Payola Review: $45 Billion Loophole Pays Us $393 Every Day For Playing Spotify & Youtube

Do you have an account with Spotify or YouTube? What about Google Music, Amazon Prime or Apple? If so… you have everything needed to profit… By listening to music, and getting paid each time..

See… Music streaming is a $50 billion opportunity. That’s $136 million a day! The major record labels and huge tech companies are making BILLIONS. So… Imagine grabbing a slice of that cash mountain, right from your smartphone!

Now in the old days, this wasn’t possible. The ONLY people getting “under-the-table” bribes were radio station owners and DJs… But in 2021, music streaming apps mean ANYONE can do this.

BUT… To take advantage of the loophole yourself, you need

  1. Knowledge of this modern musical loophole.
  2. A specific cloud-based app to exploit it.

That’s what I’m bringing to you in my Payola Review today!

Payola Review

What is Payola?

This guy Rich just discovered a NEW “music-streaming-loophole”. Something that pays him – just by listening to music! He calls this new method “PAYOLA”.

It’s kind of like how the radio stations used to take “dirty money under the table” from greedy record label bosses. But this is a NEW secret method for 2021!

Now, you need to understand: There’s a very specific reason why THEY pay people like US this “payola”. And therefore, to make payola yourself, you need a few things:

  1. a smartphone or a laptop – with speakers or headphones
  2. A free account with either YouTube, Google Music or Apple Music.
  3. Ears – so you can open your free music account and hit play!
  4. The Payola app – open this in the background while you play music…

Do you have an Internet connection and ears? Then you’re basically qualified to turn plays into Payola!

Now, here’s the clever part… The streaming algorithm will recommend new music to us… And, each time it does, that’s a fresh opportunity for us to make money! Provided we have our “Payola” app open, it’s an opportunity for us to profit!

And that’s because… This is an unknown $50 billion loophole, which exists inside all of the biggest music streaming services. This is a NEW loophole that NO-ONE knows about. And, once Rich figured out how to exploit it, he started getting cash payments, every time we listened to new music.

NEW $493/Day “Payola” App – Pays YOU For Listening To Music On YouTube, Google, Apple & Spotify! He just discovered a strange NEW method… Something that PAYS him – just for listening to music!

Then, in September of this year, he invited a few beta-testers… They made money overnight. Yes, OVERNIGHT! Then, to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he invited some more beta-testers… And it worked for them too – within a few hours!

Each time, this secret music–method… made life-changing money! And now that it’s proven, it’s time to go public with this. So, today, he’s opening it up to a few more beta-testers. So YOU can start making payola, right now in November 2021, too!

See, he discovered an unknown $50 billion loophole, which exists inside ALL of the biggest music streaming services. This is a NEW loophole that NO-ONE knows about. And, once we figured out how to exploit it, we started getting cash payments, every time we listened to new music.

Music streaming is a $50 billion opportunity. That’s $136 million a day! Payola automates everything needed to make daily cash, from this new opportunity. All YOU need to do is decide what type of music you listen to. And where you want the piles of payola to be sent!

And don’t worry – the profits here are almost endless. Music streaming is a $50 billion opportunity. That’s $136 million a day! Imagine grabbing a slice of that cash mountain, right from your smartphone!

Put Your Headphones On & Put Your Feet Up And Get Paid $100s Per Day For Listening To Music You Love

It’s the combination of the $50 billion streaming loophole… With my automated software… That makes this new system so profitable… And so easy… The loophole provides the opportunity. The app does the rest!

All YOU need to do is decide what type of music you listen to. And yes, this works with any genre…

  • Listen to pop music in the charts
  • Play rock or alternative music
  • Turn on some rap, hiphop or soul
  • Mellow out with Jazz or Classical
  • Vibe out to new R&B or dance

And as you do this, you get paid! You can profit with ANY type of music. So put on your headphones, like back and enjoy.

Hear that? It’s the sound of money. For the first time in your life… you can relax. Knowing you finally have an edge. Because this is super new… SO don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Payola Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Payola Review Overview


Vendor Rich W
Product Payola
Launch Date 2021-Nov-02
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software and training
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Payola was created by Chris X and his partner Rich Williams. They have many years of experience in that filed and earn six to seven figure income.

With the success they have, they develop software to help everyone can earn massive profit from marketing online. There are many successful product launches such as  CB Traffic App, InstaBank, Cash Cloner, etc.

