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Passive Income Formula Review: How To Bank Big Cash Passively?

Passive Income Formula Review: Are you ready to make 116 bux in the next 24 hours on complete autopilot?

Passive Income Formula Review

Are you tired of bouncing around from system to system and having nothing to show for it? If you are working hard to make money online and you feel like you’re getting nowhere fast…  You are not alone!

There are a lot of methods and systems out there that make it look easy to make money online, but almost nothing works like they say. Sadly, most methods for making money online are outdated, overly complicated, or just don’t work at all.

My friends William, Edwin and Samuel have laid out the EXACT formula they have used over the last few years, to earn daily commissions, on complete auto-pilot to pay for their lifestyle!

If you have been frustrated by not earning money online yet (or not enough money), you need to check out this new killer method called “Passive Income Formula” that can have you earning like $116.76 per day with literally just 45 minutes of work. Let’s check out my Passive Income Formula Review below for more details!

Passive Income Formula Review


Passive Income Formula is a battle-tested strategy for building super simple passive income machines, that have brought in instant commissions for years, all on autopilot. This is a very effective passive income strategy, and William will show it you in clear step-by-step video format.

Inside, you get access to step-by-step video training that gives you everything you need to get started and build passive income machine with just a few minutes of work per day. Then you’ll discover the exact steps to quickly start making $116+/day on complete autopilot with simple Affiliate offer campaigns.


Passive Income Formula Review

Vendor Samuel Cheema
Product Passive Income Formula
Launch Date 2018-Jul-27
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $13
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Training
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Passive Income Formula Review

48HR Income System was made by Samuel Cheema and his partners Edwin Mik & William Twiner. Samuel is the founder / owner at Cheema Marketing. They are dedicated to creating high-quality, easy to follow training products and courses which will help ANYONE to become successful online and build the lifestyle of their dreams. Some of their high quality products such as 48 Hour Income System, Affiliate Domination Blueprint, Commission Typhoon, CPA Profit Lab, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Passive Income Formula Review and find out its features.


Inside the passive income formula, you get everything you need to build up true passive income!

  • Step-by-step video training

Inside the video training, you have everything you need to get started today and build up these passive income machines that will pay your for years. You’ll discover exactly how to get setup, get traffic fast, and start making money quick with little to no experience.

  • $0 to $1500 case study

This case study shows how the author started from zero and quickly scaled one of their campaigns to the $1500 mark. after which they get recurring passive income from this campaign on autopilot! Follow along and do this yourself to start getting the same results.

  • Quick-start cheatsheet

Although the video training is likely some of the easiest-to-follow training you’ve ever had access to before, if you want to jump right in, they’re including their quick start cheatsheet, that answers almost any question you may have about the method. This makes it easy to read a few steps and get going now. Then circle back to the videos after getting your feet wet.

Here are all the content modules that you will discover. In this part of Passive Income Formula Review, I only revealed part of the content, you have to find out inside the course:

  • Passive Income Online

Programs range from .40 to as much as $30.00 per lead for some financial programs.

  • Easy & Quick Ispionage Research

You can register and get up to 10 free reports per day on ispionage.com

  • Proven Money Keyword List

Go to marketsamurai.com, enter your name and email and you will be able to download this tool. The keyword research feature is free for life at this time. In this case short tail keywords are not bad if you find ones that very people are competing after. As a rule of thumb long tail keywords are easy to rank for than short tail. However, there are always exceptions.

  • Market Samurai Keyword Research

They recommend building an authority website first and then once you find a keyword ranking, then they recommend building an exact match domain. This will help save you money and time and allow you to get 2 positions for the same keyword!

  • Life Without a Roadmap

We are using market samurai to expand on the type of keywords we know are making money for our competitors. Starting here without any knowledge will take a lot of time and this is the place where many people get discouraged and quit SEO.

With a tool like Ispionage, you can get a very good idea of what’s making money and THEN come to market samurai and expand on those particular keywords.

  • Uber Suggest For More Gems

They only picked the very long tail keywords! These keywords are usually a lot easier to rank for. In this video, They are picking out keywords that are very close to the seed keywords they found in ispionage.

