Skola Groups Review: Sales-Ready Group Coaching Program In Minutes

Let’s clear this up right away: The job of a group coach is great. Can you have that influence by bringing people together to learn a skill that is important to them? Nothing is superior.

And while one-on-one coaching sessions with clients either in person or online can be excellent, group coaching—where you assemble a small group of clients to support, encourage, and learn from one another—is even more beneficial.

Your clients will develop new routines and practices more quickly and readily with group coaching, and they will eventually achieve better outcomes than they would on their own or with simply 1:1 consultation.

In a time and place where more of us are functioning in a world full of uncertainties, the structure and support to achieve our goals alongside other people is a vital service that only gets more necessary.

There is no better way to manage a fast changing environment than with a supportive group of individuals under the direction of a group coach.

So, whether you’re prepared to launch a new coaching venture or grow a current one, you are in a position to build strong relationships with and have an influence on your clients. And using software in the form of online coaching platforms is the best approach to reach even more clients.

That’s why you need to check my Skola Groups Review below now!

Skola Groups Review

What is Skola Groups?

Building a tribe of devoted customers is the single most valuable thing you can do for your business, and one of the best ways to do that is through an online community.

One of the most well-liked solutions among the many online community systems that let you create one on your own website is Skola Groups.

However, Skola Groups offers tools for developing membership sites and online courses, making it more than just a platform for constructing online communities.

Many creators struggle to comprehend how Skola Groups fits in among the several online course platforms and membership website builders available, making it difficult for them to decide whether or not to use it.

I’ll be discussing all the platform’s features as well as outlining its advantages and disadvantages in this in-depth Skola Groups review.

By the conclusion, you’ll be able to clearly understand the platform’s capabilities and determine whether it is the best choice for you.

Hey, A fantastic Group Coaching Software is going to go live today & to celebrate Labor Day it’s going to be available for a crazy low price and… WITHOUT any monthly or yearly fees!

I’m talking about a full blown Group Coaching Solution that can do Automated Group Coaching Programs, Evergreen Group Coaching Programs, Just In Time Group Coaching Programs and Like Live Group Coaching Programs.

Using the internet platform Skola Groups, you can develop your community, courses, and subscriptions all under your own brand. Everything else the platform offers is built on top of its fundamental community design and engagement focus, which gives it its power.

This cloud-based program enables you to create and control an online community on your own website. An intuitive online community builder that enables you to construct your own “Facebook Group” is the idea.

Group Coaching, Masterminds & Online Communities have been exploding in 2022. With this software you can sell then deploy your own group coaching, Mastermind or community group with discussions, training and live workshops.

Simply connect “Groups” to any salesfunnel or checkout software. Giveaway spots or sell spots to your program and Groups takes care of the rest.

It delivers an incredible, beautiful, engaging experience for customers and gives you everything you need to deliver your product professionally, without hassles and with everything you need within one platform.

The majority of producers host their online community on Facebook Groups, yet there are many difficulties they encounter:

  • Facebook is a distraction machine since the ordinary user encounters a lot of noise there from things like political discussions, conversations, friend updates, advertisements, etc.
  • Facebook makes it very challenging to communicate with your members. Since their system decides who receives notifications for what, there is no way for you to message or notify every member.
  • With FB Groups, you cannot do things like making subgroups, pay for access, etc.

Skola Groups can be useful in this situation. It enables you to designate a personal area where members of your community can communicate and interact with one another while still supporting your business.

It provides all the crucial features that creators require to develop a dynamic online community, including activity feed, member directory, articles, polls & quizzes, events, groups, etc. Even completely developed online courses can be developed locally.

A few sales and marketing features are also provided by Skola Groups, such as the ability to create sales pages and charge one-time or recurring fees.

Therefore, like many Skola Groups users like Verbal to Visual, Skola Groups producers use the platform to offer communities, courses, and memberships all in one location.

Skola Groups is a powerful webinar automation tool that aims to help you build email marketing lists with a purpose. With Skola Groups, you can schedule and automate your Group Coaching Program to play at set intervals and the software aims to recreate the live experience for users.

