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WP Site Guardian 2017 Review – Best Way To Protect Your Site

WP Site Guardian 2017 review

WP Site Guardian 2017 Review

Let me ask you a question: how secure is your wordpress site really and are you sure why are you just assuming it is because you’re using good hosts popular plugins and moment services? WP Site Guardian 2017 Review

We’ll come back to that one in a moment in 2012 we had one of the biggest recessions in global history, because our government assume bankers were doing a good job. Of course those assumptions proved pretty reckless. But what if our assumptions about wordpress security are equally wrong? How much money would you lose? What would your site be worth if it was hacked?

In a moment we gotta hack alive wordpress site and not just any site, a site running what is commonly assumed as the best security software. Now we’re doing that prove a point, and that is all current security products are totally ineffective against exploits. Believe it or not, exploits are the number one method used by hackers and they make up 92% of all direct hacking attacks. And yet somehow the security industry has buried his head in the sand and ignore this. It’s also a number one method used by terrorists activists. Now the FBI warned wordpress users about vulnerabilities and exploits earlier this year yet no one has addressed this problem. Exploits themselves are pretty useless without vulnerabilities, not vulnerable letís are simple programming mistakes. And let’s face it, most of the software written in WordPress is written by amateurs and it’s hardly surprising.

Therefore that there are thousands of new vulnerabilities discovered every year. What’s more surprising is the vulnerabilities we found using our software in major security plugins just last week. These plugins are used by millions, so who knows how many sites have been hacked and how many are now harboring back doors. Even the latest version of WordPress – running the best security plugins still was hacked in seconds using an exploit. Exploits makeup 92% of direct attacks on WordPress. Yet not a single free or paid security product we tested was able to deal with this kind of attack. Which is exactly why today, I write this WP Site Guardian 2017 Review.


Like it or not you are already paying for other people’s mistakes… Vulnerabilities are programming mistakes that allow hackers to break into a website. So the main reason why security is such a big issue today is human error… It’s the reason for most accidents & the reason for 98%+ of hacker attacks. Hackers Don’t Even Break a Sweat…
Download Exploit… Copy… Paste… Hacked!

10,000’s of Exploits are Available To Download For Free Right Now

There are literally 100’s of sites offering exploits allegedly for “ethical reasons”. These sites are like a free locksmith’s store with bump keys for any website. The reality is anyone can download an exploit & deploy it – this could be a hacker, someone you’ve upset or even a bad competitor.

1 Million+ Sites Were Hacked or Defaced by Exploits, And That’s Just in the last 12 Months

In The last 12 months over a million sites were hacked or defaced by exploits. Just one simple plugin vulnerability allowed hackers to inject 50,000 sites with malware, defacements, phishing portals & spam. In April 2015 over a million sites were left wide open to hackers when a vulnerability was found in a popular cache plugin. Last month WordPress admitted that there was a major vulnerability that allowed hackers to launch amplified brute force attacks leaving ALL 73 million WordPress sites totally exposed.

Exploits are now the #1 risk to any WordPress owner. The biggest problem is NO QUALITY CONTROL – many WP plugin & theme writers are not trained in secure coding practices & the code isn’t checked so your site becomes a security guinea pig.

Just 1 Bad Plugin or Update & Your Site Is Theirs. How Would Even You Know Which One?

Hackers have 1000’s of exploits at their disposal – these exploits don’t even require any skill – just COPY, PASTE, hit ENTER – HACKED! Once a hacker discovers what vulnerability your site has it’s a simple case of Googling the “plugin name + exploit” – downloading the code & deploying it on your site. Hackers are lazy by nature… it’s a common belief that hackers slave away trying to break into sites – nope… it’s a case of find a bad plugin in your code – download exploit & it’s all over.

Now unless you have loads of time on your hands to look through exploit sites or are a security programming genius that can find a needle in a haystack, you’ll never know how exposed you really are.

