XBotz Review: It’s Time For You To Improve YOUR Online Selling Results

Marketing Is Changing. And you’re right here at the right time to jump on board these $$$ winds of change. It’s time to start treating customers like people, not statistics. Why? Because it will pay dividends on your sales and profits.

Customer behavior is changing. Customers are getting wise. They’re zoning out from traditional marketing techniques. It’s never been more important to ENGAGE your visitors. They need something to spark their interest, to catch their eye, to make them engage.

And in this XBotz Review today, I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

XBotz Review

What is XBotz?

There’s nothing better when you’re bored, than getting your teeth into something new, something stimulating, something creative. ACTUALLY – there is… Something new, stimulating, creative and profitable.

If you’re like me, You’d Rather spend time doing things you love… Instead of spinning your wheels, getting stuff done and having nothing to show for it.

What If There was a better solution? What if you could have a tool to take care of your entire marketing for you? An app that can automate the endless process…

XBotz is a Revolutionary ‘artificial intelligence’ bot technology that converts passive prospects into sales and leads… all completely on autopilot. It’s a first to market solution, allowing you to create engagement-boosting, lead-getting custom bots in just a few clicks.

This is the revolutionary 4 in one drag and drop bot creator that delivers a new hyper level of engagement, and turns passive prospects into paying customers…

All completely on autopilot, empowering you to make BOTS in just 5 easy steps that automatically multiply your conversions, stop your visitors from aimlessly scrolling and direct their attention directly to your sale, sign up for service, helping you to close every time amplify your engagement…

Xbotz is a powerful, new tool that automates your entire online business, and allows you to focus on the most important things. I am pretty sure that you are sick and tired of wasting hours of your time posting content manually and reaching out to people. There is only so much you can do right?

Xbotz is the worlds first social poster, and facebook fanpage, groups messenger chatbot and Instagram chat bot. It will change the way you do social media and messenger marketing on complete pilot.

The creators Build An App That Automates Entire Social Media Marketing On Autopilot. This new App allows you to do the things you did before, posting content and messaging your clients… But Now On Complete Autopilot….

The Best Part is You Can Schedule All Your Social Media in Advance. And Have Bots Automatically Messager Your Potential Leads./ Plus A Whole Lot More…

For the first time ever, you will be able to leverage 3 new Bot technology that has not been launched before: In-page bot, Modalbot, VideoBot and the conventional regular chatbot to generate more qualified leads from website visitors.

  • XBotzs are by far the best bots in converting visitors into leads. The reason is that XBotz is a natural part of website content and not an external distracting element that interrupts the visitor. XBotz can ask just the right questions at the right place and time.
  • Chatbots are typically used to meet customer needs quickly. People are super busy and impatient so you’ll need to make sure that customers find answers quickly or otherwise you will lose them.
  • ModalBot is a natural part of the website. You can customize the colors, fonts, and buttons according to your website. You can also add your own custom CSS if wanted.
  • Easy to build interactive videos Build choice-based interactive experiences in minutes with the Composer, our simple drag-and-drop browser-based tool. Connect videos, link out to additional content and call-to-actions, manage captions, and more — all this without writing a single row of code.

With XBotz, you can have a play with TONS of addictive artificial intelligence bots – That will bring your sites, emails and social media to LIFE! Bringing unprecedented engagement – Sky-rocketing your sales, conversions and profits – AND you’re even getting an unlimited commercial license to sell these bots on to others for pure profit.

Plus You’ll Also get access to… The Exact Funnels To USE To Build up a Highly Responsive Facebook Messenger List with our Favorite Paid Traffic Source. That Will Allow You To See Faster Results. Why these funnels are the best way to go in 2021. And The Exact Traffic Sources to Use.

So use them to improve YOUR results – or sell them to others – Either way – they’re new, revolutionary and FUN – and you’re going to LOVE them. XBotz is the future of marketing… And the future is already here.

Customers are (rightfully) demanding MORE from their online experiences. Only by using XBotz can you give them that experience. Retail changed a long time ago… now it’s time for you to improve your online selling results.

This is the most powerful All In One Solution To Everything you do online – From List Building, Info Gathering, Selling Products, Writing Content. This Tool will take care of your entire marketing for you. If you want a TOOL to take care of your entire marketing for you then you need to grab xbotz at the cheapest possible price today.

Check out the next parts of this XBotz Review about all the real-life bots you can make and profit from – for yourself and paying clients.

XBotz Review Overview


Vendor Kent Brosser
Product XBotz
Launch Date 2021-Sep-11
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Social Media Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Anthony Rousek

XBotz was created by Anthony Rousek and his partners Kent Brosser and Luiz Cesar. Anthony is a well-known, experienced marketer. Many people share a similar experience with me when using his quality products such as Commission Breakthrough, etc.

