Forrk Review: The Most Important Agency App in 10+ Years?

When you can send traffic to any local restaurant you choose, you’ve got the power to turn the Internet into your personal piggy bank. If you’re like most people, you struggle with getting enough traffic.

But that will all change for you when my friend will reveal their… Outrageous new formula grabs traffic and customers on autopilot. You’ve never seen a system so powerful that delivers results like these:

  • Generate buyer traffic to any local restaurant (so that they happily pay you $147-297/month for YEARS)
  • Easily deliver new customers to local restaurants, with this simple 3 step formula that take just 45 minutes, with no prior training or tech skills.

What you’ll discover here will melt your mind. Check all the details about it in my Forrk Review below!

Forrk Review

What is Forrk?

My friend Ben Murray was told it is impossible to make recurring income from local businesses without doing a ton of fulfilment work… he has proven everyone wrong!

Forrk is a genius strategy where Ben Murray and his team show you how all it takes is just 45 minutes to set up this simple 3 step formula… that churns out buyer traffic, month after month, so that local restaurants happily pay her $147-297/month for YEARS.

In fact, he will draw it all out for you so you can see all the profitable advantages of using it versus banging your head on the wall and spending years trying to figure it all out for yourself. It’s a freaking 6 figure funnel for crying out loud… And it’s completely set and forget.

Know this. The biggest advantage you have when you use her 6 figure funnel is that you don’t have to do much more after an initial 45 mins set up… the way he built this system allows you to get paid $147-297/month per client for years!

200k+ restaurants are set to close in the US & will pay any price to keep their doors open. They are DESPERATE for mobile ordering solutions & pandemic safe tech., but UberEats & GrubHub ordering solutions are far too expensive for most.

But, a ‘smart’ app called Forrk is going to launch with Agency Rights that solves just that for them while YOU get paid monthly. Forrk is a GROUNDBREAKING cloud app that creates everything restaurants need to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world…

  • Set up online ordering for restaurants who can’t afford to pay huge fees to UberEats, GrubHub, Deliveroo and more.
  • Create zero-contact menus and table payments for customers to feel safer when dining in.
  • Save restaurants from closing, while you get a monthly paycheck as their local marketing superhero!

Forrk is a complete done-for-you solution that generates monthly recurring payments from local restaurant owners for handling and automating their business management, WITHOUT having to talk face-to-face with the owner

Local restaurants are closing by the thousands & desperate for YOU to help them stay alive. The first-ever app for helping restaurants thrive in the pandemic is set to launch called Forrk, & it’s going to be HUGE.

New users are earning monthly fees by allowing the app to start & run a restaurant marketing agency for them with ‘GrubHub -like’ smart tech. Forrk lets you run a food agency automatically by…

  1. Finding & landing prequalified desperate restaurant clients FOR YOU
  2. Creating new smart websites & QR-code mobile menus for safe ordering
  3. Integrating mobile ordering tech. to sell to customers that just order from home now

If your food biz doesn’t have mobile ordering systems for those that want to eat at home or pick up in their car, you’re not going to survive – & Forrk solves this fast.

Why’s the BEST Biz Opportunity Today? Forrk lets you run a restaurant marketing agency, selling ‘GrubHub-like’ tech. to desperate restaurants anywhere to help them thrive in the ongoing pandemic.

Features include:

  • Create smart QR-code contact-free menus to order from
  • Create/Sell gorgeous restaurant mobile themes
  • Integrate payment processors for restaurants to accept online/mobile ordering
  • Point-n-click customization of QR code menus, sites, products, & more
  • Advanced menu & product customization
  • Get prequalified restaurant leads that need Forrk services
  • Mobile order payment & delivery analytics
  • Agency Rights & Commercial Rights – sell access for any price

Forrk has become very popular with overworked local agency consultants. That’s because it’s the perfect recurring income business, without the backbreaking monthly fulfilment for busy business owners… like you! So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Forrk Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Forrk Review Overview


Vendor Ben Murray et al
Product Forrk
Launch Date 2021-Dec-16
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Local Marketint Software
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About creators

Karthik Ramani

Forrk was created by Karthik Ramani and his partner Ben Murray. In case you haven’t known, Karthik is a masterful expert in the field of digital marketing, and he has buzzed the market many times before with his forward looking inventions.

