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Triple Threat Stress PLR Review: 3 Ways to Cash in on the Stress Niche

Triple Threat Stress PLR Review: NEW PLR that Caters to the Profitable and Diverse Stress Niche!

Triple Threat Stress PLR Review

When you see a niche that’s hot – meaning it affects a wide demographic and is something people are constantly searching for, you immediately want to find out the best way to make money from it. You might think in terms of digital versus tangible products, but go a bit further than that. Consider the slants. Take the stress niche, for example. This health hazard is affecting more people than ever before – of all age groups and both genders. So Tiffany Lambert put together a powerful content bundle that helps you tap into profits based on three different solutions consumers are seeking for their stress. What is it? How about the content? Let’s check out my Triple Threat Stress PLR Review below for more details!

Triple Threat Stress PLR Review


In a nutshell, Triple Threat Stress PLR is the perfect 30-page bundle for tapping into the stress niche because it includes articles and reports for all three aspects of stress reduction and management. The concept of this bundle is to give buyers the opportunity to address stress from three perspectives – how it affects the body, how it affects a person’s mood, and how it affects their behavior (think addictions to self soothe).


Triple Threat Stress PLR Review

Vendor Tiffany Lambert
Product Triple Threat Stress PLR
Launch Date 2018-Jun-06
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $12
Refund No
Niche PLR
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Triple Threat Stress PLR Review

Tiffany Lambert is the kind of person who leads with two things – bluntness and by example. Tiffany never asks people to do things she doesn’t do herself, and she’s not afraid to tell you what you need to hear if she believes it can help you build your brand online.

Tiffany has been down many online paths with her career – She has written and taught how to write eBooks, She’s worked as and garnered affiliates for sales, She’s been a freelancer and hired them, too. But now, fresh on the heels of a major life change (divorce – congratulate me), She’s ready to transition again. For a long time She’s been working with people on their video blogs and text blogs as well as their web 2.0 (social media) accounts.

Her goal is to help people lose their fear and learn how to build bonds without having to hate the process. 2018 and beyond will see a greater focus on this element for Tiffany with her subscribers because personalization is what:

  • Helps you build a list
  • Helps you acquire fans
  • Helps you convert sales…and more!

This is the person who has created several amazing digital products for many niches such as Finding Your Soulmate, Diabetes Diagnosis PLR, Bug Out Survival PLR, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Triple Threat Stress PLR Review and find out its features.


Here’s what you get…

5 “How Stress Affects Your Body” Articles:

  • Stress Contributes to Pain in Your Body – 463 words
  • Your Sex Drive Can Be Erased from Too Much Stress – 487 words
  • Stomach Issues Arise Often from Chronic Stress – 478 words
  • Hair Loss Takes Root When Stress Sets in – 461 words
  • Energy Levels Plummet with Ongoing Stress – 461 words

5 “How Stress Affects Your Mood” Articles:

  • Stress Can Makes You Feel Nervous and Anxious – 468 words
  • People Who Stress More Have a Hard Time Relaxing – 472 words
  • Lack of Motivation Is a Direct Result of Too Much Stress – 495 words
  • If You Lack Patience, Stress Relief Might Be the Solution – 475 words
  • Feeling Down Can Be a Thing of the Past When You Learn Stress Relief – 468 words

5 “How Stress Affects Your Behavior” Articles:

  • Do You Turn to Drugs or Alcohol When Stress Sets In? – 475 words
  • Eating Issues Can Arise from Periods of Great Stress – 463 words
  • Have You Been in Hiding Because Social Stress Is Just Too Much? – 466 words
  • Exercise Avoidance Is Common with People Suffering from Stress – 492 words
  • The Blame Game Won’t Help You Solve Your Stress Issues – 508 words

Report #1: Stress-Induced Insomnia Is a Brutal Cycle

This is a 5-page, 2,090-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

  • Causes of Stress-Induced Insomnia
  • Symptoms and Risks of Stress-Induced Insomnia
  • Treatments for Stress-Induced Insomnia
  • Prevention Techniques for Stress-Induced Insomnia

Report #2: A 2-Step Process to Heal from Mental Stress

This is a 5+ page, 2,150-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

  • Medical Issues that Could Be Causing Mental Stress
  • Signs of Medical-Related Mental Stress
  • Emotional and Lifestyle Causes of Mental Stress
  • Coping with Mental Stress
  • How to Prevent Mental Stress

Report #3: Handling Your Stress Is Crucial to Maintaining Your Relationships

This is a 5+ page, 2,104-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

  • How Stress Affects Your Behavior
  • How Stress Impacts You and Others
  • When Stress Strikes – Dealing with It
  • How to Maintain Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life

NOTE: About the PLR license, there are 2 things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use her name on it.
  • Don’t pass the PLR rights along to others.

Triple Threat Stress PLR Review


Do you know The topic of stress is at an all-time high right now, with just about every demographic suffering from it. Many want relief as soon as possible – and they’re turning to the Internet to get help. What’s horrible about this condition is that it not only makes people feel unable to cope, but it ravages your physical health, too. Stress takes a toll on the body – due to the hormone Cortisol, and it can result in crippling illnesses. With Triple Threat Stress PLR I share with you today, you will have great opportunities to profit from helping people using both digital and tangible promotions that result in stress relief from common stressors such as work, relationships, health woes and more.


There are many ways to cash in on this bundle of content. The great thing is that stress is evergreen and affects a wide audience – from kids to seniors and everyone in between, not to mention both genders. Because this particular bundle is geared to three issues – body, mood and behavior – you have three unique ways to slant the material for a variety of profits.

For example, targeting the consumer’s body issues from stress, you might focus on supplements to help the adrenal glands – or workout equipment to give them a boost of endorphins.

For the mood slants, you could introduce them to things like guided meditation, crafts, yoga, the law of attraction, deep breathing and more. There are also supplements for mood improvement as well.

And for the behavior issues, think of the many addictions people have that they want to overcome, and the process for breaking an addiction is stressful, too. You’ll be able to introduce smoking cessation and other products to this niche (not just the tangible items like nicotine gum – but “how to” products as well).

Make sure you also keep in mind that stress is a niche that pairs nicely with others – like a fine wine. You can pair stress relief with the relationship niche, parenting niche, career and success niche, weight loss niche and more! So take the content, weave it into your existing niche and profit from it that way, too!


For a limited time, you can grab Triple Threat Stress PLR with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

NEW PLR Caters to the Profitable and Diverse Stress Niche!

The first one time offer includes a big bundle of a variety of content totaling 60 brand new pages! It includes 20 more articles, 4 reports, and a full eBook

The second One Time Offer is a very special deal not available to the general public. On Tiffany’s PLR store, PLRMiniMart.com, her total PLR membership sells for $497. For you, she knocks it down over 50% off during this sale.

What is the total PLR membership? It means you get ALL of the existing PLR that’s on her store immediately. AND… you get all PLR that she launches for the store from here on out without ever having to pay anything again. She has been building her store since 2006, so there are hundreds upon hundreds of packs on a wide variety of niche topics – self help, diet and fitness, pets, relationships, wealth – you name it!


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Triple Threat Stress PLR Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

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Triple Threat Stress PLR Review

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