I have experience and get the great results. Hopefully, you can join it! Now, let’s look at the next part of this Payola Review and find out its features!

Key features

The system

Everything You Need For Instant, Daily Payola Is Included!

  • WELCOME VIDEO: I’ll Show You Exactly How My System Works In One Simple Video. It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Understand It!
  • INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES: I’ll Give You The 5x (FREE) Apps & Websites I Use To Find New Music. These Are Updated Daily And Contain 1000s Of Songs For ANY Genre
  • AUTOMATED SOFTWARE: I’ll give you the software I use to launch my moneymaking campaigns. This is where you enter the name of the songs you find. This is a VERY powerful tool which makes the whole thing possible
  • CASE STUDIES & DATA SET: I’ll give you case studies and data from my beta-testers – they had to give me this for me to let them use the tool. Now you can see what worked best for them, to make them $100 to $400 on their first day!

You’re about to make money in a FUN and EASY way By helping music fans find & enjoy their favorite songs & artists.  This is a VERY simple, very low competition method. We’re going to get easy free traffic & sell music merch.

 The whole process can be done in just a few minutes daily! And it’s all possible because of the Al algorithm inside… Spotify, YouTube, Google Music, Pandora, Apple Music etc …The Al basically creates the demand & traffic opportunity.

What Exactly Is The Payola Opportunity?

In the “old days” (pre-2000s), there was “Payola” and it was HUGE! Before the Internet, DJs & radios would “break” a new song. DJs would play songs they like, but they would also…take kick-backs under the table from records labels – Payola!

In the 2020s, ALL music is discovered on $45 billion streaming services: Spotify (365 million users, 165 million premium), and Apple Music (72 million), YouTube Premium (50 million) and many more (Pandora, Tidal, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music)

The Al decides what songs to recommend (based on your previous tracks). This results in a much more spread-out “long-tail” list of popular songs!

In 2021, The Money Is In The Long Tail

There are so many of these songs and artists that no-one has chance to keep up 60,000 Songs are added to Spotify daily (that’s 2,400/hour!). Spotify has 70 million songs from 8 million artists (a music journalist would need to write about an artist every 30 seconds to cover them all).

On Spotify, there are over 2 million songs with 100,000+ streams Including other services, that number is likely 4 million+ On Spotify, there are 1.2 million artists with 1,000+ listeners Including other services, that number is likely 2 million+

How Can We Get Take Advantage?

Traffic + PASSION – Music fans are highly engaged with underground artists/songs. They search for lyrics, concerts and merchandise for these artists. But there is almost zero content there, apart from Shazam, etc.

For example, Shazam has 10 million results (and 700k top 20 keywords). This means we can easily rank #1 & get FREE Google traffic with ZERO work. Best of all, these are very engaged, hungry fans/buyers who visit.

This then means we can sell them merchandise about the artist/song ALL of this is done automatically with 2x apps – Payola & Merch Maker!


Website Builder App

First, login to Payola – at (check your email). You can only create one website if you didn’t get “unlimited” – if so. choose an artist with 50+ songs (and again 1.000 to 2 million listeners). Unlimited is highly recommended for maximum profits

  • Step 1 – Login and create your site about your artist
  • Step 2 – Login daily and blog about your artist – Note: articles may prompt you to add maps (embed), YouTube (video URL), TeeSpring (banner and link),
  • Step 3 – Replace any keywords you find: NEWSSTORY… SONGNAME… FIRSTLINES… CHORUSHOOK… CITY… VENUE

Merch Maker

We take the hassle out of merchandising. Don’t waste your time on the tedious work.

Merch Maker For Your Custom Merchandise, Make your own merchandise with custom products! Whether it’s for your YouTube channel, music album, or small business, merch is a great way to promote your brand and grow your audience. Sell T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more.

  • We do the heavy lifting: No need to worry about payments, production, fulfillment or shipping. We’ve got that covered at no cost to you.
  • Your shop your way: Modify your shop start page to match your brand. Customization settings are quick and easy, so you can stay focused on selling.


Honest Payola Review – My Opinion: Is It Worth Using?

Payola automates everything needed to make daily cash, from this new moula-for-music opportunity. Just hit play, load the app, and let the AI do the rest. And, since this is a new method, there’s ZERO affiliate marketing. No ClickBank, No WarriorPlus, No JVZoo.