Some typical launches from Ben Murray are MarketPressoAppointOMaticAgency Studio, etc. Later on, my Forrk Review is going to emphasize this tool’s outstanding features.

Key features

Some Unique Features Never Seen Before in ANY App Include…

  • QR-Code Touchless Menu Creator

Create QR-Code contact-free menus restaurant clients can print out and place in food tables, place in flyers, or embed on their website. Many customers will only dine-in restaurants that are completely no-touch so this is essential to have.

Plus, customers can order food anywhere on the fly with a smart menu it links to. No more expensive GrubHub fees. to place pickup or delivery orders.

  • DFY Restaurant Mobile Themes and Menus

Choose from lots of gorgeous DFY restaurant templates to create and sell. Replace a restaurant’s outdated html sites with our mobile-friendly, high-converting one fast. Everything is customizable to their brand.

  • ‘Point-n-Click’ Easy Customization

Use our point-n-click editor to customize their smart QR code, mobile menus, products, websites, and more easily. Make everything look highly professional and customized exactly to the restaurant’s brand

  • DFY Gorgeous Restaurant Themes

Choose from a variety of gorgeous DFY restaurant templates to create and sell. Themes include a number of popular food niches like ‘italian’ or ‘BBQ’.

Plus, pick from niches outside of the food industry like ‘spa’ or ‘pets’ to sell mobile ordering services to ANY industry.

  • DFY QR Menu and Product Templates

Choose from lots of DFY smart menu and product templates in many different colors and food niches. Customize everything in just a click to make your smart menus and food listings look A+ and highly professional.

  • Advanced Menu & Product Customization

Customize everything you want about each product you’ll add to the restaurant’s new QR-code, mobile-payment menu. Add descriptions, images, layouts, and even allow reviews for higher conversions.

  • Integrate the Client’s Payment Processors

Integrate your restaurant client’s PayPal, RazorPay, Stripe, manual payment account, and more with just a click. Allow the restaurants customers to order online for delivery, pickup, or touchless in their physical location now.

The restaurant client can then give refunds, check orders, check sales, and more through their payment processor account.

  • Order Monitoring and Delivery Tech

Allow the restaurant owner to track mobile payment orders and see the status of each order including if the food order is in delivery or has been fulfilled.

  • Email Marketing Integration

Capture emails of customers who checkout using the touchless payment system and send them to the autoresponder of your choice or the local restaurant owners choice to remarket food special to.

  • Create Product Variations and Sides

Add variations of products like ‘large’ or ‘small’ size. Plus, add on sides and customizations with ease.

  • Auto-Send Notification Emails with Shortcodes

Allow Forrk to automatically send notification emails to customers when they order food, when their order is ready, and more! Customize each email with shortcodes like their name, order number, etc.

  • Commercial Licensing Included

Ok, I know you’re anxious to get Forrk with all of its incredible features, but we just want to up the ante and over-deliver, a bit more. That’s why we’re going to make sure that you get the Commercial License with your investment as a special bonus today.

This allows you to sell the services from Forrk you make for any price you want to multiple businesses.

  • Agency Rights Included

Plus, you’re getting the Agency License as a special bonus today only. This means you can give access to the software for a monthly fee, and let the client do the game creation and lead set-up FOR YOU.

Easily charge $500-$2000 per month for access. Just 2-3 of these clients and you can have a thriving business you can run from the comfort of your home.

  • DFY, Proven Prospecting Messages (for Email, Messenger etc.)

Do you hate cold calling? Do you hate sounding ‘salesy’? Well, today is your lucky day! I’m handing you their proven prospecting messages, designed to pique the curiosity of restaurant owners, to get them to take action.

Just open up your email provider, copy and paste this into a new message, and hit send. Or you can copy and paste into Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever platform you wish.

  • 3x DFY, Proven Landing Pages In The 3 Biggest Restaurant Niches

I’ll also hand you 3 proven-to-convert landing pages, each one customized for each of the 3 most popular niches (Pizza, Mexican and Italian). Just link to these landing pages inside the proven prospecting message, and watch them auto-convert this traffic into clients for you. Each one comes in two formats, ClickFunnels and HTML.

I’ve tested and tweaked these landing pages until they’ve become so irresistible to restaurant owners, they can’t help but want to opt-in to get their 7 day free trial of social media graphics.

