Divi 3.0 Review: Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme 2017

Divi 3.0 Review – Get Your Visual Experience

Divi 3.0 Review

Divi is well-known page builder with its great visuality. With the latest version coming, let’s explore the new features with me in this Divi 3.0 Review.

Divi 3.0 Review Introduction

Speaking of page builder, if you work long enough in IM, you will realize one is never enough. Every page builder has its own strength. So in this review, I want to focus on visuality feature.

Visuality factor is totally different from others because you can’t calculate it by adding one with one equal to two. So, the smart choice is choosing the reputable ones you can trust. With the success of other previous Divi-related product, in this Divi 3.0 Review, we’ll find out if this version can exceed these formers.

Divi 3.0 Overview

What is Divi 3.0?

Divi 3.0 is a page builder. As many other similar product, it helps you create a page with full functions and try to capture leads. However, if that’s all it has, I would never recommend such a thing in my writing. The one thing you should note down is its ability to make your page look catchy and super-professional with great visuality.

And the most outstanding feature of this version is it allows users to customize their web right front-end page. In my Divi 3.0 Review, I’ll show you this amazing feature.

Divi 3.0‘s Developer

 Divi 3.0 Review

Elegant Themes is a reputable vendor with many WP related products. First founded about 8 years ago, they have impressed the IM with many elegant designs as the elegance stated in their name.

About the Divi-products, they have launched Divi Builder plugin and the Divi, Extra Theme for WP. Every product is carefully designed to give your page a professional and modern look.

Key Features of Divi 3.0

As I said to you, the most premium thing about this is the visuality effect. To create such a reputation with the Divi brand, the developers have applied so many great features in this version. And here are some of them:

  • Visually build every module in your page in front-end
  • Observe the changes instantly without going back and forth to preview
  • Easily to add new variety of contents such as counter, CTA, tabs, subscribe, …
  • Optimized drag and drop feature: duplicate, delete, resize the heights and widths
  • Freely to toggle different views on computer, iPad and phone while editing
  • History log feature allows you to undo, redo both with keyboard shortcuts or clicks
  • Fully supported by previous Divi and Extra themes, plugins
  • Full options to edit a module with font, size, color, background, …
  • No grid of sections and rows attached to your contents
  • Run fast and smoothly with rare conflicts  

How to use

Because of its main focus on illustrational effect, Divi 3.0 doesn’t bring about too many complicated codes. In contrast, you just need to do the installment like usual. Then, talking to the “editing-building” step, you can easily drag- drop, add and delete the module at wherever you want on the page.

In this Divi 3.0 Review, I won’t show you in details with every tiny step to customize and design your page. However, if you’re still confused, you can check out the instructions at sale page, where they give you the manual thoroughly of every feature or read full review here.

Personal Experience

I’m really impressed with the way Elegant Team by the way they arrange and design things. So, when this came out, I’ve tried immediately. Seeing is believing. The design is so great and eye-catchy. Divi 3.0 takes the full use of drag and drop feature to visually customize your page on front-end page. It runs quite well and smoothly for me.

Pros and Cons:

With my personal experience, I’ve summarized here the pros and cons of this product. You can tell me your idea right in this Divi 3.0 Review if you feel different.


  • Easily to edit the module with full options like text, image, …
  • Freely to customize the interface in PC, IPad and phone version
  • You can have a test drive before purchasing.


  • When two modules are too close to each other, you might mistakenly choose the wrong setting box to edit
  • It can’t auto saved. Don’t think you’re working with Google Docs. Remember to save the entire process at the page entry.

Price and Evaluation

By the time I’m writing this, the developers are offering a test drive for your experience before making decision. And the sale is classified as $89 yearly subscription and $249 one-time payment. With the yearly package, you still have full access without any limits to themes or plugins. The good news is during the launching period, you can use the 10% discount off. So, if you want to try it, you should buy it now.

In short, this product is a great page builder if you want to emphasize the designing of your page. It brings you both beauty and flexibility. And that’s all for my Divi 3.0 Review here.

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