New Age Affiliate Film Series Review: Millionaire Affiliate Madman’s No B.S. Confession

Imagine what it will feel like waking up to commissions every day! Why imagine, when this can be a reality? My buddies are not only going to teach you how to succeed, they’re giving you “done for you” tools to do it! So this time there are no excuses!

Today we have come up with the easiest, fastest way to start making real progress as an affiliate marketer! Let’s find out all the details about it in my New Age Affiliate Film Series Review below!

New Age Affiliate Film Series Review

What is New Age Affiliate Film Series?

I’ve just finished going through something that I honestly think could be a complete game changer for you. This is a total steal at less than $10, and pretty much solves every single issue that has stopped you from getting results so far.

New Age Affiliate Film Series is the latest training course from Branson Tay and Nancy Catian, and is incredible value, because this could easily be high ticket.

The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to for anyone who wants to start a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business, but doesn’t know where to begin…

This is specially created for affiliate marketers HUNGRY to generate a torrential downpour of affiliate sales, every single day, consistently and predictably…

It’s a surefire way to success… Because you get the complete training and system for ABSOLUTELY EVERY STEP of your affiliate marketing business. All proven! All profitable!

The authors created New Age Affiliate Film Series with you in mind. You see it wasn’t so long ago that we ourselves were struggling to make money online, and we remember only too well what the major obstacles were that consistently prevented us from making progress.

And in New Age Affiliate Film Series we wanted to solve those problems for you, as much as possible, and give you a fighting chance of success at last.

New Age Affiliate Film Series is combination of training and tools, all aimed at getting you reliable, honest, consistent results. You won’t find any fluff in here. Just straight advice, guidance and solutions to help you succeed.

We genuinely want to help as many people as possible to get success when it comes to making money online. So we worked on a solution that can work for absolutely anyone.

All you need to do is follow the training, apply what we teach, use the tools we provide you, and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t start seeing results… and fast!

The front end is a full member’s area video training course that offers insane value for anyone struggling to make regular, consistent money online. The training is created and recorded by Branson Tay and Nancy Catian, and is split into 3 modules.

They also give you a review video, full bonus bundle, review page and bonus access for Funnels, so you are virtually guaranteed to get sales! Full training is provided.

They are including case studies on “dead subscribers” who haven’t opened any emails for a year but pulls in $109.05, and a tiny bot list that pulls in $201.04. They also cover Google Ads training, demonstrating some pretty impressive results from a small spend.

They train you from start to finish on how to become an affiliate and once again we give you the tools you need… a product, complete with OTO’s, editable sales pages and download pages.

In the details, you will get:

  • A full member’s area stuffed with 20 Over the Shoulder Videos that reveal the entire New Age Affiliate Film Series strategy, step by step. We start right at the beginning, so this will work for any level, wherever you are at.
  • New Age Affiliate Film Series Done For You Tools – Just wait until you see what we have for you! We have some crazy hacks that solve ALL the problems when it comes to making consistent affiliate commissions!
  • Access to our VIP Private Facebook group

This course focuses on affiliate marketing, a subject that has been gaining popularity for a while. Nowadays, everyone uses affiliate marketing, from tiny business owners to leading worldwide corporations.

This course begins with an introduction to affiliate marketing, including its advantages and various strategies. You will learn more in this course about Affiliate Marketing Networks, picking a niche, and Traffic Generation Techniques.

The following lessons will provide you the opportunity to learn about the elements needed to build an affiliate marketing website and the top strategies you may apply.

Additionally, you’ll learn about the typical errors that newbies in affiliate marketing make. Get the top Affiliate Marketing course’s summary at the end, then take a quiz to assess your understanding of what you learned.

You can learn the same ineffective technique in other courses as well: Create a landing page, use Instagram or Facebook advertisements to drive traffic, then sit back and make money.

However, it won’t function. Instagram and other social media platforms just don’t produce enough traffic that converts, and the advertising are too expensive to run profitably.

People attempt to make money by promoting their affiliate links on Facebook and other social media platforms. If you identify with this, you are not alone. Before they contact me, many of my clients go through the same thing.

Branson will teach you sound basics that WILL work in place of cheap shortcuts that don’t work. His course provides an honest and step-by-step approach that you may follow and succeed since he and his team are concerned about their students’ achievement.

The price for The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is normally $47.00… BUT as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, I’m giving it away for the special price of just $7.

So Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this New Age Affiliate Film Series Review as I’ll show you what you will learn inside.

New Age Affiliate Film Series Review Overview


Vendor Branson Tay
Product New Age Affiliate Film Series
Launch Date 2022-Sep-22
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Front-End Price $7
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing
Support Effective Response
Operating System Training course
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Instructor

Branson Tay

Branson Tay is one of the most famous digital marketers as well as software creators in the world. After many failures, this six-figure marketer has succeeded with many digital products.

I cannot remember all of them but I can list some of them such as Browse n’ BankPhantom Store Builder, Read4Money, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this New Age Affiliate Film Series Review and find out its features!

What will you learn inside?

How this affiliate marketing course is structured

  • PART 1: The fundamentals and essentials of affiliate marketing.
  • PART 2: How to build up your internet business, select a lucrative affiliate niche, and begin pushing affiliate products
  • PART 3: Executing affiliate marketing: Choosing the best affiliate items to market, navigating websites that feature tens of thousands of affiliate offerings and maximizing profits.
  • PART 4: Using marketing to promote affiliate products and obtain a lot of traffic that converts to sales.

You Get To Watch A Series Of Powerful Lessons To Teach You The Concepts You Need To Know

Phase I: The Beginning Of Everything

  1. Phase I: Intro
  2. 1st Principle Of Business
  3. Why Is It Important To Pick A Niche
  4. Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Niche
  5. Concept Of ‘Niche 3.0’
  6. The 4 Niche Down Questions
  7. 3 Steps To Pick Your Niche
  8. Crafting Your Razor-sharp Marketing Message
  9. Relate To ‘The Big Three’
  10. Niche Transformation Statement
  11. Researching Your Ideal Prospects

Phase II: The Art Of Prescription

  1. Types Of Affiliate Offers
  2. Offer Pricing & Commission Structure
  3. Cookie & Last Click Attribution
  4. Sales Process Of Different Offers
  5. 7 Criteria: How To Choose Your Affiliate Offers
  6. Public & Private Affiliate Network
  7. Be Like A Doctor: The Prescription Strategy

Phase III: Customer Acquisition System

  1. First Component: Traffic
  2. Website VS Sales Funnel
  3. Conversion System: Optin Page
  4. Conversion System: Email List
  5. Conversion System: SBT Page
  6. Conversion System: Bonus Page
  7. The Secret To Ultra High Conversion

Phase IV: Traffic Unleashed Introduction To Traffic

  1. Traffic Secret #1 – Intentional Search Traffic
  2. Traffic Secret #2 – Quality Over Quantity
  3. Traffic Secret #3 – Great Content
  4. Traffic Hack & Tips
  5. More With Less
  6. 3 Types Of YouTube Traffic
  7. The Biggest Pitfall + The Low Hanging Fruit
  8. How To Do Keyword Research
  9. How To Optimize Your Videos
  10. The 3 Important Metrics
  11. Success Secret #1 – Model Success
  12. Success Secret #2 – Understand Your Ideal Prospect
  13. Success Secret #3 – Consistency Trumps Intensity
  14. Video Creation Tools

Additional training modules for the first 50 students

Module 1

  • Video 1 – Let’s Start With an Introduction to This Business

This business in a nutshell, is selling other people’s digital products and being paid commissions. In this first video, we go back to basics. As they say “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

  • Video 2 – Building Your Affiliate Score

Now we get down to business and start building your affiliate score on Warrior Plus.

This solves two major issues for you as a new affiliate. Getting approval to promote and getting review access. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll get review access for every product, every time, our strategy will definitely help you!

  • Video 3 – Applying For and Using Your Vicious Circle Busters!

How to apply for the two offers and some traffic strategies to get you started.

  • Video 4 – Your New Age Affiliate Film Series Conversion Boosters

This is already a super easy way to get sales. and to get people into the funnel, because we’ve priced the Vicious Circle Busters to convert… at $0 and $1.00! But now you’ll have people climbing over each other to get to, as you introduce a high converting review video AND bonus bundle!

Module 2

  • Video One – Taking Your Next Steps as an Affiliate

We are now going to move on to “live” launches, so you can capitalise on the momentum that is generated in the first few days by the rest of the affiliates.

  • Video Two – Approval & Review Access

In this video I show you what I believe to be the most effective way to get approved for an offer, and also how to get review access, especially if you’ve already starting your affiliate score using the New Age Affiliate Film Series strategy discussed above.

