Redeemly Review: 3 Simple Steps To Create A Recurring Income

Did you know that due to the recent pandemic, businesses are STILL struggling to get the customers they need… and if you can help these businesses out, you can make some serious money.

Unfortunately, most marketing services for local businesses are complicated or things that don’t get great results… but over the past few months, we’ve been quietly getting MASSIVE results by helping businesses setup Cardless Loyalty programs.

And that’s why we’re writing this Redeemly Review that reveals how you can help business owners setup Cardless Loyalty Programs just like the big brands and make big profits in the process. Let’s get started!

Redeemly Review

What is Redeemly?

Redeemly is officially live, and we’re extremely excited because this gives you everything you need to help out local businesses by creating Cardless Loyalty Programs without any hard work required.

Right now, businesses are struggling, and creating a Cardless Loyalty Program is one of the best ways to help them get results… This is also a great way for you to create a highly-profitable business in 2022 without needing any prior experience or special skills.

Redeemly Leverages Advanced A.I. Technology To Create Smart Cardless Loyalty Programs For Businesses To Reactivate Dormant Customers And Increase Sales To Existing Customers Automatically.

Here’s what you’re going to love about Redeemly…

  • There’s no hard selling required because this basically sells itself
  • Businesses LOVE this and can immediately see the benefit in this revenue-boosting program
  • It’s easy to track results so businesses KNOW for a fact that you’re helping them, so they keep paying you MONTH after MONTH
  • It only takes a few minutes to get a new business setup with a cardless loyalty program just like the ‘big brands’ are using
  • Once you get this setup, there’s very little additional time or maintenance required, so it’s a great way to create a new stream of recurring income
  • Because we’ve developed a powerful A.I.-powered software app for this, you don’t need any technical skills or experience to do this and start making money
  • With our app, you can do this without ever leaving the comfort of your home as long as you have access to a phone or computer with internet access

Today you will Get an edge over your competition with a loyalty program that’s customized for your business. The creators offer cloud (web) based systems for loyalty programs, gift cards programs, and employee loyalty programs. They help merchants maximize customer retention and increase customer spending.

Redeemly provides a loyalty program unique to your business which strengthens the relationship with your customers and allows you to collect the data that’s important to you, unlike shared rewards programs (across hundreds of merchants) which often encourages loyalty to the program itself rather than you – the merchant!

Whether you prefer cards, or cardless, your loyalty program will be customized for your business. Integrate your loyalty program with thousands of popular applications or simply use as a stand-alone loyalty solution (no point-of-sale connection required). Our web-based loyalty program software allows you to access your program wherever you are!

When you get the Redeemly App NOW, you also get…

  • Step-by-step training that shows you exactly how to get going fast and scale this up to 6 figures and beyond
  • Access to ready-made Loyalty Templates that will save you time and ensure your success
  • Examples of REAL campaigns that have generated some serious profits so you can follow along and get the same results for yourself
  • Complimentary upgrade to a Commercial License so you have even more ways to profit
  • Access to even more bonuses (on top of the bonuses I’m giving you RIGHT NOW)

Due To Advances In A.I. Technology, They’ve Developed An Easy-To-Use App That Levels The Playing Field And Makes It Easy For Business OF ANY Size To Benefit From A Cardless Loyalty Program…

Powerful, flexible and easy to use! The Redeemly works with cards; cellphone numbers; coupons; vouchers; Mobile apps; Facebook pages and more. And we do everything we can to make getting started as simple as possible.

Here’s why Redeemly is THE PERFECT opportunity for big results in 2022…

  • This is much easier than affiliate marketing
  • There’s no waiting around, and you can get PAID as soon as today
  • You don’t need any technical skills
  • You don’t need an email list
  • You don’t have to build websites or do complicated tasks like SEO
  • You don’t have to buy ads or pay for traffic
  • You don’t have to make cold calls
  • This is something that local businesses desperately need more than ever before
  • Once you get things activated, the app does all the work so the money keeps flowing with just a few minutes per day
  • This is the perfect way to create a life-changing monthly recurring income without a lot of time or effort required

So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Redeemly Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Redeemly Review Overview


Vendor Misan Morrison et al
Product Redeemly
Launch Date 2022-Feb-15
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Loyalty program
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Misan Morrison

Redeemly was created by Misan Morrison and his partner Raymond Ogundele . Misan has long been an expert in this online marketing field, with many of digital products that provide simple traffic solution for marketers. And many of you may be familiar with such products as SociFlux, FXFunnel, etc.

