Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review: Learn how to optimize app advertising revenue with Google AdMob!

Every day on how to enhance in-app revenue and monetization techniques – marketers are looking for high-quality information and training resources on Google AdMob updates.

Thousands of Developers, engineers, and brands are excitedly pushing to get their app on the market, excited about the profit they can make using Google AdMob.

Google AdMob Is the Leading Mobile Ads Platform in the World’s Largest Android Market – India. There are clear trends and patterns when it comes to app usage and monetization that it’s important to consider.

AdMob helps maximize revenue with more advertiser demand that helps drive high CPMs and fill rates globally. It can help developers’ immensely in building an ad-supported app and in diversifying revenue streams beyond paid subscriptions or in-app upgrades and purchases.

So, what are you waiting for…? Thousands of marketers, ecommerce businesses and brands are looking online for vital information and high-quality training in this niche. It is a huge niche to capitalize on TODAY.

Ready to make huge money in this niche? Let’s find out all the details about it in my Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review below!

Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review

What is Google AdMob Mastery PLR?

If you use PLR in your business in any way, you’re going to love this. I have bought you a fresh, focused on an in-demand topic PLR product that will surely fill your Paypal account full of cash! It’s called ‘Google AdMob Mastery’ and inside you’ll get everything you need to make a ton of money online.

Firelaunchers has created a ground-breaking digital marketing product that is jam-loaded with genuinely life-changing material and expert pointers and recommendations in this evergreen niche.

Google AdMob Mastery PLR will educate you about steps to integrate Google AdMob and how to use it, earn money with it, tips for ecommerce apps, launch AdMob campaigns and so much more.

This guide is jampacked with intelligent information you can implement to help you improve your in-app monetization efforts using AdMob.

This course will guide you (step by step) to Android app which contains Google AdMob to get some income from Google Advertisement. Then, the course will guide you to the practical steps which allowed you to upload your app to the Google Play

This course will guide you (step by step) to Android app which contains Google AdMob to get some income from Google Advertisement with the help of the latest Google framework which is Firebase

Then, the course will guide you to the practical steps which allowed you to upload your app to the Google Play

Master the essentials of creating, managing, and reporting on your inventory with AdMob. Learn best practices for growing your revenue and controlling the quality of ads. After completing this foundational Google AdMob learning path, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up an AdMob account.
  • Create, manage and report on inventory with AdMob.
  • Use AdMob mediation to help grow revenue.
  • Control the quality of ads with AdMob.

Google AdMob Mastery PLR is part of a series on how to make money with apps. It teaches you one way to earn money through advertising. The ad network of our choice is AdMob. You will learn how to integrate AdMob into your projects so your app may show ads the very next day.

Most people are stuck when trying to figure out how to make some money with their apps. One of the easiest ways to do it is through ads in their apps. They will cover all the steps needed from signing up for an AdMob account to showing all the ad types supported by AdMob.

In this course you will learn how to create apps and make money. After watching this course you make money with admob using your android apps. In this course we also learn how to create app Android app without loading scan. And the author also taught some coding to customize the app.

Master the essentials of Google AdMob. Learn how to set up your app for monetization, select the right ad formats for your app, grow revenue with mediation, report on your progress, and control the types of ads that appear on your app.

AdMob is powered by Google’s ad technology, which has helped millions of developers grow their digital businesses for over a decade. AdMob is used and trusted by more app developers as compared to any other ad platform worldwide.

So, if you are ready to blow your business branding & give forcible challenges to your competitors by selling ‘High-in-demand’ info product without doing anything extra, then take the easy way… Grab this Brand-New “Google AdMob Mastery” course with Private Label Rights to give all your top-notch competitors a run for their money.

Now don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review as I’ll show you what you will get inside!

Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review Overview


Vendor Firelaunchers
Product Google AdMob Mastery PLR
Launch Date 2021-Oct-16
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Front-End Price $10
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type PLR
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About author


Firelaunchers is known as one of the most successful PLR creator / provider on Internet. Their products have a good quality, and sold over 50000 sales on Jvzoo.

You can get to know more about their previous product by searching for their names such as New Normal Life Balance PLR, YouTube Shorts Excellence PLRPandemic Mental Health Secrets PLR, etc.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review and find out its features.

What will you get inside?

So, preciously here’s what you will get with the Google AdMob Mastery PLR package:

  • Module 1: Premier Training guide on Google AdMob Mastery: A Resource for Marketers! (Value – $1500)

This guide will walk you through all the basic information on Google AdMob statistics, facts, figures, and trends. These are based on extensive research and advice from the best marketers in the industry.

