Blogify Review: Next-Gen Content Creation Software For Low 1-Time PRICE

We’ve all heard the saying “Content is king.” And they’re right. Being internet marketers ourselves with a combined 20 years of experience behind our belts, it couldn’t be more true. That’s because on a daily basis billions of people around the world are asking Google for solutions to their problems.

With high quality content, sky high rankings on Google are easy… They result in free traffic flowing to your page like a raging river. This is great and all, but the main obstacle remains the content creation.

Let’s do some maths… If you were on the cheapest plan with your freelance content writer, you would be paying a minimum of $50 for an article… And let’s assume, you would be needing about 100 articles for your blog a month, that would mean paying $5000 for a year.

But you can pay a minimum of $14.95 right now for the same service you’d have paid $5000 for. Interested? If yes then let’s check all the details about it in my Blogify Review below!

Blogify Review

What is Blogify?

If you are using a freelance content writer, he charges you about $5000 to build 100 articles for your blog. But you can pay a minimum of $14.95 today for the same service you’d have paid $5000 for.

If you missed my earlier articles saying about Blogify, here is the thing: Blogify is the cloud-based software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs. It’s your one stop, all in one fix for producing killer content like a writer would, but without the cost of paying a writer.

Just imagine how much traffic you’ll be able to generate with the ability to effortlessly churn out high quality content that Google loves to rank. Blogify is the cloud-based software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs.

All you have to do is give the software a keyword, Blogify App then automatically fetches the relevant YouTube videos and converts what is spoken into your site’s content.

It then automatically creates high quality blog and text content from any video on youtube – in a matter of minutes! This means that you’ll be able to get Zero Cost Free Traffic every single day, without creating (which takes hours).

In the details, Not You Can Put Your Traffic Generation Into Top Gear With Quality Content In Only 4 Simple Steps

  • Step 1. Login To Blogify Software.
  • Step 2. Enter any keyword to choose your desired niche or Enter Any Youtube URLs
  • Step 3. Input the link you want traffic sent to so you can profit, this could be anything
  • Step 4. Blogify will begin turning already successful YouTube videos into articles on your website 24/7, on complete autopilot, like a tireless robot.

How amazing the software is! I don’t need to do much manual work. Just enter the keyword and click transcribe button, and Boom… I get unique content for my site instantly.

I had a chance to test this software as a beta tester. Well, I could say it’s jam-packed with lots of innovative technologies I’ve never seen before. That’s definitely a good product

With BLOGIFY it’s easy to transcribe your YouTube videos online. There’s no extra software required- BLOGIFY works in your browser. You don’t even need to download the YouTube video, simply paste in the url and away you go. Whether you want to create text transcriptions, or add subtitles, it couldn’t be easier.

BLOGIFY automatically converts speech to text and you can transcribe your video and translate it into over 100 languages! All automatically. Save your YouTube video transcript as a text file (.txt) to see accurate video to text transcription. After that, you can tap into all of the other editing options BLOGIFY has in store for you!

Not only do you get immediate access to the software — you also get full training on how to use it as well as world-class support.

  • Creates high quality blog with done for you content in minutes
  • Is 100% beginner friendly
  • Gets FREE traffic without creating anything ever
  • Saves a TON of time
  • Works in ANY niche no matter how small
  • Generates instant laser-targeted traffic
  • Create content in minutes
  • Generate FREE traffic
  • No filming ever!
  • 100% Beginner-friendly
  • Drag-and-drop easy
  • Works in ANY niche

The thing you’ll love about Blogify is the fact that the content it creates is evergreen. Which means, you can convert a YouTube video into content one time and continue receiving traffic from weeks, months, even years from now. All because of just seconds of work on your part.

