EZDeals Advanced Review: Instantly Become Every Local Biz Owner’s HERO

What if I tell you that today you can tap into a $6 billion dollar deals industry and stuff your pockets with cash today? If you’re tired of trying to sell complicated SEO, PPC or Design services, then stop what you’re doing and check this EZDeals Advanced Review out.

In the U.S alone, the daily deals industry is worth $6 BILLION dollars… but there’s just one problem. Local biz owners are getting RIPPED OFF by Groupon and other deal sites who are taking a huge cut from every sale.

Which means… You can become a local superhero by setting up deals pages for biz owners in seconds! What if you could set up a simple, high converting deal page in seconds with EZDeals Advanced right now?

You’d instantly become every local biz owner’s HERO helping them bypass Groupon and attract tons of buyers… with a profitable service that takes just a few minutes of your time. So interested in? Let’s dive in this EZDeals Advanced Review for all the details!

EZDeals Advanced Review

What is EZDeals Advanced?

Deals are always hot-selling but local businesses do not have access to any technology that creates deal pages at affordable prices. There is a service like Groupon that publishes Deals of Local Businesses on their website/platform.

But it hurts the profitability of the local business as they have to share their profits as commission to these types of platforms. So local businesses are keen to have their own system at an affordable price.

EZDeals Advanced is a premium deals page creator which has a number of different layouts of deal pages for various niches, mostly in local niche but some online niches as well. It can be used by new or existing businesses to boost the online sales of their product or service. It is easy to use and creates high converting scarcity driven deal pages in just a few clicks.

EZDeals Advanced allows you to set up Deals Pages on ANY Website and server… bypassing Groupon and other rip-off deal sites that local biz owners hate! You can become a local superhero by setting up deals pages for biz owners in seconds! You can set up a simple, high converting deal page in seconds with EZDeals Advanced right now.

The newly released EZDeals Advanced cloud app allows you to create multiple high-ranking deal sites with the push of a button (all from DONE-FOR-YOU templates!). You’d instantly become every Local Biz Owner’s HERO helping them bypass Groupon and attract tons of buyers with a profitable service that takes just a few minutes of your time.

With EZDeals Advanced, you can create amazing deals pages that are empowered with the proven conversion tools like engaging designs, eye-pleasing layouts, great-looking pricing sections, countdown timer, and quantity scarcity section!

There’s thousands more people who need YOUR help creating a deals site right now. These are real people who need your help. With EZDeals Advanced, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds… and get paid buckets of cash in return!

Local Consultants are desperately willing to pay for Deal Site Creation services. There’s thousands more people who need YOUR help creating a deals site right now. These are REAL people who need YOUR help! With EZDeals Advanced, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds. and get paid buckets of cash in return!

It is Packed with…

  • Create up to 100 deals pages for local businesses in any town, city or state!
  • Lease hundreds of deals page sites and collect a sweet passive income every single month!
  • 20 ready-made deals page templates!
  • Add countdown timers, quantity boxes and embed video!
  • Thank you pages that upsell, get your deals shared and more!
  • Built-in social sharing brings FREE customers!
  • Ready-to-go retargeting technology!
  • 100% mobile-optimized designs!
  • Powerful reporting and page manager backend!
  • Profitable service that clients will pay you for TODAY!
  • Start creating pages and collecting cash in minutes!
  • No hosting or hidden costs, ever!
  • Plus $1000’s in client-getting tools, yours free!
  • Scarcity tools
  • Dozens of high converting niche templates
  • Built-in traffic technology
  • Backend management screens
  • Full customization and editing
  • Video embedding
  • Mobile optimized layouts
  • Step by step training to get paying clients tonight

This push button software could be the easiest and most profitable thing you’ll ever offer to local biz owners… 97% of biz owners are desperately running deals and discounts to bounce back from the 2022 nightmare. But they’re still getting SCREWED!

The mainstream coupon sites are only there for themselves and the big stores. So how does that help you? Well with EZDeals Advanced you will have the perfect solution to their problem! See they’re CRYING OUT for a better way to offer deals and win customers!