Written by professionals, here is what we are going to provide in this massive info-packed premier training guide:

  • Module 2: Well designed Sales Page copy (Value – $800)

This professional sales page copy can get huge sales rolling in as part of your front-end sales drive.

  • Module 3: Sales Demo Video (Value – $570)

+ Updated Doodle Style Video

+ Engaging White-Board Video

We are giving you the latest and updated Doodle style Sales videos to drive traffic and improve your sales conversions. That is why we are giving you these videos as a part of the front end offer to boost your sales to the next level.

  • Module 4: Professionally designed Graphics (Value – $253)

We will provide you with a complete set of professionally designed graphics for selling the product. It will include necessary artwork to sell the product and make it more convincing; you will be able to edit these graphics at your convenience. Hence, we will provide the images in both PSD format and PNG format.

  • Module 5: Animated Banners (Value – $243)

Why create banners yourself when our team is working hard to make it easy for you. Yes, we also provide you with superbly designed animated banners that will drive traffic and convert sales instantly.

  • Module 6: Professionally created expert Email Templates (Value – $36)

This module provides you with professionally written email swipes that will substantially leverage your sales and earnings. You can always choose any one of them, pick a subject line and send it to persuade further.

  • Module 7: Professional Minisite (Value – $89)

What more can you ask? And we have already done that for you. Yes, we have professionally designed the Sales Pages to use them for your sales funnel. You do not have to invest your time and energy in hiring professionals or writing on your own. These templates are ready to use to improvise your sales.

  • Module 8: Legal Pages (Value – $89)

Your legal pages for selling this product is already set up and provided by us.

  • Module 9: Social Media Graphics (Value – $60)

You can save your time and money by using these social media covers, graphics, and profile pic images we have created explicitly for Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Module 10: PDF Graphics (Value – $60)

We have also included images and graphics used in the training guide with PSD files making it easier for you to use them for your sales funnel and improve sales.

What this course covers

  • Understanding what Google AdMob is.
  • Find out how does AdMob work and how to use it?
  • Tips to Monetize Ecommerce Apps Using Google AdMob
  • Ways to earn money using AdMob with Android Application
  • All about Google App Campaigns
  • Best Practices and tips of using Google App Campaigns
  • A guide to display Banner Ads using Google AdMob
  • Tips to create a successful AdMob Campaign
  • Difference between Google AdMob and Google AdSense
  • A guide to in-app monetization
  • The future of App monetisation and gaming business
  • Understanding Google analytics and Google AdMob
  • Case studies
  • You will learn how to make money from Google Admob using Android Apps
  • You will learn how to Launch your own android apps on Play Store (You don’t need to develop android apps yourself, I will teach you a secret)
  • You learn many tools for free in this course like how to use Google Ads for Marketing, how Google Admob is working, how Playstore console is working & many more
  • You will see live earning of mine on Google Admob, I have started from $0 & you will be surprised to which level I have reached my Admob earning in this course
  • Will give you motivation and Ideas to become a millionaire

And that’s not all. The first 50 students will also be getting these additional training content:

  • Understand the process of adding Google advertisement to your App
  • Create Google AdMob Account
  • Create Firebase Account
  • Create android app with Firebase and Google Ads
  • Understand the process of publishing your App to the Google Play
  • Create Signed APK
  • Create Google Play Developer Account
  • Publish your app to the Google Play
  • Integrate the Google AdMob ad network into your Android apps
  • Show an interstitial ad
  • Set up ad unit IDs
  • Show a banner ad
  • Show a reward based video ad
  • Navigate the AdMob dashboard
  • Admob Mediation with Facebook Audience Network
  • Admob Mediation with Unity Ads
  • How to make money from your apps
  • Android Monetisation
  • Google ads
  • Paid and free apps
  • In app billing
  • Freemium model

Honest Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review: Is It Really Profitable?

Making mobile application is great, but it’s even better if you can make money out of it so that you can keep doing what you love. That’s why adding advertisement within your app will bring you passive income.

Whether you want to monetize your existing mobile app or if you want to upgrade your advertising networks to the latest ones, this course is for you.

The thing that no-one is talking about is how to make money with apps. There are a ton of tutorials and courses on coding and design, but there is a huge shortage on courses about how to actually make money with your apps.

Firelaunchers has decided to come out and create a series of courses that explores, discusses and teaches you how to actually make money with apps. They call them the “How to make money with apps” series.

This is a very informative course that can help app developers immediately. The instructor use plain language to spell out what one needs to do to achieve success in monetizing apps.

