all 3 if you already own them).

  • Reason #2

It solves a totally different problem to other video software that have been launched. Other video platforms solve the problem of creating videos and/or hosting them – Simple Video Management System solves the problem of not being able to get enough views on your videos due to the auto-play shutdown.

TIP: If you have purchased one of the video creators or other video software – just plug Simple Video Management System in to boost your views!

  • Reason #3

Simple Video Management System allows you to use ANY video player (so you don’t need to be locked into any one service), you don’t have to re-upload anything (you can leave your video as they are on your pages and Simple Video Management System auto-detects the video and applies the overlay)

…and you aren’t limited to ONE ‘click for sound’ template that only some paid services offer (which you need to pay for monthly).

  • Reason #4

You get UNLIMITED customizations, so you can drag & drop your way to a masterpiece of an animated thumbnail to boost your views – all for a one-time fee (with $70 off if you use my link).

If these 4 reasons connect with you on some level – Simple Video Management System is for you.

I’ve been sick and tired of dealing with video player issues for a long time. It costs me a ton of money in customer support costs and worse… sales opportunities lost forever. I’ve been looking for a rock-solid easy-to-use, don’t-bury-me-with-technical-details video player plugin… and I found it!

There are lots of cool features that will help you convert viewers into buyers (fast). If you are paying a monthly fee for a very basic video player service like I was… the one-time price is a no-brainer. I’m delighted with the Simple Video Management System and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Simple Video Management System Review):

Simple Video Management System Bonus

How Simple Video Management System works

Just look at how totally easy this is:

  • Totally Easy Step Number 1 – Insert Link To Video

You simply copy/paste the link to your video which could be hosted on YouTube, Amazon S3, another cloud storage provider, or your own web hosting account. Takes all of 10 seconds tops for this step.

  • Totally Easy Step Number 2 – Add Your Video Title

Add the title of the video into the system so you can easily reference the video later. This title only shows to you in the backend of the plugin which is great for your own cataloging purposes. This step takes 10 seconds tops!

  • Totally Easy Step Number 3 – Choose Your Special Enhancements

You simply copy/paste the link to your video which could be hosted on YouTube, Amazon S3, another cloud storage provider, or your own web hosting account. Takes all of 10 seconds tops for this step.

  • Totally Easy Step Number 4 – Post On Your Website

You simply copy/paste the shortcode to your video to any page or post in your WordPress site. Takes all of 10 seconds tops for this step.

That’s It. It’s Easy And Intuitive.

Simple Video Management System OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Simple Video Management System with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Simple Video Management System Multi Site License ($37 Early Bird)

The world’s first & only 100% compliant tool to solve the auto-play apocalypse and boost your views from existing videos to bring you leads & sales in 3 simple steps!

OTO 1: Membership Kickstart Elite ($47)

They decided to provide you with 12 of our top monthly training courses on topics that most people just skim over.

Yes, it’s NAMS training. No, it’s not PLR or Private Label Rights material. But we ARE allowing you to add this to a video membership site on your site using the Simple Video Management System that you’ve already purchased.

PLUS – And this is a BIG PLUS – by the end of this month, we’ll have a special afternoon session on creating your membership with these videos. That’s ONLY available for the Membership KickStart Elite program buyers.

So, what are the 12 training programs? I’ve listed them all to the right and posted a snippet from one of the training programs below to show you the quality of the training.

  • Episode 1 – Generate More Organic Traffic
  • Episode 2 – The 3 Biggest Mistakes You MUST Avoid When Starting Your Business
  • Episode 3 – How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
  • Episode 4 – Up Your Marketing Game
  • Episode 5 – How To Get More Done Without Spending More Time Doing It
  • Episode 6 – 3 Email Campaigns Everyone Must Use
  • Episode 7 – How To Build A Simple, Converting Funnel Using Tools You Probably Already Own
  • Episode 8 – How To Write Blog Content That Converts To Sales And Leads
  • Episode 9 – The Secrets To Automation For 24-7 Sales
  • Episode 10 – How to Build JV Pages That Get More Partners Promoting You
  • Episode 11 – Getting Traffic on Facebook
  • Episode 12 – How to Select a Solo Ad Provider and Buy an Ad to Generate Leads and Sales

OTO 2: Agency License ($37)

For a limited time, I’m going to give you a steal of a deal on the Agency license for SVMS. That means you can install SVMS on any of your client sites and offer advanced video management and productivity as a paid service.