  • 3 x DFY 7 Day Set of Graphics + DFY Thank You Page

There is literally nothing for you to do or fulfill. Once a restaurant owner opts in to receive their 7 day free trial of graphics, they will automatically go through to my done-for-you thank you page, where they will get a 7 day set of graphics for their restaurant niche, already incorporated into the page.

I’ll even provide you with the exact same emails the authors use to send to potential clients after they opt in… Basically it’s all done for you – it literally can’t get any easier than this!

  • Over 120+ DFY Social Media Graphical Posts

What I’m giving you here is a done-for-you, proven social media package… Each type of restaurant comes with up to 3 month’s worth of done-for-you graphical social media posts.

Which means… If you schedule 3 posts per week for your client, this package will last for 3 MONTHS.

  • 9 Step-By-Step Video Training Modules That Walk you Through The Entire Process

There’s no way I’m going to leave you to figure out how to make all of this work on your own… You’ll get 9 modules, with over-the-shoulder videos, that break down the whole strategy into easy-to-digest chunks.

Follow along, in bite-size pieces, and just copy and paste your way to a lucrative social media agency. This 9 module training will give you literally everything you need to build a 6 figure agency from scratch, even if you’re a complete wet-behind-the-ears newbies.

Let’s take a minute to recap what you will learn inside this training:

  • Introduction Video: understand how you can help restaurant owners increase their bottom line profits with these done for you restaurant graphics!
  • Finding Clients: Watch this simple method to find clients on Facebook and how you can outsource the process!
  • How To Use The Graphic Packs: Watch this quick tutorial on how to actually download and use the graphics on your clients pages.
  • Creating Customized Graphics: In this training they walk you through how to customize your graphics. For example, your client may want to add their logo on each image, which is easy peasy with the free tool we show you in this video!
  • Getting Yourself Setup To Manage A Facebook Page: Getting Setup with Facebook Business Manager. When you start to manage a clients Facebook page, you will need to have a Facebook Business Manager account. This training walks you through how to get set up.
  • How to Incorporate the Formula: Watch this training on how to properly incorporate the “formula” to get maximum engagement on the restaurant’s Facebook page.
  • How to Ensure Your Posts Are Seen: Depending on the client and their current organic following, you may have some trouble getting attention to your posts. This video shows you how to “boost” your posts so they can be seen by a targeted audience.
  • Outsourcing: Learn how you can outsource this entire process!
  • Reporting & Showing The Value: Watch this training ensure you are showing your value to the client for them to keep paying you each and every month!

Honest Forrk Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

What if you could offer restaurants a done for you solution where they get engaging social media graphics proven to bring in a flood of new customers through their doors? A service they will pay you every single month for and it’s all done in three simple steps?

That’s what you can do with Forrk. This is one of the easiest and fastest DFY routes to generate recurring income streams from the comfort of my own home. And it’s sooo easy… the highly converting services are already DONE for you!

Honestly, you don’t need any tech skills. All you need is access to the internet. If you can follow simple video instructions showing you how to copy, paste and upload, then you can replicate my success.

I have students in their late 60s who didn’t even have computers until the last couple of years, and they’re having real success with this business model.

There is no cold calling or face-to-face meetings involved if you don’t want to. Everything can be done online. Just copy and paste the proven prospecting message and landing pages…

Their prospecting message is designed to target restaurant owners who need this service desperately, and the converting landing pages are designed to be so irresistible, restaurants owners happily leave you their details in order to get their free 7 day social media graphics trial.

There is no need to get on the phone, or visit a client, unless of course you want to… and perhaps get free meals and drinks from grateful clients.

Forrk solves 8 MAJOR problems for you and your clients:

  1. Forrk allows you to set up a mobile-friendly website, online menu, order system and accept payments for any restaurant in under 5 minutes!
  2. Forrk automatically creates zero-contact menus using QR Codes so customers never have to handle a menu in the restaurant!
  3. Forrk helps restaurants prepare for the next lockdown by being ready to take orders online, even when the doors are shut!
  4. Forrk makes it easy to set up mobile-friendly menus, websites and a complete order system in minutes, without any tech or design skills!
  5. With Forrk you can sell a red hot service for restaurants that most people can’t (or don’t know how) to deliver, slashing the competition and making it easy to win new clients!
  6. In a few clicks and taps, you’ll have a beautiful mobile-ready online menu, ordering system, and instore zero-contact menus ready to go. It’s simple, easy and sells itself!
  7. Forrk’s built-in leadfinder tool instantly uncovers restaurants in any town or city who need your help getting more customers, allowing you to connect in a couple of clicks!
  8. Forrk allows you to sell this simple pandemic-proofing solution to restaurants as a service, or charge them a recurring fee for access to the software directly to manage their menus and online orders!