A seed keyword is a money keyword. They call it a “seed” because we want to find more keywords just like this in other tools.

  • The SEO Secret For Passive Income

The author was picking out keywords that are closely related to their seed missionary keyword. Uber suggest pulled in a lot of great keywords, but when they are making their keyword clusters for the silo (which they will discuss in another video), they want to make sure they only get keywords that are closely related because it helps them create a very strong topical silo.

This means, in their silo, they are staying on topic and only discussing one type of keyword. This helps Google easily identify what their wordpress pages or posts are about.

  • Serplab – Our Straightforward Criteria

When you first starting researching, you’re looking for keywords that have exact match domains ranking or Youtube videos. In later videos they will show you 2 proofs of exact match domains ranking that are making money.

When you first begin you want to make an authority site. An authority site is just a fancy name for a website that has a lot of content around a many keywords in the same niche. In your authority website, you will have groups of keyword clusters like they show in you in a future video.

As you build your website, you will have pages that rank that do not have any backlinks at all. When we get into other videos, and as you do research with SEO Quake, you will see websites that have pages ranking that have zero backlinks.

The larger your website, and the better your on-page structure with Silos, the less backlinks you will need to rank for your keywords. In some cases, an exact match domain can rank without any backlinks.

  • The Passive Income Online Process Map

With an authority website, you are not trying to rank the home page, you are trying to rank internal pages. This gives you a lot of freedom to pick out any relevant name for your authority site.

When you make a page or a post about a keyword, you will include a hyperlink to the next post or page you make relating to that keyword. Later, they will show you easily create these structures and they go over an example of how fast this can be done once you have your content for your page or your post.

As you make more pages, sometimes new pages can rank very shortly after they are indexed. We have seen our clients sites rank for new keywords in less than 24 hours on their authority sites.

  • Proof of Passive Income

When you follow the process they map out, you will find this process very straightforward and easy to follow. In a future video, we go into a lot of detail about Page Optimizer pro and WeirdScholarships.co

  • Weird Scholarships Page/Post Setup

To find an authority website, put in a short tail keyword. For example, if you are working in scholarships, just search Google for “scholarships” and then link to their main website. It is important not to link to the exact link that is currently in the top ten.

For example, if we are going to search for Scholarships for Women and you find that Scholarships.com comes up as an authority site (which is will) and then you see that they have a page about scholarships for women, just link to the main website so you will not be feeding juice to your direct competition. You can also look scholarship programs and link to these for more relevance in your content.

  • Easy Optimizations With Page Optimizer Pro

Just make your posts naturally and then analyze the EXACT page you are using for your content. With an authority website you will analyze an internal page. On the homepage of your authority website, you will just link to different parts of your website. They will have a diagram prepared for you once we get to this portion of the course.

  • Using Page Optimizer Pro. Easy To Increase Score With Page Optimizer Pro

Remember, follow Page Optimizer Pro’s recommendations over Yoast. This is very important!

  • Easy Silo Linking

A silo is a tightly themed group of pages or posts that link together. In this example, we used Weird Scholarship keywords that we found in Ubersuggest.

To make a silo, just make 1 page or post per keyword. Keep it simple. Later you can add in more keywords, but that is not required. It is easier to optimize when you have 1 keyword per page or post. It’s important to keep things simple.

  • Easy Internal Linking

It is highly recommended that you mimic the site structure we find in the top ranking sites. It is very easy to make a structure like this.

  • Launch Jacking with Muncheye Authority Sites

With this method, you want to review as many products as possible with as much content as you are able to put on their. If you do copy and paste some of the content from the vendor page, be sure to put as much original content as you copy onto your review page.

  • Konker Marketplace

Private blog network link is a link a website or blog back to your website. These are domains that have a lot of power and trust with Google. Having a link to your site or at the top of one of your silos is very powerful, but ONLY after you have done everything you can do onpage and on your website.