Now you can instantly create deals pages that helps local businesses sell like crazy… They will love you and it only gets better! So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this EZDeals Advanced Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

EZDeals Advanced Review Overview


Vendor Chris Jenkins et al
Product EZDeals Advanced
Launch Date 2022-Nov-13
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Deals Page Creator
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About creators

Chris Jenkins

EZDeals Advanced was created by Chris Jenkins and his partners Steve Rosenbaum & Prady. Chris is very famous with many product launches such as Profit Leadz, Super Viral, etc. If you have been working in digital marketing, you may know all of them. They are highly appreciated by many experts around the world.

Chris and his teammates have spent much time and energy to create and develop this product. They are all professionals in that field, so I think we can trust to use the system. Let’s take a look at the next part of the EZDeals Advanced Review to find out the content!

Key Features

EZDeals Advanced is packed with sales-getting technology you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Quick & Easy

Create and publish attractive deal pages in under 60 seconds. No hosting, no learning curves, no hidden costs, no hassles. No coding, plugins, or design tools. Create killer deals pages in a few simple clicks!

  • Total Customization

EZDeals Advanced is easy to use. Just point and click to create stunning, cash-producing deals pages in seconds. There’s plenty of easy customization options available too.

Customize everything or just use the templates out of the box. Tweak the designs. Switch out images. Add logos. Use your own text. It’s all possible and super easy! Perfect for beginners or pros!

  • Pro Templates

Instantly access 10 high converting, ready to use deal page templates in high paying niches. Convert visitors like crazy with scarcity timers, video and stacks more features that turn clicks into cash! Get 10 x ready to use deal page templates in red hot niches… loaded with scarcity timers, video and stacks more features that turn clicks into cash!

  • 15 New Proven To Convert Templates

Pixel-perfect layouts and high-converting designs in the highest-paying niches, ready to go in 60 seconds or less!

  • Mobile Optimized

The deals pages look awesome and work perfectly on any screen size or device.

  • Fully Hosted Pages

No Monthly Fees Or Hosting Costs! Publish deal pages to our super fast dedicated servers with no additional hosting fees or domain names needed!

  • Video Embedding

Insert any video into your deals page in a single click or tap, including YouTube videos. Perfect for product demos, VSLs and more.

  • Connect with autoresponder

Build a hit buyers list for your client on autopilot. Enter your autoresponder details and EZDeals Advanced will hook everything up, so your new page is collecting emails from day one. Perfect for sending coupon codes, access instructions and upsell offers!

  • Conversion boosting tools

Boost your client’s sales with engaging designs and layouts, pixel perfect pricing sections, sales-boosting countdown timers and limited quantity warnings. Video Embedding, Countdown timers, Limited Quantities, and more to help your clients send their sales into overdrive!

  • Sleek & responsive

Cutting-edge, modern designs and mobile responsive pages will build trust and look awesome on any device or screen size.

  • Thankyou pages

Quickly create attractive thank you pages which can be used to send receipt info, instructions for claiming offer, next steps, or even an upsell offer!

  • Social sharing

Your clients can instantly share their deals page across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in seconds, with EZDeals Advanced’s ONE-CLICK social sharing technology!

  • YelpTM Deals Finder

The software will find out local businesses in your area which are already offering deals to their customers. This will be easy to convert businesses as they are already offering deals.

  • Deal manager screen

You or your clients can easily edit, manage and update deals including expiry date, pricing, quantity left and countdown timer settings.

  • Page editor

Edit the deal page, section by section. So easy to use that a complete newbie and non-techie can do it!

  • Text editor

Edit text in seconds, with a huge choice of font styling options at your disposal.

  • Deal stats

See quick reports on visitors and conversion rates for each deal page. Perfect for showing clients that your deal pages are worth the investment!

  • Countdown timer

Use hot countdown timers to boost sales like crazy. Generate Scarcity and make your buyers take the call to action. Once the timer is Off the deals page visitors will be redirected to an Optin Page.

  • SEO Friendly

Change page keywords, title tags and descriptions for each deal page, sending your client’s pages to the top of Google and bringing in more traffic and cash, month after month!

