Script Engage 2.0 Review – High Quality Software With Over 77% Discount

Script Engage 2.0 Review

Hi guys, today, I will reveal to you a secret:

The WORDS On Your Website Are More Important Than The Design Itself

Why is it that so many people fail to recognize this important truth? Because, to many people, the idea of words and reading and writing is boring. They’d much rather invest in flashy bells and whistles and things they believe they need to succeed because they see others flaunting all their bells and whistles. It’s really quite simple, good sales copy will help you sell more products or services.

What most websites lack these days is honest, persuasive, informative and interesting content. Business owners want features & functions and gadgets. They want Flash Intros on their websites to supposedly impress their visitors but don’t realize that people ignore them (and that means the owner wasted their money). They want things that will in essence support their own egos and pride. (Yeah, sometimes I’m really blunt about things like that – please take no offense). They want to boast about themselves and show everyone that they are the best.

Unfortunately, it’s been proven that bells and whistles and self-boasting don’t sell anything to anyone. They may impress people for a short while but once the flash-factor has worn off, people will be looking for what they need. If you can’t convince them quickly that you have what they need, you’ll lose them. Good copy takes the place of your best salesperson and unleashes their powers of influence on your visitors.

Big Problem is: Not Anyone (especially beginners) have an extra 5 or 10K kicking around to invest in sales copy. Fewer still have the skills to write their own advertising materials. Existing software’s are expensive and limited. They Say It Takes Money To Make Money … But With Modern Technology That’s No Longer True. How? Let find out on this Script Engage 2.0 Review!



Script Engage 2.0 is all-in-one software that would produce any type of top converting sales copy in minutes. It Automatically Removes All Of The Guesswork… Creating High-Converting Copy For Your Customers. Within minutes they will be able to generate a wide range of different full written ‘done for you’ scripts they can immediately use to make more sales in their business.

ScriptEngage lets YOU:

  • Effortlessly generate ANY type of top converting marketing material in minutes.
  • Maximize sales, leads & profits from any campaign or promotion.
  • Leverage PROVEN winning copy responsible for MILLIONS in sales to promote your products and services.



Vendor: Sam Bakker et al
Product: Script Engage 2.0
Launch Date: 2017-Jan-25
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $67
Official Page: Click here
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommended: Highly Recommended
Skill: All Levels
Niche: Software



The man behind this product is Sam Bakker. He is a famous internet marketer in the online marketing world. For the past few years, he has been working with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries around the world, helping them to enhance their online presence and attract potential customers with SEO & Traffic, General online marketing Solutions and Make Money Online. He and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as PilotApp, Laptop Startup, Video Skins 2.0,… and many more successful digital products. If you guys feel interesting, I am going to write some article about those tools after this Script Engage 2.0 Review in the near future.


Bring Your Copy To Life With Advanced Customization Features

The Section Adder lets you QUICKLY update your copy with a full range of features. Create your IDEAL promotion with unlimited flexibility. Add preheadlines, headlines, bullet points, problems & solutions, benefits, summaries, testimonials, scarcity & calls to action. Best part? Just click on the element you want to add, and the section is AUTOMATICALLY filled in for you based on your project profile.

The Smart Editor is a full-featured, WYSIWYG editor that lets you instantly change the look and feel of your copy. Change fonts, colors and layout. Add images and logos. If you can imagine it, you can do it with ScriptEngage!

Pick Your Pleasure – Multiple Export Options Put YOU In Control. Export any generated sales copy script to multiple formats. Whatever works best for you and your team.


This makes it SIMPLE to edit offline and customize your copy even more. Easily convert scripts into lead magnets, eBooks, presentations and even videos. And Even More Powerful Features Include:

  • Script Collaboration

This was a huge priority as we often partner up on various projects. This feature lets you instantly export to Google Docs where you can give various team members editing permissions. Share as MANY scripts as you want, 24/7 … and profit from the power of teamwork.

