Rank Hijack Review: The Fastest Solution To Get Ranked In Google For Valuable Keywords

Why do over 95% of online marketers fail? They don’t understand traffic. Complete beginners can jump online and promote thousands of products from dozens of networks, but without traffic, they WILL fail.

For any business owner, the dream client is someone who walks in off the street, buys a product, and leaves happy. We don’t see that happen much online. Sadly, these “dream clients” are sucked up by brand name websites, and we’re stuck paying for ads just HOPING to attract buyers. Dream clients know what they want, run a quick search, and pay their money to the people behind the websites on top of the search engines.

How would YOU like to be their 1st choice? No more “selling”, because these dream clients are ready to spend. This “secret” SEO strategy drives zero-cost, converting traffic STRAIGHT to your pages and offers.

Your offers, top-of-the-list, for people searching for what you have to sell. No ad costs, no begging in online forums, no HOURS developing social media pages that get views but zero sales. Just buyers, straight to your offers. When traffic doesn’t cost you a dime, your profit margin becomes 100%. Don’t believe me? I’m pretty sure you will change your opinion after read my Rank Hijack Review

Rank Hijack Review

What is Rank Hijack?

Rank Hijack is a new breakthrough tool helps you find and outrank the competition for dozens of high paying keywords in a fraction of the time it normally takes to rank for just one!

Rank Hijack is a ground breaking saas that finds niche & keyword based ‘parasite’ sites that can be used to rank quickly and easily in google, leveling the playing field for members.

Rank Hijack locates powerful “Parasite SEO” properties with high Authority in Google that can be leveraged to rank quickly for buyer keywords. Parasite SEO Properties are websites that have high “Authority” in Google’s algorithm that also allow users to set up their own pages that can then be used to target a niche or specific keyword, effectively levelling the playing field with the dominant high authority sites.

This is a tried and tested SEO tactic that works as well now as it did 7+ years ago and isn’t going away any time soon. These properties can be used to get free targeted traffic from Google, as well as to help increase the rank of your own sites. Here’s What Rank Hijack Does In A Nutshell:

  • Rank Hijack is like an “SEO Crystal Ball” which finds and filters highly profitable ranking pages for you.
  • You can then use those pages to tap into THEIR traffic source…
  • Redirecting the HYPER TARGETED traffic to your own webpages instead using our software & easy system.
Rank Hijack Review
VendorMatt Garrett
ProductRank Hijack
Launch Date2019-Jan-02
Launch Time09:00 EDT
Front-End Price$47
RefundYES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeSEO
SupportEffective Response
Official siteClick here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

 Creator of Rank Hijack

Rank Hijack Review

Matt Garret and his partner Cindy Donovan are the men who stand behind this revolutionary suite. In fact, Matt’s career has been witnessing success after success. Some of his notable products are Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2, Next Generation Affiliate V2, Niche Reaper, etc.

With his experience, Matt has found that affiliate marketing is still a potential market. However, the way it works has changed. Since then, he has spent a great deal of time researching and developing a superior system that was never introduced before.

Let’s read the next section of this Rank Hijack Review to understand what has he created in this system

Features of Rank Hijack

  • Free targeted Google traffic for multiple keywords in a single click
  • Discover an automated way to find profitable parasite pages that have the perfect combination of: high search volume, lucrative niches & keywords, low competition
  • Removes ALL the guesswork out of SEO, handing you ONLY highly profitable rank-able keywords
  • Build sites and pages around keywords and phrases that are proven to drive free, high converting traffic
  • This fully-searchable database includes filters that let you create specialized traffic campaigns. Fully customize your results based on: search volume, keyword value, buyer intent,…
  • Unlimited AND GROWING resource of buyer keywords so you can quickly find what you need, exactly when you need it
  • No more waiting months to rank, tap in to real domain authority
  • 100% newbie friendly with expert training for every experience level
  • Harvests existing keyword-based parasite pages that are ranked in google so you know which keywords to target for MAXIMUM PROFIT
  • Removes keyword pages that don’t meet your minimum search volume and traffic criteria
  • Removes keyword pages that aren’t valuable so you save time and money by not chasing unprofitable keywords
  • Build sites and pages around keywords and phrases that are proven to drive free, high converting traffic
  • Access a massive, fully searchable database that can be filtered on multiple criteria to suit your needs
  • Please note: As of right now 127,608 URL’s researched & 2,819,219 ranking keywords, with 20,000+ new parasite websites being added every 24 hours
  • Unlimited AND GROWING resource of buyer keywords so you can quickly find what you need, exactly when you need it
Rank Hijack Review