He and his team have spent more than a year for developing Affiliate Suite, which is a software tool that they believe will change your online marketing forever. And we will know why they have such a though in this Redeemly Review.

Key Features

Redeemly Is Loaded With Features Designed To Help Business Owner Get Results

  • Cloud-based app: Redeemly is hosted in the cloud, so you can create new loyalty campaigns from any phone or computer with internet access.
  • Add up to 50 businesses: Your account includes the ability to add up to 50 businesses, which means you can create 50 streams of recurring income.
  • 500 customers limit: Each business can have up to 500 customers.
  • 500 loyalty campaigns: You can create up to 500 unique loyalty campaigns, which means each business can have multiple campaigns.
  • 500 loyalty rewards: Add up to 500 total loyalty rewards at the account level.
  • 100 business staff: Add up to 100 business staff, so there are multiple points of contact for each business and company.
  • 100 customer segmentation: Segment up to 100 different customers for maximum results.
  • 500 digital savings card: Redeemly comes standard with 500 digital savings cards that can be issued to loyalty customers. These savings cards are powerful and really get customers to come back and spend money.
  • Detailed earnings analytics: Get access to in-depth earnings analytics so you always know how your campaigns are doing and how your business is growing.
  • Detailed spending analytics: Get access to detailed customer spending analytics to show your clients that redeemly is working so they continue to send you money month after month.

Plus, Redeemly Comes Preloaded With ‘Done For You’ Loyalty Websites That Save You Time And Give You A Starting Point

When You Get Redeemly Now, We’re Also Including…

Redeemly Step-By-Step Video Training

  • This step-by-step training shows you exactly how to get up-and-running with Redeemly quickly and easily
  • You’ll see the best way to start landing paying clients right away
  • We’ll reveal the fastest way to scale things up to a life-changing income in your spare time

Agency License: When you get Redeemly today, it comes standard with an Agency license that allows to you create cardless loyalty programs for businesses, charge anything you want, and keep 100% of the profit for yourself.

Upgraded Customer Support: Although Redeemly is easy to use, we’re giving you access to upgraded customer support so you can get help with the app if you need it via our upgraded ticket system.

Redeemly Real Life Client Case Study: One of the best ways to get success is to see what others are doing to get results, which is why we’re including a powerful Real Life Client Case Study that shows how we monetized Redeemly.

With Redeemly, you’re not restricted on how you can reward your customers. Our flexible program styles will allow you to award points for dollars spent, actions, or referrals. Not looking to offer points? No problem – utilize our digital punch card program (buy X, get one free) or choose from our other reward program options.

Exclusive Features

  • Easy to get started

All you need is internet access! There’s no software to download and the platform is extremely user-friendly. You get a Gator rep assigned to your business for any questions along the way! Customers can start signing up for your program in-store or via your website!

  • No contracts

You’re never locked into a long term relationship. We don’t like contracts just as much as we don’t like transaction fees. That’s why you will only ever be billed 1 time without monthly fee.

  • Your data is secure

It’s backed up daily, and never shared. Every precaution is taken to ensure your data is safe with uninterrupted access to the servers. The servers are housed in a top tier secure data centre with 24hr surveillance and restricted access, meeting the industry’s highest standards. Never worry about viruses or manual updates again.

  • Low cost

Our low 1 time pricing is extremely competitive. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable customer loyalty tool customized to suit your requirements – you pay for what you need, not what you don’t. We never charge transaction fees and there are no hidden fees!

