Send To Bank Review: A clone of Getresponse & Aweber for one time PRICE?

Guys, Email marketing yields average 4,300% return on investment for businesses worldwide. Yes, Emails are the most powerful, profitable and low cost marketing tool and get 3 times higher conversions than social media.

That’s right… Email marketing is the key to get new customers and to create deeper relationships with your existing customers at a fraction of the cost. But, without a legitimate solution for small business, it’s reserved for TOP level marketers only.

When you think of email marketing, you have to choose from those Infamous 3rd party email service providers who have their own quirky problems and have ZERO feelings about your business. So if you are

Planning for a 3rd party Email Service? THINK AGAIN!!

  • With them, it’s almost impossible to import your subscribers list. In case you get success sometimes, you may lose 20-30% of your leads while importing it. That’s a HUGE loss.
  • They charge you anywhere from $100-150 PER MONTH for just 10,000 subscribers and you only can send limited emails to those limited subscribers for that price. And even after that, there is no guarantee that you’ll get desired ROI from your campaigns as you expected.
  • When you send emails using those 3rd party software with 1000s of customers who share the same resources, Constant downtimes, spam complaint, bounces and unexplained delays in sending emails is not uncommon. It happens even when you didn’t do anything wrong due to someone else’s mistake.
  • You are relying on 3rd party who also have access to your valuable list so data leak is also a risk.
  • And with these services problems don’t end here…, even worse can happen:

That’s why today I bring you a solution. Interested? If yes then you need to check all the details about it in my Send To Bank Review below!

Send To Bank Review

What is Send To Bank?

Stop paying for third party autoresponder list management services [we already know how the monthly fees add up and end up costing you more than you’re generating].

When you thoroughly analyze what’s actually working, you approach the art of email marketing in a whole different way. You don’t see email marketing as an expense with a limited budget anymore. You start seeing email marketing as an investment that brings measurable and provable returns and you start producing more leads at less cost.

Here is a simple example: If you have a list of 25,000 subscribers, you pay $149 per month using an email service provider. This makes $1788 per year. With Send To Bank you invest only once. And you can use software forever with unlimited number of subscribers.

Send To Bank Is The World’s Most Powerful self-hosted & web based email marketing automation software that allows you to get your mails delivered straight to the inbox and boost opt-in rates with no additional effort or expense and gives you the power to have complete control on your email marketing campaigns.

It is a must have tool in your marketing arsenal that comes with a ONE-TIME FEE and that will send all existing money sucking autoresponders back to their nest. Yeah, that’s completely true as Send To Bank automates your email marketing, From A to Z and make it completely hassle free.

  • Import unlimited lists easily without any restrictions
  • Get boatloads of qualified leads with minimum time and money invested
  • Build strong relationships with your subscribers with well-crafted emails.
  • Send UNLIMITED emails to UNLIMITED Subscribers without paying any monthly fees
  • Get faster inbox delivery, Massive increase in open rates with your existing subscriber list.
  • Have complete control on your email marketing campaigns
  • Greatly reduce spam complaints and protects your send reputation
  • Enjoy Traffic and assured Inboxing by sending Unlimited & best emails.
  • One-time payment to get rid of huge monthly payment hassles
  • Send To Bank is 100% newbie-friendly that handles all your email marketing hassles so you can bid adieu to those pricey autoresponders or mailing software.

It’s completely WIN-WIN situation for marketers who find email marketing a tough nut to crack. And the best part is that, you can get best results with improved conversions every single month without investing a fortune.

Seriously, there’s NOTHING like this on the market right now. A one-time flat fee, unlimited email autoresponder! What? Yes, for a limited time, you can get a lifetime autoresponder account and send unlimited emails with superior delivery and open rates.

Stop paying hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, and without spending a fortune on SMTP services. Don’t be fooled, not every email system is the same. If you aren’t happy with the number of email opens and click-throughs you currently get, you’ll significantly benefit from this system.