This tool called Skola Groups allows you to turn ANY video into a stunning, professional and FULLY AUTOMATED Presentation. In other words, you can turn any video into a Sales & Profit machine. The Marketing is 100% Automated. Registration process, email follow up, landing page – it’s all automated!

Registrations, the actual presentation, email follow up, comments and more – it’s all 100% fully automated so that YOU never have to be live on a call or present. It’s an incredible Lead & Sales Machine working for you day and night.

PLUS, right now they’re NOT charging a monthly or yearly fee – during this special you can get ever single feature (and commercial license) for one low investment. So Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Skola Groups Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Skola Groups Review Overview


Vendor Sam Bakker
Product Skola Groups
Launch Date 2022-Nov-01
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $67
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Group Coaching Program
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Sam Bakker

Up to now, Sam Bakker has earned up to six million dollars in affiliate marketing. Having worked for so many years in the field, he has launched a huge number of products that provide a clear guideline for marketers to grow their business.

Some of his products are Grow Viral, Challenges App, etc. Now let’s switch to the next part of the Skola Groups Review to find out the content of the program!

Key Features

Here are just some of Skola Groups’s point-and-click features!

  • Skola Groups Software

You get the complete Skola Groups software with up to 3 group campaigns.

  • Announcements

Broadcast announcements to your members with the click of a button.

  • Community

Transfer your groups from Facebook. Run your communities in one place. No distractions. A better experience.

  • Training area

Cancel your Kajabi subscription. Instead use Skola Groups to deliver your training programs in one place.

  • Events Calendar

Run Live Events for your members. Schedule them within a group calendar.

  • Reminders & Notifications

Send out notifications & reminders about discussions, comments, replies, events & new training.

  • Drip Feeding

Drip feed training to your members based on time within your program or completion of lessons.

  • Customizeable emails

Customize your emails with your own logo & brand.

  • Auto-enroll members

Group members can automatically enroll into your group when they opt-in or purchase a product from you.

  • Daily actions

Assign daily actions to members. Setup Challenges or progressive training programs.

  • Mobile responsive

Everything is viewable & seamless across all devices. Deliver the very best experience across desktop & mobile.

  • Group Coaching Programs

Deliver high-ticket group coaching programs from Skola Groups. Use discussion communities, training & a calendar to coach your clients towards achieving their goal.

  • Free groups

Run free public or private discussion groups. Giveaway mini-courses, challenges and upsell your audience to the full program.

  • Subscription Groups

Charge a subscription fee to courses & training. Integrate with external software. Get paid and deliver your subscription using Skola Groups for your delivery.

  • Masterminds

Deliver high-ticket masterminds right from within your groups. Engage in discussions with your Mastermind, deliver content & schedule meeting events.

  • Communities

Eliminate distractions from your community. Transfer across your community groups from Facebook and instead use Skola Groups interface to manage, notify, engage & connect with your audience. Sell your packages, support your customers and grow your community.

  • Product creation

Fuel your products growth with a community group dedicated to your product. Students can ask questions, provide suggestions and help to improve your product. Schedule live sessions with your community to connect about your products and any new releases.

  • Everything in one place

Finally you can cancel your subscription to other membership software and stop getting distracted by Facebook groups. Groups bring everything under one roof

  • Students love how easy it is

Connect with your students directly with our fully integrated and seamless Zoom calendar. Students can see upcoming events right from within your group coaching program

  • Pre-optimized high engagement

Grow and engage with your community. Automatically tag, notify and email students based on their activity inside of your group coaching program

  • Custom branding

Skola Groups enables you to build trust in your brand. Customize your webinar appearance so that your target audience will recognize you in seconds. Add your logo and customize the page with your theme color so that your pages are consistent with your own website and brand.

You can track your audience’s behavior on all your Skola Groups software to improve your webinar performance and create tailored ads for particular groups of users.

  • Tracking and remarketing system customized scheduling

You can offer your webinar as frequently as you wish. You can setup your webinar to reoccur on multiple days of the week, multiple times per day or you may even want to set it up to continuously begin in the next 15 minutes with the “just-in-time” feature.

