Postley Review: Next-Generation Traffic Technology – Mind Blowing Deal!

Need traffic? I bet you wouldn’t refuse an extra 111 bux per day in profit with a new Crazy, 20min of work Traffic Trick… 20min/day = easy 111 bux?

I’m sure that you’ve tested a MILLION different traffic sources by now… I did too! The UGLY truth is that converting cold traffic into sales is NOT easy! That’s why you have to work SMARTER, not HARDER! Luckily, my buddy Jai Sharma is sharing all of his traffic SECRETS inside his newest invention day.

If you want to discover ALL of the underground hacks and tricks he uses to generate Laser Targeted Traffic on demand in ANY NICHE – you’re in the right place, Let’s find out more details in my Postley Review below!

Postley Review

What is Postley?

This is HUGE – Please pay close attention… Once every few years comes a game-changing  technology that alters the traditional way of doing things… and the secret to hitting it big with such innovations, is being able to jump on it ever before it becomes saturated.

If you interested in discovering the latest & ultimate Facebook & Instagram traffic strategy that works, then keep reading my Postley Review. In a nutshell, Postley is the World’s Most Complete Facebook and Instagram Traffic Software that helps you Boost Performance of Your Social Posts and Ads Campaigns GUARANTEED!

POSTLEY allows you to easily create winning posts that your audience will love and engage with, Set automated rules to track and maximize reach and engagement of your best-performing page post and turn them into an automated traffic spinner all on Autopilot.

And to take this even further… You can use best-performing posts and Hidden Facebook Interest to easily set, schedule or Manage ads automatically all within the POSTLEY app. This will allow you to spend less on ads and pay less for clicks.

It comes jam-packed with 20 high quality tools:

  • Powerful Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Fb and Instagram for Any Keyword.
  • Power to Find Hyper-Targeted HIDDEN FB Audience which is not visible in Ads Manager
  • Social Post Scheduler like Hootsuite
  • Smart Ads Scheduler
  • Smart Ads Creator
  • Social Post Creator
  • Powerful Graphic Editor
  • Ads and Post Performance Tracker
  • Proven to Convert 500+ D.F.Y. Templates
  • Winning Audience Finder
  • Millions Of HD Stock Videos & Images
  • Viral Hashtag Generator, and 10 more similar features ….

Just for a quick recap;

  • You get LIFETIME access to all 20 tools, nicely delivered within the Postley member’s area.
  • All tools comes with F’REE Commercial licence, so you can use Postley to render a ton of services for clients willing to pay you top dollar.
  • Your investment today is backed by the rock-solid Money Back Guarantee, so it’s totally RISK-FREE.
  • You get a ton of launch special bonuses delivered INSTANTLY once you pick up Postley.
  • If you act now, you get another pack of brand new bonuses added to your member’s area.

THOUSANDS of business owners and marketers are already using POSTLEY to GET new customers and maximize revenues! Nothing like this is available in the market at this price.

This is the most proven and tested way of running successful Ads because People don’t want ads, they want interaction – to be heard, to be engaged, to be listened to… and that’s exactly what Postley helps you to achieve!

This is an amazing opportunity that will change the way Facebook & Instagram marketing is done forever…

And that’s not all, the front-end also comes with an amazing fresh method that generates Free Traffic and $100+/day with weird little posts, anyone can create in seconds!

This additional module is a completely new, never before taught case study and step by step course showing how anyone can get traffic in any niche for free, using the power of free social media posts. This is a simple method that ANYONE can use to get a bunch of Free Traffic and quickly start making money.

So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Postley Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Postley Review Overview


Vendor Jai Sharma et al
Product Postley
Launch Date 2020-Dec-21
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Social media Marketing
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Jai Sharma

Postley was created by Jai Sharma and his partner Emmanuel GB. I bet that you have already found Jai Sharma a familiar name right from the start!

As a well-known vendor at the infamous digital store JVZOO, it is indisputable that he has managed to create a range of impressive products to serve the need of several marketers throughout the world… such as 10xHostings, Influencers Hub, etc.

Judging by his prior successes, I believe that Postley is going to dominate the market in a very near future. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Postley Review and find out its features!