For one-time investment of $17, you get a complete package of features to manage your list, create, optimize and send customized email newsletters, process bounced emails and much much more. So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Send To Bank Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Send To Bank Review Overview


Vendor David Kirby et al
Product Send To Bank
Launch Date 2021-Oct-02
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Email Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Vendors

David Kirby and his partner Al Cheeseman

Send To Bank was created by David Kirby and his partner Al Cheeseman. David is well known as one of the best software providers on Jvzoo and Warriorplus. What I like about him is that his products always come with high quality and cheapest price.

For the past few years, he sold thousands of great products such as: Click4Traffic, MoneyMailrr, InstaProfit, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Send To Bank Review and find out its features.

Key features

Let’s Check-out the Astonishing Features That Make Send To Bank The Ultimate Game Changer!

  • Import Unlimited Subscribers without even losing a single email ID

Send To Bank enables you to import unlimited subscribers list and the best part is that you won’t lose even a single ID in the process. So, you can mail freely to your subscribers without any restrictions whatsoever.

Most email marketing service providers charge a hefty fees for importing your lists so stop paying a huge monthly rental just to keep your list even if you don’t mail them.

They also need double optin before allowing to import so you lose anywhere from 20-30% of your subscribers. But with Send To Bank, all that will become a case of the bygone era.

  • Send Unlimited Mails Instantly or Schedule Them for Later

Yes, sky is the limit for mailing with Send To Bank. It allows you to send unlimited emails or newsletters with your own SMTP service and get rid of endless complications of email marketing. Just configure SMTP settings once and forget about it forever.

You can send emails right away or schedule them for later date and time.

  • Generate more potential subscribers with our attractive in-built lead form

Lead forms are the simplest way to generate qualified leads and build a huge base of cash paying customers for your business. Keeping this in mind, Send To Bank helps you to grab attention of more and more subscribers on your blog, c-commerce sites or WordPress sites with an eye-catchy lead generation form.

All you need to do is: copy one line of code and paste it on your site.

  • Boost email delivery, click and open rate

Opens and clicks give you an accurate idea about how your campaign is performing. Today all the marketers want to get their mails delivered in inbox, clicked and opened on time and that is what Send To Bank made for.

It increases your delivery, click and open rate and gives you full control on your campaigns.

  • Reduce bounce rate

Higher bounce spoils your image and get murky with every bounce. With Send To Bank, you can get rid of all the bounced and spammed mails. Send To Bank automatically remove mails that were counted as bounce and make your list clear without any grunt work.

  • Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor to craft best emails

You can create simple text emails or html emails with our LIVE Inline editor feature to send best emails for maximum engagement. This is all built to attract, capture, nurture and convert your potential prospect.

  • Work Seamlessly with Almost Every SMTP servers

It works great with almost every smtp out there to send your emails fast. It like put your details & you’re good to use it right away. You also can setup your own SMTP within seconds.

  • You also get our Inbuilt SMTP

If you don’t want to buy any SMTP server, don’t worry, it automatically creates an SMTP on your hosting server. Just choose Inbuilt SMTP option & enjoy sending emails completely FREE. Even you can throttle & set how many emails per hour you want to send according to your hosting company policy.

  • Send To Bank is CAN SPAM compliant

It provide one-click unsubscribe feature that is user-friendly and helps to greatly reduce spam complaints and built your better send reputation.

  • Manage your subscribers hassle-free

Send To Bank offers you the easiest way to find, filter or clean your subscribers in never-ending lists. You can find out a subscriber out of a list of thousands of thousands with just 1 click. Track duplicate entries and create a backup of your list in no time with Send To Bank.

  • All-in- one self-hosted web based email marketing software

Send To Bank is built on the idea to deliver maximum quality, ease and efficiency. And to make it simpler we made it self-hosted web based platform. You just need to install it and Send To Bank is all yours.

Guys you will be thrilled by numbers of features that are offering to you to make your email marketing simple and fun.