  • Video Three – Dead List Case Study

The money is in the list, they say. And “they” are right. But here I show you some strategies for improving your main list open rates by moving your “dead subs” to a holding list. And more importantly…how you can make money from the deadlist!

  • Video Four – Dead List Case Study Results

A quick update on the “dead list” cases study so you can see the results.

  • Video Five – Bot List Case Study

In this video I show you how I test out my “bot list” to send traffic to the offer that we sent traffic to in the dead list test.

  • Video Six – Bot List Case Study Update

OK, let’s take a look at the first case study update! How did we do?

  • Video Seven – Final Case Study Update

As there was more action since the last video, here is a final 2 minute update

  • Video Eight – Gads!

We complete this module with a real eye opener! How the small guys and gals can compete with the big guys and gals in minutues!

  • Video Nine – Gorilla Gads!

In this video we look at how to set up Google ads to run to your Commission Gorilla pages, as another alternative.

  • Video Ten – Gorilla Pages

In this video we look at how to modify Commission Gorilla pages.

Module 3

Now you have completed modules One and Two, we are ready to start making New Age Affiliate Film Series! In this video we will train you how to become a vendor, fast! So you can sell your own products and build your buyers list. We even give you a product to use as your own, including OTO’s, and provide the editable sales pages!

  • Video 1

We kick off on this video by looking at my vendor account in Warrior Plus, just to give you a little inspiration. I’ve only been full time for less than 3 years, and have come a long since I started. That’s the beauty of this business. You can make a lot of progress in a very short period of time!

  • Video 2

This is probably the longest of the videos in the course, but I decided to film it all in one go, so you have pretty much everything you need in one video to learn the whole process of selling digital products on Warrior Plus.

Towards the end of this video I have an issue that is resolved in the following videos. It transpires that a newbie on Warrior Plus needs approval even for non public products, although the text that appears doesn’t indicate that 🙂 So just make sure you watch the next few videos so, as all was resolved.

Thanks very much to Mike Lantz of Warrior Plus for his help on Thanksgiving! And also, bear in mind that when you are submitting your own products (or PLR, or the product we provide for you), you allow 1 to 2 days for approval.

  • Video 3

Product Approval Update 1 – In my desperate bid to work out what had failed, I tried everything I could think of… as you will see.

  • Video 4

Woohoo! OK, great news for all of us. Here I discover that it was simply that I was using a new account. The product got approved, and so everything is good.

I am particularly pleased that I chose to use the new account, so I could experience it as a complete newbie. As mentioned before, you may need to wait 1 to 2 days for you product to be approved in the beginning, but as time goes on, eventually you won’t have to.

visit the official website!

New Age Affiliate Film Series Review – My Opinion: Is Really Profitable?

I’ve just finished going through New Age Affiliate Film Series and I’m blown away by what you get inside. What Branson Tay and Nancy Catian have put together here is the DEFINITIVE guide to starting out as a stone cold newbie online. There are even tips, tricks and ideas that established successful online vendors and affiliate marketers can pull from this training.

I had assumed that this would serve as a respectable introduction to the subject. By far, my estimate was too low. This gentleman provides excellent content in a very thorough and understandable manner.

Concepts that previously appeared difficult to understand are made simple by his excellent clarity. I have yet to have a Warriorplus instructor who is more relatable, down to earth, and human than this one.

Great content from the big picture view to essential details to understand what it takes to have a successful affiliate marketing business. Branson’s lectures are very good and engaging. This course gave me a clearer understanding about this subject and is helpful information for planning future affiliate marketing ventures.

He explains everything really clear and gives you real life examples which helps a lot. He is very knowledgeable on affiliate marketing, and applies all that he teaches in his own business which makes me trust a lot what he is teaching.

He really gave a lot of value it was great quality he really cares about his students and is very fast when it comes to replying to emails that I sent and he breaks everything down so you understand clearly.

The course was enjoyable, and I gained a lot from it. The information is organized effectively and concentrated on useful topics. I found it quite interesting to learn how effective YouTube can be in reaching more specialized audiences.

The fact that this course was among the best-rated courses and was reasonably priced attracted my attention at first, but after more investigation I discovered that the quality was impeccable. I was so engrossed during the entire course that I finished it in a matter of days!

