The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review: $22k/Month Passive Income Blueprint

Are you searching for a dependable, genuine guide for generating passive income through straightforward niche websites?

It seems that the focus in recent times has predominantly been on the advancements in AI, causing many to overlook one of the most potent methods for establishing passive income streams – the rapid ascension of uncomplicated niche websites. Today, an elusive super affiliate has re-emerged to guide you through this journey.

This individual’s journey is remarkable, as he transitioned from an electrician to a super affiliate who consistently rakes in an impressive $22,744 per month through modest 5-page affiliate niche websites.

What’s truly exciting is that, over the past 18 months, he has invested extensive effort in meticulously testing and refining his entire methodology to make it accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of their experience, time constraints, or budget limitations.

During this testing phase, he stumbled upon one of his simplest yet most lucrative strategies. If you follow a straightforward 5-step blueprint, you may be well on your way to achieving an extraordinary 2024. For an in-depth exploration of the details, dive into The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review below!

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review

What is The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint?

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and the New Year looming on the horizon, the opportunity to bid farewell to this year while setting the stage for a prosperous 2024 is within your grasp.

Emerging from the depths of the “underground marketing dungeon,” a former electrician has reemerged as a super affiliate, ready to unveil a 4-step blueprint for effortlessly generating an average monthly income of $22,744 through uncomplicated 5-page affiliate niche sites.

This blueprint distinguishes itself through its exhaustive testing and systematic approach, rendering it accessible to individuals of any expertise level, time availability, or budget constraints.

Introducing Joshua Zamora and his team’s brainchild, “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint.” This 100% results-driven informational product is designed to transform even the greenest beginners into online success stories in the blink of an eye.

Having harnessed commissions from many traffic sources, they are now ready to unlock the vault of their secrets, akin to the proverbial teaching of fishing. Joshua Zamora, an adept fisherman in the online realm, is eager to guide you in constructing a sustainable business that thrives both in the digital and physical world.

This battle-tested formula paves the way for earnings ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 daily. Their latest training venture is set to propel 20 individuals to the illustrious 5-figure echelon within 30 days, requiring just 20 minutes of your daily dedication.

“The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” unveils the art of promoting offers through 100% Free Buyer Traffic, Semi-free traffic, and cost-effective advertising.

It simplifies the process by targeting free traffic and low-cost campaigns with evergreen offers, catering to the most novice of affiliate marketers without the need for product creation, videos, or prior experience. With irrefutable proof and a solid foundation in buyer behavior, this commission-generating method leaves no room for doubt.

This comprehensive package is tailor-made for beginners seeking their first online income stream. The instructors leave no stone unturned, making it feasible to earn without the prerequisite of a mailing list, social media prowess, or product development skills. With “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint,” excuses for not making money online become obsolete.

The training’s forte lies in lead generation and driving traffic to offers, a technique empirically validated by the instructors, who continue to reap recurring commissions with minimal prior knowledge.

Its relentless focus on low-competition strategies sets this approach apart, ensuring that you pocket your first commission a mere three weeks after launching a new site.

Additionally, a unique monetization strategy with substantially less competition than mainstream affiliate programs guarantees expedited results. The method also introduces a novel twist by emphasizing local targeting, further reducing competition.

These ingenious strategies have empowered the blueprint’s creator to command six-figure sums for niche sites, with one currently on the market for a staggering $750,000, having rejected a $723,000 offer.

In essence, this blueprint is engineered to deliver the highest likelihood of triumph in localized, low-competition affiliate marketing, and it comes complete with a bona fide case study.

While the claim may sound audacious, the evidence is abundant, with over 180 interested individuals already on board. With our guidance, countless newcomers have achieved $5,000 and $10,000 monthly earnings.

Witness the results we have produced, and more importantly, the transformation our students have undergone. Don’t hesitate; delve deeper into “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review” to discover the wealth of knowledge awaiting you.