I know… This all may sound unreal. But with Blogify, we’ve achieved what was thought impossible. And now it’s your turn to start experiencing the sheer power it has to offer… Blogify Is As Easy As It Gets

Other methods of traffic generation involve dozens of different moving parts, which are bound to confuse most marketers. Blogify is the opposite from a complicated software

It doesn’t get much simpler than this… There’s nothing you can really mess up because all the heavy lifting is taken care of for you by our proprietary AI. This a proven and failproof system anyone can start using to generate the content they need for a surge of free traffic…

We’ve spent months and th0usands of dollars to put together a functioning content creation software.

  • Proven to work like gangbusters.
  • Backed by multiple dozens of beginner beta tester results.
  • Generating floods and floods of free traffic and profit.

With this, there is NO reason for you to continue struggling anymore.

Because with this new software in your possession, you have the ability to create unlimited articles for life… all at the click of a button. This has been our golden goose for getting traffic and now you, (yes you) have the chance to use it.

Ready? Don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Blogify Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Blogify Review Overview


Vendor Rick Ng
Product Blogify
Launch Date 2022-Jan-18
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Content Marketing, Site Builder
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Rick Nguyen

Rick Nguyen is a man with many digital products. Rick has long been working as an entrepreneur for several years. With experience in online marketing, he has e launched many products at an extremely reasonable price such as Contentify, Borrowify, Banklify, etc.

He thus knows exactly what the trend is shifting to. And this product is his latest invention to help today’s marketer make the most out of their business. Now in my Blogify Review, I am going to share with you all the features and benefits you can gain from this amazing platform/system.

Key Features

Your All In One Solution For Creating All The Content You’ll Ever Need

  • Web-Based App, So There’s Nothing To Install.
  • Turn any YouTube video into a fully functional article/blog post at the press of a button.
  • Find the best videos in any niche that are already proven to go viral with our advanced filter settings.
  • Easily monetize the traffic coming in by adding in Adsense, banner ads or your affiliate links.
  • The articles created by Blogify are SEO optimized to quickly reach the top of Google.
  • Blogify publishes the content on a user friendly, easy to use site that gives the visitor comfort.
  • Find videos with creative commons to avoid any potential copyright strikes with YouTube.
  • FREE Domain, Blazing Fast Hosting Included.
  • Customize the articles to your liking, edit text, change colors, add images, the sky’s the limit.
  • Free commercial license included.
  • Text spinner integration is compatible with Blogify to make sure you have unique content every time
  • Access millions of royalty free videos and images to quickly enhance the quality of your content.
  • Boost traffic & rankings with the help of our social media sharing system
  • Series of in-depth training videos shows all the ins and outs of the software.
  • Create UNLIMITED WEBSITES Inside Of Blogify (With Free Domain+Hosting Included).
  • If you need any help, our support team is ready to assist you with any issue you may be facing.

Level Up Your Content Creation With These Powerful Features Included In Blogify

  • Multiple Templates To Choose From: You’ll have many different styles to choose from when activating your very first Blogify websites.
  • Video To Article: Turn any YouTube video into a fully functional article/blog post within mere minutes, at the press of a button.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Find the best videos in any niche that are already proven to go viral with our advanced filter settings.
  • Easily Monetize: Easily monetize the traffic coming in by adding in Adsense, banner ads or your affiliate links
  • Free Hosting and Domain Included: We are going to cover the cost of hosting, and we’ll also give you a free domain name as well.
  • 100% Automated Sites: These Blogify Sites Run On 100% Autopilot, which allows you to enjoy ClickBank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, CJ Commissions (Or commissions from any platform), even if you’re away from your computer.
  • SEO Optimized: The articles created by Blogify are SEO optimized to quickly reach the top of Google.
  • Creative Commons: Find videos with creative commons to avoid any potential copyright strikes with YouTube.
  • Works On Windows, Mac, and Mobile Phones: This bad boy works on any device of your choice, as long as it’s connected to the internet. That’s because it’s a web-based app.
  • Customize Articles: Customize the articles to your liking, edit text, change colors, add images, the sky’s the limit.
  • Millions Of Videos & Images: Access millions of royalty free videos and images to quickly enhance the quality of your content.

