Summer Special Software Bundle Review: 12 SaaS Awarded Software With 80% off!

You see… The big secret to building a profitable and sustainable business online is following a proven step-by-step system that gives you results every single time you follow it.

And I know this because… I’ve been making a living online for over 3 years and during that period of time I’ve built multiple successful businesses that have generated 5 figures.

But what’s more important… I’ve also helped hundreds of struggling marketers to get their businesses off the ground as well. And it’s all because… I give them unique and bulletproof systems that allows us to simplify absolutely every part of business and gets us results every single time.

And what I’m about to share with you today is not exception. Let’s check all the details about it in my Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Review below!

Summer Special Software Bundle Review

Introducing Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle

Let’s just say I think you’re leaving it very late and will be kicking yourself after you see the results students get after working with Alessandro. He’s created more success stories than anyone I know online and always over-delivers.

Since he started creating Christmas Deals in 2019, a lot of his bestselling products were not added to the collection. So he selected the top 12, and he sells them for only $17 instead of $204, with savings of 96%.

Alessandro Zamboni and Dirk Wagner are back in business, and this time they present an impossible to resist deal containing a huge collection of their awarded online software. They are offering their 12 best software ever, a SaaS software bundle for one low price, but only for the next 7 days.

It is a compilation of 12 successful online marketing softwares. They are all best-selling items and tried-and-true strategies to get you going in a variety of industries, such as online marketing, printables, and Kindle.

Alessandro Zamboni, who has amassed a wealth of information and techniques over the years, is the designer of this item and is known for his remarkable talent and boundless originality.

Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle contains:

  • Cheatsheet Generator
  • Cheatsheet Generator Deluxe
  • Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator
  • Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator Deluxe
  • Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator
  • Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator Deluxe
  • Public Domain Finder
  • Public Domain Images Finder
  • IntelliSqueeze SaaS
  • IntelliSqueeze Deluxe SaaS
  • Redirection Monetizer SaaS
  • Easy Intent Popup Kit SaaS
  • Kindle Quiz
  • New T-Shirt Revolution
  • Shopify Traffic Explosion
  • Crowdfunding Affiliate Cash
  • 7 Days Kindle Success
  • Short Books Empire
  • Offline Clients Expo
  • Challenges Empire
  • Cozy Mystery Empire
  • Cheatsheets Empire
  • Cookbooks Empire
  • Cookbooks Empire: International Edition

These are top software products which won some Deals Of The Day, that sold a lot of copies, and to get them previously you would have to pay over $200. Now forget that price, and get all the software for a huge 80% discount.

Using the software bundle you can create cheatsheets in a lot of niches, useful to build your list or make easy cash, and find unlimited images in public domain with one click, that you can use for anything, including commercial projects. Those are just two of the many things you can do with their software collection.

That’s not all, the first 50 students will also be getting 590-pages, includes 12 volumes and 248 checklists covering everything from creating your first online business, getting your first 100 leads, launching your product, advertising and so much more.

Inside this collection you will find all the most requested softwares created by Alessandro, his biggest titles to date. Inside contains 287 marketing checklists which are volume 1 to 12 of the Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Collection.

Customers will get instant access to all bonuses, which included over 240 marketing lessons, live training webinars and 16 done for you funnels. Needless what your niche, what business you’re in or what level you are right, there’s something here for everyone.

With Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Silver Edition you get:

  • Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Silver Edition
  • 12 Months FULL ACCESS To IM VIP Training
  • IM Funnels Pro – 16 “Full Blown” Done For You 6 Figure Funnels
  • Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group

They not only offer you their 12 best software for a huge 85% discount within this 7-day launch period… as an upsell they even offer you whitelabel rights to all their software which allows you to rename the products, and sell them for your own price!

This offer allows you to create the same profitable sales funnels they were successfully running. The competition is very low since there is no other software available yet which can do what their software does.

This is the next best thing to having 7 Figure Marketer show you how to ACTUALLY get results online. These checklists come from over 10 years of online business experience, and you can get your hands on them today at a MASSIVE discount.

So Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Review as I’ll show you what you will get inside!

Summer Special Software Bundle Review Overview


Vendor Alessandro Zamboni
Product Summer Special Software Bundle
Launch Date 2022-Aug-29
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Making money online
Support Effective Response
Operating System Software
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Alessandro Zamboni

Alessandro Zamboni’s internet marketing career started back in 2008. After studying for almost a year, he specialized himself in product creation, blog flipping, email marketing, social media and blogging.

He has launched more than 70 products on Warrior Forum and Clickbank and he helped many IM newbies to reach their target… with great products such as: ProfitDom, Passive Income Publishing, Christmas Deals, etc.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Review and find out its features.

What will you get inside?

Complete Your Zamboni Collection With Products You Can’t Find Anymore!