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review Overview


Vendor Joshua Zamora et al
Product The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint
Launch Date 2023-Oct-24
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing 
Support Effective Response
Operating System Online Training Course
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Instructors

Joshua Zamora

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint was created by Joshua Zamora and his partner Anthony Mancuso. As a marketer, the name Joshua Zamora should be no stranger to you. His impressive track record boasts over 20 top-notch products spanning diverse niches, including Adtivate, Creaite, DFY Prompt, etc.

Given his past successes, I have a strong hunch that his latest offering will become a game-changer in the market. Stay tuned as we delve into the next part of The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint review and uncover all that this innovative product has to offer.

What Exactly Will You Be Getting Inside?

Module #1: Uncovering the Ideal Niche for Swift Dominance

Within the first module of our training, you’ll delve into our systematic approach for pinpointing the PERFECT niche and optimal keywords to target. We initiate with a comprehensive overview of our methodology, then swiftly transition to specific criteria distinguishing between fruitful and unfavorable niches within our strategy.

We equip you with precise benchmarks to swiftly identify an excellent niche and a selection of high-performing keywords. Subsequently, we explore the EXACT tools we utilize to identify an ideal niche and provide comprehensive guidance on their application.

But we don’t stop there; we go an extra mile and employ a couple of complimentary tools to VERIFY the suitability of our chosen niche.

Module #2: Crafting Your Website the Right Way

In module 2, we dive headfirst into the EXACT, straightforward process we use to construct your website. This step demands no technical expertise, design skills, prior experience, or the like. We build our sites with a “low tech, BIG check” mindset, streamlining our procedure for maximum efficiency.

Our approach exclusively relies on FREE WordPress themes, a handful of essential plugins, and the inclusion of only the MOST vital web pages. Virtually ANYONE can successfully execute our blueprint for developing niche sites.

Module #3: Expedited Site Ranking!

Like our other modules, we’ve simplified this one to the fullest extent. This section outlines the seven distinct types of backlinking and syndication strategies that catapult our sites to page 1 of Google with unprecedented speed.

We disclose the precise nature of these ranking strategies, the specific resources required to secure these backlinks, and the recommended sequence for deploying them, among other crucial insights. You’ll find no room for guesswork; we give you precise instructions.

With our ranking strategies, we consistently earn commissions within three weeks of creating our sites, and the revenue stream continues to grow from there.

Module #4: Maximizing Site Profitability

Arguably the most pivotal module, as it ensures you get PAID! We start by elucidating precisely how you’ll generate revenue from your site through one of the LEAST saturated marketing strategies in the field – PayPerCall Affiliate marketing.

This strategy remains underexplored by many, leaving an abundance of untapped potential. We reveal our most effective practices for maximizing profit with your sites and openly share the EXACT affiliate networks we leverage on our websites. In total, there are four networks, and we hold nothing back.

Module #5: Expanding Your Niche Site Empire through Outsourcing

This module is tailor-made for you if you aim to minimize the time spent managing your niche site empire while enjoying passive profit growth. We begin by distinguishing tasks best handled personally from those ideal for outsourcing.

Once we’ve established this distinction, we promptly delve into the precise websites we utilize to source our outsourcers. We also provide a valuable tip to rapidly sift through potential outsourcers and separate the proficient from the less desirable candidates in seconds.

Our coverage extends to effective outsourcer management, ensuring you remain informed about their work and maintain their productivity. We even address payment logistics to minimize the risk of potential scams and safeguard your hard-earned funds. This module is the quintessential guide to maximizing earnings while minimizing active involvement.

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Works

The Instructors have broken down the process into a simple 4-step system for your convenience.

  • Step 1: Embrace our PROVEN techniques for targeting low-competition BUYER-Keywords that yield tangible RESULTS.

Low-competition keywords are our specialty. Why invest time in highly competitive keywords when we generate over $20,000 monthly with readily attainable opportunities that anyone can replicate?

We all crave rapid results and quick paydays. With our approach, we typically secure page 1 rankings by the second week and start earning commissions by the third week!

  • Step 2: Adopt the precise blueprint we employ to construct your website.