Official Website

Honest Blogify Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

Let’s Be Frank… Content Creation SUCKS!

  • It’s time consuming.
  • It’s boring.
  • It quickly drains your energy.

And to make matters worse, it can take months before you see any results… Or you could go the outsourcing route…

If you want to hire someone to create high quality content, you’ll need seriously deep pockets. For a single article from an entry level content writer, you can expect to shell out a minimum of $100!

And let’s be real here… One article isn’t going to cut it. To increase your chances of ranking in Google you’ll need a huge bundle of articles. That quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in monthly costs.

That’s where Blogify comes into play! Now you can Transform your Video into an Article… Create Blog articles, Knowledge Base entries, or simply embed them into your email ― Everything based on your video.

Let’s take a look at Benefits of repurposing your video

You put much effort into creating your video? Then you should get the maximum out of your video and repurpose it! There are so many possibilities. Here are some of them.

  • Different Format: By converting your video into a text format you can reach others, for example, those who like to read.
  • More Output: If you don’t have a big media agency behind you, it’s hard to have a high output. Repurpose to create more.
  • SEO Friendly: By transforming your video into an article, search engines can understand and index your content.
  • Blog article integration: Video to Article! Wait… what? Yes, you can insert your video including the transcribed text into your WordPress, Medium, or you can create your own blog within Blogify. Creating a blog article was never so easy by just using Blogify.
  • Share your video via email: Send your videos with transcribed text via email without anyone having to download them. The transcribed text builds up your article. The only thing you have to do is sharing the link / URL and send an email.
  • Build up your knowledge base: Build your Knowledge Base with ease. All you need to do is to copy-paste and throw in a code snippet. For example, you can use Notion to build up your knowledge base. It is perfect to store video included the transcribed article.

Blogify Generates Google-Friendly unique authority content posts in 60 seconds & re-posts published content on your own free built-in blog platform for almost instant results.

This fully compliant software extracts content from YouTube videos… No I’m not talking about some cheap as chips, ten dollar software which scrapes / curates YouTube descriptions… Nope.

BLOGIFY extracts the content from inside the video, so whatever is said inside that video is extracted and used to build authority blog posts, along with extracted tags and images in under 60 seconds.

3 clicks and 60 seconds per day builds users an authority blog in any niche without writing a line of text. The content is normally 100% unique because it isn’t written down. Plus, once published BLOGIFY re-posts on a paid content platform so… Users can genuinely achieve results without doing another thing!

Free SEO traffic is the highest converting traffic… But it’s also the HARDEST type of traffic to get. In fact, most people aren’t able to create even a simple article and blog from scratch…

Before we dismissed the idea as being “too complicated”, we had an idea. What if there’s a software that did ALL of the tedious work for us? That’s where Blogify software comes into play.

We all want more SEO, right? If you are already creating videos, repurposing that video content into blog posts is a great way to drive more traffic to your website.

Blogify helps you Turn your video and audio into traffic generating content. Easily repurpose your video or podcast content with Blogify!

It involves taking video and turning it into professional, high-quality content and blog in minutes. Allowing even complete beginners to create stunning blog without creating anything ever.

The ease and quickness that I was able to develop my blog site were the qualities I discovered most beneficial using Blogify. Over 500 articles were swiftly added and placed in different classifications, making it a simple content hub for customers to navigate.

Not only is it DRAG-AND-DROP easy. It saves a ton of time on content creation and traffic generation, the traffic it generates is of high quality, increases conversions, works in ANY niche no matter how small and allows anyone to position themselves as experts virtually overnight.

The UI/UX is very easy to navigate. It took me months to figure out things in WordPress, while it took me a day or two for Blogify. Best part, it has all the features one need for a professional website.

And that’s not all. The support tool tends to respond immediately, the software is affordable, easy to use, and has good quality and innovative design and marketing tools.

I like the prices. Honestly for someone who is starting small, the small one time fee subscriptions are pocket-friendly considering the fact that not much is limited.