Use one of our professionally designed webinar templates to look fine for your attendees.

  • Ready to use template automated live chat

You can anticipate the needs of your customers in advance by pre-scheduling the questions and answers that will appear in the live chatbox. If attendees have additional questions during the webinar, they can submit them in the question box which will send you an email so you can follow up directly.

Come on during a recorded presentation to answer questions live.

  • Combine automated and live dynamic attendee numbers

Since you’re offering your webinar around the clock, you might want to simulate the live environment by making it appear as though there are many other attendees in the webinar room at the same time.

For example, if you want it to appear as though there are always between 400-450 attendees in the webinar room, you can set it up in advance so it appears this way to attendees.

  • Email reminders

Automated email notification reminders get send to all registrants after registration, the morning of the webinar, 15 minutes before the webinar starts, and even follows up with a recorded replay of the webinar

  • Product offers

Pick the perfect time to pop-up a special offer for your attendees so they can click to make a purchase on the spot. You can even create urgency around the offer by adding a countdown clock.

  • Live sales alerts

Take peer-pressure and urgency to the next level by showing attendees that other people in the webinar room are making purchases. Pop-up alerts to let them know others are buying to encourage them to do the same

  • Waiting room video

You can pre-record a custom video to play for attendees while they’re sitting in the “waiting room” waiting for the webinar to begin.

  • Replay comments

Webinar engagement and traffic can be improved by replaying the comments received in the comment box. Replay comments generate traffic

  • Record and replay

Record your webinars with the click of a button. After the webinar, they will automatically post to your channel. You can build a repository of recorded webinars that can be replayed time and again.

  • Full-featured host controls

Mute/unmute panelists, and promote an attendee to panelist, giving them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement. You as a host has the highest level of control in a webinar.

  • Registration

This feature of Skola Groups allows attendees to register for webinar attendance within the application.

  • Polls & Surveys

Polls & Surveys are launched, answered, and reviewed during a session while surveys are sent after the webinar ends. It allows attendees to engage with the host better.

  • Analytics and report system

Once your webinar is over, you can learn how effective it was using detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A.

  • Inbuilt email funnel

In Skola Groups E-mail invitations are built-in and are customizable and designed to maximize conversion rates Now you don’t have to create a pre-webinar reminder email, Skola Groups will do it for you.

  • Social media integration

Integrates with social media sites to allow for streaming across sites be it facebook, youtube or instagram.

  • Skola Groups integration

Skola Groups is mintware suite product that can easily be integrated with another Mintware Suite product Skola Groups to make work easier and faster

  • Autoresponder and email integrations

We have direct integrations with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. You can also integrate with any other app via Zapier integration.

Super Ecovers PLR Review

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How Skola Groups works

Skola Groups Ease Of Use

The simplicity of usage has been praised, but we’re not done yet. This may be the simplest group coaching program to utilize of all the ones available.

To help you understand where we’re coming from, let’s go over the main settings.

  • Setup

The simplicity of use is really astounding. While it can take up to two weeks to feel at ease with the system—to understand where things are, how to get help, etc.—it’s rather simple the moment you turn it on.

The capacity to organize groups, build courses, run debates, and everything else is readily available. Even if Skola Groups’ course selling features don’t make up the majority of users’ motivations, they do combine seamlessly with those of the community and content creators. You’re going to appreciate using this Group Coaching Program because setup is simple.

  • Hosting

Skola Groups and website hosting work well together. According to our independent analysis, there doesn’t seem to be much downtime for websites. This is ideal since you want your pupils to always be able to access information.

You do have access to Mighty Hosts, which is really amazing. It essentially functions as a feed activity filtering dashboard for creators. This is a benefit of your package, and it allows you to complete chores more quickly than if you opened a dozen tabs with the Group Coaching Program’s many sections all at once.

  • Domain creation

It’s easy to set up your domain. Most of the time, Skola Groups takes care of it for you. Simply choose between the Community Plan and the Business Plan, both of which include domain registration.

