BingBucks Review: World’s Simplest System To Make Extra Income Using A Miracle System

Frustrated, Fed Up, Or Tired Of The BS?

Making money online is EASY … “they say” But “their” systems are never as simple as advertised. It’s frustrating because everyone knows it just takes TWO things to make money online:

  1. Traffic
  2. Offer

Put ‘em together, make money, right? Not quite. Traffic’s easy – Switch on any traffic source and boom!. But traffic by itself is USELESS. ​You NEED laser-targeted traffic together with the CORRECT Offers to make money.

That’s what I bring you today with my BingBucks Review below!

BingBucks Review

What is BingBucks?

BingBucks Is A Passive Income Revolution, A shockingly easy BREAKTHROUGH system. It automates penny clicks into commissions like clockwork… And even lets you earn for months without doing anything!

With BingBucks system, We used Bing Ads to siphon traffic from big companies and use that to our advantage (that’s our secret).

Making It EASIER… To Earn Bigger Commissions, More Often

  • WITHOUT Creating Content
  • WITHOUT Having Your Own Products
  • WITHOUT An Email List Or Social Audience
  • WITHOUT Building eCom stores
  • WITHOUT Fancy Websites
  •  WITHOUT Making & Posting Videos
  • WITHOUT Being An Expert in Anything
  • WITHOUT Waiting For Results
  • WITHOUT Learning Sales Copy or Marketing

​We found a traffic source so powerful and potent that we turn $1 into $10… sometimes even $20! With BingBucks, You Guaranteed Victory! The method is called Bing brand bidding.

When specific search phrases are entered into Bing or another search engine, PPC advertisements (such as Microsoft Ads) are configured to appear. For instance, when my own advertisements are active, they show up for obvious phrases like “copywriter.”

The process of bidding on branded terms or branded keywords of a third party, usually an advertiser with whom they are associated, is known as brand bidding, sometimes known as PPC brand bidding.

As a result, your advertising show up whenever that brand’s name is typed into a search engine. Driving traffic to the advertiser’s website is the aim. The cost of bids for search engine marketing may also rise as a result of PPC brand bidding.

An advertisement for a certain term will cost more the more businesses or consumers bid on it. Brand bidding is available on all popular ad networks, including Google AdWords, Yahoo!, and Bing Network.

The act of bidding on a third party’s brand terms so that your adverts show up when their brand is typed into a search engine is known as brand bidding. As an illustration, insurance company X might make a bid for the brand name “Aviva.”

The goal is to attract traffic to your own website using the brand term. The brand bidder believes that if they can create an advertisement that is sufficiently memorable and eye-catching, a web user will click on it, go to their website, and select their product rather than the one of the brand owner they initially searched for.

The goal is distraction, both psychologically and in terms of the user experience. BingBucks Brings It ALL To You Inside One Platform. Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

  • Unlimited Penny Click Traffic That CONVERTS
  • High Paying DONE FOR YOU Offers
  • 1-Click Scaling To Explode Your Results

This product uses exact, proven techniques to make passive income from Bing. You will be able to make commissions daily simply using a 3-step underground system

​This method has unlimited potential and will never go saturated. This is perfect for beginners to get started with paid ads and easily be profitable. We’re talking 5x-10x your money!

BingBucks Is The Easiest System We’ve Ever Created!

We can make that claim because the BingBucks System runs on COMPLETE autopilot. Keep in mind that “completely automated” didn’t exist… UNTIL NOW!

​We’re not here to tell you it’s 99% automated like the other gurus. They say 99% but let’s be real, you are expected to do HOURS of work before getting started

​Our system is 100% AUTOMATED. Only 5 minutes of setup is all you need! You can forget about “Trial & Error.”

​Once you Activate the system, it will work in the background to get siphon traffic from big players and give you money

Just give 5 minutes of your time to set it up and we are all good to go! So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this BingBucks Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

BingBucks Review Overview


Vendor Shawn Josiah
Product BingBucks
Launch Date 2022-Oct-21
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Bing Ads
Support Effective Response
Operating System Video Training Course
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Instructors

Shawn Josiah

Shawn Josiah and his partner Dan Khan are the vendors who have invented BingBucks, as well as a lot of other hot products and services on clickbank such as Profit Domination, PayingBee, SpotiCash, etc.