Many website builders tend to limit vital features for the success of your website if one selects the cheapest or cheaper options. Blogify is easy to use and it doesn’t limit your control of your website.

The only thing missing here is that Having an announcement bar would be a huge perk for us.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Blogify Review):

Blogify Bonus

How does Blogify work?

Simply Turn Any YouTube Video Into An Article With Blogify And You’re Good To Go

  • Enter the YouTube
  • Login To the Blogify cloud-based software, enter a keyword or paste any Youtube URLs, and choose a video to turn into an article.
  • Within minutes, Blogify will churn out an article, without you having to lift a fingers…
  • Note: Although Blogify articles are ready to use, you do have the option to add in images and edit the text to your liking

Now You Can Put Your Traffic Generation Into Top Gear With Quality Content In Only 4 Simple Steps:

  • STEP 1: Login

Login To Blogify Software.

  • STEP 2: Enter

Enter any keyword to choose your desired niche

  • Step 3: Turn Youtube Videos into Articles

Blogify will begin turning already successful YouTube videos into articles on your website 24/7, on complete autopilot, like a tireless robot.

  • STEP 4: Monetization

Input the link you want traffic sent to so you can profit, this could be anything

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

This product is easy to use for beginners, but also for those people who are not technically friendly. Blogify’s customer service is amazing. The team members assist me in an effective way whenever I face any difficulty, whether it is related to website integration or website editing.

I like the support team, they respond in minutes and they try to do their best to understand my questions, as sometimes I find it difficult to explain where was the problem. Also, once I asked for a feature which was not available yet and in a week they’ve made it available! I don’t imagine other website builders offering such support.

It offers the best package at the reasonable price. If you are a non technical person and want to use digital media for providing your services or selling your products then Blogify is the best option to opt, you will feel pro while availing it.

Blogify OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Blogify with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Blogify ($15)

Proprietary AI Turns YouTube Videos Into Traffic Getting Articles At The Press Of A Button!

We’ve Been Getting Free Autopilot Traffic From Google Without SEO Experience For Over 2 Years By Converting Others YouTube Videos Into Articles…

Blogify is the cloud-based software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs. It’s your one stop, all in one fix for producing killer content like a writer would, but without the cost of paying a writer.

OTO 1: Pro Edition ($37)

  • Auto Campaign

Blogify basically saves your time but this Blogify Pro even speeds up the site development and doubles your passive income.

Blogify Pro allows you to literally set up a set & forget campaign. Blogify Pro will automatically search niche-based videos and transcribe them to text format and finally submit to your website.

Developer Rights

More making-money opportunities for you. With Developer Rights, you can build site content for your clients. You can decide how much you want to charge and keep 100% profits. You are going to earn stable passive income by delivering this solution to other people.

OTO 2: WorldWide ($37)

Instantly Increase Your Profits By Transcribing Any Youtube Videos Into Any Other Languages Than English ​within seconds, even if you don’t speak the language…

  • Blogify worldwide allows you to instantly expand your customer audience by transcribing Youtube Videos into any other languages than English.
  • For instance, you could instantly turn an English video into Spanish content, without knowing a word of the language!
  • It’s all a reality with the help of our artificial intelligence.

OTO 3: Blogify Advanced More Content Sources ($37)

Upgrade to the blogify advanced version for even more content. Sources: dailymotion, vimeo, facebook, twitter, pocket, pinterest, medium, and many more…

With Blogify Advanced, you’ll unlock access to a large selection of new content sources, along with advanced features. If you’re looking to treat internet marketing like a real business, then this is a must have.

