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Zero2Scale Notes Review: Unleash The Power of Video Funnels & eCommerce

Zero2Scale Notes Review: 11 eCom Millionaires Spill The Beans On Their Success

Zero2Scale Notes Review

You’ve heard it time and time again the best internet marketing training happens at live events. And it’s true. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of this industry YOU NEED to learn these tactics before your competition does.

But what if you just couldn’t make it to this seminar? Or you didn’t take detailed notes?

Well… that’s where Reed steps in. He was asked by Karl Shuckert to take notes for his Zero2Scale eCommerce seminar. He spent 2 WHOLE DAYS taking notes from EVERY SPEAKER and EVERY SESSION… And now, you can grab all of it with the lowest price.

Want to find out more about those note? Let’s read my Zero2Scale Notes Review below for more details!

Zero2Scale Notes Review


In a Nutshell, Zero2Scale Notes is a document that provides you Brand New eCommerce Strategies for 2017 from 14 Internet Millionaires.

This was a closed door event in Austin Texas. And if you weren’t at the event or didn’t take good notes you need to keep reading because I guarantee you that the information in these notes contain the SECRETS you need to succeed with your eCommerce sites.

Here’s Just Some of the Things You’ll Learn From the Zero2Scale Seminar Notes…

  • Store Setup & Optimization: Newbie friendly advice on what themes, apps and pages to setup.
  • Niche & Product Selection: Learn how to properly locate products and select an area you can excel in.
  • Store Setup & Optimization: Newbie friendly advice on what themes, apps and pages to setup.
  • Niche & Product Selection: Learn how to properly locate products and select an area you can excel in.
  • Your Perfect Offer: Defining your offers to maximize conversions
  • Targeted Traffic For Cheap: Getting targeted buyers for pennies
  • Sustainability: Turning your stores into long term, predictable selling machines
  • Chasing Profit: Uncovering highly profitable niche markets fast
  • Automation: Shortcuts to order fulfillment and store management
  • Sell 1st, Pay Later: Packing your store with high converting products WITHOUT paying upfront
  • Pro Pricing Strategies: Learn what the pros are using to maximize conversions & margins
  • Sales Boosters: How to increase average order value at point of sale & beyond
  • Traffic: How to get it plus the ins & outs of paid advertising
  • Hands Off: Secrets to dropshipping
  • Risk Removal: Building and growing your business with ZERO risk
  • Tracking: Understanding your true costs and ROI
  • Pricing For Profit: Stealing sales from the competition while maintaining margins
  • Scaling Facebook™: Insider secrets to growing quickly and predictably


Zero2Scale Notes Review

Vendor Reed Floren et al
Product Zero2Scale Notes
Launch Date 2017-Nov-19
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Ecommerce
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Zero2Scale Notes Review

Reed Floren ia an internet marketer who founded Business Success Systems, LLC. Reed makes the customer’s business successful by connecting them up with the right people who can make turn you into the recognized expert in your niche which will help you develop a following and make you more sales.

Since 2014 he released a bunch of new training products on the WarriorForum / WarriorPlus. He ended up having 10 courses in a row get product of the day.

In 2015 and 2016 Reed focused more on affiliate marketing and only put out a handful of his own products or products with partners such as Ba Da Bing Commissions, Newbie List Building Blueprint, How to Get Traffic From Facebook Ads, How to Find & Research a Profitable Niche Market,… and many more. It’s now 2017 he helps a lot of entrepreneurs achieve the success they are looking for.

Now The following part of my Zero2Scale Notes Review will reveal the most typical features of it.


You’ll learn from 11 eCommerce millionaires who will share what is working now and how you can leverage it for this holiday shopping season and BEYOND! Inside you’ll discover:

  • Rob Burns: Using Video & Video Funnels For Ecommerce
  • Thomas Bell – How To Scale & Crush It With Print On Demand
  • Ron Lynch – How To Select Winning Products & Other Lessons From Selling Millions in Product
  • Ecommerce Expert Panel – Insight On Top Ecommerce Questions
  • Rob Fajarto: Thinking Beyond Your Store. How To Build a Personal Brand & More.
  • Frank Keeney – How Frank Uses Video Ads On Facebook To Get Better Results and Create Evergreen Campaigns
  • Ben Malol – Understand FB Ads and How to Optimize and Scale Your Campaigns
  • Travis Petelle – How Implementing Subscription Offers With Ecommerce Can Change Your Business
  • Lowell Rempel – Using KPIs To Measure Your Team To Maximize Productivity, Expectations & Get More