With his real-life experience in the field of digital marketing, Shawn has succeeded in helping numerous online entrepreneurs to become prosperous within his niches. Don’t miss out on the next part of my BingBucks Review as I will further explain its features.

What will you learn inside?

With the help of this series, search marketers will have a thorough understanding of brand bidding and how to effectively manage it to promote significant PPC growth.

There will be eight parts to the series

Historical Background of Bing PPC Management. I’ll talk about how Bing PPC optimization has changed over time and how brand bidding is the logical next development.

Keywords. It’s time to talk about the branded keywords themselves after the historical background has been established. This post will be metrics-driven and use data from The Search Monitor’s ad monitoring to examine the value of brand and brand-plus keywords to advertisers.

Top Techniques. Making recommendations is simple once keywords have been examined for brand bidding and undesirable competition. For your branded searches, this post will offer best practices for immediate responses as well as more extensive security precautions.

Partner connections. This module will discuss one of the most successful Bing brand bidding strategies: coordinating brand bidding with partners and affiliates to strengthen your brand.

Considering Competition. The advice in this module will help you reduce the escalating costs of competition for your branded searches. I’ll talk about strategies including copywriting, landing page creation, rank, and bids.

Legal Reactions. Legal options are available to lessen competition on your branded searches. This module will go over the law’s provisions, how to interpret them to your advantage, and possible remedies, such as filing complaints with the search engines.

Techniques for Bing Brand Bidding that Work. Brand bidding can be extremely beneficial if done correctly. This module will outline the best practices for bidding on the brands of other marketers and provide some instances of larger brands that have mastered the art of winning.

Brand Bidding In The Future. The brand bidding series will come to a close with a summary of each tip that was previously covered and suggestions on how to maintain your Bing brand bidding strategy adaptable in 2023 in order to take advantage of upcoming improvements.

And many more other training modules

  • In under 15 minutes, create Microsoft Advertising (Bing) campaigns
  • To get clicks for less than 10 cents, use Microsoft Ads in Bing.
  • Create Keyword Lists for Microsoft Advertising (Bing) Campaigns in Minutes
  • Bing Ads can be used to effectively advertise affiliate items from Clickbank.
  • building a customer base through step-by-step instruction to leverage in future affiliate marketing
  • Learn how to use Bing Advertising for affiliate marketing and all of its ins and outs.
  • How to cooperate with Clickbank product owners to obtain larger commission rates in order to increase your income
  • In less than 5 minutes, create effective and affordable Microsoft Bing ad campaigns.
  • Find Cheap, New, and Profitable Keywords with My Advanced Keyword Research Method
  • Improve Your CTR and Conversion Rates by Writing Highly Persuasive Ad Copy
  • How to Reduce the Cost of Your Clicks and Ads by 80% Using 3 Easy Tricks

visit the official website!

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How BingBucks Works

BingBucks Is A Massive Breakthrough because it’s the ONLY METHOD that:

  • Gets you unlimited laser-targeted, penny clicks with our unique “traffic portal”
  • AUTOMATES commissions & delivers you the best of both top-paying offers and sky high conversions Is copy / paste easy [doesn’t matter if you’ve never done affiliate marketing before
  • Works FOR YOU 24/7 without more than a 2 minute daily “check-in” once your campaigns are set
  • You can scale to game-changing commissions just by clicking a switch, without any out-of-pocket costs!

Say Goodbye To Hard Work, Learning Curves And “Maybes” Say Hello To Bulletproof & Paint-By-Numbers Easy. With DFY offers & copy/paste traffic, there’s nothing to mess up here.

​The second you flip the “on-switch”, your campaigns run all by themselves. ​Traffic flows & the offers convert into commissions.

​There’s nothing for you to do except [a] check in to see how much you’re making, and [b] decide if and when you want to scale.