Value is something that the authors show how to create within the course. Taking the time to interact with the students before publishing the whole course has given them the possibility to create a more personalized learning experience.

Many of the students already had a site, for example, or an audience. They told me all about it and together we have figured out the next steps to take. This interactions are the ones guiding this course.

Students tell me what they would like on the course, or what they don’t like… The areas they struggle with or the ones that they are most comfortable with… I then take this feedback and let the authors know to create the course content accordingly.

Great introduction to affiliate marketing that I always wondered about, but didn’t know how to get into. It looks like an honest approach because all the other people teaching it promise that it will be too easy and too good to be true.

Knowledgeable. Voice is easy to listen to. Speaks too fast and moves on quickly, as if there is so much information in his head and he is trying to cover as much as possible to our benefit, I assume.

I like the fact that the course at the beginning uses a model like the one from the most other reliable vendors to introduce students to the various parts required in thinking an affiliate business.

That makes it stands out from the other material found on the subject. Unfortunately I feel that this model is not followed until the end of the course with the same consistency.

New Age Affiliate Film Series is the perfect way for newbie affiliate marketers to get started. Every single problem that newbies face is addressed and solved inside. How to get your links approved, how to get your emails opened, how to sell your first product etc.

These are things most newbies struggle with but New Age Affiliate Film Series makes it simple and provides real solutions. I love it and highly recommend this to anyone starting out.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of New Age Affiliate Film Series Review)!

New Age Affiliate Film Series Bonus

Who New Age Affiliate Film Series Is For

The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is specially designed for anyone that wants to start and grow a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business, but doesn’t know where to begin…

It’s also for affiliate marketers who want to get affiliate sales every single day consistently and predictably!

  • This is the ideal place to start if you want to be your own boss, launch a business, and achieve enormous potential.
  • If you are already attempting affiliate marketing and need additional assistance and guidance
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create a successful website should take this course.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to use affiliate programs to generate passive money should take this course.
  • Anyone seeking for a get-rich-quick scheme should not enroll in this course.
  • People who have tried unsuccessfully to earn money using ClickBank are the perfect candidates for this course.
  • It is also appropriate for those without any prior background in ClickBank product promotion.
  • People looking for quick ways to generate money online SHOULD NOT take this course. To see results from anything in this course, it takes time and effort.
  • Those who are considering online marketing
  • Anyone who wants to earn money online
  • Beginners in the online business world who are eager to establish successful online businesses
  • You can complete this program and learn how to become an affiliate marketer as long as you are able to speak English and are ready to set aside time each week to do the required tasks and develop the necessary material.

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTOs and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab New Age Affiliate Film Series with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: New Age Affiliate Film Series ($7)

Here’s How Easy The “New Age Affiliate” Film Series” Really Is… (Your 3 Easy Steps To Affiliate Mastery!)


Get Instant Access To The New Age Affiliate Film Series

  • STEP 2: COPY

Copy & Paste The ‘Secret Affiliate Formula’ Into Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business


Make Affiliate Sales Every Single Day Like Clockwork

OTO 1: Affiliate Accelerator Bundle ($97)

  • Swipe & Deploy Our Proprietary ‘Build-For-You’ Affiliate System And Complete Sales Funnel Suite
  • 413 ‘Piping Hot’ Niches 3.0 Cheatsheet
  • ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ Marketing Message Formula
  • ‘Top Classified’ Offer Vault
  • Ultra High-Converting Optin Page
  • ‘Cold Strangers to Hot Leads’ SBT Page
  • ‘Sales-Injection’ Bonus Page
  • Secret 7-Days Email Follow-up Funnel

OTO 2: Traffic Mastery ($147)

  • Master The Art and Science of Organic Traffic to Fuel Your Biz With ‘Ready-To-Buy’ Customers.
  • Traffic Mastery Foundation
  • The Ultimate Traffic Hack!
  • The Flywheel System
  • Secret Scaling Formula
  • 30 Day Traffic Mastery Challenge

OTO 3: Email Marketing Secrets ($1 trial then $97)

  • Email Masterclass + Best Collections Of Our Email Campaigns & Automation Sequence
  • Secret Swipe File
  • How To Build An Email List From Scratch
  • The Perfect Email Framework
  • My $1,000,000 Email Secrets

New Age Affiliate Film Series Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my New Age Affiliate Film Series Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

New Age Affiliate Film Series Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus
  • Pricing



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