You’ll Get Blocked By Search Engines For Hosting. A Fake Store, An Attack Site or A Phishing Site…

There’ s nothing worse than being told by one of your customers that your site is blocked by Google. Before your site even gets blocked though there’s a very good chance that many of your visitors will become victims of hacking. Their PC’s may be infected with password stealing malware, their credit card details may be skimmed, or they will simply see some hactivist’s message & totally lose trust in your business. Now that’s hardly a sensible way to operate a business.

Your Site, Your Reputation, Your Rankings & Your Domain Value Destroyed

Most of us work our asses off to build a solid reliable web businesses… We spend years building & ranking sites, building our reputations, we spend $1000’s on ranking… then some smart ass sitting in their mother’s basement in his underpants screws it all up in a second. Now even if you are dilligent & have protected your site with the best security money can buy – you’ll still get hacked. An exploit is like giving a hacker the key to the door – currently there is little or no protection for that. And to top it all whatever market credibility or value your website had… it’s gone – once hacked your site is worth buck squat … big fat zero!

It’s Going To Costs You Days & $1000’s To Restore, De-Blacklist + Re-Rank

Hacking is actually the least of your worries – the headaches that come afterwards are going to keep you busy for a very long time Your site will almost certainty be blacklisted & the removal process means that you’ll have to apply to each one of the 30+ security agencies to get the all clear. Before that comes the cleanup & trying to work out how much damage was done… you’ll probably need to restore from a backup – assuming you have a recent backup & you’ll also have to work out how the hacker got in to prevent the same thing happening again. Then of course comes the costly task of regaining your site’s SEO ranking… All because of a simple assumption that our site was safe…

If You Keep Getting Hacked By Exploits You’ll Get Booted By Your Host

If can’t pinpoint the the plugin or theme that caused you the problem, the chances are you’ll install it again & you’ll get hacked again. Most of us don’t have the skill to work out which of our plugins/themes are vulnerable or the expertise to look through millions of lines of code to find the culprit – so your choice will be pay experts or guess. If you think your host is going to spend hours with you trying to resolve the problem – they won’t. They are in the business of making money & charging you for hosting. So if you keep getting hacked you’ll become a problem & they will simply terminate your service.

Think Your Site is Safe? Think Again!


WP Site Guardian 2017

WP Site Guardian is a full featured WAF (Web Application Firewall) which protects your site against the most common types of hacking attacks – exploits. Exploits are bugs or weaknesses in programming that exists across 10,000+ plugins & themes & new ones are discovered & published daily. They make up 92% of all attacks on WordPress sites so should be the #1 priority for any security solution. A hacker can compromise a site in using an exploit in seconds no matter what security product you are running – yes you can get hacked even behind Cloudflare, the best host & the best security services/plugins no matter how much money you pay.


WP Site Guardian 2017 demo

WP Site Guardian 2017 Review

Vendor: Chris Hitman
Product: WP Site Guardian 2017
Launch Date: 2016-Dec-18
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Home Page: Click here
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommended: Highly Recommended
Skill: All Levels
Niche: Software



WP Site Guardian 2017 author

WP Site Guardian 2017 Review

The men behind this product are Chris Hitman and Michael Thomas. They are the famous internet marketers in the online marketing world. And they have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as Photoshop Masterclass 2016, TrafficShield, PC Masterclass SPEED & SECURITY for Business,… and many more successful digital products.

If you guys feel interesting, I am going to write some article about those tools after this WP Site Guardian 2017 review.


In 2015 Chris Hitman and Michael Thomas discovered that NONE of the best security products on the market protected sites against this type of threat & to prove this they hacked a WP site live with some of the best known security products running. Needless to say they didn’t make any friends with their competitors (some of who quickly patched their products to save face) Yet none of their competitors challenged their findings. Insane right?

So they released WP Site Guardian (December 2015) & called BS on the whole WP Security industry who were sitting pretty taking money from clients & doing a shoddy job of protecting websites. WP Site Guardian Protects agains all common attack vectors including:

– In URL execution break-ins
– In Form execution break-ins
– XSS Attacks
– SQL Injection
– Header Injection
– Directory Traversal

What’s New in 2017 Edition?