  • PRODUCT 1: Cheatsheet Generator SaaS

“Cheatsheet Generator SaaS” is the first 100% online software able to generate brand new cheatsheets in just a couple of seconds. All you have to do is insert one keyword, and our app will do the rest.

Cheatsheets are great for building your list, to target new trends in a creative and fast way, and they are also great to be sold. This software comes with commercial rights, meaning you can resell your cheatsheets to customers.

  • PRODUCT 2: Cheatsheet Generator Deluxe SaaS

This is the most powerful version of Cheatsheet Generator SaaS, that allows you to add many more content areas to your cheatsheet, like “Latest Updates”, “Videos”, “Training”, “Curiosities” and “Tips and Tricks”, “Money Making Methods” and finally “Your Secret Links”.

Ideal for all those cheatsheets which need more content and more authority than usual.

  • PRODUCT 3: Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator SaaS

Which is the best software to combine with Cheatsheet Generator SaaS? Simple, a complete sales letter builder for your cheatsheet, that gives you the chance to build it in seconds, by entering your niche and few key pieces of information only.

The result is a ready-to-go sales letter that you can start selling your newly created cheatsheets on-the-fly.

Fast, easy and completely online, so it will work on any device.

  • PRODUCT 4: Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator Deluxe SaaS

If you have advanced cheatsheets, you need an advanced sales letter, right? This version adds all the sections of the Deluxe version into your sales letters.

Easy to use like the previous version, it needs few clicks to deliver a state-of-the art cheatsheet sales letter. Works online, so any computer or Mac is fine.

  • PRODUCT 5: Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator SaaS

If you don’t want to sell your cheatsheet, but you want to give it away for free to grow your list, this will give you a great hand in creating the squeeze page for you, also enabling you to include your autoresponder form.

A solid squeeze page to promote with different traffic methods to grow your list like crazy.

  • PRODUCT 6: Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator Deluxe SaaS

Like the sales letter generator deluxe, this SaaS software also generates a better squeeze page, with more information about deluxe cheatsheets. All their information are available on the squeeze pages generated.

A great software you really can’t miss.

  • PRODUCT 7: Public Domain Finder – Images Edition SaaS

Search for free photos and images from public domain image websites, that give you images you can use any way you like, even commercially.

This SaaS software counts over 40 different sources, most of them never-seen-before and full of wonderful images.

  • PRODUCT 8: Public Domain Finder SaaS

This is the deluxe version of Public Domain Finder, this time developed to search for public domain content all over the web, on 24 different websites.

You will be able to find ebooks, comics, US government documents and music of any type, all pertaining to the public domain paradise.

  • PRODUCT 9: IntelliSqueeze SaaS

Create converting squeeze pages with this online software. In a few clicks you can generate brand new opt-in pages with a headline, an image or a video, and your opt-in form, completely GDPR-ready for the European market.

  • PRODUCT 10: Redirection Monetizer SaaS

This bonus software is integrated into Intelligent Squeeze Page Generator but we created a stand-alone app as well that you can use for monetizing your traffic for any website you create, even the ones you created without using our software.

It allows you to create a nice looking website, which is fully customizable. It will be used for people who subscribed to your list, it shows a thank-you message for subscribing and asks your subscriber to stay a few seconds more until they are automatically redirected to any website of your choice.

  • PRODUCT 11: IntelliSqueeze SaaS Deluxe

This is the deluxe version of IntelliSqueeze SaaS, giving you a lot more features: you can add a cookie consent bar in multiple formats, Vimeo videos, a countdown timer, a product image, and a payment button for who won’t insert the email, and prefers to purchase. A perfect solution to grow your list!

  • PRODUCT 12: Easy Intent Popup Kit SaaS

With your purchase, you will receive a copy of Easy Intent Popup Kit SaaS with white label rights, meaning you can resell it to final customers as your own product.

An incredible software that adds way more value to your white label license of IntelliSqueeze Deluxe!

Additional modules for the first 50 people

Inside Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle, You Get Everything You Need To Build a Wildly Successful Business ONLINE:


Who else wants to join a Kindle goldmine?

I have discovered an incredibly huge Kindle market. Would you like to discover it as well?

Get full access to our step by step training and learn how to create a new quiz book in one day, even if you have never been a quiz and trivia star before.

Easy steps, and your quiz ebook will be ready!


Finally, a far easier way to cash-in on the T-Shirt craze!

Amazon has now opened its own custom T-Shirt creation service, that comes with different clothes to choose.

It’s time to jump in! Why? Because you can create and sell your creations directly via, getting a lot of sales even with no advertising at all! It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen to date!


Even if some interfaces changed a little, the secrets you will learn inside this guide are really valuable.