­Why should you get it?

Rank Hijack replaces a full team of researchers, and it’s always working for you in the background. To find you profitable keywords that you can rank for free traffic.

The massive database is the engine. Every result inside is PRE-QUALIFIED based on our strict standards for buyer intent, quality of traffic and how easy it is to outrank.

Thousands of brand new, pre-qualified buyer keywords are added EVERY 24 hours … you’ll NEVER run out of search terms to drive free traffic.

  • Search Volume: How many people are actually looking for that keyword
  • Keyword Value: So you can KNOW that your keyword will make you cash
  • Buyer Intent: How likely your the searchers are to lead to a sale
  • Much More… Including video age (for video-based parasite pages), how many backlinks there are as well as the backlinking difficulty, so you can find the easy ones faster

Rank Hijack is always working for you in the background. To find you profitable keywords that you can rank for free traffic. And you will:

  • No more spending months to get your own pages to rank – or wasting time going after keywords which are nearly impossible to rank for.
  • Get complete confidence you’ve got a slam dunk in the SERPs in the making before you write any content or send any backlinks!
  • It’s as easy as putting up your own version of a ranking parasite page with more content than the original, and aim a few backlinks at it
  • And you’ll OUTRANK the current page in a much shorter time frame than you ever could starting with a brand new domain without any authority.

In addition, you will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action: 

Rank Hijack Review

How Rank Hijack Works

With Rank Hijack, you can stealth SERP takeover at lightning speed in only 3 simple steps:

  • Use this propritary software to search and discover the EASY TO DOMINATE keywords; choosing either niche keywords or entire niches
  • Use the step by step system to ‘hijack’ these hidden high traffic, highly profitable, low competition parasite pages
  • Send traffic to ANY webpage, affiliate offer, video or other online site you have for HIGHLY targeted website visitors & profits!

The SEO Pros Secret Ranking Weapons is Parasites. A “parasite” in SEO terms is simply one or more pages of your content placed on an authority domain which you don’t own yourself. Why would you want to do that? Well… Parasite Websites = TONS of FREE Google Traffic. The main authority domain is the ‘host’ and the user-generated pages users place on the domain are the parasites (because these pages draw on the authority of the host site to rank fast.)

Google views authority sites like these as trustworthy. A big benefit of using parasites; is you can throw backlinks at them at a high velocity without risking the dreaded Google Penguin penalty . . . which is a big reason why you can rank parasites much faster than your self-hosted pages. Using Parasite Sites For Traffic Is Easy But it’s not always simple to find parasite pages you can easily outrank. The reason why is Google has filters in place which prevent you from finding them.

You can find each one of them manually, but it will take you weeks, if not months … and by then – well, it’s kinda pointless. Rank Hijack Not Just FIND Them But Discover And Tap Into The Automated Secret Sauce For SERP Domination.

Let’s check out the demo video below to see it in action!


For a limited time, you can grab Rank Hijack with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: Rank hijack $47.00
  • Upgrade 1: Vid Reaper Pro $47.00
  • Upgrade 2: WP Toolkit Dev Lic Lifetime $97.00
  • Upgrade 3: Niche Reaper v3 $97.00

Rank Hijack Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Rank Hijack Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Rank Hijack Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


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