In fact, this blue ocean is so new, there’s literally no-one else doing this. It’s the combination of the $50 billion streaming loophole…

With this new browser-based automated software… That makes this new system so profitable… And so easy… The loophole provides the opportunity. The app does the rest!

All YOU need to do is decide what type of music you listen to. And yes, this works with any genre…

  • From Pop to rock
  • From rap…to soul…
  • From R&B to jazz…
  • From hip-hop to classical..

You can profit with ANY type of music. Easy listening… equals easy money! So put on your headphones, lie back and enjoy.

Hear that in the distance? It’s the sound of money! For the first time in your life… you can relax. Knowing you finally have an edge. Because this is super new.

  • This really is a very simple method to apply…
  • STEP 1 – Listen to music on your phone or computer
  • STEP 2 – Load the Payola app and enter a few words
  • STEP 3 – Start collecting payola daily.

You Don’t Need To Have Any List, Website Or Social Following For This To Work? No-one knew any of my beta testers. They didn’t have any followers on social media, had no musical experience, and didn’t consider themselves “hardcore fans”.

But the Payola app means, that doesn’t matter. It basically does exactly what a music industry professional would do… automatically.

As long as you have a phone and a browser to run the app on, you can listen… and profit.. whenever you feel like a cash dip! You could be making money with this lucrative method, DOZENS of times a month… So what are you waiting for?

11 Reasons Why You Need To Pick Up Payola Right Now!

  1. With THOUSANDS of people hitting this page, this has to be a limited offer
  2. THIS week, the price increases every single hour
  3. NEXT week, we will move to a monthly recurring price, of $97 per month.
  4. All 12 beta testers made money within 48 hours – $100-$1,000
  5. This works with all music and 100% free music apps
  6. No experience needed: just make money – by streaming free music
  7. The app does everything else – and exploits this brand NEW $45 billion loophole
  8. It’s 100% free – no paid accounts or ads. Zero upfront costs or paid ads
  9. It takes less than 15 minutes per day to do this. It works for complete beginners
  10. Zero risk, with our 365 day money back guarantee
  11. Get paid $200 if you fail to profit

If You Could Make $45 From A Single Song, How Many Songs Would You Play? It’s an important question. And it will determine how much you make with Payola.

If you’re the type of person who never listens to music, doesn’t own a radio, never went to a concert, and doesn’t use any streaming services… You might only play 5 songs a week, and make at most a few hundred dollars.

But if you love music, and spend an hour or more per week, on services like Spotify, YouTube or Apple, then… the sky is the limit when it comes to the cash withdrawals you can make with Payola.

Best of all, it’s 100X EASIER and 1000X more FUN to make money with Payola… since, with Payola, every song is it’s own 24/7 autopilot cash machine… and the loophole we discovered means the streaming services keep on throwing these cash machines at you, without you having to lift a finger.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Payola Review):

Payola Bonus

How does Payola work?

  • Step 1 – Join Spotify (Free… Or Other Music Streaming Service). Add Music you like (this will make everything easier)
  • Step 2 – Let the Al recommend songs to you – in the case of Spotify this is “Release Radar” & “Discover Weekly”. Find artists you like (with 1,000 to 2 million listeners)
  • Step 3 – Create a Payola Website about the artist – start adding daily content about their songs. Tip: look for songs that have zero “exact” matches
  • Step 4 – Create Merch about the artist/related artists. Tip: get creative with the content you write about

Advanced Methods: From The Beta Testers

  • Easy #1 & Google Traffic: Jump on anything where Shazam, Apple Music etc are ranking #1
  • Lots of sales: Create merchandise around catchy choruses <– this made $xx,xxx
  • Pay attention to underground artists that get popular artists “featuring” <– about to go viral!
  • Create a Facebook fanpage around underground artists
  • Use the automated social sharing feature to share your content
  • Get the “Unlimited Buyer” traffic to share your music easily

Payola OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Payola with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Payola ($17)

  • Brand New Payola Software – Worth $1,697
  • Secret Music Payments For Life – Worth $2,997
  • My $100/Day Campaigns Preloaded – Worth $397
  • Students’ $100/Day Campaigns Preloaded – Worth $1,297
  • Case Studies & Test Subject Data – Worth $2,497
  • Everything 100% Done For You – Worth $597
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access – Worth $1,397
  • Step-by-step Training – Worth $197
  • Bonus! Best Free Music Apps – Priceless
  • 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee – Priceless