You will discover how to retarget people on your eCom store, spending a few cents, and many more ways to bring way more traffic to your Shopify stores.

An evergreen product that can turn your eCommerce experience into a big success.


Now you can promote the best crowdfunding campaigns and make cash on any donation you refer.

The affiliate marketing world is changing thanks to this big idea, and you can get paid up to 25% for promoting unbeatable products.

Learn how to start earnings a portion of crowdfunding millions, in a field that is growing tremendously year after year.


Writer’s block is a big problem. Never get stuck again staring at a blank screen with no ideas, or procrastinating all day long.

It’s time to write your Kindle book in 7 days only!

Follow our super simple, step-by-step 7 day system for one week and you will create one new book from start to finish. So in one month you can publish 4 new books, or a series if you want.


Why write long Kindle books when you can write short ones and sell more of them for same price instead?

We reveal the secrets to writing the perfect non-fiction short book in 8 surefire niches.

Writing new Kindle books sometimes takes all our time and energy, and it’s also easy to lose direction while we bring our writing projects forward for a lot of months… But who told us to follow that path? It’s not always the best choice to create state of the art 300+ pages non-fiction guides.


This is the easiest strategy you can ever have to sell your online services to offline businesses around the globe.

Instantly find clients, and work for them. Build customers and grow your business by making the web work for you.

We’re giving you a system which finds potential business people who are urgently looking for you to do their job. The system offers a better, instant and easy way to communicate with the buyers.


If you haven’t started using challenges for list building, you have yet to see the power of this method. It means getting hundreds and hundreds of leads in exchange for just 20 minutes needed to create a new one.

This method is huge for newbies and veterans, as it’s very easy to setup and it’s pure fun, because it’s a creative process at 101%.

But that’s not all… Because during the challenge you can advertise many affiliate products and make a lot of sales too.


There’s an evergreen genre that sells like hotcakes… one that’s right in front of your nose.

I want to show you how to create your own short cozy mystery stories from zero. I bet you know cozy mysteries, and you have read at least one in your life, or watched one on TV.

Think for one moment about Agatha Christie’s books… with her Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple… they were perfect examples of cozy mysteries. And do you know she sold a lot of short stories during her life?


Stop wasting precious time and money for list building, getting stressed about product creation.

Start making good money and leads with simple 1-page cheatsheets that fly off the shelves! They take less than 30 minutes to create and are so newbie-friendly that a school kid can make them!

Cheatsheets exploded on to the scene within the last year and can now be found everywhere. They are easy 1 or 2 page documents with the best information you can find about a new product, a new idea or a new trend.


The first, original and inimitable Cookbooks Empire! The eBook that sold like crazy, and shows you how to create cookbooks about 10 secret sub-genres, also if you have zero ideas.

This guide is a wave of fresh air in a saturated world like the Kindle one, because I’m not going to announce how to create the usual cookbooks, but something new and requested by people.

I have studied the cookbooks genre to extract only what has been proven to make you sales over the long run, and what has a constantly growing trend on Google Trends.


After the huge success of the first edition, here comes the second, the “International Edition,” featuring 10 highly lucrative and trendy cuisines from all over the world, carefully selected for you.

Do you think there is too much competition in worldwide cookbooks? Nah, not in the 10 niches I selected for you.

There are a lot of opportunities in these genres that are pure gold but still have few books competing for the final sale. You can place your book right above your competitors with those strategies.


Product creation is one of the most profitable ways you can make money online. If you are looking to create and launch your own product, inside these checklists you will find the exact, tested and proven process for launching your own digital products with massive success.


Email Marketing is the base of any online business and one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Inside these checklists you will find my closely guarded email marketing secrets that are responsible for my 6 figure affiliate campaigns!


Do you struggle to create highly engaging content that generates you traffic on complete autopilot? Inside you will find my “secret” Social Media Marketing strategies I use to drive massive amounts of traffic and attract hordes of new customers!


This is you chance to become a SUPER AFFILIATE almost instantly! Inside these checklists you will find my EXACT step-by-step system that I use to generate $227.81 per day in affiliate commissions!


Video Marketing is great and very effective way to drive traffic, grow your audience and attract new customers. Inside these checklists you will find the best practices you can use to get the most out of your video marketing!


Whether you want to create stunning graphics for your own business or your clients – Canva is a great software that you can take advantage of.

Inside these checklists you will learn how I use canva for my own business, saving hundreds of dollars every single month. And not only that, but you will also learn how you can use canva to sell graphic design services to other businesses.


If you are absolutely new to internet marketing, inside these checklists you will find the exact steps you need to take to achieve guaranteed success in the next 90 days! This is the most surefire blueprint for generating your first money online!


Messenger marketing currently is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and if you are not using it – you’re definitely leaving a lot of money on the table! Inside these checklists you will find strategies you can use to get the most out of your messenger marketing.