So Will I really see long-term recurring payments? What’s to stop a restaurant doing their management themselves?

If a restaurant really wants to do it themselves, they can. But here’s the truth. Restaurant owners are among the hardest working people alive. They have to work ridiculously long hours, many of them unsociable.

They simply don’t have the time to run campaigns. They’re just happy they have someone doing all of it for them, so they can concentrate on their business. And once they see an uplift in bookings and profits, there’s no way they’re going to bite the hand that feeds them.

You are a Godsend to restaurants, and now you’ll have, at your fingertips, the exact step-by-step plan to deliver this amazing service to them. If anything, restaurant owners should be scared that you’ll go and help their competitors and not them…

Forrk is a very useful software and a great opportunity for small, struggling businesses to keep up with the market. It’s very easy to set up a new online store, even a new website, if you’re restaurant doesn’t have one yet.

Everything is in one software, food orders, deals, offers, reviews, and the owner can even choose from design templates in case they don’t have a particular idea for their business. The layouts look very professional and it really only takes a few minutes to create a great mobile menu and QR code menu.

I contacted a few restaurants in my area and they freaked out as what this software could do. They let me set them up a site and both are very happy with their results so far! Both are pizza shops that were looking to accept mobile orders.

Honestly We can’t promise specific income numbers because it depends on you, your effort and circumstances. However, rest assured, restaurants ARE paying money to solve this problem and there’s plenty of businesses who do this for a full time income. Why not you?

Remember, you don’t need to spend money on advertising or fancy marketing. Just reach out directly using the lead finder tool and show them what you can offer

You will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and many more at the last section of this Forrk Review):

Forrk Bonus

How does Forrk work?

With Forrk You Can…

STEP 1: Find Prequalified Restaurant Leads

The Forrk lead system will show you how to find prequalifed local restaurants to sell Forrk services to. Find the best clients that need mobile websites, ordering systems, alternatives to GrubHub, and more.

Use the built-in lead finder tool inside Forrk to instantly uncover local restaurants that either need a mobile website, or are using another food delivery app (and are getting ripped off with huge 30% fees for every customer order!)

Research shows that over 70% of consumers would prefer to order from a restaurant’s own app instead of these 3rd party apps!

STEP 2: Build Their QR-Code Touchless Menu and Ordering System

Then, customize, print-out, or embed a QR-code touchless menu that goes to a mobile ordering system for the restaurant client. When scanned, the QR-code will load the restaurant’s menu for their customers to view and order from on their phone whether in the restaurant or from home.

In addition to their smart menu and ordering system, Forrk can create a fully-fleged mobile site for the client, too. Pick from DFY templates and host the site on Forrk’s servers.

Mobile websites and online food ordering is here to stay. They were popular before the pandemic, but now they’ve become a common way of life and are EXPECTED for most restaurants!

STEP 3: Build High-Converting Food Listings

Then, populate their smart menu with the restaurant’s food items and menu deals. Build high-converting intelligent food listings complete with descriptions, reviews, FAQs, videos, deals, and more like McDonald’s or KFC do to boost profits.

STEP 4: They Monitor Pickup and Delievery Orders While You Collect a Monthly Fee

Then, integrate the client’s PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, or other payment processor including manual pay systems to take no-contact payment. Once an order is placed, the restaruant can monitor it and even track order delivery status of mobile or pick-up delivery orders.

It only takes minutes to set up menus, websites and online ordering systems for restaurants using the point and click Forrk app! Plus, you’ll find hundreds of restaurants to reach out to in a couple of clicks, so this can be done in your spare time, on weekends, without giving up family time or those precious Netflix hours.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Forrk OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Forrk with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Forrk Enterprise ($37)