Key features

Let’s take a look at Powerful 20-in-1 Jam-Packed Features:

  1. Smart Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Any Keyword. Replicate Successful Ones to Profit
  2. Powerful Graphic Editor: Create Appealing Professional Image to use in Page Post or Ads Graphics with our Powerful Inbuilt Drag-n-Drop Image Editor in few clicks.
  3. 500+ D.F.Y. Templates: Select one or more of our proven to convert and professional Graphics from over 50 niches by simply Click.Edit.Publish
  4. Social Post Scheduler: Publish or Schedule Multiple Page Posts for days, weeks, or months in 1 Click.
  5. Social Post Creator: Create Attention-Grabbing Normal Facebook Post with a link, image, text, and video in a few clicks.
  6. C.T.A. Post Creator: Easily Create Highly Engaging Ad-like “CALL TO ACTION” Posts that drive Traffic to your Product, offer, or landing page.
  7. Slide Post Creator: Easily Create Multiple Slides and Carousel Posts to improve your Conversion or sales
  8. Post Performance Tracker: Easily create Automated Rules to track and maximize reach and engagement of your best-performing page post and turn them into ads on 100% Autopilot.
  9. Ads Campaign Creator: Create Multiple Facebook Ads Campaign with any desired objective or goal. This is 10x Easier and Simple than Fb Ads Manager
  10. AdSet Creator: Easily Create or choose any Adset inside any Ads Campaign in easy steps, (10x Easier and Simple than Fb Ads Manager)
  11. Hidden Facebook Interest Audience Finder: Search for any keyword and Find Hyper-Relevant Hidden Facebook Interest Audience to target and get 10x targeted results in any niche
  12. Related Interest Suggestions: Instantly find Unlimited Related Interest Suggestions based on any Interest Search you make
  13. Ads Scheduler: Easily Use best-performing Posts and Hidden Facebook Interest Audience to Easily S.E.T., SCHEDULE, or Manage Ads Automatically.
  14. Winning Audience Finder: Instantly find Unlimited Related Interest Suggestions based on any Interest Search you make and Get 10x More Targeted Audience.
  15. Top Account Audience Finder: Instantly compare all your Audiences in Ads Account against each other and Find the best-performing audience Automatically.
  16. Ads Performance Tracker: Automatically Track, Analyse the performance of your Ads On Automation, so you’re always in the know of how your ad is doing.
  17. Viral Hashtag Generator: Make your post go viral, increase their visibility by 5 times by adding related viral hashtags
  18. Caption Creator: Easily Create and Save a winning post or ad campaign captions. Re-USE them again to create Powerful Post or Ads in Seconds.
  19. Multi-Language Dashboard: Choose different languages and translate the Postley dashboard into different languages. [Best for Non-English Users]
  20. Workspace & Team Management: Create and manage different client’s accounts in an organized way and add a new team member to manage your account.

As I said, the first 50 people will also be getting an additional training bonus which includes:

  • Postley Step by Step Videos
  • Postley Step by Step PDF
  • Postley Proven Case Study
  • Exclusive FB Mastermind Group
  • Bonus Free Traffic Case Study
  • Bonus Traffic Generating Software

Now let’s take a look at the key features of this training:

  • Finally drive traffic for free

Let’s be honest… SEO takes a long time, and paid traffic is expensive and risky. Until now, you didn’t have many options… but Postley changes all that

  • Comes with full step by step training for the newbiest of newbies:

Don’t worry at all about not knowing how this works. The authors break down everything from start to finish so you can generate fast, free traffic with ease in any niche.

  • Comes with proven case study of their results doing this:

“but guys…does this actually work?” of course, and they are including their results to prove it! They have gotten scammed many times and would never do that to you. They tested this and they use it in their business every day, the only difference is now you’ll be able to tap in, too.

[button color=”red” size=”big” link=”” icon=”” target=”true”]GET INSTANT ACCESS TO POSTLEY NOW[/button]

Honest Postley Review: Is it worth using?

Before I go into the gist of this Postley Review section, let me give you this advice for free; Affiliate marketing is the EASIEST way to get started online, take it or leave it! As an affiliate marketer, you don’t get to bother about;

  • Market research
  • Product creation
  • Technical or customer support
  • Marketing costs, etc.

You simply sell, dash off with your juicy $$$ commissions and abandon the product creator to handle all the costs alone! Whether you’re looking to start out or scale up your affiliate marketing biz, you’ll be faced with this one question;

How do you tell what affiliate offers will convert before you invest your time and resources to promote it? The answer is simple; TESTING. Yeah, product testing till you find what works… Ughhh! That sounds pretty crazy, right? Yeah, and thankfully, it’s the old and expensive way…

My good friends and ace marketers Jai Sharma & Emmanuel GB’s new app called POSTLEY brings a brand new and much easier method to get around this.