Like it or not… Google AdMob is the key to catapult your business to revolutionary success. And we were totally blown away by the new course Firelaunchers has to offer to the world.

It contains the most up to date information on how to generate profits via Google AdMob and generously reveal all the crucial steps required to make sure your strategies work for you 100%!

It’s good to know how the ads works and how to setup the ads. The way he deliver this course also great but i am expecting this course will cover all the ads function.

The basic idea was, actually I was already making a lot of money from websites since 2018. So in 2020 I decided to explore the app market also and I decided to start with android apps. I recorded all the steps, from setting up an app to publishing it on the play store.

I started work on it having $0/month earning from AdMob & reached it to $500/month. My target is to soon reach it to $1000+/month during this course.

As usual Firelaunchers proves again and again that he is the best in Industry. His teaching skills are awesome. I follow him completely and I learned lot from him. He is one of the best guy i know in this industry and he is very helpful. Regarding the course its the best in market for this subject. 5 stars well deserved!.

He has started this course with $0/month earning from android apps & reached it to $500+/month in a very little investment. All the steps they have implemented are included in this course.

I have uploaded many apps on google play store during this course & every single step is recorded. You don’t need to be an android developer, they have explained everything very clearly in this course. My target is to reach my earning to $1000+/month till the end of this course, as I have to upload more apps on the play store.

I was impressed by the depth of this course. You covered several Google AdMob strategies for different types of businesses and scenarios. I don’t know how you can leverage the potential of Google AdMob without this course.

Let’s check all the benefits come up:

  • This is really the best course, you will invest little money for one time but you will earn money each month for a very long time till your play store account exists.
  • You can observe their apps & the one which performed well for me you can start with that app first. In this way you will invest only in the apps that have more chance to succeed.
  • You will learn many tools for free like how to use AdMob, Android Studio, Google Ads and Firebase.

The purpose of the course is to give you the knowledge and the confidence to make money from your application.

You have worked hard coming up with an idea for an app, designing it, developing it, maintaining and debugging it, marketing it and building an audience. Now it’s time to be rewarded for your effort. This course will teach you how.

The more people make money from their apps, the more awesome apps there are out there, so it’s a win for everyone.

This is a high quality course which allows us to learn everything about Google AdMob and also make your customers benefits from selling it. This is a comprehensive guide for all marketers to learn about most profitable Google AdMob strategies. Highly recommended.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review):

Google AdMob Mastery PLR Bonuses

Simple yet Smart ways to make tons of money with this PLR product

What you can do  

  • You can bundle it with other products.
  • You can offer it as a bonus to your existing product and make your customers happy.
  • You can use it in your other video products or for your webinars.
  • You can distribute it to your affiliates for they promote you.
  • You can also create eBooks and may be create multiple eBooks out of it.
  • You can retain paying members by adding this product to your paid membership site.
  • You can rename, rebrand or customize it and claim full authorship. Everything is up to you.

What you can’t do  

  • No, you may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR).
  • You can sell or giveaway resell rights
  • No, you may NOT sell or giveaway master resell rights
  • No, you may NOT giveaway the main eBook for free. Must be sold for at least $7.

Who is Google AdMob Mastery PLR for?

  • This course is useful for IT Developers, Students or any interested person in the mobile and web development field
  • This course is meant for IT Students, developers or any interested person in Android Apps development who are looking to get some money from these app
  • Anyone who is excited to make money online
  • Anyone who want to create more earning opportunities and explore new things
  • Anyone who want to invest money on things where there is no chance of loss and constant growth in earning
  • Beginner Android developers
  • Advanced Android developers
  • People with an interest in mobile apps
  • This course is for anyone who wants to integrate AdMob into their iOS apps in just a few lines of code.

Google AdMob Mastery PLR OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Google AdMob Mastery PLR with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: Google AdMob Mastery with PLR – Frontend Pack $7
  • OTO 1: Google AdMob Mastery PLR Upgrade Pack $37.00 
  • OTO 2: YouTube Shorts Excellence with PLR $27.00 
  • OTO 3: YouTube Shorts Excellence with PLR – Upgrade $37.00
  • OTO 4: Firelaunchers PLR Membership $1.00 
  • OTO 5: Product Installation Service $67.00

Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Google AdMob Mastery PLR Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Experts created it in an evergreen Niche!
  • Done-For-You Fully integrated sales funnel
  • Ready-made, High-Quality promotional material
  • Start generating revenue today
  • No technical expertise or unique skill required
  • Drive-in responsive leads!


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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