Although this is excellent, it cannot be integrated correctly with an email address from your domain. You do have access to Zapier through the Business Plan with the domain setup, which makes it quite simple to automate processes. That, however, is not included in the Community Plan.

With the exception of transaction costs, neither strategy really slows you down during domain setup. Whichever option you select, setting everything up will be quite easy.

  • Templates

The Skola Groups course and community templates may be straightforward, but they function well. Students want something that looks good and is simple to use, not something with cutting-edge design.

Without a doubt, Skola Groups’ templates are simple, but that’s all you actually need. Every template works well with mobile responsiveness thanks to easy access to course material and a simple, roomy style.

How To Use Skola Groups

Create a profile, sign up, and you’re essentially in. Your social media-like dashboard on Skola Groups allows you to post to your community, get comments, and connect with other users and students.

If you’ve ever used any kind of social networking platform, you’ll quickly feel at home here. Even if Skola Groups talks you through everything, it’s a good idea to look at their FAQ page as well for further details.

  • Course creators

Building your course has a neat, straightforward design. You start by describing the many modules (module one, module two, and so on) that make up your course. Within each of these modules, you have a variety of choices.

It’s a really simple concept that feels similar to creating folders inside of folders on your computer.

You can make Quick Posts in each of these courses to inform your students of updates or if a new course requires rapid action. You’ll have all the tools you need to maintain the sense of community in your courses with polls and events.

  • Builder of communities

Skola Groups’ ability to foster communities is likely one of its finest features, but you can’t make students use it. Some students who already lead busy lifestyles might just want to go on, finish their job, and leave. nothing in the middle.

Skola Groups focuses on keeping users engaged. To get the most out of your website or app, you want your students to spend the (required) time there. An fantastic analytical method to gauge how well your courses are accepted is community participation.

  • Skola Groups Analytics

The majority of the time, analytics are quite reliable. You can acquire useful video-based analytics.

If you continue along the same path, the information you do have access to allows you to anticipate your journey, who is seeing it, and where it will end up. Though not fantastic, it is undoubtedly helpful for man’s analytical needs.

  • Customer Service for Skola Groups

It’s easy to get in touch with Skola Groups, and you’ll get a response from them right away.

Emails were typically answered within one to three hours with useful information and work hours that went beyond what the majority of businesses give for customer care hours.

In addition to being fantastic, the experience is useful. We’ve all dealt with customer service departments that just don’t seem to know what they’re doing, but you’re in excellent hands with the tiny, committed Skola Groups crew. I haven’t had any problems with them yet, to my knowledge.

  • How Can Skola Groups Help You Market and Sell Your Courses?

You make arrangements using Skola Groups. In order to offer courses online through their course creator, you can either sign up for network subscriptions or sell a bundle.

Membership to the same service, groups, extra courses (perhaps not in the same category), and community material can all be sold at once. similar to an all-access pass.

No Group Coaching Program will provide you with complete marketing functionality, however Skola Groups does allow you the opportunity to design and build sales pages, which function similarly to landing pages. Utilize these through a PPC advertising strategy to attract prospective students and increase course enrollment.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Honest Skola Groups Review – My Opinion: Is It Worth Using?

As you might have guessed, Skola Groups focuses entirely on the networking aspect of offering online courses. Skola Groups helps you establish trust with your pupils by emphasizing community interaction rather than having them read a FAQ.

You are encouraged to contribute to the community-driven material as well. You can anticipate frequent community contact to aid in bringing organic SEO traffic to your website if your class size is large enough.

The community component, Skola Groups’ main selling point, actually benefits you more than you might initially imagine. If you don’t want this information to appear in search results, you may change it to private or paid.

Is Skola Groups Right for You?

If you are reading a Skola Groups review, you undoubtedly have that question first in your mind.

You’ve probably noticed a sudden increase in online “influencers” if you use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. These are people who are successful by promoting their brands to their online friends and followers. As a result, a lot of edupreneurs and course developers are riding the wave by utilizing this business model.