  • Boost sales and increase revenue

Email marketing is taking the word by storm and if you are searching the right way to send best emails to attract more customers, Send To Bank is the best among rest.

You could send a free whitepaper, more information on your products, “subscriber-only” discount, or even personize mails to contend your customers for taking action. Your imagination and creativity really are the only limits and you have endless opportunities to increase your ROI.

  • Personalize your mails to get high opening rates

Now this is something that will really prove to be of great worth for your marketing efforts. Personalization of emails is the best and easiest way to get attention of your subscribers, with Send To Bank, you can personalize your every email to every subscriber to get high open rates.

  • Create long-term relationship with your subscribers with beautiful newsletters

Always try to keep in touch with your subscribers to create a strong relationship with them. You can send newsletters to update them about your products or upcoming launches. You can redirect them on your blog or website to keep your brand in their mind.

  • 100% newbie friendly and fully automated

Effective email marketing is all about sending right email to right people at right time and our software team has got everything covered and made it no hands software.

With the robust features of Send To Bank, you have the complete freedom to automate your email marketing. The software delivers automated, one-to-one messages across all of your marketing channels and even a newbie can manage his email marketing campaign without any hassle.

  • No monthly fees or additional charges

If you are a newbie and starting out with email marketing, then sending mails can be a costly affair. They charge you like wildfire and you have to provide a heavy monthly fee just to reach out to your email list.

But Send To Bank is hands down the best email marketing software available today that charges no recurring fee and allows you to send unlimited emails with just one click.

  • Designed by Marketers for Marketers

Send To Bank has been built from the ground up to be A-Z marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the software with no technical hassles, and get best results without any complications.

  • Step-By-Step Training to Make Everything Easy For You…

Yep, we know software can get complex. And while Send To Bank is DEAD easy to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can best results with it. That’s why we did 2 things:

#1 We’ve added in-depth video training for every feature so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things

#2 We’re also offering 24*7 on-going support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved.

Send To Bank Review – My Opinion: Is It Worth Using?

Whether you are using Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, or Constant Contact … There is a MUCH better solution … Instead of paying month-after-month, why not just pay once for a single One-Time LOW payment?

Through permission-based email marketing with Send To Bank, businesses are able to educate their customers, build rapport and trust with their subscribers, and most importantly, increase sales. Non-profit organizations are able to gain mindshare, stay in touch with members and supporters, and build awareness.

Now You Can Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Ease. Email automation is easy with us. Whether it’s a newsletter or a drip-feed campaign —Send To Bank has all the tools of the trade in one easy-to-use app.

You can automate on the go, design your own automation workflows, sync up your data — without restrictions. Our online app handles email automation so that you can focus on growing your business, not sending out emails.

Supercharge Your Email Marketing Campaigns! Would you like to Skyrocket your Business Success with Your OWN Professional Auto-Responder Account like Never Before in just a few hours from now, GUARANTEED?

You will get a full arsenal of tools to send and track email campaigns. And what’s more important is that you will maintain your in-house email list without exposing your subscribers to any third parties and that you will be able to manage your unsubscribe and bounced emails as well.

No programming knowledge is required to use our service. There is nothing to install. You’ll Be Up And Running Quickly!!!

Here’s why you need to get your hands on this now…

  • Unlimited lifetime access will help you dominate your email marketing.
  • Grow your list as big as you want and never worry about paying more as it grows.
  • You can send unlimited emails without paying for SMTP accounts!
  • The company owns all the servers and IP’s have a strong reputation. Which means your emails will always land in your customer’s inbox.
  • Ditch the multiple other email marketing services you use. Send To Bank can achieve everything you need, all in one place, to run a successful email marketing campaign.
  • You decide what subscribers you upload
  • There are no limits or restrictions to the emails that you send
  • Import your lists without restrictions
  • No limit to the amount of lists that you upload.
  • When you import lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out
  • Send as many emails as you want
  • Send email “broadcasts” or set up autoresponder messages
  • Your subscribers can easily unsubscribe with a single click
  • and more….

