The Importance of Emotion in Content Marketing & How To Use It To Make More Sales


We all know that emotion drives the customer’s buying behavior. But what emotions should be created in content marketing?

Emotion is the field that is being studied, and it is the most complex of human beings. Creating emotions is an art. There is no formula to create emotions in content marketing.

But the orientation to the types of emotions – emotions that dramatically increase the motivation to buy – will help you a lot in successful content creation.

There are emotions that directly affect customer purchasing decisions such as fear, greed, pride, love, touch, hope, altruism, jealousy. Other types of emotions that do not directly impact will also help impress customers, help increase the brand awareness and memory. Thus increasing the sales.



You can hit the fear of the customer, such as fear of cancer when using dirty food, afraid of ugly, fear of counterfeit goods, fear of disease, fear of skin damage, fear of loss of property, fear of losing love.

And of course, your product will be the savior to help dispel the fear.

Many of you can make your customers scared of the competitor’s products, but you can not prove that your product is not in the same category as your competition.

As a result, customers are afraid of your products too. This is a pretty common mistake. You should remember that fear and anger are the two strongest emotions of man, because they are the feelings of survival in the natural world.



Hit the customer’s greed by: letting them think they’ve bought a bargain, or the value of the item will increase in the future.

  • Bargain: usually promotions, discounts
  • Increased value: often applied to real estate (eg, buying a home today $200k, next year house prices increased to $300k), stocks, or … multi-level sales.

About multi-level business, I remember a story about water pipes. I was invited into the multi-level business with the reason: “Do you want to do nothing later and still earn money?”

Thanks to that, multi-level business has developed strongly over the years. As far as I know, the richest people are the ones who work the most, because most of them are working passionate so they do not want to stop.


The emotions in love are quite strong, almost equal to the feelings of survival as fear and anger. So you see the topic of love is always the most interested viewers, almost every age, all gender.

You can arouse your customers’ love to:

  • Make customers love products, brands.
  • Customers will love, be loved by your products: like cosmetics, beauty services
  • Customers can express their love for their loved ones thanks to your product. Such as flowers, gifts, double shirts, family … or other products for children (Mom-and-son love)
  • Or the story of love has the presence of your product: so customers feel the sobbing every time they see that product, or Every time they think of the love story is thinking of your product.

Importance of Emotion


Pride is a state of satisfaction, pride in the things that either you or your team are involved (which other people do not).

For example, become the first person to own an iPhone Xs in the US, or the only person who owns a Toyota luxury car.

Pride can not rely on the big things, just the simple things like: parents are proud of good children, children know how to obey parents, know how to be a good child.

Let’s give your customers the pride of owning your product


A touching story can impress the customers that make them buy. A touching reason why you sell this product, as well as stringent quality procedures will also drive customers to act.


  • Hope

Bring hope to customers such as hope of luck, develop fortune, health endurance, live longer… Also will make them buy products.

Products such as feng shui are being sold based on this. Buyers hope that the product will help them better luck, eliminate risks, disease.

  • Altruism

Altruism is the benefit of others, not ourselves, though less, but human beings have little selflessness. As a result, many people do charity, many of whom sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others.

Though less, but people have a bit of altruism. As a result, many people do charity, many of whom sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others.

  • Envy

Envy seems to contradict altruism, and almost enmity is stronger than altruism. Especially with the competition, you will be very annoyed to know that someone is more successful than yourself.

Let your customers know that if they do not buy the product, their competitor will buy it and surpass them. (Their neighbors will buy and wear better than them, neighbors will buy them cheaper than them).

Perhaps the scarcity is efficiency or not, it depends on “envy” and “proud”.


Human emotions are very much, but within the scope of this article I will not be able to list them all. Hope the content I just shared will help you when you want to hit the emotions of customers.

Though emotion is the onset of purchase behavior, it is not all, not just based on emotion but also by reason. What is the role of reason in buying? Please read the next article!

Image credit: Neil Patel

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