As a matter of fact, one proven way to know if a product is worth promoting, is to find out if other marketers are paying for traffic to promote it. If yes, it shows they are spending money to make more money, meaning it’s a hot selling and highly profitable offer!

And this is where POSTLEY comes in… POSTLEY, allows you to EASILY search thru its robust database, to see all ads (live and past) for any given niche or product.

You can run a search to…

  • Validate the viability of a product – simply enter product name to see if other marketers are running ads to promote it.
  • See the ad copy, ad image, country or city of target, demography and all other information about your competitor’s ad, so you can replicate the same for yourself.
  • Looking for what’s currently hot? Then search for ads based on the niche you’re interested in and you’ll get all the trending product’s ads pulled up in an instant.

With POSTLEY you can easily start out or scale up your affiliate biz even without prior experience or a huge subscriber’s list and still travel light years ahead of your competitors ever before they realise it.

Postley comparison

Here are SIX reasons why you should pick up your POSTLEY access right now;

  • Reason #1 – It’s an all-in-one solution to the traffic problem. A lot of the other apps out there have one or both of the following limitations; it’s either they don’t work as promised or many times you’ll need to combine other tools with them before you can get any meaningful results…  But with POSTLEY, you get 20 amazing tools all in one dashboard to help you fire up your posts & ads performance GUARANTEED.
  • Reason #2 – Unlike a lot of the existing similar platforms, with POSTLEY it’s not just about being able to set up winning ads, that’s part of the package, But it also helps you siphon a flood of FREE quality traffic ORGANICALLY!
  • Reason #3 – POSTLEY comes jam-packed with a number of NEVER SEEN BEFORE tools, like Ads & Post Performance Tracker, Top Audience Finder that you can use to EASILY win with ads and also fire up your FB and IG marketing!
  • Reason #4 – This launch special deal comes with FREE commercial licence, so you don’t need to upgrade to use POSTLEY for your clients.
  • Reason #5 – For a limited time only (ending very soon) POSTLEY is going for a very low one-time fee and solidly backed by our NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED money back GUARANTEE…
  • Reason #6 – Once you get your access right now, you’ll have unlocked a ton of premium and congruent bonuses already delivered in your members area… This is to help you succeed fast, NO EXCUSES!

And here’s the best part… For a limited time only, you can get founder’s special access to POSTLEY at a low one-time fee. After this time, POSTLEY will sell as a monthly reoccurring offer or at the least go for a premium one-time fee!

Free Traffic is awesome, simply because you can test your campaigns without being afraid of losing money… but it doesn’t always convert. However, traffic generated with silly little posts is a whole different story. And when we were new to online business, we had to learn how to generate Free Traffic. And that’s where Postley comes into play.

Social Media Traffic is definitely the most responsive kind of traffic you can get – and that’s exactly what you’re getting with the Postley method! I’m testing the Postley method for about a day now and I was able to generate a ton of clicks so far, without spending a dime and without investing much time at all.

When using this formula for the first time, I was able to generate free traffic with one silly post! It’s an amazing formula for anyone looking for traffic! Highly Recommended!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the end of this Postley Review):

Postley Bonus

How Postley works

Follow each step shown below with Postley and never fail again to get traffic.

  1. Spy: Spy on best profitable Ads. Replicate it to create winning post
  2. Create: Use In-built Drag-n-Drop Image editor, Social Post Creator to create Post
  3. Automate: Automatically track high-performing Post. Turn those Post into Ads to get 10x Traffic as per new fb algorithm
  4. Profit: Find Hidden Facebook Audience in any niche (not visible in fb ads manager). Get Traffic that your competitor can only dream about. Get Traffic without FAIL with this Plan

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Postley OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Postley with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Postley ($47)

  • Smart Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Fb and Instagram for Any Keyword.
  • Powerful Graphic Editor
  • 500+ DFY Ads Templates
  • Social Post Scheduler
  • Social Post Creator
  • CTA Post Creator
  • Slide Post Creator
  • Post Performance Tracker– 50/month
  • Ads Campaign Creator – 50/month
  • AdSet Creator– 50/month
  • Find Hyper-Targeted HIDDEN FB Audience which is not visible in Ads Manager
  • Related Interest Suggestions
  • Ads Scheduler
  • Winning Audience Finder
  • Top Account Audience Finder
  • Ads Performance Tracker
  • Viral Hashtag Generator
  • Caption Creator
  • Multi-Language Dashboard
  • 3 Workspace
  • 3 Team Members