This team can deliver interesting and useful marketing solutions for you. Now, let’s look at the next part of this XBotz Review and find out its features.

Key Features

Let’s take a minute to recap what you will get today:

  • Multiplies Your Conversions: artificial intelligence bots stop your visitors from aimlessly scrolling and direct their attention directly to your sale, sign up or service. Helping you to close every time.
  • Amplifies Your Engagement: artificial intelligence bots engage your prospects with real-time conversation, personalization and fun. Building trust, rapport and treating each and every one of your visitors like a person and not just a statistic.
  • Surges Your Sales: artificial intelligence bots grab your prospect’s attention, keep them focused on ‘the prize’ and don’t let go until you make the sale. Every time.
  • Boosts Your ROI: 10x the power of your traffic with engagement boosting bots that make sure that your traffic is never wasted and visitors never leave your page without giving you what you want.
  • ‘Set and Forget’ – Works Completely On Autopilot. You create your bots exactly how you want them. Then set them to ‘go’ and allow them to do the hard work, without you ever having to lift a finger again.
  • Cloud-Based: Build your bots online, in app, with absolutely nothing to download ever.
  • Fast, Easy (And FUN!) To Build: Use our template driven builder with Drag n’ Drop ease to build attention-grabbing perfect bots in just minutes. No coding experience or technical knowledge needed! 100% newbie friendly.
  • Unlimited Everything: You can create and sell as many bots as you like. You have limitless possibilities to make as many inpage, chat, modal and video bots as you like. (And make bank from them!) Use on your sites, social media and email or create for clients in any niche.
  • Realistic, Personal Automation: Next generation artificial intelligence interacts with your customers in real time, as if they were real people. Your customers never have to know you’re not really there! Once you’ve created your bots, you never have to lift another finger ever.
  • Never Been Seen In Our Market Before Technology: Using our app users can create XBotzs, Chat Bots, Modal bots and Video Bots that can not be found on any other softwares in the market. (Our closest competitors charge over $797 per month for the same kind of service!)
  • Integrates Seamlessly With The Most Powerful Platforms Online: Including WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, bigcommerce and americommerce… The top autoresponders; Including GetResponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane, Active Campaign Market Hero and more. PLUS with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • Really Easy (And Profitable!) To Sell On With Your Included Commercial Licence: Make big bucks $$$ by making artificial intelligence bots for other people and cash in on their need with a quality solution. And keep 100% of the profits!’
  • XBotz is really simple and intuitive to use. But still, to make sure you get off to an absolutely flying start, the team are giving you help in the members area to get up & running creating, selling and getting results from your engagement bots faster than a runner off the starting block.

Honest XBotz Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

Offline businesses need you more than ever… With the current Coronavirus pandemic – (I hope you and yours are staying safe right now). Offline businesses need all the help we can give them.

A lot of physical stores and businesses are having to close – Offline businesses are going to have to adjust the way they sell – To find new ways of servicing their customers online – To adapt the way that they usually sell or provide their services –

At a time when more people will be turning online to get services and products they need. It’s a hard time for everyone and for some businesses, it’s going to be a difficult transition… And if YOU can bring all the engagement-soaring, techniques retail stores have been using to surge their sales for years –

To business’s ONLINE sales – At a time when more people will be turning to online services than EVER – YOU are going to make it just that little bit easier for them – And maybe even help to keep their businesses going through this tough time.

When you get your unlimited license to create and sell artificial intelligence bots onto other online and offline businesses. You will be offering a valuable service, at a time when it’s REALLY needed.

This is not about taking advantage – this is about genuinely helping businesses – Bringing the techniques that have been optimizing selling in store for years – Right to their online offers. At a time when they REALLY need you.

This revolutionary artificial intelligence technology converts passive prospects into sales and leads… all completely on autopilot. They’re in page BOTS, chat BOTS, video BOTS and modal bots… all designed to grab your prospects attention, shake up their engagement and not let it go until you’ve got the sale… all completely on autopilot.

This is groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology in action… it adds a huge touch of the personal aspect, bringing the mass money-making techniques that retail has been using to increase their profits and customer engagement for years… like personalization personal greetings and helpful questions, write to your online selling and automates it all for you.

XBotz was designed to help you create engagement-boosting, sales-surging, profit-making bots for both YOU AND clients. With your unlimited commercial licence included, you can make bots for hungry clients and keep 100% of the profit!

XBotz is 100% intuitive and easy to use, meaning you should have almost zero chance of problems. But on the off-chance you do need any assistance, there’s a rock solid support team on hand to answer your every need within 24 or 48 hours (depending on your licence choice) – guaranteed.

Ongoing updates are automatically pushed to the software so you’ll always have the most updated version – leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this XBotz Review):

XBotz Bonus

How does XBotz work?