We’re not only fond of low-competition keywords due to their swift results; we’ve also honed a highly specific strategy for building our websites. We keep the process straightforward so we can repeat it consistently.

You won’t need technical or design skills. We rely solely on FREE themes readily available in the WordPress Theme Library, and we’ll even guide you to the exact ones to use.

  • Step 3: Follow our PROVEN system for swiftly securing a Page 1 ranking on Google.

This is where most people stumble or throw in the towel. We understand; this step can get complicated and frustrating. However, we’ve developed a systematic approach to achieving Page 1 ranking within weeks.

Our process is uncomplicated and presented in a step-by-step fashion. We cover every detail on building the right backlinks that work best at the moment while steering clear of ineffective strategies.

  • Step 4: Implement the precise low-competition monetization strategy we employ, which is often overlooked by most.

Monetizing your website is the most thrilling part of this journey. We don’t rely on traditional affiliate marketing offers. Instead, we monetize our site using one of the least competitive strategies available – PayPerCall Affiliate Offers.

Few realize how profitable these offers can be, and other affiliates often neglect them. This strategy empowers us to DOMINATE in nearly any area because of the minimal competition. The best part? You don’t need exceptional sales skills.

  • Step 5: Outsource and scale your business to your desired level.

We acknowledge that not everyone wishes to outsource extensively or scale their business enormously. Some are content with an extra $5,000 to $20,000 monthly and prefer running the show independently.

However, if you aspire to be less hands-on once you reach that $20,000 per month mark and desire a team to manage your operations, Step 5 is tailored to your needs.

This module provides comprehensive guidance on what to outsource, where to find competent team members, specific templates, websites, and more. We could have easily offered this as a separate upsell, but as a part of this exclusive launch, it’s included as a FREE bonus.

Let’s check my demo video below to see it in action!

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review – My Opinion: Is it really profitable?

The individual at the helm of this venture consistently achieves paydays ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, and there’s even evidence of a remarkable $15,000 payday.

What sets this apart is that Joshua Zamora accomplishes these results without relying on a mailing list, prior experience, or product launches. This system is specifically tailored for complete newcomers eager to swiftly see results;, within just 24 hours, you can anticipate tangible outcomes.

What’s truly noteworthy is that this approach is accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals, including beginners, those not particularly tech-savvy, struggling marketers, and even individuals with English as their second language.

It offers the chance for anyone to capitalize on well-established, straightforward techniques that have generated daily profits ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. These strategies already deliver unprecedented results for novice beta testers, and they can do the same for you.

The brains behind this method, Joshua Zamora, leaves no stone unturned. Having personally undergone his training, I can attest that it’s meticulously structured and easy to follow. Joshua openly shares his secret resources and meticulously guides you through the process, earning my wholehearted endorsement.

The creators are lifting the veil and divulging the closely guarded secrets behind Joshua Zamora’s ability to secure paydays of $5,000 to $15,000. All of this is accomplished without the arduous grind, the need for a mailing list, or intricate tech and marketing skills, avoiding the smoke and mirrors often employed by others.

They have diligently refined these methods, enabling you to promptly implement them and experience remarkable results firsthand. The latest offering, “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint,” is a groundbreaking training program that provides an explicit, step-by-step roadmap.

The strategies for driving traffic, building a list, and monetization within “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” draw upon the extensive expertise of two successful marketers. The effectiveness of these techniques is corroborated by user results, including those of total novices.

As a seasoned copywriter and affiliate marketer, I’ve interacted with numerous training programs, but “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” piqued my interest.

In this review segment, I aim to comprehensively assess the product’s quality, performance, profitability, legitimacy, and distinctive position within the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.

First Impressions

The initial message promises substantial earnings and a clear blueprint for triumph in affiliate marketing. The notion of transforming niche websites into passive income generators, with an average monthly income of $22,744, is undoubtedly captivating.

However, as a discerning marketer, I felt compelled to delve deeper into the unique qualities that set this product apart.