  • Comprehensive reporting

What’s the point of having a loyalty program if you can’t track the metrics? Redeemly gives you a versatile reporting tool built into the program. Want to export your customer data to Excel® for your own marketing campaigns? It couldn’t be easier.

  • Online enrollment

It’s easy for your customers to sign up for your loyalty program online via their computer, tablet, or smartphone, plus perform a quick balance lookup. Get more traffic to your website! All programs allow your customers to enroll online and check their balance directly on your website.

  • No transaction fees

You don’t have to worry about how many loyalty transactions you’re processing…ever! We never charge transaction fees because we want you to grow your loyal customer base – not be punished for it! Whether you have 5 customers or 500,000, you will never pay a transaction fee.

  • 100% data ownership

You own all of the data on your program. Some loyalty companies don’t mention that they retain ownership of your data. This makes it difficult to leave your loyalty provider if you choose to go somewhere else in the future. We believe your data should be yours.

  • Program flexibility

Retail, educational, non-profit, corporate, franchise, you name it – our loyalty platform can meet your requirements. Reward your customers your way for desired actions or purchases! Have a specific idea in mind but not sure how to execute it? Ask our knowledgeable reps how we can develop a program specific to your needs.

  • It’s easy to connect

Whether you have a retail store, or you’re on the go, it’s easy to get started with Redeemly out-of-the-box. The loyalty program software is web-based so you can connect from almost anywhere!

  • Marketing support

It’s so important to create customer awareness about your new rewards! Promote your loyalty program in-store using our free counter top marketing templates. Ask us how to order plastic loyalty cards, custom designed with your own branding to make them 100% yours.

  • Target marketing

Redeemly makes it easy to segment customers and send meaningful communications. Find out who your best customers are, or who hasn’t been back in a while and send them an email.

  • Import transactions

Redeemly makes it easy to import customers or customer transactions into your loyalty program. Whether you are migrating to Redeemly from another provider and want to preserve your data, or you want to upload bulk transactions at once, we’ve got you covered.

Honest Redeemly Review – My opinion: Is It Worth Using?

Implementing Customer loyalty programs was the secret weapon to scaling my business last year, as it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

With the help of a customer loyalty program, I boosted sales to existing customers at a much lower cost. I also noticed customers who were part of my loyalty programs spent more than those who weren’t.

A loyalty program is about more than points and rewards. It is about understanding what drives your customers to engage and repeat purchase. Access all the features you need in Redeemly to easily design and A/B test a fully customized loyalty program that will connect and accelerate your existing marketing efforts, setting your store apart.

Redeemly supports ecommerce growth by connecting and accelerating your marketing efforts. We power loyalty programs for stores on all major platforms.

Now you can Give customers more reasons to return to your store. A loyalty and rewards platform increases repeat purchase and spend by motivating your customers with unique combinations of points, rewards, and tiers.

Use loyalty program analytics and segments to better understand individual buying behaviors. Easily leverage those insights from within your loyalty dashboard to increase lifetime value and make customers feel like VIPs.

The simplicity of the software is great. When I first did research, a lot of software seemed overly complicated. I really enjoy Redeemly’s simple approach to rewards programs.

I love the variety of loyalty programs that one can choose from, all loyalty programs can be customized for your client, the reporting features really allow us to capture further insight on our customers.

The software is compatible and is easy to integrate within the apps that we’ve built for our clients, it’s relatively simple and efficient to look up, manage, and edit customers manually if necessary. The turnaround time to get a loyalty developed and tested is super quick and efficient.

Once setup, this requires very little attention. The integrations are great and admin dashboard is easy to navigate and use. The customer service team are always fast to respond if you ever need them.

Proven to increase customer lifetime value, we unlock real insights that help you make your customers feel valued rather than like they are just another number.

If you’re looking for a simple, proven method to make some serious money in 2022… This is it! There’s never been anything quite like Redeemly ever released, so you’ll want to jump on this now…

As more and more businesses struggle to make a comeback after the pandemic, Redeemly will become even more crucial.