​If you can spare 5 minutes, you can be on your way to 3-4 figure commissions.

This Cranks Out Commissions Fast. There’s nothing to figure out, create or invent. Just COPY the proven process of a 7-Figure Marketer to be up and running TODAY.

Plus, With BingBucks You Have MULTIPLE Ways To Win:

  • Use it as a standalone profit system for 3+ figure commissions
  • Leverage the traffic secrets to skyrocket results in ANY other campaign or business
  • Either way, you’re set up for 24/7 automated income with this unstoppable method

3 STEPS To Complete Online Domination:

  • STEP 1: Activate The multiple included high converting offers [Hand-picked for the highest possible COMMISSIONS & CONVERSIONS]
  • STEP 2: CONNECT ​The built-in penny click traffic just by copy & pasting EXACTLY where we show you [No guesswork]
  • STEP 3: COLLECT ​your commissions any time you want [Fast, hassle-free payouts]

Yes. 3 Steps. That’s It. The best experts can turn “complicated into simple”. And there’s no one better at doing that with “traffic to commissions” than us!

We are waiting for you inside BingBucks. Between his cutting-edge penny click traffic innovations …

My ‘in-the-trenches’ affiliate marketing strategies … And a no-nonsense ULTRA SIMPLE approach …

​People Of All Backgrounds Including Complete Beginners Are LOVING BingBucks.

Honest BingBucks Review – My Opinion: Is It Really Profitable?

This course was designed with one clear goal in mind: if you are having trouble earning your first commission from ClickBank, have wasted money on unproductive websites or advertisements in the past, or are earning some commissions but not enough.

This is the course that will enable you to make a complete turnaround, accomplish your objectives, and quickly become a Clickbank super affiliate! So that you can exclaim, “I MADE IT!” to the world.

In order to help you earn your first commission (or many commissions) as a ClickBank affiliate as soon as possible, this course will provide you a rock-solid and tested Bing Ads strategy specifically developed for Clickbank.

This course will teach you the authors’ personal, tried-and-true Bing Ads technique, which will considerably speed up the process of you earning your first ClickBank money! You don’t need to wait till 10, 20, or even more weeks to glimpse the light!

This is a well-organized and actionable guide that teaches you how to use Bing Ads to promote ClickBank items on autopilot in order to generate money online without running the risk of losing your account or spending money.

By studying the foundational method of my own affiliate marketing plan, you’ll see how simple it is to get going and how you don’t even need to be tech-savvy or proficient in web design or copywriting.

This method is especially created to assist you in investing the least amount of time and money necessary to acquire your first ClickBank sales so that you may develop the confidence you require and pick up momentum from there! Your affiliate commissions with Bing Ads increase as you make more money, invest more money, and so on.

Using this Clickbank affiliate marketing plan, I have personally seen daily sales average between $500 and $3,800. In this course, you will learn exactly how to put this strategy into practice.

Using opt-in pages while promoting products will help you develop a true sustainable online business and increase your income going forward (again, without the need for domain name and hosting).

To ensure that you get the most out of this course, each step is described to you in simple terms and divided into manageable pieces that you can follow.

To help you effectively implement what you have learned, the course includes more than 16 succinct sessions spread across more than 3 hours. Each lesson takes you step-by-step through every element on screen. They’ll be running a number of advertising campaigns in front of you.

Above all, once you enroll in this course, you will receive ongoing support from me—support that never expires—so that you never have to struggle alone or worry about not having somebody to turn to for assistance if you run into problems or get stuck.

I’m here around-the-clock to assist you with running your affiliate company and to respond to any queries you may have.

In fact, you will also have the opportunity to learn from other students just like you! I invite you to join our international community, which is becoming more and more active every day thanks to the dedication and hard work of our diligent students.