The goal is to work on your business, not in your business. Inside these checklists you will find a proven process to outsourcing the hardest and most time consuming tasks while you can do the things you enjoy the most!


One of the best ways to grow your business, generate passive income and attract high paying clients – all at the same time – is by publishing your own book. In these checklists we simplified the entire process to a simple steps so that anyone could write and publish their own book, but WITHOUT actually writing it!


Ready to turn your passion to profession? In these checklists you will find a bulletproof blueprint for building a business around your passion and monetizing it!


Looking to start an offline business? Inside these checklists you will find the proven process to building an offline business. Everything from coming up with an idea to coming up with a bulletproof execution plan!

Super Ecovers PLR Review

Summer Special Software Bundle Review: Is It Really Profitable?

All of these software were part of some Deals Of The Day on WarriorPlus, and now you can save almost $155 rather than purchasing them individually.

This deal is too good to pass over. Think twice before closing this Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Review, go and check out how many useful pieces of software have been included in this Summer Special Software Bundle!

Since opening the doors 12 months ago, Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle has created over 6,500 raving fans. There’s a reason many of the top marketers in our industry are customers and a reason it’s helping so many beginners build their online business.

Having a 590-Page book in your hand which allows you to find the information you want with ease gives you an unfair advantage. A 590-page Internet Marketing Encyclopedia covering 12 of the most important topics. This book took over 18 months to create and all the content has been created by marketing professionals.

Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle allow you to get on with making money without the worry, fear and weight on your shoulders that you may have forgotten something. EVERYTHING is there is a clear and easy to consume format that can be checked off in seconds.

These softwares have been a great asset in helping me set up my first launch, ensuring that I didn’t miss any steps under tight time constraints. Keep in mind this is not your standard $7 PDF which will end up gathering dust on your hard-drive.

It’s a recourse you can have right in front of you at all times, there to guide you through every step of growing an online business. Nothing like this has been done in the past to this scale and it’s something which is turning heads.

Keep in mind, hundreds in the past have paid $19.95 to access each of these softwares in digital format. Spent hundreds more on ink and paper printing them off and putting them to use.

You can have everything done for you. Printed and shipped to your doorstep in less than a week, Plus you get over $500 in bonuses which are only available this week.

The price is now $27 and in less than 36 hours the price will increase to $47 and then continue to increase to $97.

Right now Alessandro’s including 12 months access to one of his membership sites that people normally pay $29.95 per month to access. Once the launch is over, he’ll be removed this bonus and adding it as an upsell.

By getting access to this bonus not only do you save $359.40 but you also get access to Alessandro personally and get to attend his live members-only training every month.

The time is now to make a decision. Continue looking at outdated information and struggling… Or take the leap and get access to the best resource that hit the marketplace EVER.

Because 2021 was a poor year for everyone on the planet, it’s time for you to improve 2022 with the Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle. Without a doubt, this package is the most incredible offer you’ve ever seen.

For just a little one-time fee, you may gain access to 12 successful things related to online marketing, Kindle, and printables! Simply choose the career path you’re talented at, interested in, OR want to pursue to generate 12 different sources of income by 2022.

You may swiftly increase your revenue in any number of industries with the help of the excellent products inside. Even if you lack any expertise or abilities, each package contains in-depth training sessions to give you everything you need to get started and carry it out straight away.

In order to avoid regretting missing out, obtain a copy of this Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle right away and launch your enterprise by the end of the year.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Review):

Alessandro Zamboni's Summer Special Software Bundle Bonus

Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle $27

Get the exact step by step checklists the author has personally used to build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses! This launch will be open from July 28th to August 6th 2022 at midnight, with a possible extension of two days based on request. Then the price will be set to $50 and left that way.

OTO 1 contains White Label licenses to the 12 software products, to get the chance to resell them all under your own name. It sells for $57

OTO 2 and OTO 3 are the front-end and the OTO 1 of Bonus Page Generator and its Deluxe version, available respectively for $17 and $37

Summer Special Software Bundle Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Alessandro Zamboni’s Summer Special Software Bundle Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

Alessandro Zamboni's Summer Special Software Bundle Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus
  • Price



  • Save a lot of cash on software prices (that means more money for you!)
  • Get more done in less time (yes, with our software, you can!)
  • Get more leads and sales (Use the power of cheatsheets and PD contents!)
  • row your authority (you will be where it really counts!)
  • Create a business from zero (cheatsheets are hot, as well as PD content!)
  •  Use them online, without headaches or installation problems!
  • It Will Give You an Absolute Unfair Advantage
  • Take Your Business To The Next Level
  • Save you time and countless hours
  • This Is The Next Best Thing to Having a 7 Figure Marketer Sitting Down Next To You


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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