However, if you only use social networking sites, it would be nearly impossible to enter the Passion Economy market owing of their lack of course-creation functionality.

The Passion Economy: What Is It? Simply said, it’s a means for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and edupreneurs alike to dramatically scale their enterprises while also generating passive income.

Simply pick a subject that interests you, produce e-learning material, and charge your members a monthly fee to access it.

So Skola Groups is a great option if you’re seeking for a special tool to help launch your Passion Economy firm. Consider Skola Groups as the home of your brand, where your website, online programs, and social media links are all housed.

If you’ve never managed a website or an online store, this task could seem overwhelming. Where do you even start with these complex features? Fortunately, you don’t have to be tech adept to utilize Mighty to its full potential! Additionally, the transfer is particularly simple if you are familiar with social networking.

Skola Groups has an impressively flat learning curve because it requires no technical expertise. Despite this, it provides a lot of assistance for novice users. To breeze through the setup process, just adhere to the prompts, templates, and utilize the drop-downs as a reference.

You’ll quickly create stunning e-learning courses thanks to how straightforward and simple it is to use! You’ll be able to promote and sell your courses almost immediately because its membership sites serve as online communities.

Skola Groups is a platform that lives up to its name by performing the majority of the “heavy lifting.” You can concentrate on the enjoyable parts of content creation rather than worrying with the technical aspects of getting your site up and running or spending money on third-party marketing tools.

Therefore, continue reading if you’re looking for a platform that hosts, markets, and sells digital learning without sacrificing its ability to create courses.

It’s entirely possible. We are aware of Skola Groups’ advantages and disadvantages as well as what they can do for you. Only you are aware of your wants, so if you like what you see, it would be worthwhile to give them a shot.

By integrating an intuitive, user-friendly, robust online course platform with the influencers and platforms that have been proved to be successful on social media, Skola Groups is revolutionizing the e-learning industry.

Skola Groups is a wise choice for any course designer because it is a one-stop shop with the capacity to create and host appealing websites, gather a sizable membership base, and provide interesting online courses. And what they ask for is not a lot. The one time cost of their Business package is merely $67.

You simply can’t afford to wait to get started with Skola Groups with its cutting-edge features and tremendous potential to generate passive revenue for you.

This concludes our evaluation of Skola Groups. Start your 30-day Free Trial now if you’re ready to bring the social back into learning while making money from sharing your interest!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Skola Groups Review)!

Skola Groups Bonus

Skola Groups OTOs and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab Skola Groups with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Skola Groups ($67)

  • Skola Groups Software
  • ‘Pre-Start Coaching Portal’
  • Post updates to students
  • Events calendar
  • Customizeable group coaching training area
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Customizeable Emails
  • Integrations
  • Drip Feeding
  • Color Palettes
  • Daily Actions
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($67)

  • Unlock Multi-Course Classrooms: You can now giveaway or sell multiple courses right from within 1 classroom
  • Groups Connect: Automatically send login information when a member joins your group from an external software like SamCart, ActiveCampaign etc
  • Run Co-horts: Deliver your training program live over a few days or weeks
  • Certificates: Reward members for completing a course within your group with a personalized printable certificate
  • Transcripts: Add transcripts under any of your video lessons for your members to read
  • Zoom Automation: Schedule meetings into your Groups PRO calendar and automatically generate a meeting in Zoom
  • Advanced Tracking: Track how your members interact within your group, their activity and account status
  • Custom Meeting Schedules: Choose unique dates and times you want to run your meetings
  • Discussion Topics: Create ‘categories’ within discussions. Members can categorize their posts
  • Community Polls: Run polls users can vote on right from within your community discussions
  • Pin Posts: Highlight important posts within your community. Pin them to the top
  • Community Moderation: Automatically moderate discussions & language used within your community
  • Light & Dark Modes: Provide your members with both light and dark modes for engaging with your groups

OTO 2: Business Edition ($67/Mo)