  • Would you like to have access to a high-quality, reasonably priced education that won’t set you back hundreds of dollars? Check.
  • Do you want to avoid wasting money and time trying to figure out Bing Ads on your own by being taught a tried-and-true method utilized by ClickBank super affiliates to generate money with ClickBank? Check.
  • Would you enjoy knowing you could turn to a coach for assistance with ClickBank affiliate marketing? Check.
  • Wouldn’t it be a relief to have clear, step-by-step directions that you could follow to carry out the task at hand right away? Check.

Many people took the risk of enrolling in this course in an effort to further their own success, and it gave them the tools they needed to generate their first ClickBank sales!

I have faith that BingBucks will assist you achieve your personal objectives by equipping you with the working method, self-assurance, and skills you require to earn a solid revenue using ClickBank and Bing Ads.

Act now and I welcome you to enroll in this course since this is a gift that only YOU can give to yourself!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this BingBucks Review)!

BingBucks Bonus

Who is BingBucks for?

  • Bing Ads users that want to learn PPC advertising from a pro yet are having difficulty
  • Those who desire lower advertising campaign costs
  • Those who wish to use Microsoft Bing Ads to promote their products and businesses and make a ton of sales
  • People who want to exploit Bing Ads’ power to automatically earn Clickbank commissions
  • People who require a software that teaches them all they need to know in order to earn commissions with Bing Ads as quickly as possible yet lack the time to do so
  • Those want to learn Clickbank affiliate marketing from a top affiliate who makes seven figures
  • People who wish to understand how to profit from Clickbank in the proper manner
  • This pay per click training will assist you in beginning online advertising if you are a beginner with little to no expertise in pay per click marketing.
  • This will be a wonderful introduction to utilizing Microsoft Advertising to achieve low cost clicks if you have never set up a pay per click campaign previously but want to learn quickly.

This course is not for you if you’re seeking for quick ways to get money. However, if you think you can learn and apply what the authors teach you if you put in the time and effort, then this course is ideal for you.

BingBucks OTOs and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab BingBucks with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

 Front-end: BingBucks ($17)

  • BingBucks Brand New System – $997 Value
  • BingBuckss Monetization – $597 Value
  • BingBucks Step-By-Step Training – $497 Value
  • FREE BONUS #1: $1,493 A Day Jumpstart Internet Marketing Kit – $997 Value
  • FREE BONUS #2: $0 to $500 A Day In 30 Days – $497 Value
  • FREE BONUS #3: $486.23/Day Set & Forget Blogging System – $297 Value
  • FREE BONUS #4: 30 Days List Explosion Income – $997 Value
  • FREE BONUS #5: 60 Seconds Funnel Profits Mastery – $1,297 Value
  • BingBucks White-Glove Support – PRICELESS!

OTO 1: Pro Version ($27)

Advanced campaigns, advanced optimization and more traffic! This upgrade unlocks results to the next level and make 5-figures per month with Bing

  • Commercial License
  • Unlock additional income streams to dominate and supercharge results up to 10X.
  • Get Upgraded To Our Ultra Fast BingBucks Server
  • Pro Video Training
  • 24/7 Support

OTO 2: DFY ($197)

  • Equip yourself with our DFY product to get a full BingBucks business suite
  • Only available to personal coaching students before but now made accessible for everyone availing this upgrade
  • Complete Setup & General Fine Tune
  • No Technical Skills Required.

OTO 3: Push Button Money ($67)

  • I will show them how to create an email list using Bing
  • How to send emails to various offers to make push-button money
  • Make 5-figures per month over morning coffee
  • DFY Email Swipes.
  • In Depth Video Tutorial

OTO 4: Income Multiplier ($47)

  • Effortlessly Make 10x More Money With Your BingBucks Income Multiplier Edition Without Any Extra Work.
  • Embed Our Pre-Selected $1K/Sale Link Into Your BingBucks Video Magic Link.
  • Plug n’ Play Our Proven High Ticket Campaign To Your BingBucks Backend
  • DFY Email Swipes.
  • DFY Bonuses To Boost Up Sales
  • DFY High Converting Sales Funnel
  • Automate, Sit Back and Enjoy the Cheques!
  • In Depth Video Tutorial

OTO 5: Traffic Booster ($97)

This upgrade allows customers to ride on our traffic sources and insights to get more traffic from the internet!