  • Retargeting

Stop losing sales from people who don’t buy on first visit. Built-in retargeting technology allows you to easily retarget visitors with Adroll and Facebook to bring in cheap traffic that converts like crazy! No coding or tech skills required.

  • No Monthly Fees

Unlike most page builder tools, there’s zero monthly fees or hidden costs. And no hosting fees either!

  • QR Code Generator

In-built QR Code Generator to generate a QR Code and place it on your deal page to Swipe the Deals.

  • Multiple Choices To Buy From

Give your customers multiple choices to buy from your deal page so they don’t leave your page without buying.

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How EZDeals Advanced Works

In this section of EZDeals Advanced Review, I’ll show you how easy it is to get started with this app. This is the dashboard of the software.

EZDeals Advanced dashboard

We are going to get started with the most important feature is that creating deal. When you going to this, you have 2 options which are

  • Creating deal page: we have 50 templates
  • Creating thankyou page: We have 5 templates

In this example, I am going to create a deal page. I am going to be redirected to 50 template library. Here you can preview of each template.

EZDeals Advanced teamplates

After selecting a template, it will brings you an easy to use customize panel which has several options to make the deal page your own.

EZDeals Advanced customize panel

So here are all the options you have here:

  • SEO option and tracking where you can enter your google analytics code, enter your page title, SEO meta keywords.
  • Styling options where you can select page background, font, font size
  • Total quantity where you can choose to use or not to use quantity box and countdown timer.
  • Social media options where you can add your facebook, pinterest, twitter.
  • Buy links where you can enter your buy button link and your payment code

You can also edit your page content such as text, image, anything in just a few clicks. Once you done, give it a name, save and publish the page.

EZDeals Advanced page

It will give you a link to the deal page. You can edit, delete and export CSV on the main dashboard. If you go to statistic section, you will see how many visitors have been generated for your page. You will see the update wherever there is a visitor, wherever they made a purchase, and the conversion.

EZDeals Advanced statistics

Honest EZDeals Advanced Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

First let take a look at why deals pages is one of the easiest and most profitable services you can offer in 2023. It’s simple. Deals pages allow your clients to:

  • Attract waves of new customers and sales
  • Get their deals to the top of Google and all over social media
  • Clear old stock fast and make room in their stores and warehouses
  • Funnel buyers into profitable upsells and bank big cash!

That’s why 97% of businesses run deals and now you can help thousands of biz owners to set up their own deals page on their website in seconds and collect bags of cash in return!

Finally you can have professional sites and jaw-dropping pages like the gurus do… without having to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours on expensive designers or buggy software! EZDeals Advanced is my brand new cloud app that builds you completely done-for-you sites and money-making deal sites with the push of a button!

I know from first hand experience that Biz owners are paying $100’s to build simple deals pages on their websites, but what I needed was a way to create them quickly without any code or design skills!

There’s thousands of local biz owners who need deals pages to run their promo offers… and EZDealz lets you set these pages up in seconds… without expensive landing page tools, funnel builders or any special skills. It’s the easiest, most SIMPLE foot in the door offer that local biz owners already want and need from you today!

At first when I saw EZDeals Advanced I was like I do not need another page builder. I mean I have several of those already so why another. Then I took a closer look and starting using it and then it was game over.

I recently got advance access to EZ deals and I really like what I see. You can have your local directory and deal site set and customized up in a matter of minutes. Because it’s cloud-based, no clunky WP themes and outdated plugins to deal with.

EZ Deals is a potential Groupon(™) deal killer. Local businesses don’t realize that they are losing money with traditional deal sites.

You see with using other tools to create my deal pages I had to always start from scratch or use a template that really didn’t do what I wanted. With EZDeals Advanced though it is just click here and replace this image and click, click done!