Let me show you what you’re getting with this upgrade…

  • Integrate With Your Favourite Sites: Blogify Advanced seamlessly integrates with self-hosted WordPress sites,, Blogger, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Industry Leading Text Spinner: Thanks to the futuristic technology of Blogify Advanced, you can automatically create content so good you’ll think it’s a human, in 7 different languages.
  • Smart Automation: You can completely automate the process of content creation with no human interaction with advanced posting parameters and scheduling options, enabling you to create set and forget sites.
  • Instant Monetization: What good is traffic that doesn’t make you any money? In only a few clicks, you can monetize your site with adsense, ebay, amazon, and much much more.
  • Built-In Spell Check: This feature will instantly spot grammatical errors so you can quickly improve your content for top 20 most popular languages
  • Full Access To 3 targeted traffic Sources: You’ll get to leverage 3 different targeted traffic sources for boatloads of free visitors to any link of your choice
  • ​Unlimited Access To Traffic Getting Content: We’ll give you full access to an endless stream of content sources that generate the most targeted traffic and sales
  • ​In 10 Languages: Leverage the power of Blogify Advanced, and translate the content into 10 different languages and 10x the targeted traffic and sales with one simple click
  • Article Extraction: With Blogify Advanced, extracting an article from a URL has never been easier. Simply enter in your desired link into the software, and you can instantly extract the article.
  • Article Sources: We’re giving you 500+ RSS feeds you can instantly integrate. You can also create content from Youtube transcription. You can leverage the modify in spin functions to quickly pump out new content.
  • Bookmarklets: Bookmarklets for chrome and Firefox which will allow user to bookmark article and save reference in Blogify Advanced, later on user can convert these bookmarks into blog posts as Blogify Advanced, has its own translation service users will be able to translate these bookmarks in any desired blog language.
  • ​Images Integration: We’re giving you access to a library of 500,000 images along with 200,000 videos to enhance your site.
  • Content Integration: You’ll have instant access to content sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Tumblr, Pixabay, Flickr, Pocket, Pinterest, Medium, etc.
  • In-line Keyword Link: You’ll have the ability to insert links into matching keywords of your choice. Example: anywhere that says “click here” has the URL “”.

OTO 4: DFY Package (52 Sites + DFY Business Toolkit) ($47)

Let Us Set Up 52 Complete, Professional Sites For You To Instantly Monetize & Increase Your Revenue!

Here’s what you will get with blogify done-for-you toolkit:

  • 52 Done-For-You Stunning And Professional Sites With 52 Hottest Niches
  • Done-For-You Posts with YouTube videos included On Top Niches Using Blogify
  • Done-For-You Attractive Looking Logo So Your Business Appears More Trustworthy And Unique
  • Done-For-You Legal Pages So You Are Protected And Organized
  • Walkthrough Training To Activate Your DFY Sites
  • Start Monetizing Right Away With Affiliate Offers, AdSense, CPA Offers

Done-For-You Toolkit:

  • 20 Premium Website Apps
  • 800 Premium Graphics/Premium Banner
  • 200 Premium Customizable Logos & Premium Stock Video Collection.

OTO 5: Agency License ($47)

Let Us Help You Set Up A Full Blown Agency Today That Helps You 10x Profits When Using Blogify. With this package, we’re giving you all the materials you need to start up your own Blogify agency business.

This will allow you to start offering this as a service on Fiverr or any platforms and charge hundreds of dollars for the work of the software. The best part about this is… There is no work on your part, because Blogify does it for you 😉

Start Getting Clients As Early As Tomorrow

  • Built In Client Finder and Real Agency Dashboard
  • All The Heavy Lifting Is Done For You
  • Add A New Passive Income Stream Into Your Life
  • No Cold Calling Involved
  • Perfect For Newbies & Veteran Marketers

OTO 6: Reseller License ($67)

How Would You Like To Sell Blogify As Your OWN Product And Keep 100% Of The Profit While Using High Converting Sales Pages?

With Blogify Reseller, you’re getting the once in a lifetime opportunity to sell Blogify as your own product.

  • Using our hosting
  • Using our high quality, proven to convert salespages
  • Using our design material

While getting to keep 100% of the profit to yourself!

Blogify Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Blogify Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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Blogify Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus
  • Price



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