  • Team management: Scale your business inviting team members to join and help you to manage your campaigns.
  • Help Desk: Manage all of the support of your group within one place inside of your group.
  • Private Messaging: Enable private messaging for your members. Members can communicate with one another through private messaging.
  • External API Connections: Send data to other external software. Integrate with other external software.
  • Email Announcements: Broadcast posts & announcements as emails. Send email notifications to your members at the same time you post an update or announcement.
  • Custom Notifications: Members within your group get notified whenever an action takes place.
  • White Label Branding: Rebrand your Skola interface for your team.
  • Advanced Automations: Create new automations inside of your group.
  • Student Tracking: Track the actions your students take within your group. Track each individual action and monitor what your members are doing within your group.
  • Group Analytics: Monitor your groups members overall activity.

OTO 3: Agency License ($349)

Grow Your Own 6 Figure Agency With Skola. Create Funnels, Digital Products & Events for businesses. Make more money delivering quality solutions. Get paid $7000 for every campaign.

This is an enhancement to Skola for agencies & consultants. When you upgrade today to Skola Agency. You and all of your clients, team members and customers benefit.

When you upgrade to Skola Agency. Any purchase you’ve made previously or make into the future within Skola’s eco-system automatically has ‘Agency features’ applied to it. You can then sell each as a service package to businesses

OTO 4: Skola Events ($197)

Skola Funnels gives a user access to a funnel software for creating salespages to sell their Skola groups access.

Skola Groups Alternatives


KlickCourse is an all inclusive multi-feature membership & course builder, it’s the first of it kind because it not only builds the membership & courses, but it also allows you to license other wordpress plugin & theme, webapp or desktop software solution.

In a nutshell, KlickCourse is a cloud-based solution that makes it 3-step simple to drive recurring profits & build your list SIMPLY by doing things you already love to do. It EVEN includes premium DFY videos so you can setup multiple income sites without ANY of your own content.

Read my KlickCourse Review!

ECourse Agency

ECourse Agency is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create, promote, and sell your online courses, offering an advanced and easy-to-use editor that makes your videos outstanding.

With a variety of features available, you can augment your footage, and in a few clicks, you can arrange these features in the way and the exact moment you want them to appear.

eCourse Agency is here to let anyone become their own product creator and owner, so they can have their own successful online business. It’s a complete, step-by-step PROVEN system for creating and selling digital products.

Read my ECourse Agency Review!


Courserious 2.0 is a breakthrough platform that provides users an exceptional opportunity to build their own online business & brand by selling courses in just minutes.

In the details, this is the cloud-based software that lets you upload and sell courses online in any niche, on your own marketplace, in just a few clicks.

Packed with all its advanced features and 550+ DFY courses (eBooks) in extremely hot niches to start selling right away, this app is proven to provide you life-changing results without all the hassle.

Read my Courserious Review!

Skola Groups Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Skola Groups Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

Skola Groups Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus




  • A tidy interface: This is a pleasure to use and create courses on because it has enough of spacing and is entirely clutter-free. Even on their website, Skola Groups, you can tell that they employ their own designs because they are confident in their efficacy.
  • Adaptable Designs: Everything is simple to use for both students and course designers. The platform offers easy access to information and course materials, and users generally enjoy using it.
  • It goes without saying that charging for community and course access is the whole objective, but in this case, charging for access to your services is done efficiently and at a minimal transaction cost.
  • Notifications to Members and Students: Send students updates whenever you change the course materials, if new courses are added, or whenever you respond to one of their social media messages. They can alter it to their preferences to prevent annoyance or disregard.
  • Automate webinars as if it’s LIVE
  • Share files directly on the webinar
  • Conduct Q&A session
  • Password protection webinar
  • Automated webinar with Live chat
  • Customize Branding
  • Monitize replay pages with PayPal
  • Zapier Integration
  • See LIVE location of all attendies
  • Polls and surveys
  • Custom Domain Integration


  • No Platform Integration for the Course: It can be tricky to transfer from another Group Coaching Program. While it’s simple, only certain platforms and communities can be ported over, as we discussed in the introduction. If not, you’ll run into some barriers. There are only a few minor obstacles to overcome.

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