I’ve been using Send To Bank for some time, tightly. I just recently sent mail to my entire list and I am happy with the results. I got 20% more open rates with this super- amazing Email marketing software.

This product resolved a huge problem that I had with other software to upload our list to a web based autoresponders! Finally with Send To Bank I am back to winning ways with my business. This is much- much more than what I expected.

Send To Bank is hands down the best email marketing software I have ever used. This product delivered exactly what it promised and I am receiving fabulous results with it. My mails are getting delivered on time and yeah, my open rates are fully satisfactory.

Send To Bank is going to change the way we do email marketing and setup campaigns forever. It’s a product that is built to increase open rates, click rates and deliver maximum quality, ease and efficiency and I am going to use this in my business now and forever- especially considering its incredible consistency.

Now I can send unlimited mails and hit the inbox of my subscribers each and every time I want!

Ready to take complete control over your Email marketing?

Yeah, that’s the obvious question that you need to answer now. You gotta make a choice my friend, you have to make a decision that will hold you in good shape for months and years to come.

Now there’s no need to waste hours trying to integrate with different services just to save your subscribers from getting lost. You also don’t need to spend hundreds per month for an expensive system that barely works.

So it’s already crystal-clear you need Send To Bank for your business. Now, if you want to get better results and see more and more people adding into your lists (and becoming long term paying customers), then Send To Bank is standing right by your side.

I bet you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars and use them for better result-oriented tasks. If you have seen it and you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can save a bunch of money by getting your hands on this offer today!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Send To Bank Review):

Send To Bank Bonus

How Send To Bank Works

Simple and easy-to-use email marketing solution! Free autoresponder seal guaranteed. Having a good auto-responder account is ABSOLUTELY Essential to Online Business SUCCESS!!!

Send To Bank is the only Bulk Email Program along with Mass Email Marketing services which allows it’s users to import unlimited contacts. Other Bulk Email Services would restrict you on number of contacts you can have in your account.

Our all-in-one email marketing tool includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing – but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops too… Send Mass Emails With No Limit‎ TODAY!

Create and Send Professional Email Marketing Newsletters in Minutes! The First And Only One Email Marketing Service And the most complete & CHEAP & Affordable “AutoResponder” to date!

We Put Top Priority on Email Deliverability! Fully Compliant With Spam Laws, and Industry-Wide Best Practices! All messages sent through the Send To Bank system are authenticated using Sender ID/SPF, and DomainKeys.

These authentication systems are used by services like Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! to make sure that your email wasn’t forged, and to verify on the reputation of the sender. Don’t worry about changing your DNS and TXT records, or modifying your mail transfer agent though – we’ve taken care of all the technical stuff so that you can just click send, and be done with it.

We’ll also handle the super-technical stuff for you too, and that’s the stuff that gets your email delivered to the inbox.

When you’re using our service, your email is whitelisted with several of the largest email providers, we’ll process the feedback-loop data, and all outbound messages are authenticated with both Sender ID, and DomainKeys to ensure the highest delivery rates possible.

Send To Bank has excellent quality and enables you to build your list faster and easier. But, this offer is for a limited time period only. This DIRT-CHEAP price is not forever, and can shoot up at any given moment.

Not only are we CAN-SPAM & CASL compliant, but also comply with the strict guidelines of the EU GDPR. In times of Big Data, Omnichannel Marketing and the Internet of Things, the EU General Data Protection Regulation seemed overdue: the same data protection standards apply to all EU countries, starting from May 2018.

This typically includes the name, mailing address, date of birth, email address, IP address and cookies. We’ll give you all the relevant information on how GDPR affects email marketing and what needs to be done.