With the EZDeals Advanced built in templates I can now get them built in seconds, so I can setup as many deals setup as I want! Any software that saves me hours of time (or hundreds in outsourcing) is an easy choice for my business, EZDeals Advanced ticks all the boxes for me…

Let’s take a look at the huge benefits come up with:

  • Save hours of backbreaking work and stacks of cash on complicated design tools, plugins and page builder tools!
  • Diversify your income with another valuable service that clients desperately need today (don’t put all your eggs in one basket!)
  • Collect easy cash with a simple service that clients already want, understand and happily pay big bucks for!
  • 100% newbie friendly, zero technical know-how required
  • Mobile-friendly, SEO optimized out of the box
  • Optimized for insanely fast loading
  • Point-and-click easy with dozens of templates built-in!
  • Our friendly support team are on standby to help, if you ever get stuck (very unlikely considering how simple this tool is to use!)
  • We’ve got step by step guides to get your page built in seconds.
  • We’ve added special training inside your dashboard to help you land clients tonight!
  • If you’re not making jaw droppingly EASY cash with EZDeals Advanced, you’re covered by a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Creating deals pages has never been easier or cheaper than this!

  • You don’t need to spend hours and days coding, designing and building deals pages the hard way.
  • You don’t need to spend $100’s per month on landing page builders, plus all the extra plugins to make deals pages with them.
  • You don’t need to waste time and money going back and forth with freelancers.

Here’s what early users have been saying about EZDeals Advanced:

“It took me a couple of minutes to create a full funnel and start selling my own products. I highly recommend it especially considering the price!”

“I don’t consider myself super technical by any means yet I was able to setup an entire affiliate site and start monetizing it in less than an hour with EZDeals Advanced!”

“THIS is one of the very few products you actually NEED. Trust me – your business will suffer without it. It actually works, gets the job done fast and the price makes it a STEAL!”

Regardless of your online business niche, I can guarantee that each and everyone of us want to make money. Sure, you’ll have a few that are die hard in various areas such as Ecom, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, etc., but the majority still struggle finding a direction that you can truly profit from.

With that being said, EZDeals Advanced offers a true model that anyone can use to create a sustainable income that can truly generate six figures. There’s no loopholes here or shelf life of the service you can offer local businesses. Every local business has customers looking for them and that alone makes this worth at least $500 a month to a local business.

By having 10 to 20 local businesses under your belt, you can generate job replacing income with less effort because EZDeals Advanced does most of the heavy lifting. In other words, this is a launch you can promote and not worry about Deals being a fad.

Creating deals is a profitable strategy for every local business and EZDeals Advanced helps harness that easily for current local marketers and those looking for an opportunity to make money as an entrepreneur.

If you are a local marketer, this could be one of the easiest foot in the door strategies, because every business knows about deal sites and they more than likely have used something similar.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this EZDeals Advanced Review):

EZDeals Advanced Bonus

EZDeals Advanced OTOs and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab EZDeals Advanced with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: EZDeals Advanced ($37)

Features Include:

  • Create and Sell individual EZDeals Pages 1 business at Time
  • Extra templates
  • Social media covers matching templates
  • Prospecting & Sales Tools
  • Bonuses that will help them skyrocket their results

Advanced Features:

  • 15 New Templates
  • Yelp Deals Finder
  • Scarcity Page
  • QR Code Generator
  • Multiple Choices to Buy From

OTO 1: EZDeals Advanced Hub ($67)

With EZDeals Hub – EZLeadz you can create your own Hub/Directory Listing Sites and offer Local businesses to add their business listings and send a rhodes of traffic to their website and charge them for your own directory listing service.

Features Include:

  • They will be able to have their own city directory where they can Host all your EZDeals Pages.
  • Comes with all options to Upload Logo, customize Colors and make their own for maximum results!
  • Bonuses will include having a CNAME Option so they can host on their own server and
  • Many more options including prospecting and sales tools.

Advanced Features:

  • Yelp Deals Tab Import
  • PayPal, Stripe, Crypto Payment Options
  • Edit Listing Capacity
  • Research Module —>  Choose Template —> Thank You Page
  • Import Using XLS & CSV Files

OTO 2: Revenue Booster ($97)

This will give you the ability to boost your results FAST with options such as…

  • Featured Company (Top of Search Results)
  • Business Profile Page (Can be imported or add manually)
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Pull in from Yelp and Other sites (Checking API)
  • EZDeals Advanced Pages

OTO 3: Client Finder ($47/Quarterly & $197/Onetime)

We’ve created a client-getting tool that allows you to find thousands of business owners who desperately need deals pages, mobile websites, SEO, social media, video marketing and WordPress support in seconds… And Get Them To Pay You In A Few Simple Clicks!