  • Low-Competition Strategies:

This blueprint’s standout feature is its unwavering focus on low-competition strategies. This approach is captivating because it promises less competition, which typically leads to quicker results and enhanced profit potential.

If it holds true, the claim of earning the first commission within three weeks of launching a new site is undeniably impressive.

  • Unique Monetization Strategy:

The product advocates an exceptional monetization strategy centered on PayPerCall affiliate offers. This represents a less saturated alternative than traditional affiliate programs, potentially heralding a game-changing shift in profit potential due to reduced competition in the chosen strategy.

  • Local Targeting:

The concept of employing local targeting in affiliate marketing adds an exciting twist. Concentrating on local markets can further diminish competition and potentially tap into lucrative niches often overlooked by larger, more generalized affiliate programs. This aspect introduces an extra layer of fascination to the blueprint.

Inclusion of Real Case Studies

One of the blueprint’s key strengths lies in incorporating genuine case studies. Witnessing the training yield tangible results constitutes a significant advantage. These case studies span various facets, from identifying profitable products and keywords to setting up niche sites and optimizing them for enhanced sales.

They provide a comprehensive view of how the system operates in practice, affirming its capability to deliver the promised outcomes. Including a bona fide case study greatly enhances the blueprint’s credibility and transparency, attributes often missing in affiliate marketing.

Comparison with Other Affiliate Marketing Courses:

To determine the true worth of “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint,” it is imperative to assess it in the context of other available affiliate marketing courses.

While many training programs focus on general strategies, this blueprint’s emphasis on low-competition and local targeting is a prominent differentiator.

Most affiliate marketers gravitate toward oversaturated niches, making the notion of carving out a unique space all the more appealing.

Furthermore, including real case studies within this blueprint provides a practical, transparent look into the strategies, an element often lacking in many other courses.


While the blueprint offers numerous advantages, it has its potential drawbacks. It’s essential to consider the following:

  1. Initial Costs: There are associated initial costs, such as purchasing a domain name and hosting, which may present a hurdle for some individuals.
  2. Paid Backlinking Strategies: The blueprint encompasses free and paid backlinking strategies, with paid options ranging from $10 to $300. This additional expense might be a consideration for those looking to expedite the process through outsourcing.
  3. Scam Risk: The blueprint covers outsourcing and scaling, but exercising caution when outsourcing is crucial to avoid potential scams.

Is It a Worthwhile Investment?

“The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” offers a unique approach to affiliate marketing that, if executed diligently, has the potential to be exceptionally lucrative.

Its emphasis on low-competition strategies, local targeting, and the inclusion of real case studies sets it apart from the competition. However, as with any training program, success hinges on your dedication, effort, and the specific niche you choose.

If you’re seeking to stand out in affiliate marketing and are prepared to invest time and resources, this blueprint may prove valuable. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that no training program can guarantee success, and your results may vary based on your commitment and niche selection.

In summary, “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” has the potential to be a transformative addition to your affiliate marketing journey, although it does not promise automatic riches. Approach it with a clear understanding of your goals and available resources, and you may discover that it’s a valuable asset in your affiliate marketing toolkit.

For beginners and those who have already ventured into affiliate marketing but seek improved results, “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” is worth exploring. Joshua Zamora and Anthony Mancuso have tested the system extensively and assembled a user-friendly training program that empowers users to replicate their successful outcomes.

Earning five figures per month is a remarkable prospect, and it has proven to be a reality for Brian and numerous other students. The methods have been fine-tuned and perfected over years of trial and error.

Having personally engaged with the training system, I can affirm the inclusion of valuable tips and tools that can elevate your results. Additionally, the affordability of “The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint” and the inclusion of several useful bonuses make it an appealing choice.

Furthermore, the program’s no-risk offer is enticing. The assurance that you’ll make at least $50 per day, with the option to request a refund at any time, adds an attractive layer of security. This means you can recoup your initial investment whether it succeeds or not.

