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SociVideo Jukebox Review: 100% Free and Automatic Traffic For Life

SociVideo Jukebox Review: New app ‘auto-fills’ it’s posting queue for unlimited traffic forever

SociVideo Jukebox Review

Have you ever wondered Why does everybody ignore your Facebook posts and videos? The fact is You’re competing with 2500 other posts every day.

  • Studies show that on average we have 2500 new posts and videos shoved in our faces every single day. No wonder your posts aren’t getting seen.
  • You can have the best content in the world, but you’re in a fierce battle for eyeballs — and frankly, you’re losing. What’s the secret to getting your posts seen then without paying a fortune?

The answer is Posting valuable videos, posts, images, etc. multiple times daily. But what if you’re not a big brand, and don’t have a team of content marketers or social media gurus to help you post daily and create awesome content? No problem, you can do it yourself with ease with SociVideo Jukebox. Please read my SociVideo Jukebox Review for more information!



In general, SociVideo Jukebox is a posting app that auto-fills its own queue & turns any biz into a high-value, traffic pulling agency. In detail, it allows you to create social media queues that ‘schedule themselves’ smartly to post over and over again on your Facebook or Twitter whenever you like on total autopilot… giving your audience a mix of unique (or curated) articles, videos, images, cinemagraphs, and more that add value without having to press a button.

Just insert a blog post, video, image, once into a ‘jukebox’ you create within the software… and the software will post it over and over again according to a schedule you set forever on autopilot.



Vendor Ben Murray et al
Product SociVideo Jukebox
Launch Date 2017-May-24
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Social marketing, Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


SociVideo Jukebox Review

The man behind this product is Ben Murray. If you don’t already know him, he is a famous internet marketer in the online marketing world. For the past few years, he has been working with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries around the world, helping them to enhance their online presence and attract potential customers with Social Marketing, SEO & Traffic, General online marketing solutions and Make Money Online. He and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as WP TwinConjure Gram, WP Theme Ultima,  Traffic Fresh… and many more successful digital products. If you guys are interested in, I am going to write some articles about those products after this SociVideo Jukebox Review in the near future.


These are the key features of SociVideo Jukebox inside the package:

  • Post endless content without ever having to reschedule with new ‘Jukebox’ technology

“Jukeboxes” are like playlists for your content. You can have a Jukebox for blog posts, memes, viral videos, and more. Assign a posting schedule for each Jukebox to take full control of your posting. Post memes every Tuesday at 3am, blog posts every Friday at 10am, videos every Monday at 2pm… it’s your call and happens 100% on autopilot. That means you have to schedule only once, then post over and over again on autopilot. SociVideo Jukebox will ‘recycle’ & post that same content in a schedule you set with no additional work needed.

  • Create a never—ending schedules that post every minute if you want.

THe advanced type of scheduler let’s your content post forever strategically giving your followers a fresh mix of videos, images, memes, etc. all day long. You can even schedule posts to go out every minute of the day if you like! Just load up the content you want inside each Jukebox, assign a posting schedule, then sit back and relax as SociVideo Jukebox totally automates your posting chores!

  • Schedule and Post Videos Natively to FB Hands-free

SociVideo Jukebox allows you to schedule, store, and post videos 100% natively to FB for more traffic and engagement over and over again on autopilot… allowing you to dominate video marketing more than anyone else can.

  • Find and Curate Viral, Engaging Content in 1-Click

Don’t have time to even write a single blog post or create a video? No problem. SociVideo Jukebox lets you search for things like niche viral news articles or relevant YouTube videos you can post natively to Facebook

  • Cherry pick and curate the most popular blog content with built-in RSS feed technology.

Add and organize as many RSS feeds as you like… then 1- click schedule or post the content that’s heating up or already proven and meaningful from your RSS libraries to leverage free traffic.

  • Works for Facebook and Twitter

Post native videos, links, articles, images, GIFs, and more to both Facebook AND Twitter. It can even find and post Creative Commons videos 100% natively so you can dominate video marketing, but don’t ever violate Facebooks TOS or put your account at harm.

  • Created to last long-term and provide value.

The reason this idea hasn’t been done despite many requests is because it’s too hard to offer this type of software for a low price, yet continue to pay the enormous hosting fees. But, this app has been built to solve that problem and scale smartly.

  • This works for both Mac and PC.