At the Zero2Scale seminar Rob Burns shared with us exactly why you should be using videos to sell your eCom products

  • On page 9 of the Zero2Scale notes you’ll also discover how to boost your click through rate in your introductory email by up to 96%. A subject line hack that can boost opens by 150-400%. And How to bump your conversions by 80%
  • On page 11 you’ll discover the 3 part formula to a successful video that sells your eCommerce products
  • On page 14 you’ll uncover the secret Facebook ad tactics to get more engagement from your videos and make more sales
  • On page 15 you’ll learn how you can apply even more strategies to your YouTube videos to REALLY crank up your audience
  • On page 16 you’ll learn all about Instagram videos and the power retargeting can have on your video marketing.
  • On pages 17-19 you’ll find out how to maximize your eCom funnel with videos and the exact tools you’ll need to succeed.
  • On page 21 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar notes you’ll learn how Thomas sold 150K products in 4 months generating over 2 million in revenue
  • On page 22 you’ll see the T-Shirt Success Matrix (this formula can be used to improve the sales on ANYTHING!)
  • On page 23 you’ll discover ninja Facebook targeting tricks that will drastically lower your ad spend while boosting your profits.
  • One page 24 you’ll learn the best ways to SCALE your ad campaign to keep the profits rolling in
  • On page 26 you’ll discover how to take a winning campaign and apply it to several niche markets
  • On page 27 you’ll see the most successful campaign Thomas has run so far
  • On page 28 you’ll see a shirt that had over 100,000 sales because it followed a VIRAL TREND
  • On page 31 you’ll learn about where you can place your shirt on a model without them actually wearing it. AWESOME STUFF
  • On page 32 you’ll also see how the ramped a campaign all the way to 400K in profits
  • On page 33 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar notes you’ll find out how to make it in business
  • On page 34 you’ll see the questions you need to ask yourself to see if your product is a winning idea.
  • On page 35 you’ll learn what retail stores want before they will stock your product on their shelves.
  • On page 37 you’ll see what 3 things you need to do to appeal to your customer and make them whip out their credit card
  • On page 39 you’ll discover the number 1 job you have as an entrepreneur and how focusing on it helps you succeed.
  • On page 52 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar notes you’ll learn how you can start charging a lot more money
  • On page 53 how to become an authority and share what you’ve learned even if you aren’t an “expert” yet
  • On page 54 you’ll discover the best way to build your audience and how to get people to buy into you so you can sell them a high ticket training/consulting
  • On page 55 you’ll see how you can be a “reporter” instead of an “expert” and still build a POWERFUL brand
  • On page 56 you’ll learn why you must know your why and how to find it
  • On pages 57-58 you’ll find out about the 4 stages of human development and how to take advantage of this to MAXIMIZE your success
  • On pages 59-60 you’ll learn how you can give yourself permission to share what you’ve learned and how to make your audience fall in love with you for it
  • On page 61 you’ll discover how you can share what you learn and position yourself as an expert with this simple tactic that you can do from your cell phone.
  • On page 62 you’ll figure out how to combine your purpose and skills to bring MAXIMUM profit and HAPPINESS to your life
  • On page 63 you’ll learn about the 3 angles you need and the 3 stories you must share to become a position of influence
  • On page 64 you’ll see the right way to network and reach out to very high-quality people.
  • On page 65 you’ll learn how to get influencers to share your brand
  • On page 65 you’ll see how much value an influencer has and how to gauge if it’s worth paying them to promote your brand.
  • On page 67 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar notes you’ll learn the 3 words that will change the way you do your video ads FOREVER!
  • On page 68 you’ll find out how to do market research the right way so you can sell a high quality product your customers and WANT to BUY
  • On page 69 you’ll see the power of motion and how it keeps them interested and watching your ads.
  • On page 70 you’ll discover the formula for a winning video ad
  • On page 71 you’ll learn about the tools you need to be successful with your video ads (odds are you already have them!)
  • On page 72 you’ll see 3 video ads that were very successful so you can model them in your ads
  • On page 73 you’ll learn about using engagement audiences and how they can boost your sales
  • On page 74 you’ll uncover how to really know your target market and what they WANT
  • On page 75 you’ll learn how you can do videos for print on demand products
  • On page 76 you’ll see how to narrow your audience
  • On pages 78-79 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar notes you’ll learn why your business should really be like a kiosk in a mall
  • On page 80 you’ll see examples of a good and bad ad
  • On pages 81-82 you’ll see examples of campaigns that CRUSHED it
  • On page 83-86 you’ll learn how Facebook ad optimization works and how 99% of marketers do it wrong
  • On page 87 you’ll learn how to lower your conversion costs by optimizing for a pixel conversion you probably haven’t thought of
  • On page 88 you’ll discover how different targeting options can make or break your ad On page 89 you’ll see how to increase your reach with your ads
  • On pages 90-91 you’ll learn how to make lookalike audiences profitable
  • On page 94 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar you’ll learn the 3 stages of eCom
  • On pages 95-96 you’ll discover why you need to do recurring offers
  • On pages 97-99 you’ll see the 3 types of recurring offers
  • On page 100 you’ll learn a ninja tactic to double your money without increasing your sales
  • On pages 101-103 you’ll discover the ins and outs of a “box of the month business”
  • On page 104 of the Zero2Scale eCom seminar you’ll learn what you need to succeed in business
  • On page 105 you’ll discover the power of using KPI to grow your business
  • On page 106 you’ll learn how you can grow your business without adding any new customers
  • On page 107-109 you’ll see how you can use automated email funnels to boost your sales
  • On page 110 you’ll uncover how to mindmap and systematize your business
  • On page 111 you’ll learn how to hire and train employees to produce a positive ROI in your business