OTO 1 – Pro/Unlimited Edition – $47  

What If You Could Click ONCE And 50-100x Your Profits Coming In With Payola? UNLOCK UNLIMITED CAMPAIGNS

  • Remove ALL Limits From Your Account And Put Payola On Hyperdrive
  • Unlock Unlimited TrafficTo Your Websites
  • Launch Unlimited Websites & Campaigns = More Profits
  • Steal My DFY Bonuses – That Generated 54k In Affiliate Commissions
  • Maximize Payola To Its Fullest And Avoid Leaving Profits On The Table
  • Get An Unfair Advantage Over The Other Users Of Payola
  • More Campaigns Activated = More Autopilot Profits Flowing In
  • Unlock commercial rights Sell your services to clients for $100s, even $1000s

OTO 2 – DFY Edition – $197  


So What If We Did All The Work For You? All while you relax. Well work hard so you can sit back and count the cash.

That’s why we’ve decided to build a new solution, which we simply call “Done For You”. This really is as incredible as the name suggests – we will setup my very best, most profitable done for you website for you.

All we need from you is your affiliate name, and we will do the rest!

OTO 3 – Buyer Traffic Edition – $67  

Get 10x More Payola Profits – With 1,000 to 2,000 Clicks Every Day (Automatically!)

You’re seconds away from earning Payola cash. But, there’s something we just added… A NEW app we just built… Which lets you BLAST your Payola campaigns… To an EXTRA 2.5 billion buyers.

And all you need to do is… PASTE in your Payola campaigns… Click BLAST… And watch as our NEW “Unlimited Traffic” app… Blasts your Payola campaign to 2.5 billion buyers!

  • Imagine how you would feel having TWO new software tools do ALL the HARD WORK for you!
  • Imagine knowing that we’re handing you 2.5 billion buyers to plug right into, the second you click the upgrade button!
  • ​Just think how it feel putting your feet up and watching buyer clicks hit your Payola campaigns with no work from you.
  • Imagine having your Payola software automatically upgraded to the “Buyer Traffic” edition, without you lifting a finger.
  • Imagine having daily buyer traffic on call – with just one click.
  • Imagine expanding your Payola affiliate profits with another 1,000 to 2,000 clicks – daily!

OTO 4 – Affiliate Edition – $97


We have another upgrade option for you only on this Payola Review page…

You can add the “AutoPilot Add-On” to your order that will INSTANTLY plug you into an unlimited supply of affiliate programs… AND an additional 1500 campaigns to launch, when you exhaust the campaigns built into Payola.

That way, you can finally experience automated affiliate campaigns and truly scalable profits”

  • 1,500x Affiliate Campaigns – Instantly
  • $100/day Affiliate Programs – Daily
  • ClickBank Affiliate Programs – Daily
  • JVZoo Affiliate Programs – Daily
  • W+ Affiliate Programs – Daily
  • AutoPilot Traffic & Affiliate Sales…
  • AutPilot Affiliate Apps “ON” 24/7/365…

OTO 5 – Resell Edition – $97

  • Reseller License – You’ll get complete rights to sell the Payola software and keep 100% of the profits. This is a game changing opportunity for the newbie marketer and the experienced marketer.
  • Done For You PRODUCT – That’s right, you’ll get the rights to sell Payola as your OWN – making you look very professional!
  • Done For You Email Swipes – You’ll also get access to the follow up emails that have been custom written to grab peoples attention to buy the upsells and go back into the funnel to buy other products and services
  • ​Done For You Tech Setup – Everything will be completely setup by my team of experts

OTO 6 – Automation Edition – $197

  • Get 39 Of Our Best Selling Products Instantly
  • Get 10 Software That Help You Build A List, Create Video, Drive Traffic & More…
  • The Same Software That Cost Me $300k To Build
  • This Mega Bundle Will Never Be Offered Again…
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Payola Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Payola Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Payola Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • We Get Paid $393 EVERY Day To Listen To New Music…
  • 12 Beta Testers Made Money Within The First 24 Hours
  • Includes Beta-Testers’ $85/Day Case Studies
  • No Experience Required…
  • Works On ANY Device
  • Zero Extra Expenses, We’re Profiting With Nothing But Payola
  • New $45 Billion Loophole For November
  • Your Fast Track​ To The Laptop Lifestyle
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • PLUS: Get Results Or Get Paid $200!


  • Too many upsells as always.
  • Price increases instantly after the launch week


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