  • Let’s admit it. Video is still mysterious to most people and if you can simplify it for those business owners with a Simple Video Management System, you’ll be a hero racking up easy clients.
  • You can become an online video expert offering amazing SVMS benefits to your clients…while getting paid month after month.
  • SVMS will be your management and marketing tool.
  • And you can add as many videos as you want using your favorite video creation tools.
  • This is a Local Marketer’s dream.

OTO 3: Insiders Club Platinum ($697)

So What Do You Actually Get?

  • More than 50 Step-by-Step training programs on all aspects of building a business online.
  • Marketing software to help you get more customers faster.
  • Monthly reports, checklists, workbooks and resource directories to help you tackle a specific topic.
  • Automatic access to The MyNAMS Profit Planners monthly program at no cost
  • Automatic access to The Six Figure Momentum Circle monthly program at no cost
  • And the big one that people love is our Weekly Live Mastermind call each Thursday.

OTO 4: Automated List Profits ($197)

You’ll finally have a resource in your toolkit that provides you with lead magnet funnels every month that includes:

  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Some ‘Done for You’, copycat sites give their members rehashed or non-exclusive content. Automated List Profits’ reports are all 100% unique and exclusive to the membership so you can be always confident of great quality…
  • HIGH CONVERSIONS: Automated List Profits provide you with ready to use squeeze pages designed by the best in the business. Don’t waste time sending valuable traffic to pages that don’t convert. These do
  • NO MONTHLY FEES: Regular members pay as much as $37 per month for access to the site but through this special offer you won’t. You can grab a lifetime subscription plus full access to the back catalog for just pennies on the dollar
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: At Automated List Profits, you get flexible private label rights terms which means you have more ways to get the most from the reports. Sell them, give them away, use them as bonuses and much more. It’s your choice!
  • NO MORE RESEARCH: Who likes spending hours and hours every month uncovering hot topics and finding quality products to promote. No one. Now, you can eliminate the guesswork and let our research team do it all for you. It’s free and all part of the service.
  • BIG TIME SAVINGS: Some sites give you inferior reports and poor-quality promo tools and stop there. Not here… In addition to your reports, you also get full follow up email series ready to just paste into your autoresponder. A true ‘all in one solution’ with no extra hassles
  • FREE UP YOUR TIME: To do this yourself each month would take around 7-10 full days. And outsourcing (even at low rates) would cost over $1,000. So, unless you are rolling in cash or have way too much time to spare Automated List Profits is the only genuine solution!
  • TARGETED MAILING LIST: Everyone says targeted lists are more profitable, but you can only build targeted email lists with targeted lead magnets. Once a prospect opts in for a specific lead magnet, you can feed them more content on the same topic for greater sales.
  • HUGE RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Of the 172 lead magnet packages available to you, let’s assume you use 20 over the next year. And those 20 bring you 1000 leads each. That’s 20,000. You can make a good full-time living with 20,000 people on your list.
  • SOUP TO NUTS: Landing pages, Thank You pages and autoresponder emails for each lead magnet. Just to reiterate, you get everything you need to create a complete optin funnel with each package.
  • FULL LEAD MAGNET LIBRARY: With this lifetime offer to all of the Automated List Profits membership site, you get access to more than 184 past lead magnet packages and two new ones each month.

Simple Video Management System Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Simple Video Management System Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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Simple Video Management System Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus
  • Price



  • Effortlessly organize all your videos — S3, YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted — in one spot
  • Truly responsive player works on all browsers, all devices, all sites (even HTML & platforms like ClickFunnels), at all times
  • Integrates with autoresponders & CRMs — grab opt-ins straight from the video player
  • Display “magic” buy buttons, optin forms, or any HTML on screen at any time
  • Complete video analytics, including when your viewers are LEAVING
  • “Chrome Proof” splash image — overlay attention grabbing animated GIF or text at start and/or end of your video!
  • Tons of customizations and SO simple to use!
  • Create galleries and grids just like Youtube or other major video content companies


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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