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Bizggro Review: best business management solution for small business

Bizggro Review: This system can dramatically change the productivity of your business

Bizggro Review

Hi there, We have worked very hard to address common and the most important problems of small to medium scale businesses. As a small business, you must be using some sort of accounting software to keep the record of all of your financial transactions. If you have customers you must be using some kind of CRM system to keep all the data of the customers in one place. When it comes to contract signing there is a document signing software like docusign.com or any other software on monthly recurring, file sharing, document storage etc.

As a small business, it becomes extremely difficult to afford multiple subscriptions or even to learn how to operate multiple systems which could prove challenging. Do not despair because we have solved all of your software problems. There is a product called Bizggro software suite which consists of every functionality for a small business. Let’s check out my Bizggro Review below for more details about it!

Bizggro Review


Bizggro is an all in one business growth & management software system, using which small businesses, solopreneurs, and large corporations can grow their businesses multiple times by improving efficiency & productivity. Bizggro can replace top apps such as Xero, Quickbooks, Zoho, Salesforce, Docusign & several other business applications. These apps charge hefty monthly recurring payments in excess of $5000, Bizzgro can do all that these apps do and a lot more for just for a one-time payment of $29.

Bizggro is so powerful yet scalable that if you have staff you can use its HR module to keep staff records intact. Tasks management is another powerful system. If you are working alone from home Bizggro task management will improve your efficiency and keep you ahead of your schedule. Never miss an important business schedule to do with task management. Bizggro is such a proven system that it will not only help you to grow rapidly but its scalability will allow you to use Bizggro at every stage from small to medium to large corporation i.e. Bizggro will grow your business and always be on your side as a business partner, personal assistant or as an intelligent accountant. In the next parts of this Bizggro Review I will show you more details about it!


Bizggro Review

Vendor Salman Mahmood
Product Bizggro
Launch Date 2018-Apr-23
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $29
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Bizggro Review

Tabfu Pro was created by Salman Mahmood – Founder and CEO of BleuPage Limited. This is the parent software company of world’s renowned softwares such as, BleuPage Pro and Tabfu Pro. They specialize in creating innovative softwares that could help marketers and entrepreneurs execute their daily chores with stellar efficiency.

They have a specialized team that works day in and out to research and come up with trend breaking innovations that have the potential of revolutionizing the software industry. They value the feedback of their users and tweak all of their softwares occasionally to fulfill the desires of the customers and to match up with realtime trends in the shape of frequent updates.

BleuPage Limited currently owns: BleuPage Pro, Tabfu Pro and Bizggro and has a worldwide customer more than 16,000. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Bizggro Review and find out its features.


Here are the key features that you will get inside:


Employee performance with decision making can be a great hassle. Bizggro administration creates specific business units, users, teams and security roles.Easily manage teams, content, and everything in between to keep your organization running smoothly.


Bizgrro HR Management system module involves everything related to the employer-employee relationship. It is the core business function essential to the company’s effective operation. Supporting and managing your company’s employees and associated processes can be easily measured here.


Track everything you or your team does – in-house tasks, personal tasks, and client project work all in one place. Divide and conquer that to-do list with Bizggro task management. Achieve more by breaking huge tasks into smaller sub-tasks, spend more time conquering and less time on the dividing part.


Business plans, profitable campaign execution , complex reports now made easier. A full stack of all your digital assets together, the most cost effective solution for your target audiences. In any organization,you need all your marketing campaigns in a smooth transition well you got ONE.

  • CRM

Complete Customer Management (you can convert the opportunities into customers with complete management sources).


Keep your on/off track marketing campaigns; synchronize your target market analysis data, write / track / indulge your lead source here. You can also automate your target market with leads based on updates to the information to reach out the proper data.


Establishing your goals and time lines at regular intervals throughout your sales also maintaining your pace on those timelines has never been easier. Buyers and sellers can easily promote their products and also manage their budget structure with the amazing dashboard statistics.


Merge your business contacts for multiple campaigns in this module and conduct effective resource planning to maximize productivity also supervise and improve daily activities here. Save all data from products, annual revenue etc. A complete custom management module, where you can generate multiple contacts wr.t. Country, street, state & zip code. Organize your contacts into groups.


Manage your staff event coordination such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, surprise parties, webinars and employee appreciation events. Stay organized, all your event details, event planning and project management discussion in one place. Save your clients details like post event details, scout and book various locations with the friendly dashboard.


Focus on your targeted audience and merger your contacts and keep them up-to-date, no coding or design required simply enter and save. Soft copies saved for multiple marketing purposes , share your newsletters internaly & externally Solicite marketing items for publication, edit contributions and keep a digital backup.


To ensure the integrity of bookkeeping, multiple leaders and managers use the financial management module to build basic pratices for a healthy business.


Manage all of your documents on the cloud. No need hardware to storage them yourself. You can upload and share multiple documents. Synced documents according to company requirement.