Send To Bank OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Send To Bank with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Send To Bank ($17)

The Ultimate Email Marketing Suite

  • Unlimited Emails Campaigns, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Lists
  • Advanced Email Template Builder
  • Built-In Email Templates
  • Embed Subscription Form To Your Own Website
  • No Monthly Fees, No Limits

Trigger Emails On Auto-Pilot For

  • List Subscription
  • List Unsubscription
  • Subscriber’s Birthday
  • Subscriber’s Custom Criteria like… Exceeding Quota, Balance Falling Below Minimum, Package Plan Expiration, Etc.

OTO 1: Unlimited Edition ($17)

  • All Limits Removed From Send To Bank! Send To Bank with ZERO limits whatsoever. Allowing you to get unlimited free traffic and then scale to super affiliate status.
  • Unlimited Money Streams: The easiest way to make even more cash online. You won’t have any restrictions and will have an unfair advantage on other members!
  • 6X Faster Results: We’ve dedicated more server resources towards the users of Send To Bank unlimited so they can get results 6X faster…
  • Access To Premium Support: You’ll get access to a premium support team ready to assist you if you have any issues with Send To Bank Unlimited.

OTO 2: Automation Edition ($27)

If you want to make the easy and make even more money with Send To Bank then this is for you! Set and forget your traffic, leads and sales machines by picking up the automation package today. Allow the smart AI automation to do the work for you, so you can sit back and relax with no worries at all.

This is the perfect solution for anybody who wants to get the best out of the clever technology inside this software. So that they can work less and make more success online, without lifting a finger.

With Our fully Comprehensive Automation Package, You Can Take Full Control By Being Able To Schedule And Fully Automate Your Money Making System.

This means you can have complete control over traffic, leads and sales being able to retarget and make even more money from your campaigns.

With our automation package you can create these money making campaigns with ease and save valuable time – enabling you to set and forget these campaigns.

OTO 3: DFY personal set up ($97)

We’ll Do The Work For You. You Get the Exact Proven Materials That Have Generated Us $1000s In Profit!

  • No Figuring It Out By Yourself
  • Quit your Dreaded 9-5 Job
  • Avoid The Path of Trial And Error
  • Earn Consistent Online Income

OTO 4: DFY campaigns ($27)

Right now, you have everything you need to get traffic & sales with Send To Bank! However, you will need to configure the software so you get traffic & get paid. And although the work is minimal, it can still be daunting. It can prevent you from getting started.

So we thought… Why don’t we give you the same materials that we used to bring in thousands of dollars in affiliate sales?…so you can see profit ASAP.

OTO 5: Traffic Upgrade ($77)

Want to steal from our 1 million visitor buyer traffic source? Buyer traffic on tap: instantly get traffic that converts into sales

They’ve decided to let 50 lucky people leverage their nearly limitless traffic source. When you have a large consistent amount of traffic, there’s no reason for you struggle anymore.

OTO 6: Reseller License ($27)

They decided to let you sell Send To Bank as your own product, while keeping 100% of the profit. Using their sales materials, sales videos, salespages, graphics, professional copy. This isn’t free nor cheap to create.

Send To Bank Review Conclusion And Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Send To Bank Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Send To Bank Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Unrestricted – Upload any Email list and send emails Instantly!… No checks or approvals needed…
  • Unlimited – Send unlimited Emails to unlimited subscribers…
  • High Deliverability – Highest inbox delivery rates in this industry…
  • Done For You – Templates and Autoresponders, so you can start making money straight away…
  • Drag And Drop – Email builder, so you can create beautiful promotional emails without ANY technical knowledge…
  • Smart AI – Industry-leading artificial intelligence and smart technology that will enable you effortlessly increase the profitability of your Email campaigns…
  • Affiliate Friendly – While our competitors are working against affiliates, our platform is made for affiliates. Never will we close down your account simply because you’re promoting products…
  • Low One-Time Cost – While our competitors will charge you every month for a restricted inferior product. We charge you a one-time low fee and give you lifetime access so you can profit forever…


  • Too many upsells as always.
  • Price increases instantly after the launch week

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