But if you don’t jump on this RIGHT NOW, you run the risk of missing out on this FOREVER… (or paying a lot more to get it all). Redeemly gives you EVERYTHING you need to jump right into the action today.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Redeemly Review):

Redeemly Bonus

How does Redeemly work?

I spent a couple of weeks testing loyalty programs. Redeemly came out on top because of how customisable it is, the customer analytics and refer a friend feature. Redeemly was really easy to setup and once setup it just works. The loyalty emails send automatically and increase repeat purchases.

Really easy to set up and customize your own rewards which is really nice for designing and creating a new loyalty rewards system. Makes it super easy to launch quickly and track and engage with new customers. Very valuable as it can show you which customers are important to your business, and which ones you are losing.

3 SIMPLE STEPS TO CREATE A Recurring Income With Redeemly

  • STEP #1: Create A “Smart-Website” Loyalty Program For Clients And Get Paid Recurring Fees
  • STEP #2: Clients Can Activate Up To Four Ways For Customers To Earn Points On Their Loyalty Platform
  • STEP #3: A.I. Tech Rewards Customers Automatically: Points Can Be Redeemed For Rewards. When A Customer Has Earned Enough Points, They Get A Reward, And They Will Also See The Progress Of Their Points…

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Redeemly OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Redeemly with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Redeemly ($37)

Early Bird Price starts at $36.99 for “Redeemly Agency”, but will increase gradually throughout the launch, until when the launch ends on Sunday, February 20th @ 11:59 PM EST and the price becomes $47.

  • REDEEM15OFF – Saves you 15% off the Redeemly Front End.
  • REDEEM30OFF – Saves you $30 on the Redeemly Bundle deal

OTO 1: Deluxe Edition ($67)

Upgrade To Redeemly Deluxe To Access Additional Money-Making Features And 10x Your Profits

  • Create Loyalty Program For 500 Businesses: This Upgrade Allow You To Create Cardless Loyalty Programs For Up To 500 Businesses So You Can 10x Your Profits.
  • Upgraded To 5,000 Customers: Add Up To 5000 Customers Which Benefits You And The Businesses You’re Working With.
  • Boost Profits With Unlimited Loyalty Campaigns: Create Unlimited Loyalty Campaigns, So You Can Charge More By Running Additional Campaigns For Each Of Your Clients.
  • Keep Clients Happy With Unlimited Loyalty Rewards: Generate Unlimited Loyalty Rewards For Even More Value For Your Paying Clients (This Keeps Them Using You And Paying You Monthly).
  • Upgraded To Unlimited Business Staff: Unlimited Business Staff Which Makes It Easier To Implement Each Loyalty Program.
  • Skyrocket Results With Unlimited Customer Segmentation: Unlimited Business Staff Which Makes It Unlimited Customer Segmentation For Campaigns That Get Better Results.
  • Offer Clients Unlimited Digital Savings Cards: Unlimited Digital Savings Card Which Customers Love.
  • Close More Deals With Unlimited QR Codes: Unlimited Qr Codes Which Means You Can Create A Separate Qr Code For Each Loyalty Program – These Are Fun, Effective, And Businesses LOVE THESE.

OTO 2: Done For You ($47)

Get Our ‘Done For You’ Agency Website That’s Easy To Customize And Proven To Get Clients, So You Can Get Your First Paying Client Today:

  • ‘Done For You’ Agency Website

This agency website looks great, builds authority, and it’s designed with the purpose to get your clients without any hard selling or cold calling.

  • Easy Customization

No design or technical skills are needed when you get this upgrade. We’ve made it easy to customize with a few clicks of your mouse.

  • We Host It For You

We want to make this upgrade a no-brainer for you, so we’re going to host your ‘Done For You’ Agency website, which saves you money.

  • Land Clients With Ease

Your new ‘Done For You’ Agency Website was designed with a focus on landing clients, and it’s PROVEN to make it easier than ever to get paid.