  • Video Sales Letter (VSL) Scripts

Usually sold as only standalone products or upsells, these are INCLUDED with ScriptEngage. Easily create winning video scripts that skyrocket conversions on any of your campaigns.

  • Webinar Scripts

Again, normally only found as upgrades or separate software’s – included with your access today. Leverage the conversion power of webinars with our PROVEN to convert scripts to close more high ticket sales.

  • Phone Scripts

They’re including their battle-tested phone scripts we use to close high end clients. You’d expect to pay thousands on private coaching to access custom scripts like these that will help you close dream clients with ease.

  • Complete Email Sequences

Top converting emails created by EXPERTS in their fields. From cold prospecting to webinar sequences, welcome emails and eCommerce sales, you’re covered with the very best email templates available.

  • Advertising Copy

Turn FB ads, sponsored tweets and pay-per-click ads into conversion machines with professional ads customized to your products.



1. Step 1

Once logged in to the cloud-based software, you’ll see a friendly dashboard with all the tools you need. Video guides walk you thru the process of creating your copy, from start to finish.

2. Step 2

Starting a new project is as easy as filling out an avatar – think of this as a project profile. Answer the series of strategically placed questions. Each is designed to best position your product and send the perfect message to prospects. You’ll only need do this ONCE per project. All answers can be saved so you can use the SAME profile to create unlimited types of marketing material. 5 pre-filled profiles are included for you to use or customize, so you can get started FAST.

3. Step 3

Pick the type of sales copy or marketing material you want to have generated. They’ve covered practically every type within the software, from sales pages to ad copy, emails and everything in between.

4. Step 4

Choose your niche. Unlike many competitors, ScriptEngage will create top converting copy for your specific market and goals.

5. Step 5

Pick the exact form of copy you want, click generate, and you’re done. 10 minutes or less, from scratch to completed copy!



With ScriptEngage You Can:

  • Build an entire, top-converting sales funnel in minutes
  • Copy & paste your way to eCommerce promo emails that sell more of your products to more customers
  • Promote your website and offers with powerful marketing tools PROVEN to convert

Your Choice: Pay THOUSANDS For Experts, Invest In MULTIPLE Softwares, Spend Weeks or Months Writing Your Own Copy … Or grab this groundbreaking, all-in-one tool with proven results. I think the answer should be super easy. And All The Marketing Materials You’ll Ever Need – Waiting Inside ScriptEngage: NICHES,  SPECIFIC SALES COPY, Over 50 PROFESSIONALLY Written, Proven Sales Scripts To Make You Money.

Nothing on the market today will turn as many potential prospects into paying, loyal customers as Script Engage will. Every piece of tech and every element of copy is designed to maximize your profits … in the least amount of time possible. Proven copy with verifiable results, behind multiple millions of dollars in sales. It’s is not the end, if you get it now, you will receive PRICELESS Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 Expert Script From The Queen Of LinkedIn

Jimena Cortez shares the EXACT script she and her clients have used to turn LinkedIn prospects into clients, time and again. Build your brand and authority and have prospects come looking for you.

  • Bonus #2 THREE Training Webinars To Maximize Your Results With ScriptEngage

Join both myself and Justin as we walk you thru the software to generate the best possible results for your campaigns. We’ll cover both basic and advanced sales copy strategies and exactly how to use them to maximize sales of your products and services.




Q: Will ScriptEngage Work With My Computer?

If you’ve got internet access, the software will work for you. This is a web-based solution that works seamlessly with all operating platforms.

Q: Will the software generate UNIQUE copy for my projects?

Absolutely. First, the profile section digs deep into the details of your specific campaigns. Secondly, you can customize ANY output with the section adder and smart editor features.

Q: Are Updates Included?

100% Yes! We use this software ourselves and have a dedicated development team backing the software. Any and all updates will be automatically delivered and you won’t have to do a thing.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of scripts I can generate?