In this section of XBotz Review, I am going to show you all the details on how to create a chatbot, XBotz that engage your customers. So Why Create Your Own Chatbot?

There are many reasons why custom-built chatbots can be worth your while.

  • First of all, creating your own chatbot, XBotz is a great experience. It will force you to answer some fundamental questions about your business, your customers, and the goals you want to accomplish. Designing bots gives you a fresh perspective on some of the most critical issues related to customer relationship management.
  • Secondly, by customizing your chatbot, XBotz you connect with your customers on a completely different (and better) level. You can create a bot and inject some true personality into the way you communicate with your potential clients.
  • Last but not least, being able to quickly customize your chatbots and XBotzs can give you an advantage over other businesses.

By modifying bots manually and analyzing how well they perform you can do some experiments. When you are the one in control you can quickly see what chatbot messages work best for you.

  • A: Hello. How can I be of service?
  • B: Hi! You look wonderful today. Want to build a chatbot like me?

For example, do you know which of these two chatbot welcome messages gets more clicks? You can check it for yourself. It takes only several minutes to create a chatbot that welcomes your visitors and collects their emails.

It Can’t Get Any Easier Than This… Once You Go Through The XBOTZ Training, you will be able to generate facebook messenger leads, and Have An App that Automates The Entire process. That will Allow you to get more facebook messenger leads.

Plus don’t forget everything is shown to you in an over the shoulder step by step video training.

4 Easy Steps To Automate Your Entire Social Media Automation And See The Results…

  1. Login to your Xbotz Account
  2. Schedule Your Weekly Social Media Content
  3. Setup Your High Responsive ChatBots
  4. Send Traffic Using Sources We Show

So Do I Need to Code to Create a bot?

To create a chatbot, XBotz you don’t need to know any programming language. You can build a fully-functional bot for your website by using one of the popular chatbot building platforms. Today, anyone can create a chatbot online without any coding skills.

People frequently ask — “I want to create a chatbot. What technology should I use?”. Well, there could be only one answer — “It depends”. Do you want to make a Facebook chatbot that will have conversations through Facebook Messenger? Or do you want to use NLP and AI?

When you want to build a Natural Language Processing chatbot to win the Loebner Prize you probably need some Python, machine learning experience, and a lot of determination. These are the chatbots you do need to code.

However, if your goal is to create a simple eCommerce chatbot for your online store, you can do it yourself in minutes. No coding skills required! Even actions that may seem complex and technically difficult can be performed with a single action.

For instance, you can easily create a chatbot, XBotz that collects emails from your customers by adding one drag-and-drop icon within its chat flow. So How to Create a Chatbot, XBotz in Minutes How long does it take to build a bot?

We have some good news – you can create your own bot right here, right now. It will take no longer than 15 minutes to set up your first custom-made chatbot or XBotz on your website. Even less if you use WordPress or Shopify!

There is nothing to be afraid of. To create a bot and make it appear on your website you need to create an account at XBOTZ, and open the chatbot, XBotz builder in the Chatbots panel. You can either build your own bot with a drag-an-drop chatbot builder or employ one of the 250+ bot templates.

You can create completely custom bots, but the great thing about XBotz is you don’t have to. Create and personalize ANY engagement bot with just a few clicks and in a matter of minutes. The drag n’ drop technology and template driven builder means it couldn’t be easier to create bots, get results and profit.

Who is XBotz for?

If you are an Internet Marketer, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the right tools to run your business. It Doesn´t Matter If You Are A Newbie Or An Experienced Marketer You Have The Same Problems And Issues To Wrestle With…

The challenge.. As Far As Being An Experienced Marketer, The Challenge Is To Find A Good Functional Product With A Balance Between Customers, Price and Functionality.

Having Said That, There Are Also Other Parameters Such As Competition On The Day Of Your Launch, The Market Is Limited But There Is Still A Descent Opportunity To Sell A Good Product.

Then You Have The Marketing Plan And The Affiliates You Manage To Get To Sell Your Product. You Also Need To Get Into The “Reciprocation Game” That Starts With You “Giving To Others” When It Comes To Selling.

The solution.. A Platform That Will Help You With List building, Info gathering and Making Questions To Your Followers. So You Can Focus On The Important Decision making, Rounding Up Affiliates, Marketing plans And Selling Products.

That’s where XBotz comes into play! This App is Perfect

  • If You’re Affiliate Marketer Generating Free Traffic WIth Social Media
  • Struggling To Manage Time To Get Consistent Results For Your Business.
  • You’re looking For A Solution without having to Manually post content daily
  • You’re Looking For a Solution without having to spend time chatting with your Leads
  • You Have A Bunch of Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Groups this app will allow you to manage all of them at once.
  • You like to do SMS Marketing to your potential leads
  • You Use Multiple Platforms To Manage Your Social Media Content

XBotz OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab XBotz with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: XBotz $27

Here Are Some Incredible Features You Can Get With Xbotz

  • Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Facebook and Instagram Comment Bot
  • E-Commerce Bot
  • Email Marketing
  • Sms Marketing
  • Instagram, Facebook and Other Social Poster
  • Multichannel Marketing Software
  • Build Fully Interactive and Highly Responsive chatbots
  • Plus Complete Training On How To Use The Entire App to Generate Facebook Messenger Leads Using Our Favorite Paid Traffic Source to get faster results.

