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The P.O.P Formula Review: make fast easy commissions while building your list

The P.O.P Formula Review – A Huge List Is Not Hard to Build

The P.O.P Formula Review

Do you work so hard trying to make some headway in internet marketing, but nothing is happening? It’s not your fault, you bought the shiny new programs, and the push button software and put it to work. And nothing happened…

You’re spending more money than you are making trying to figure it all out, yet still you are getting nowhere. It’s time to take stock of your situation. You need some direction.

There is one thing that separates the successful internet marketer from the newbies, they have the FORMULA. Let’s follow The P.O.P Formula Review to know a simple way to build a huge list and make thousands from it. It will certainly blow your mind!

The P.O.P Formula Review


Building a list is always an interesting topic amongst marketers. It is compared to the bloodstream of your business. The bigger your list can be, the more people you are going to reach and the more profit you can get. Therefore, to grow your business, it all comes down to growing your list.

If you spend a few minutes searching on the Internet, perhaps you will realize there are thousands of online courses and materials that claim they can help you build a huge list. However, because there are too many of them, it is overwhelmed for marketers, especially newbies to realize which one is the best to go.

In this The P.O.P Formula Review, I am going to review a list-building product that may help you build everything from scratch. Let’s see what it’s got inside!

The P.O.P Formula Review overview

The P.O.P Formula Review

Vendor Raj.S
Product The P.O.P Formula
Launch Date 2018-Feb-13
Launch Time 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price $10
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche List Building
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

What Is It?

The P.O.P Formula, also called Post Opt-in Profits Formula is basically a step-by-step guideline showing you how to build a huge list. Basically, it will draw out all you have to do in steps to gain more subscribers with ease. There are lots of interesting things you can learn from the course:

  • The Phantom commission way to make $200 every day
  • An online vault to find the best Post Opt-in Profits Offers
  • Traffic sources you should use
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • A.B model to earn thousands per month
  • A 3-way formula to maintain profits
  • 3 factors that you should pay attention to when running web pages
  • The rule 80/20 and everything you should know about it
  • 3-second tasks to increase opt-in rates

As you can see, The P.O.P Formula provides all materials you need to build a big list. One special thing about The P.O.P Formula is that it can be used for all types of niches. All tactics, as well as strategies mentioned in the course, are based on marketing fundamentals and research that has been proven and tested.

About Author

The P.O.P Formula Review

Raj.S is the father of The P.O.P Formula. This product has taken him months to complete. After finishing the package, he brought it to many experts and peers in the field to see how they think about it. Until I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, Raj.S decided to put this product in public.

Let’s switch to the next part of The P.O.P Formula Review to really understand what you will get inside!

What Are The Great Features of It?

Let’ take a minute to recap what you’ll get inside:

  • The step by step P.O.P Formula Revealed (Learn this simple process and be able to generate thousands of subscribers and thousands of dollars in profit simultaneously)
  • The Phantom commissions method of making $186.89 per day from your list without even selling anything (By far the EASIEST hands free commissions method ever)
  • The S.A.B Model that can make you an easy $2,000-$5,000 a month (Use the same asset to build a very nice side business which can be easily scaled)
  • The secret online vault to find the best P.O.P offers available (this is my go to place to uncover the best offers that convert up to 85%)
  • The exact traffic source they used to build a list of 10,986 in 90 days (These are the BEST traffic sources for FAST RESULTS)
  • The REAL secret to why some people make $0 from their list and others make $1000s (Learn this secret and always make money when you build a list)
  • The No1 Mistake people make that shoots themselves in the foot (Avoid this like the plague, your list building is dead if you do this)
  • The 3 second task that instantly increases optin rates (Spend 3 seconds doing this and watch your conversion rate shoot up as much as 30%)
  • The proven 3 way formula to guarantee there is money to make in a niche with long term profits (choose the wrong niche and your dead in the water even before you begin, use my proven formula to find your guaranteed money making niche)
  • The 3 crucial elements of your most important webpage online (this 1 page is where it all begins get this right and you will get hoards of subscribers onto your list)
  • The ONLY thing you should be giving away on your squeeze page (Give a ______ to your new subscribers and they will love you for it, be wanting to hear more and will ensure you have a responsive list
  • Why the _________ converts better than anything they have ever tested (use this and you will be ahead of 95% of marketers online)
  • Include _____ in the first message you ever send to your subscribers to keep them super happy (Miss this and you will have very annoyed, unresponsive people who will unsubscribe faster than ever)
  • The lifeblood of your list building comes down to 2 types of ______(You got to do one or the other for it to work)
  • The BIG misconception about Traffic (You just need _____ and not _____ when it comes to traffic)
  • Why____ traffic gets you some of the most targeted visitors (this is a great traffic source if you know how to use it, use my 3 Indicator RULE to get it right)
  • Why “the money is in the list” statement is actually wrong (If it was correct I could buy an email list of 1 million email addresses and make millions right? Wrong. Discover where the money really is)
  • Stop your list becoming unresponsive and drying up by creating a ___________ (This is very important, this will determine if you build a long term sustainable business)
  • The Balance Rule, stick to this 80/20 principle to guarantee every email you send make you profits (Also makes sure you list is happy, creating good will and stay responsive)

How Does It Work?

All you need to start applying the formula is domain and hosting. The rest of building a list will be shown with great details and clear instruction that even a fresh starter can understand.

The P.O.P Formula Review

Who Should Use It?

The P.O.P Formula is a specific guide to reach success with building a huge list and how to make more money with it. For that reason, I strongly believe this is a product for all. No matter where you are in your career, The P.O.P Formula gives you opportunities to shorten the way to success and learn from those who have made millions from online marketing.

User Experience

The P.O.P Formula introduces a crystal clear method to build a list. It removes all guesswork as well as doubts when you have to handle everything on your own. I particularly love the way Raj.S explains lessons. It always comes with an example or sometimes a case study for better illustration.

One last thing I want to mention in this The P.O.P Formula Review is that Raj.S has a special deal right now. The price will not be as affordable as it currently is for the next couple of days. There is no time for hesitation, get it now!

Price And Evaluation

After finishing your purchase, you will get an instant access to the step-by-step guideline. Besides, The P.O.P Formula also comes with lots of OTO to provide room for you to grow more. These versions are optional.

The blueprint to build a list from scratch and how to make money with it.

A recurring membership which includes 2 list building kits every month. Also, there are lots of DFY elements such as squeeze pages and reports so you can save more time.

The coaching will be taken place through email in 60 days. It will give you help and instruction on how to start.

You will get a monthly membership of Raj’s newsletters. They will give you insights into how Raj reached his success. There are his action plans and case studies for you to visualize as well.

The P.O.P Formula Review conclusion

$10 is all you need to own a package like this. As usual, you will get a 30 days money back guarantee. All things considered, The P.O.P Formula brings more benefits than what you have paid for it.

Thanks for following my The P.O.P Formula Review. Good luck on the journey!

The P.O.P Formula Review

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