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Think about it… Karl, Chase and their millionaire pals aren’t going to be sharing any of this information again any time soon. In fact they may never reveal these exact secrets again.

Maybe you coudn’t make it to the event, as tickets cost $299 plus you’d need at least a couple hundred dollars for a flight and the average room at the hotel is $189 a night plus taxes. And that doesn’t even factor in any food, drink or entertainment money

By the time it’s all said and done going to a seminar like this can easily cost $2,000 PLUS you’ll have to take off time from your job, business and family.

But now you can read the detailed notes and you’ll have a fantastic bird’s eye view of what’s working in the internet marketing industry so you can succeed! You’ll learn from 11 eCommerce millionaire marketers who will teach you the EXACT strategies, systems, and tools they have used to ramp up their businesses from $0 to where they are TODAY.

If you are doing eCom or have any desire to learn more you really should pickup a copy of the Zero2Scale Notes.

In addition, you will be getting tons the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action.

Zero2Scale Notes Review


  • If you are a newbie in eCommerce you will see how to quickly set up your 1st store, pick winning products and make your first sales
  • If you are an intermediate eCommerce marketer you will uncover traffic & paid ad strategies to maximize ROI and average order value or AOV
  • If you are an advanced eCommerce marketer you will see how to tap into exciting new niche opportunities and markets to take your income to the next level

No matter if you are a newbie, intermediate or advanced, if you answer Yes to any of the following, this is for you:

  • These notes are for you if you want more traffic to your eCom stores
  • These notes are for you if you want to make more sales from your eCom stores
  • These notes are for you if you are just getting started in eCom
  • These notes are for you if you attended the Zero2Scale seminar and want to refresh your memory
  • These notes are for you if you weren’t able to attend the Zero2Scale seminar and want to learn all the juicy tidbits these internet multi-millionaire’s shared.
  • These notes are for you if you are stuck in your eCom business and want to have 10X your results in 2017 and beyond!

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For a limited time, you can grab Zero2Scale Notes with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suite for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front End: Zero2Scale Notes – $17-$27 dimesale

You will receive over 100 pages of notes that Reed tooks at Karl Schuckert and Chase Bowers Zero2Scale eCom seminar. You will learn eCommerce from: Karl Schuckert, Chase Bowers, Ben Malol, Frank Keeney, Lowell Rempell, Travis Petelle, Rob Burns, Rob Fajardo, Ron Lynch, Thomas Bell & Rich Wilens.

  • Upsell: Zero2Scale Videos/Audios/Transcripts – $297

HD quality video and audio recordings + transcripts of the Zero2Scale Event. $297 for access or 3 payment plan of $129 per month

  • Downsell: Zero2Scale MP3 Recordings – $47

MP3 Audio recordings for the Zero2Scale seminar


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Zero2Scale Notes Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Zero2Scale Notes Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order Zero2Scale Notes by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages below
  • Step 3: Hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done these step 1 & 2. You will get the chosen package within 24 hours.







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