OTO 1: Visual Flow Builder $47/month

Visual Flow Builder – Set and Forget Messenger Marketing Bots. Never Worry About Replying Back To Facebook and Instagram Messeges 10X Your Profits Without Lifting a Finger

With This Upgrade, You Get Everything You Need To Quickly Make 6 Figures Online…

  • Discover How To Use The Power of The Visual Flow Builder To Automate Your Entire Facebook and Instagram Marketing
  • Build Fully Interactive and Highly Responsive Chatbots Smoothly and Comfortably
  • UNLIMITED Income Potential By Engaging customers with your business on complete Autopilot
  • Over The Shoulder Step By Step Training To Help You Generate Sales & Commissions FAST
  • Premium Support Direct From The Vendors
  • Additional Money Making Features Included
  • No Annual or Monthly Fees – Just One time Investment
  • Our Exact Strategies That We’re Using To Generate Thousands Per Day As Affiliates

This makes the Visual Flow Builder the fastest and easiest way to engage with your customers on Facebook and Instagram to really CASH IN BIG TIME! Just think about it, imagine getting bombarded with over 100 messages a day! Imaging being able to automate the process.

Thats what you can do with the Visual Flow Builder. You can build a highly profitable chat bots without actually chatting to customs. Which will save time and in return start producing affiliate commissions on complete AUTO-PILOT!

With The Visual Flow Builder Upgrade you can build as many chatbots for any affiliate product you want to increase your income and gain more freedom in your life. With this upgrade you’ll get everything you need to be a successful affiliate marketer using The Visual Flow Builder.

OTO 2: Done For You Service $67

This Removes All The Work And Any Chance Of Getting It Wrong… With This upgrade, you get 10 DFY CHATBOTZ FOR The Visual Flow Builder For You

  • Get 10 Pack of Done For You Chatbots
  • Sales Chat Bots
  • List Building Bots
  • Social Media Following Bots
  • Welcome Bot
  • No Experience Needed!
  • 10x Your Income Overnight
  • Just Implement it into the System and Your Good To Go


Some people simply just don’t have the time to do everything on there own.

If you want our team to set up some chatbots for you, just simply get the setup service, book in a call and get our team to set up some chatbots using the visual flow builder for any affiliate marketing campaign.

This includes a 30 minutes coaching call to walk you through the entire software and visual flow builder so you can get maximum results with your social media marketing

With This Upgrade, You Get Everything DONE FOR YOU WITH OUR SETUP SERVICE

  • Importing Social Media Accounts of Your Choice into Xbotz
  • Setup Chatbotz in The Visual Flow Builder for an affiliate promo
  • Setup Landing Page To Send Traffic To Your New Messenger List
  • 30 Minute Coaching Call To Ensure That You Know How To Use The System

OTO 4: Coaching Masterclass $147/Month

Get some insights on how to get the most out of xbotz by joining our masterclass. Your customs get up to 45 minutes of weekly Group Coaching From us..

Here’s What’s Included In This Exclusive VIP Coaching Upgrade!

  • You’ll gain access to a Special Group Coaching Facebook Group
  • Access To 4 Group Coaching Session Per Month
  • Personal Help and Support
  • Access To Ongoing Up-To-Date Training That Will Blow Your Mind
  • You’ll Instantly Increase Your Ability To Make More Money Faster Than You Had Ever Thought Possible

OTO 5: Resell Rights $197

With This Upgrade, You Get Everything You Need To Quickly Make 6 Figures Online…

  • Reseller License – You’ll get complete rights to sell XBOTZ and keep 80% of the profits.  This is a game changing opportunity for the newbie marketer and the experienced marketer
  • Done For You PRODUCT – That’s Right, you’ll get the rights to sell XBOTZ System as your OWN – making you look very professional
  • Done For You Email Swipes – You’ll also get access to the follow up emails that have been custom written to grab peoples attention to buy the upsells and go back into the funnel to buy other products and services.
  • Done For You Tech Setup – Everything will be completely setup by my team of experts, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

XBotz Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my XBotz Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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XBotz Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Evergreen – Set it up Once and use our method to continue Profiting
  • Build Facebook Messenger Leads
  • Perfect For newbies
  • Results in as little as 24hrs
  • Simple Easy To Use Software
  • Step by step Instructional Videos on How To Use The Features.
  • Full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • You will need a good internet connection.

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