OTO 1: Unlimited PRO Edition ($67)

  • 1-Click Searchable App – World’s Biggest Stock Collection
  • 3 Million+ HD Stock Images
  • 2 Million+ HD Stock Videos
  • Huge Library Of 577,892 HD Premium Sound Tracks
  • Download in High-Quality & Multiple Formats
  • Use in Unlimited Personal or Client’s Project
  • Powerful Video Editor with Drag-n-Drop Timeline Editing
  • Smart Ads Spy – UNLIMITED SEARCH
  • 1000+ Done.For.You. Ads Templates
  • Create UNLIMITED Social Post
  • Schedule UNLIMITED Social Post
  • Track UNLIMITED Post-Performance
  • Create UNLIMITED Ads Campaign
  • Find Hidden Facebook Interest Audience – UNLIMITED TIMES
  • Schedule UNLIMITED Ads
  • Track UNLIMITED Ads Performance
  • Create 25 Workspace
  • Add 25 Team Members
  • Complete step-by-step video training and tutorials
  • Newbie friendly & fully cloud-based software
  • Commercial rights: handle unlimited client’s social media campaigns in your postley pro dashboard
  • Millions of businesses got hit by corona crisis – need traffic to survive
  • Dolve their traffic problems & charge them high monthly recurring fee.
  • Make big extra profits from little extra investment using
  • Eorld’s most complete facebook and instagram traffic software
  • And world’s best stock media software (monopoly in untapped market)
  • For personal & commercial use only

OTO 2: DFY Audiences ($67)

  • 500 Done .For.You. Highly Profitable Secret Fb Audiences
  • Audience In 50 Categories
  • Plus Access to Fresh 50 D.F.Y. Audience Every Month for next 6 Months
  • Use in Unlimited Personal or Client’s Project
  • Squeeze Maximum TRAFFIC & Profits Without FAIL
  • Imagine the Same Website, Same Post, Same Ads but 10x TRAFFIC & Profits – Reduced Ads Budgets up to Massive 80%
  • GET Facebook Audience In Categories
  • Premium support
  • Complete step-by-step video training and tutorials
  • Newbie friendly & fully cloud-based software
  • Need audience exclusive for your business? need exact audience targeted by your biggest competitor?
  • We’ll extract special 10 audience just for you on your special request whenever you need for yourself or your client
  • Plus access to fresh 50 d.f.y. audience every month for next 6 months
  • Use in unlimited personal or client’s project
  • Squeeze maximum traffic & profits without fail
  • Commercial rights: use our secret d.f.y audience in unlimited client’s campaigns in your postley pro dashboard
  • Millions of businesses got hit by corona crisis – need traffic to survive
  • Solve their traffic problems & charge them high monthly recurring fee.
  • Make big extra profits from little extra investment
  • For personal & commercial use only

OTO 3: Agency License ($297)

  • Get Official Agency Rights To Postley: 250 Account License
  • Create upto 250 Postley Accounts For Your Clients
  • Add up to 250 Team Members in your Postley Agency Account
  • Charge Them Monthly, Yearly, or a One-Time High Fee
  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of POSTLEY Only
  • Setup A Complete Fb Marketing Agency in 3 Simple Steps
  • Step1: Use Our Pre-Made Proven To Convert Sales Material To Make Sales
  • Step2: Accept Payments Directly In Your PayPal, Stripe, or Bank Account
  • Step3: Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Agency Dashboard in 1 Click
  • Your Marketing Agency Kit has:
  • 1 D.F.Y. Professional Agency Websites – 1-Click Installation – Setup in 5 Minutes
  • DFY Custom Logo Pack – Premium Agency Logos
  • Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts
  • Print-ready Commercial Graphics Templates
  • Stunning Facebook Ads Creative
  • Stunning Google Banners
  • Professionally Developed High Converting Proposals (PowerPoint & Word)
  • Highly Optimized Email Sequence
  • Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts
  • Professionally Developed Sales Video
  • SPECIAL: We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients
  • Low One Time Investment to Reap Big Profits
  • This Exclusive Offer Will Close Anytime Permanently
  • Get Official Agency Rights To Postley: 250 Account License

Postley Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Postley Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.








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