No need to fill out and sign your signature anywhere else, BIZGGRO got it all your documents are safe & secure draw your custom signatures. Your documents are important for us as well that is why they use SSL encryption during file transit. Add professional touches such as branding logo, tagline and more.


Planning and defining a budget for multiple purposes also manage your projects with in your department under a functional lead. Develop your policies and procedures to support the achievement of project objectives.


Manage all of your stock and keep an eye on the products in hot demand. Details of company products all under one roof. Beneficial For Warehouse Managers. Categorized


People use emails for collaboration, they use it combine all those domains where you have have a secure & reliable email service. Manage all major domain emails, select your email provider and sync your GMAILS , OUTLOOKS , YMAILS AND MORE.


The creators have co-located server with multiple security layers between user data and application, with restricted access to their Data, sensitive information is already being furthermore encrypted before it is stored. User documents are being stored on AWS s3 with their strict access policies.

Data theft, vandalism or SQL injections are prevented by SQL Server and is managed by .NET 4.6 & MS standards. Moreover, they have defined additional access layer to user data server from application server. To provide recoverability in case of any data lost they are constantly creating backups of user data.

HTTPS connections encrypt every request and response between client and server end-to-end, ensuring secure cookies, session and prevention from intruders. They also ensure maximum server upkeep, recoverability and prevention from different attacks including DDoS.

Bizggro Review


Small business owners have you ever wondered how the giants in your industry always end up grabbing more industry share then you? Well think of it in this way, these giants were also at one time startups or small businesses and have gradually crawled their way up the ladder.

Honestly speaking there are a ton of things that these big guns implement to stay on top, which can’t really be pinned down in this email. But one thing that the small businesses or startups lack is managing day to day activities, which damages the business to a massive scale.

Without proper management:

  • Resources waste their precious time.
  • Precious customer data gets muffled.
  • You don’t get transparent financial stats.
  • You have no control over the status of your projects.
  • And a ton of other critical such things.

Well, you don’t need to curse yourself for not taking business management seriously, as small business owners and startups, it’s really hard to hire a full-time staff to manage all of this or purchase tools that charge hefty monthly annual recurring payments.

Well, now is your chance to change the tide with Bizggro all in one business management system. Using Bizggro even a small team or even a single person can manage all of this for your business and guess what it doesn’t even cost a fortune.

Using Bizggro you can:

  • Manage all your administration tasks.
  • Manage your customer’s data.
  • Monitor all of your projects.
  • Manage share and sign documents online.
  • Manage all of your company events.
  • Manage all of your financial sections.
  • Function all of your HR department activities virtually.
  • Keep an eye on your stock.
  • And much more.

In addition, you will be getting tons the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:

Bizggro Review


  • Small Business (With No Employees)

With Bizggro you don’t need any of the financial software for raising invoices, process POs, maintaining products or inventory or for any other financial transactions.

  • SMEs (Small & Medium Business with Employees)

Bizggro is a highly scaleable solution from one person company / SoloPrenuers to Medium scale businesses can get full benefit of Bizggro features.

  • Large Corporations

Bizggro scalability allows large corporations to make best use of it by hosting it locally in their own premises or preferred hosting service. Bizggro can improve efficiency in large corporations and give full visibility to every department, employee activities.

  • Charities

Bizggro can handle all of your donations, memberships, recurring donations, assets, etc, you can automate the fundraising & donations procedure. With Bizggro you can integrate every single aspect of your charity management into one easy system, everything you need will be in a single place! With less work and more organisation, you will finally have the time and resources you need to reach your goals.

  • Sports & Community Clubs

Bizggro is an ideal software suite which can handle every aspect of your sports and community clubs. From memberships to financial records, events and newsletters are all covered in bizggro to give boost to your efficiency to your clubs. Digital signing can streamline membership forms signing and record of each member can be saved electronically

  • Government & Public Departments

Bizggro is so powerful that it can efficiently manage large scale government departments. The major issue with most of the government departments is efficiency and record handling. With Bizggro all departments can efficiently communicate with each other and increase productivity manyfolds.


For a limited time, you can grab Bizggro with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Bizggro ($29) >> See Details <<

  • Manage all the day to day business activities.
  • Get rid of hefty monthly subscriptions.
  • Say goodbye to using multiple software’s.
  • Get the ability to create 50 users.

OTO 1: Emails Big Box | Events Management ($47)  

  • Manage all of your emails in one screen.
  • Manage your events.
  • Segment your events according to various types.
  • Assign organizers.
  • Map start and end dates.
  • Highlight chief guest.
  • Upload detailed documents.

OTO 2: Users Chat | News-letter ($47)  

  • Chat with all of your employees at a single place.
  • Create specific groups for specific discussions.
  • Share files.
  • Create newsletters.
  • Manage your newsletters.
  • Segment newsletters according to various types.

OTO 3: Bizggro Unlimited License ($47)  

  • Create unlimited users Use every feature without any limit.
  • Utilize the unlimited power of Bizggro.
  • Never worry about any limitations expand as you like.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Bizggro Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Bizggro Review

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Bizggro Review

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