Over 500 hours of development time have been spent to make this product even better:

– More Powerful Intruder Detection
– Fewer False Positives
– Even More compatibility across hosting platforms
– Even easier installation
– Improved Intruder Reporting

OTO1 – WP Site Guardian Developer (Annual Recurring)

This is where they kick their competitors and even more… A standard WAF firewall only offers reactive protection – we felt that this is like trying to plaster over a leak – it works…. but it’s better to prevent problems as best as possible…

In the Developers Edition they’ve added pro-active protection. This upgrade scans all your themes & plugins on a daily basis & compares these with a real time active database of known vulnerabilities (they pay for this service hence they charge an annual fee) – it automatically emails the webmaster if a threat is found so you can take action & eliminate the risk manually.
They’ve gone one step further they also connect your site to a REAL TIME known scumbag list, these are bad bots, fake search engines, known site attackers, site scrapers, known brute force attackers + more …. They update your HTACCESS (WP security file) daily with this information stopping all known scumbags at the door – hows that for pro-active defence?

Finally you can earn $1000’s with their developers license in product fees alone + any labour you charge clients.

OTO2 – WP Security Audit

When building security products it amazed them how many webmasters forgot about the security basics… like leaving default usernames/ passwords, leaving default site / file permissions, leaving tell tale installation files etc…
So this product was built to specifically address these kind of security oversights & give users a comprehensive overview of their site security & how to fix stuff – a no brainer

OTO3 – WP Shields UP

The Creators developed this as the only other “well known” alternative was so badly coded it was harbouring vulnerabilities…

WordPress itself openly broadcasts every piece of information a hacker needs to hack you, including your WordPress version, your theme & plugin names + versions & with that kind of information it doesn’t matter what security you are running – you are toast even to a script kiddie (baby hacker)

Shields up was developed to make your sites run in “stealth mode” – clearing all the critical information that WP broadcasts by doing so it reduces the risk of hack attacks by up to 95% – hackers simply get bored & move on to an easier target….another amazing pro-active defence tool in our toolbox…

This is a lot more invasive so it requires a good quality hosting setup – the plugin will detect inferior hosting configurations.



New WP Plugin Autodetects & Blocks Exploits In Just 2 Clicks
+ Emails You Notifications Of Attack Attempts

Automatically Blocks The Biggest Attacks 
Install It ~ Activate It ~ Forget It

+ Header Injection

+ XSS Injection

+ SQL Injection

+ Directory traversal

Massively Reduces The Risk Of Getting Hacked By Current & FUTURE Exploits
Auto Blocks Exploit Hack Attempts & Auto Bans Hackers

WP Site Guardian 2017 is the 1st pro-active anti-exploit plugin that monitors & blocks hackers based on behaviour. When any suspicious activity is detected the IP is instantly blocked & the hacker is banned. This prevents the exploit from executing & also shuts down all further hacking attempts. By eliminating both exploit & the bad user you massively reduce the risk of site getting hacked. This is the only plugin on the market that offers active protection against current & future exploits as it looks at visitor behaviour rather than the attack code.

Blocks Attacks Even If You Have Vulnerable Plugins
New Technology Blocks Behaviour & Emails You Hack Attempt Details

You’ll never know if your site is at risk – currently there is no way of getting notified of any risky plugins or updates your site may already using . With WP Site Guardian 2017 this is irrelevant as the plugin focuses on hacker activity rather than the vulnerability While your competitors are stuck scratching their heads, trying to figure out what to do without their lists, you’ll be laughing to the bank, since you’re not promoting without competition.

Faster Website – Fewer Security Plugins Needed
Super Low Resource Payload – Protects Against 92% of Attacks

Massively reduce your processor & memory load by eliminating resource hungry security plugins you won’t need anymore. WP Site Guardian 2017 offers unparalleled protection against exploits.

YES – you still need a reputable managed host
YES – you should be using VPS or dedicated hosting
YES – you should be updating plugins automatically
YES – you should use anti-brute-force protection



WP Site Guardian 2017 is a significantly efficient plugin to do secure your website. If you want to start making much money by online business, it is in your must-have list.

Regardless, thank you for reading my WP Site Guardian 2017 Review. Goodbye, and see you again!


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