Clever Messenger Review: Leverage Messenger Bots for your business

Clever Messenger Review: Build profitable Messenger Bots (in seconds?)

Clever Messenger Review

Hi there, You must have been living under rock if you haven’t seen all the buzz around “Messenger Bots” lately. Yes. It’s a hype right now AND they sure can be profitable for your business in soooo many ways.

However, because it’s still SO NEW and FRESH… most marketers and online business owners still haven’t got a clue. They don’t know how to properly set up Messenger Bots. Let alone where to start so they too can increase lead flow and sales using these awesome Chat Bots!

They’re struggling… (and perhaps you can relate?)… because of the lack of training and the use of stinky ‘old’ crappy tools. More ways to make it yours! Check out the Clever Messenger Review below!

Clever Messenger Review


Clever Messenger is one of the world’s most advanced Chatbot Creators & Marketing suites for Messenger. Using cutting edge technology! Enabling you to create hyper engaging chatbots… Positioning your brand and business as the authority. Generating more leads for you, closing more sales for you… and help your company grow with ease!

With the front-end, you will get Unrestricted access to the full Messenger Chatbot creator & Marketing Suite with 3000 Subscribers, Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Messages and Broadcasts (Plus in-depth Training & a FREE Trial to Clever Messenger Pro a bonus).

Clever Messenger in a nutshell:

  • Easy setup: Easy setup, works out of the box. no tech-headaches, pinky promise!
  • Increase: Clever messenger’s features will help you to grow your business fast and easy.
  • Experience: The creators have a combined marketing and software experience of over 30+ years!
  • Heroic support: The creators got 24/7 support. They are here to help you with any questions!


Clever Messenger Review

Vendor Stefan van der Vlag
Product Clever Messenger
Launch Date 2018-Sep-06
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $39
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Social Marketing, Chatbot
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Clever Messenger Review

Stefan van der Vlag is the CEO, Owner, Founder at Marketing Released. He and his partners Dennis de Graaf & Faouzi Jouti are the men behind Clever Messenger. They’re helping people from all over the world to start up (or increase) their business online. They do this by providing private consults, or delivering one of their products to the digital doorstep of their tribe and customers.

They’re providing various software (related to Digital Marketing) which helps their clients and customers get better results… some of which are Convertifire, Social Vidio, etc. Let’s switch to the next part of the Clever Messenger Review to find out what actually is in the package.


Now you can connect all the dots with one powerful solution. Grow your business with “back-to-the-future” like features!

  • Flow composer – Create your chatbot without coding

Drag ‘n drop yourself a chatbot for Messenger without any of the tech headaches. It’s easy, it’s fun AND there’s no coding required.

  • Capture tools – Grow your chatbot subscribers

It’s now easy to grow your Messenger audience. Access a complete set of tools helping you convert anyone into a subscriber.

  • Broadcasts – Send messages to your subscribers

With 82% average open rates and 10x better CTR than email, Messenger is the best place to make your message heard.

  • Live Chat – Up close and personal with Live Chat

Live Chat notifies you when your attention is needed and makes it easy to have a conversation with your subscriber.

  • Integration – Integrate the tools you already use and love

Integrate your auto-responder and webinars! It’s possible to use Clever Messenger as a lead capture tool. And by integrating tools, like: Aweber, GetResponse, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, MadMimi, iContact, MailerLite, Sendy, GoToWebinar, Campaign Monitor, MarketHero, ConstantContact, ConvertKit, Demio, WebinarJEO, WebinarJAM, Shopify, Amazon, YouZign, and Giphy.… you take Messenger to stratospheric levels!

  • Use json code generator

By giving you your Chatbot’s JSON code you can run it with those nifty Messenger Ads!

  • Private replies to fb comments!

And next to your bot Privately Responding to people who left a comment on your Facebook post… you can do so much more.

And that’s not all:

  • The Hub: Create & manage all your amazing bots easily from the central hub.
  • Dashboard: Get a birds-eye view on how your chatbot is performing with on the dashboard
  • Audience: Manage & segment your audience using Clever Messenger’s clever audience features.
  • Capture: Build your audience with ease using Clever Messenger’s amazing capture features.
  • Engage: Engage with your audience by sending broadcasts and fully automated sequences
  • Automation: Automate your business by fully exploiting smart flows you create with the Flow Composer!
  • Configure: Engage with your audience by sending broadcasts and fully automated sequences

So much more cool stuff… All Messenger features & more… with their “Clever Sauce”!

  • Send Text: Your bot can send powerful text messages. Add emoji, pers. tags, delays and more!
  • Send Images & GIFs: If images speak a thousand words, GIFs speak ten thousand words. Funky!
  • Send Videos: Want to send videos? You can. Use this if you want to increase that personal vibe.
  • Send Files: Send out that PDF or eBook you promised after they subscribed to your chatbot.
  • Send List Items: Beautiful listings! Use eCom integrations & easily add your products to the mix.
  • Send Carousel Items: Carousel Ads, but for Messenger! Great if you want to share some more + cool eCom integrations
  • Apply Tags: Behavioral tagging. Add tags based on what your subscribers see and click on.
  • Apply Actions: Have your chatbot perform actions based on any conditions you desire.

Clever Messenger Review


One of the BIGGEST flaws when building Messenger Bots is the lack of having an overview. Clever Messenger solves this by giving you a Drag ‘N Drop Easy method of building bots. You basically build out your bot while creating a ‘mind-map-like’ schematic!