  • Tap Into Our Gold Traffic System That Generates $28,900 in 24 Hours
  • Drive Unlimited Traffic Directly To Your PayingBee Pages & Skyrocket Your Daily Sales Without Spending A Dime On Ads.
  • We place customers’ pixels to the back end of our sales pages
  • Customers get high quality data from us for retargeting or highly targeted buyer data
  • Customers can retarget or create look-alike audiences based on our done-for-you traffic data and make tons of targeted high EPCs commissions
  • Plug and play data provided
  • Enjoy Unlimited Traffic For Life Without Paying Monthly.

OTO 6: Licencing & Reseller Rights ($97)

This upgrade allows members to own our product fully with the rights to market it and claim 100% of the profits.

  • Done For You Software Business In A Box (Without Any Hassles, Setup Or Costs)
  • Leverage Our 7 Figure Team Of Top Notch Designers, Copywriters & Developers (100% Access To Our Sales Page, Sales Videos, Graphics, Email Swipe, etc)
  • Keep 100% Profit To Yourself & Make Up To $864/Sale
  • We Handle Customer Support For You
  • No Technical Skill Needed
  • Video Tutorials Included.
  • – Nothing to create on their end
  • Members just need to send traffic

OTO 7: Recurring Passive Income ($27)

Generate recurring passive income flow with these top-quality training:

  • 7 Recurring Income Streams
  • Auto Membership machine
  • Continuity Income Training
  • Easy Online Income
  • Membership Authority Gold
  • Passive Profit Strategies
  • Passive Income Masterclass
  • Recurring Income Domination
  • And many more!

OTO 8: Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass ($27)

This upgrade equips members with the skills to create multiple streams of income through our 7 specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.

BingBucks Alternatives

Bing Bang Profits

Alex Krulik and Demetris D-Papa, created a software and training course to help anyone wanting to make money with CPA Affiliate Marketing, and become an expert with Bing Ads. They share the over the shoulder’s advanced training secrets, and the software automates the process to help you get started instantly and to generate results almost immediately.

The Bing bang profits software and training will find and create multiple winning ads which convert for you instantly with a push of a button. Simply Choose any niche, any keyword, and create multiple High Converting ADS instantly for either for leads, and sales, almost immediately.

Read my Bing Bang Profits Review!

Bing Blaster

This Clickbank success with Bing Ads course is here to teach how super affiliates earn seven figures on Clickbank and to show you that your dream of becoming a ClickBank super affiliate is – within your reach.

This offer is a complete system with everything you need to generate traffic, leads and profit. The author and his team have created a complete system that will allow you to generate leads and profit from the traffic you send to it.

This system uses the proven marketing principle of giving your target marketing something of great value in exchange for their name and email address. This way you can continue to build a relationship and ultimately sell them on your marketing services.

Read My Bing Blaster Review!

Microsoft Ads Training Kit

Microsoft Ads Training Kit Unrestricted PLR is a combination of Video course + Unrestricted PLR license that will show you how to create profitable bing ads from scratch, without losing your shirt on ads. Only starting with $5. And the software will automate 90% of the process. And spit out the campaign ready to upload and to profit from.

Microsoft Ads Training Kit As the name suggests, is a complete step-by-step Microsoft Ads training encapsulates everything about how they work, how to set up your ad account, and how to get started on your first campaign from scratch, so that anyone (even newbies) can leverage the enormous marketing potential of Microsoft Ads and boost profits.

Read my Microsoft Ads Training Kit Review!

BingBucks Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading BingBucks Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

BingBucks Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Over $94,235.09 In Passive Income Made By Our Beta Testers…
  • Backed By 2-Award Winning Marketers
  • 5 Minutes Is All You Need…
  • Designed For Beginners…
  • Virtually unknown and underground method
  • Leverage other people’s traffic and make thousands!
  • Easiest way to make money… PERIOD!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • No complaints for my business as it works well for us. I can see where it might not work well for other types of business that have a different clientele.

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