  • QR-Code Menu & Ordering System Tech.
  • 24-7 App Support
  • Tutorials & Knowledge-base
  • Point-n-Click Customization Technology
  • Fully Customize Menu Listings
  • DFY Site Hosting
  • DFY Mobile Menu Templates
  • Restaurant Growth Analytics
  • Fully Customize Menu Listings
  • Add Videos, FAQs, & Reviews to Listings
  • Limited-Time VIP Bonuses
  • Create Product Variations & Sides
  • Email Marketing Technology
  • Integrate Client’s Payment Processor
  • CNAME Technology
  • Insert Retargeting Scripts
  • Store Clone Technology
  • Monitor Pickup & Delivery Orders
  • Restaurant Website Builder
  • DFY Site Hosting
  • DFY Website Templates
  • Prequalified Restaurant Lead System
  • Agency Rights – Create 15 Accounts
  • Manage 50 Stores At Once
  • At 35 Items to Each Menu

OTO 1: Professional Edition ($57)

10x Your Forrk Results with the Professional Version with Amazing Features:\

  • Create Unlimited Stores & Products: Start taking on clients with larger menus and products like a serious agency
  • Send Bulk Email Notifications: Send automatic emails, promotions, and notifications to restaurant site visitors and buyers
  • Create Unlimited QR-Codes & Menus: Now you can service as many clients as you want with no limits
  • Get Our Best Templates: Get our best DFY website templates & menus in MORE niches
  • Combos & Recommended Products: Create meal combinations & recommended products at checkout to boost revenue
  • Plus Far More: Including VIP Professional bonuses available today only.

OTO 2: Done for you ($67)

  • 50 DFY Stores to Sell: Let our team do the time-consuming process of creating stores for your clients
  • DFY Client-Getting Traffic Campaign: Use our DFY restaurant video ads to land your first client fast
  • Forrk Template Club Access: Get templates each month without paying any fees
  • DFY Restaurant Website with Customization: Get a state-of-the-art restaurant agency website to sell your services
  • Team Member Technology: Allow unlimited team members and VAs to do the work for you
  • Plus Far More: in a special DFY offer available for the next handful of buyers only

OTO 3: Elite Edition ($147) 

Sell Forrk To Clients For 100% Profit With Advanced Whitelabel Technology – Sell Access as Your Own Software

  • Agency License and Technology Integration –Add unlimited clients and delete them with agency-level technology.
  • Whitelabel Ability –Add your own logo and domain so the app appears under your own brand.
  • Agency Scaling Materials –Get DFY swipes, print-on-demand materials, contracts, and more to help grow faster.
  • DFY Resellers Setup –Get access to a proven funnel and sell Rewardsly with just a link.
  • Add Unlimited Team Members –Grow your agency as big as you want now.
  • And Much More! –Including VIP bonuses

OTO 4: Rewardsly Unlimited Special ($49)

Breakthough Technology Creates ‘Starbucks-like’ Smartphone Loyalty Rewards Programs & Gift Card Systems. Sell Breakthrough QR-Code Loyalty Programs to Local Businesses for Monthly Fees (Agency Rights & Unlimited License Included for Forrk Buyers):

  • Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program Creation Technology
  • Gift Card System Generator
  • A.I. QR Code Technology
  • DFY Gift Card Templates
  • DFY Rewards Templates
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Payment Processor Integration
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation
  • In-App Tutorials
  • Knowledge-Base Tutorials
  • Customer Tracking Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Commercial Rights – Sell as a Service
  • Agency Rights – Sell Access to 50 Businesses
  • Create Unlimited Stores at Once
  • Create Unlimited Gift Card at Once
  • Create Unlimited Rewards Per Store
  • Create Unlimited Gift Cards Variations Per Store
  • Special Bonuses

OTO 5: PlayPix Unlimited Special ($49)

Create Profitable Agency Lead Videos with the Most Powerful and Flexible Drag/Drop Video Editor. This Amazing ‘Ken-Burns’ Video Creator Makes Unique Videos to Sell to Restaurants & Generate Leads With – Special Pricing for Forrk Customers ONLY.

PlayPix is a groundbreaking drag-n-drop cloud video creation tool that lets anyone create studio-quality videos for any need in a matter of minutes with brand-new technology and no learning curve needed. Sell your loyalty agency services through these amazing videos.

Forrk Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Forrk Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Forrk Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Simple, Newbie Friendly Method
  • ​Automated Income Without Leaving Your Home
  • ​NO Cold Calling or Face-to-Face Contact
  • ​No Technical Skills Needed
  • ​DFY Fulfillment = Passive $147 to $297+/month per Client


  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • Some of my favorite features are locked behind upsells

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