  • Choose Your Own Domain Or Use A Subdomain For FREE

If you want to use your own domain, we’ll show you how to use it and get setup fast, or you can use a subdomain with us for free.

  • Easy To Get Paying Clients By Simply Sending An Email

Send an email to clients that directs leads right to your new Agency Website so you can get them to buy without any hard selling or cold calling needed. (We’re giving you the exact email we use as a BONUS when you get this upgrade now)

OTO 3: Whitelabel License ($197)

This Upgrade Allows You To Completely Rebrand Redeemly As Your Own Platform With Your Own Logo And Domain, Gives You Access To ‘Done For You’ Customer-Getting Tools, And Includes A High Paying Client Video Course With White Label Rights

  • Rebranding Capabilities Included: Setup Redeemly App & Sell Under Your Own Brand and Generate Maximum Profits.
  • Highly Optimized Email Sequence: For Getting Customers To Come To You With Money In Hand.
  • Proven-To-Convert Sales Materials: That You Can Use to Sell Redeemly Under Your Own Brand.
  • Proven-To-Get Results Telemarketing Scripts: That Make It Easy To Land Customers Fast.
  • Ready Made Sample Proposal: That Explains Everything In Simplicity And Makes It Easy To Close Customers Via Email.
  • Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Template: That Bring Customers To You.
  • High Paying Client Video Course: (+White Label Rights).

OTO 4: Client Finder ($47)

Redeemly Client Finder Is A Simple, Easy-To-Use Software App That Makes It Easy To Get Clients In Any Niche In Just 3 Simple Steps

  • With the Redeemly Lead Finder, you can find unlimited local business leadsthat desperately need loyalty campaigns.
  • You’ll always have an unlimited supply of hot, targeted buyer leads for sales ON DEMAND.
  • You get access to multiple filtering options,so you can get any type of leads you want in any location you want.
  • With a click of your mouse, you can access millions of leads in multiple industries and niches.
  • Easily export the leads you generatewith a click of the mouse.
  • This software makes it easy to get paid $500 to $3,000+ without any hard selling required
  • [SPECIAL BONUS] We’re also including a ‘done for you’ email to send your leads that does all the selling for you.

OTO 5: BrandElevate ($37)

The Redeemly Brandelevate Software Leverages The Power Of Influencer Marketers On Social Media To Drive More Customers To The Loyalty Programs You Create Which Means Better Results, Happier Clients, And Higher Fees In Your Pocket

  • This easy-to-use software goes out and automatically finds the top influencers in ANY niche with the click of your mouse
  • You don’t need any prior experience working with influencers
  • You don’t need to do any hard selling
  • This app does all the work for you
  • It finds the influencers
  • This gets influencers to come to you…
  • Then you simply work out an arrangement for them to promote your client’s Loyalty Program… all inside the app!
  • Of course, their fee is paid for by your client…(so there’s no money out of your pocket to set this up)
  • Plus, you’re able to charge much higher fees by doing this because your client will get exponentially better results from their Loyalty Program

Redeemly Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Redeemly Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Redeemly Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Smart Web-Based Cardless Loyalty Website Creation App That You Can Access From Any Phone Or Computer With Internet Access
  • Done For You’ Customer Loyalty Websites Included
  • No Technical Skills Needed Or Sales Experience Needed
  • This Is The Perfect Service To Offer Local Businesses In 2022
  • Create A Recurring Income Stream In Your Spare Time Saving Struggling Businesses
  • Cutting Edge A.I. Powered Software Makes This A Simple Way To Make Money Helping Local Businesses with Cardless Loyalty Programs.
  • Get Started Today For A Low One Time Investment –No Monthly Fees!
  • Step-By-Step Training Included – No Complicated Set up.
  • Complimentary Agency License Included You Get A License To Charge Any Amount For This Simple Service, Charge Monthly Or One-Time And Keep 100% Of The Profit.


  • Some translation issues (we need it to be all in German), but not a major issue since Loyalty Gator is ready to help and make it all like we need.
  • Would love if they could have more integrations to other apps, which I’m sure with time they will.

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