None at all. With your access today, you can generate unlimited sales copy scripts, for unlimited projects, in any niche you want.


Script Engage 2.0 is a significantly efficient product to do marketing. If you want to start making much money, it is right there for you. Just trial the software for 30 days. See for yourself how easy it is to create ANY type of marketing material for any campaign you’re running. Save hundreds to thousands in outsourcing fees, or make at least DOUBLE the cost of the software back with the revenues you earn on your first campaign. If not, your money back. No questions or hassles. Warning: When The Timer Hits Zero, The Price Jumps To $297. Get Instant Access To Script Engage for Just $67 Now!

Regardless, thank you for reading my Script Engage 2.0 Review. Goodbye, and see you again!


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses from me if you finish 2 steps below:

Step 1: Order Script Engage 2.0 by Clicking here.
Step 2: hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get all of my Bonuses below within 24 hours.

Bonus #1: Digital Downloads Lockdown

“Finally, Discover How to Protect Your Digital Goods From Prying Eyes…Starting Today!”

Even with a membership script, your downloadable files are most likely not secured. In the specific video series, I’m going to show you step-by-step, as you watch over my shoulder, how you can secure your digital downloads.

This specific training course was designed so you could watch over my shoulder, step-by-step and click-by-click. You can download this course immediately after payment.

Bonus #2: WP Second Chance

Promote Any Url. And Keep Selling to
Your Visitors After They Leave It!

Bonus #3: Surefire Surfing Security

Finally…Watch as a Former Web Security Expert Reveals How You Can Protect Your Identity While Surfing Online, Starting Today…In This Step by Step Video Course

Bonus #4: WP Speed Lock

“The Ultimate Viral Lead Collecting System”

Create Unlimited SpeedLock Pages in WordPress
Generate Twitter Traffic on Viral Auto-Pilot
Collect New Leads With Any Auto-Responder Service
Force Payment After Time is Up – Cookied and Locked
No Need for Long Frustrating Setup.. It’s REALLY Easy!
WP Plugin is NOT Encoded or Hassle to Install
It is NOT LOCKED – Includes Unlimited Use License

Bonus #5: Force Password Change

This plugin redirects newly-registered users to the Admin -> Edit Profile page when they first log in. Until they have changed their password, they will not be able to access either the front-end or other admin pages. An admin notice is also displayed informing them that they must change their password.

Bonus #6: WP Ecomify

Discover How You Can Make upto $5,369.60 in 30 Days Working Just 10 minutes a Day From Ecommerce….
..And This Is Just From ONE out of Three Income Streams eComify Allows You To Make Money From! Total eCom Domination Is Possible without a hefty Monthly Fee or Any of The Usual eCom Hassles

Bonus #7: WordPress Profits Simplified

Still unaware about how to earn cool passive income with your WordPress Skills!!

How would you feel if someone told you that WordPress Skills are the magic wand that enable you to make money Online and surpass competitors easily in the long run?
These Foolproof & Proven methods will help you to make most out of your WordPress knowledge!

Bonus #8: Traffic Secrets 2016

Here’s What This Eye-Opening FREE Video Series Reveals:

How to get more leads & customers to your site today!
The “B-C-B Foundation” and why you need to always focus on it.
How “Macro-Targeting” and “Micro-Targeting” changed everything.
What “Traffic Recycling” is and why it’s so valuable for you.
Traffic Retargeting, Conversion Outliers, and more!
The impact of “Source Value Hierarchy” on your profit!
23 Common & Uncommon Traffic-Getting Mistakes!
And much, much more!

Bonus #9: WP Simplicity WordPress Plugin

WP Simplicity Creates New Landmark Among Other WordPress Plugins

You can easily turn your new and existing blogs to cash machine with this magic WordPress plugin ever developed. WP Simplicity helps anyone set-up content WordPress blogs that is ready to cash in money even if you have no blogging experience and zero technical skill.

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