If you yearn for genuine guidance from someone actively involved in the field and committed to providing clear, transparent insights, I strongly encourage you to secure your spot now!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review):

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bonus

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint OTOs, Discount Coupons and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

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Upgrade to OTO 1 – How to Flip Your Sites for 6-Figures or More ($97):

💡 Advanced Strategies: Unveil our advanced tactics and case studies on flipping sites for substantial profits. Learn how to grow sites to $20,000/month or more and sell them for multiple 6-figures.

💰 Lucrative Deals: Our biggest sale was for $280,000, and we currently have a site for sale at over $770,000. This upgrade is your ticket to securing high-value deals.

Upgrade to OTO 2 – DFY Suite 5.0 Special ($1 trial then $47/Month):

🚀 DFY Social Syndication: Supercharge your niche sites with our Done-For-You Social Syndication System. Achieve long-term page 1 rankings on Google and YouTube effortlessly.

💪 Hands-Free Solution: Let us handle the work for you with just a $1 investment. Maintain your DFY rankings with monthly credits.

Upgrade to OTO 3 – DFY Authority Special ($47):

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Upgrade to OTO 4 – PR AI Writer Special ($67):

📣 AI-Powered Press Releases: Access our innovative AI platform designed to craft perfect press releases for your ranking strategy. Obtain potent backlinks to elevate your sites to page 1 effortlessly.

Take your affiliate marketing to new heights with these unbeatable upgrades! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Alternatives

I hope The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about Affiliate marketing training courses, we’ve explored a couple of other programs.


Introducing Recurrent, an innovative online course featuring a streamlined three-step system designed to revolutionize your ability to generate recurring monthly commissions from online product sales.

The brilliance behind this program lies in its creation of an impeccably automated process, offering customers the opportunity to launch and thrive in online business without the anxiety of commission generation.

As a result, this newfound freedom allows you to relish leisure time while the system seamlessly captures fresh clientele and generates sales and commissions on autopilot effortlessly.

The 365 Sales System

You’ve likely heard whispers of The 365 Sales System—an ingenious method for achieving daily sales throughout the year with minimal effort. Developed and refined over the past 15 years, this system’s success story is remarkable.

The 365 Sales System is your treasure chest of online marketing wisdom, complemented by video tutorials that walk you through each strategy with a step-by-step approach.

These tutorials offer a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done, how it should be executed, and why it works. The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity and ease of implementation, allowing you to put it into action immediately.

With The 365 Sales System, you can consistently generate sales year-round while adopting a hands-off approach that minimizes the need for constant effort.

BLOX 2.0

Allow us to introduce you to BLOX 2.0, a revolutionary system that breezes affiliate commission generation. BLOX 2.0 is a cutting-edge leader in pitch systems, empowering you to generate affiliate commissions without the need for active self-promotion.

This system is tried, tested, and proven to deliver earnings in the thousands, with publicly documented proof of its success. Notably, it doesn’t just stop at success—it holds the potential for you to achieve remarkable results.

BLOX 2.0 offers a distinctive and evergreen affiliate system that enables anyone, even beginners, to profit from digital products without needing direct product promotion.

With comprehensive guidance, real-life examples, compelling case studies, and verified evidence, BLOX 2.0 provides a comprehensive package to help you establish your BLOX systems and apply a proven affiliate marketing formula.

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
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Special Bonuses

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint PROs and CONs
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Passive Income: The blueprint offers a pathway to passive income with simple niche sites.
  • Low Competition: Emphasizes low-competition strategies for quicker results.
  • Monetization Strategy: Utilizes PayPerCall affiliate offers with minimal competition.
  • Real Case Studies: Supported by real, verifiable case studies.
  • Accessibility: Suitable for beginners with no technical or design skills required.
  • Outsourcing Guidance: Includes a module for scaling and outsourcing tasks.


  • Costs: Involves domain and hosting expenses, as well as potential costs for backlinking strategies.
  • Learning Curve: While accessible, there may still be a learning curve for complete beginners.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Niche sites require ongoing maintenance and content updates for long-term success.

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