It’s great because:

  • It gives you that handy overview you need when creating complex (and conversational) bots
  • It gives back your time – creating Messenger Bots faster and effortlessly! (no coding needed)
  • It gives you the ability to build your Messenger Bot while ‘mapping’ it out… Money loves speed!

Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • No headaches. Click, click, and done. It’s that simple to start using Clever Messenger.
  • Send unlimited broadcasts to your subscribers – no limits during this launch.
  • It integrates with platforms you already use and love on a daily basis.
  • Build unlimited chatbots for unlimited pages. They’re waiving these limits during the launch.
  • Unlike ANY other FB™ Messenger Chatbot software ever released.
  • Send images, GIFs, audio, video, clickable CTAs, website links, carousel items & much more!
  • Quick Chat Bot setup by using nifty wizard templates – taking out all the guesswork.
  • Set up fully automated follow up replies when a visitor interacts.
  • Have an entire conversation without ever logging into FB™ using special triggers, sequences and delays.
  • Training which takes you by the hand and spoon feeds you all the way.
  • Extensive lay out of each feature, to get the most out of Clever Messenger.
  • The creators got 24/7 support. They are here to help you with any questions you have!

In addition, you will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action: 

Clever Messenger Review


A few days ago, Stefan sent me review access to this brand new app. And in this part of Clever Messenger Review, I want to give you a quick overview of it!

FB™ is very cautious and doesn’t want anyone abusing their platform (which is a good thing) — Though, this means the API requires manual review by FB™’s employees. You’d have to go through a feedback loop that can take ages before getting your full permission.

And because with Clever Messenger you now only need to click one simple button to connect your page… It means you can truly start without any of the tech headaches. And this enables you to fully make use of their API

I really think Messenger is the future. With just one of the ‘Clever’ features I was able to generate a ton of new subscribers at a very low cost! I simply used the FB™ Comments Private Reply feature of Clever Messenger which I connected to a curiosity driven ad… The ad was a simple emoji based text – mimicking an playable audio file – with the call to action to comment to the post and the promise they receive the audio file.

What I saw next was just unbelievable — $0.03 per Messenger Lead! 😮 People were so amazed by the Private Messaging feature – some even tried it multiple times giving my post a ton of reactions, shares, and comments!

See, you can use Clever Messenger to drive more sales through all your funnels! By simply sending broadcasts to your subscribers. Based on which links they clicked and which pages they visited (super easy with tagging!)

Or… easily crank up engagement on your blog posts AND get more Social Shares. Going Viral is an absolute breeze by setting up the auto-post channels…

You build BIGGER lists of fresh new subscribers in your auto-responder. Embracing multi-channel marketing (expect super simple increase by just using the integrations…)

You need to hire new people for your eCommerce store. Because you won’t be able to manage the hyper-influx of sales coming your way all by yourself. Yes. Easy shopify & Amazon setup included!

Of course, you receive full video-based training! This is where you discover how to get the most out of Clever Messenger and the Pro Edition.

In matter of fact. You get access to a full knowledge base — ready with every feature clearly written out. As well as videos explaining how to set things up fast… Not that you need it, because ‘Clever’ is extremely easy to set up!

And IF you get stuck. Like really really stuck. Simply send in a support request — And before you know it, you set up profitable Campaigns in no time flat – without any guesswork.


Increase Conversions & Slash Ad Spend with Clever Messenger in only 4 Easy Steps! The minute you get into the Clever Messenger dash you’ll be wondering why nobody has made it this simple to boost conversions & ROI before.

  • Step 1. Create

Login and create your first chatbot using the step-by-step wizard

  • Step 2. Automate

Drag’n drop any chatbot you desire by using the Flow Composer

  • Step 3. Capture

Capture new subscribers with capture tools like messenger code

  • Step 4. Engage

Engage with your subs and send unlimited broadcasts


Clever Messenger is ideal for all walks of weblife.

  • Social Media Marketers

Looking for a new cool way to increase reach & their following. Plus generating viral traffic.

  • List builders & Bloggers

Who want to convert more site visitors into profitable leads. And more leads into customers

  • Affiliate & CPA marketers

Promoting quality products and want to MAXIMIZE ROI on their campaigns

  • NEW People to Messenger

…wanting an extreme easy way to exploit this powerful form of Messenger marketing!

  • Product Sellers

Wanting to use multi-channel marketing and give people another shot to pick up what’s on offer

  • Ecommerce Vendors

eCom vendors who want kick people of the fence and INCREASE profits

  • Support Staff

Wanting an easy and fast way to handle and automate all live support issues.


For a limited time, you can grab Clever Messenger with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: Clever Messenger ($39/Mo or $199 life time)

Next-gen tool responsible for quadrupling profits, putting traffic on steroids & slashing ad costs dramatically

  • Upgrade 1: Clever Messenger Pro ($49/Mo or $299 life time)

Pro Features, Ready made fill-in-the-blanks bot templates, Plug ‘n Play Bots and more for customers to play with. Bigger Subscriber Plans. More cool features, and any other future feature updates.

  • Upgrade 2: Clever Messenger Agency ($599/yr)

This allows people to run Clever Messenger as a service for clients. Agency Holders create bots for their clients, and can choose if clients have view or editing permissions. Full Client Manage capabilities, Take-Over, and much, much more.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this Clever Messenger Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Clever Messenger Review

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  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


Clever Messenger Review

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