The reason it isn’t cloudbased is 1. This allows you to set up your Jukeboxes without having to be online and 2. Ensures their team can provide updates and fully support this app for years to come as they’re not sinking all the revenue into hosting fees… and it won’t be another ‘launch and gone’ app you may be used to from other vendors. This app runs quietly in the background of your computer it’s easy to erase any images/videos you no longer want to post via your jukeboxes. Plus, you can always host this on a VPS for as little as $10 per month once you start getting more traffic and sales.


As I said, unless you have a team of social media marketers who product content, and schedule it strategically for you all day long, you can’t do it yourself all day. But with just 5 minutes setting up jukeboxes can result in 5 months of passive, targeted traffic since this app does all the ‘smart’ scheduling and posting for you. SociVideo Jukebox takes a genius approach to getting quality real traffic fast through your videos or content. Even with great paid tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, it’s a 24-7 job to login, schedule, post individual images, videos, cinemagraphs, etc. to make a sizeable difference.

In just moment from now, you’re going to have a huge advantage over your fierce competition on Facebook and Twitter — you’re going to put your content marketing on steroids adding big-time value and on complete autopilot. It will be near impossible for most of your competitors to keep up. Even the biggest companies in your niche will struggle to post as often as you. But you don’t care — because you’ll have all your traffic taken care of, as SociVideo Jukebox pumps out high quality content to your Facebook and Twitter audiences, building trust and authority, and getting you the full exposure your content deserves.

Remember, even Facebook themselves say that regularly posting content to Facebook is the best way to start getting to get traffic from their website… and now with SociVideo Jukebox you can totally automate the process. It’s like having your own agency working around the lock constantly posting to Facebook and Twitter every single day so your audience never misses a single post and you become their go—to guru who they trust, like and want to buy from. So, is it enough for you?

And the deal doesn’t even end here, you also receive these great bonuses from Ben for your fast action today:

  • Access to Leverage Traffic Training
  • Whitelabel Rights to Premium Nexus Theme
  • Developers Rights to Wp eMatico Auto Traffic Software
  • Content Marketing 5 Day Crash Course
  • Access to MC 1.0 Traffic System
  • Reseller Rights to YT Rank Analyzer
  • Whitelabel Rights to Bing Traffic Ad
  • The best: ULTIMATE huge bonuses from me

Thoses treasure are waiting for you at the end of this SociVideo Jukebox Review. So keep reading, then scroll your mouse down!


It takes just 3 easy steps to create a perpetual stream of content that posts itself for no-cost traffic:

  • Step 1: Create your content “Jukeboxes”

Create a new “Jukebox” or category for each type of content you want the app to post on autopilot. You can create a Jukebox for your blog posts… GIFS… cinemographs… images…memes… quotes…or videos, and more.

SociVideo Jukebox Review

  • Step 2: Tell your Jukeboxes what to post

Fill your Jukeboxes with a content playlist — just like you’d choose a music playlist from real Jukebox. You can load up your own content, or let SociVideo Jukebox automatically fill your Jukeboxes with popular, trending or viral content from around the web.

SociVideo Jukebox Review

  • Step 3: Schedule your Jukeboxes

Choose when and how often each Jukebox should post on Facebook and Twitter and SociVideo Jukebox will shuffle and randomize your content and post to Facebook and Twitter for you on total autopilot. (& of course, you can just
schedule a 1-off post like outdated posting solutions like Buffer)

SociVideo Jukebox Review

Watch how easy it is to get traffic with socivideo jukebox here:


  • Businessmen

Use SociVideoJukebox to quickly flood your Facebook and Twitter feeds with relevant, traffic—getting, trust building content in your niche and lead them back to a squeeze page.

  • Affiliate marketer

Pump out endless tutorials, infographics, videos, blog posts that presell and build trust with your audience, so you can promote your affiliate offers with zero resistance! You don’t need to beg for traffic or engage in ‘hypie’ ‘spammy’ practices anymore.

  • Local consultant

Use SociVideo Jukebox to crank out locally targeted content ie: content just for dentists… then lead them into your funnel to sell your consulting services Frank Kern style!)

  • Freelancer

Create a “set—and—forget” posting schedule that puts all your blog posts in front of your audience, totally hands free, to build trust and authority while you focus on doing what you love.


It sounds great, so how can I get my hand on it? Now you can grab SociVideo Jukebox in these options:


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my SociVideo Jukebox Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

SociVideo Jukebox Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

Step 1: Order SociVideo Jukebox by Clicking here.
Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages below
Step 3: Hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done these step 1 & 2. You will get the chosen package within 24 hours.







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