Automatically Uncover And Close Hungry Clients Who Want And NEED Your Internet Marketing Services In Just 2 Simple Steps


Enter a keyword and location to instantly uncover thousands of local business owners who desperately need your help.

Find businesses who don’t have social media accounts, have slow loading websites, don’t have WordPress, don’t have mobile optimized websites, or don’t even have a website at all!


Click a button to instantly email each client using a ready-made template that works. This email will show them how they can improve their situation, plus a chance to offer your services.

Within seconds, you can find clients who need your help, and start closing sales like clockwork!

OTO 4: Masterclass Training ($97)

We’re Going To Spend The Next 24hrs Walking You Through Every Step To Make It Happen! Including…

  • How to get up and running FAST with EZDeals Advanced software and bonus tools.
  • Where to find clients right now (using either the Client Finder tool, the free directory listing offer, or a couple of our top secret and super sneaky ways instead).
  • What to say to these clients word for word, to win their business, even if you SUCK at sales.
  • How to price your services so clients say YES in a heartbeat (and without you feeling ripped off).

OTO 5: Agency License ($297)

This special offer is only for success hungry and growth-minded people who want to make colossal amounts of cash by taking their deals sites national (or probably even global…)

  • Create 5 Hub Sites – $297
  • Create 25 Hub Sites – $497

EZDeals Advanced Alternatives

I hope this EZDeals Advanced review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about Niche Site and Page Builders, we’ve explored a couple of other platforms.


YoSeller is a 5-in-One Technology that Helps Marketers and Business Owners to… LAUNCH, SELL and MARKET their Products, Courses and Agency Services Hassle-Free, All from One Place!

It is the first funnel-builder designed for speed. Not only for fast loading of all your funnel pages, but also for easy, flexible and fast setup of your pages and funnel.

Create your funnel pages exactly the way you want them (on all devices) with the drag and drop pixel perfect editor/builder and show your pages with lightning fast page load times due to super fast and free hosting via Fastly.

Read My YoSeller Review


DFYCouponStorez is the first and only 3-click app that creates 100% done-for-you, automated coupon sites that get 1000s of REPEAT buyers without traffic, SEO, or experience.

In other words, it is the world’s first app that lets you create fully functional coupon code sites in just 3 clicks… And the best part of all? These sites auto-rank themselves to the top of Google…

So whenever people are searching for discount codes, they’ll click on your site first… This is just ONE of the many reasons why these sites are so profitable for us…

Read My DFYCouponStorez Review

Give Sites Pro

Give Sites Pro Is A Brand New, 1-Click Self Updating Giveaway Site Creator That Comes With Giant 11000+ Premium Giveaways Without Any Coding Or Designing Skills At An Unbeatable LOW ONE TIME Price

Give Sites Pro is the fastest & EASIEST way to make game changing DAILY profits online … there’s NO selling involved! Effortlessly make profits & build a list of LOYAL subscribers at the same time. Tap into PROVEN psychology that forces people to “pay you back” for giving them something free!

Read My Give Sites Pro Review

EZDeals Advanced Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my EZDeals Advanced Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

EZDeals Advanced Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Push button deals page creator, no skill required!
  • Dozens of ready-made niche templates!
  • Add countdown timers, quantity boxes and embed video!
  • Built-in traffic technology brings FREE customers!
  • Ready-to-go retargeting technology!
  • 100% mobile-optimized designs!
  • Connects with any autoresponder to build a buyer list!
  • Powerful reporting and page manager backend!
  • Profitable service that clients will pay you for TODAY!
  • Start creating pages and collecting cash in minutes!
  • No hosting or hidden costs, ever!


  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • Could do better with customization of of its features, which could be more up to date.

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