  • Making Clickbank Work For Us
  • Video Proof of Ranking Clickbank

Passive Income Formula Review


It’s never been easier to generate passive income on total autopilot! Using this formula you can set up as many of these automated income machines as you like, and turn them into a genuinely passive 4 figure monthly income. That’s why this method is so powerful.

It combines 100% free and super targeted traffic with a powerful system that gives you the ability to run affiliate income campaigns on complete autopilot. Imagine having your very own automated income machines that each bring you $116 every single day like clockwork… These kinds of results are absolutely possible using the formula laid out for you in our step by step training!

This is exactly what the authors do, day in and day out, to make a serious full-time income, with next to no maintenance, from multiple passive income machines. Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • Their affiliate marketing commissions did NOT come from a built email list, paid advertising or product launches…
  • The results have been generated using their unique, simple, 100% Free traffic driven and automated income formula that ANYONE can use.
  • We don’t need to rely on our email list or paid advertising to generate thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions month after month!
  • This method is infinitely scalable, as you can create as many of these passive machines as you want, and build up your income!

In addition, you will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:

Passive Income Formula Review


People fail online because they don’t have a reliable road map. After you finish watching these videos, you will know why this method has been kept secret. I am going to show the secrets of how to leverage your competitor’s effort for your profit.

  1. Copy their competitors
  2. Researched and tested by themselves
  3. Hired someone and tested

Your competitors already have the secrets to making passive income. You can not afford to start from scratch. What you are about to learn is going to be very different from any course you have seen. We are going to take your competitor’s hard work and use it in our campaigns. With their road map in our hands, making many happens much faster.

Even though what we are doing may seem to be in “reverse”, this is the ONLY way to make money as you soon will discover. Again, all of the public knowledge online is just a quick road to failure. You now have inside edge.

“Shiny object” keywords tool to find money will no longer be needed. And you’ll never look at ANY keyword tool the same again after you finish Passive Income Formula. They are going to show you how to uncover hidden gems that can make money passively.

When we begin any campaign, we need to know the exact keywords that are making money for our competitors. Knowing this information is MORE important for SEO than for PPC, PPV because we can’t afford to waste an time. We will save hours and even days with this method.

We will discover gems that can make money that sometimes cannot be found or are easily overlooked in the Google Keyword Planner and similar tools. In this Passive Income Formula they will connect all of the dots for you.

After reviewing this training I am truly blown away! William has cracked the code on setting up simple but extremely powerful little profit machines that pay you daily. You can finally make it come true! William has put together an awesome case study that shows you how to generate the easiest and most hands-off passive income you’ll ever see. What’s most surprising is that this is the same method he used for the past 5 years that everybody thought it was dead, and he’s here to PROVE them all wrong.


For a limited time, you can grab the Passive Income Formula with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: Passive Income Formula ($10-$13)

Passive Income Formula shows William’s battle-tested strategy for building super simple passive income machines, that have brought him commissions for years, all on autopilot. This is a very effective passive income strategy, and William will show it you in clear step-by-step video format.

  • OTO1: Case Study + D.F.Y Offer ($27)

This upgrade features a 2-in-1 offer. First William has put together a case study of one of his most effective passive income machines. Then he also has a big DFY pack that will take away the ‘work’ and give you proven, ready to plug-in passive campaigns.

  • OTO2: 3x 30 min live calls ($47)

3 Live Webinars that will be held exclusively for purchasers of this offer. They will be delivered in 3 weeks, with 1 being held each week. In here you will get PERSONAL help from William, as he will critique their work and take them through the Passive Income Formula method. Everything will be explained in great detail. There will also be recordings of each call.

  • OTO3: Reseller Licences ($47)

OTO 3 features full reseller licences for the Passive Income Formula funnel. With this you get 100% commissions across the funnel of this offer. Not just that, but they also throw in complete Reseller licence to one of their top courses ‘Commission Typhoon’ for FREE as well! 2-in-1 package. *NOTE the licences activate AFTER the 4-day launch period.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this Passive Income Formula Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Passive Income Formula Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: [Optional] Clear your browser cookies FIRST. That’s how I’ll get credit for your purchase, which is the only way I’ll know who qualifies for the bonus.
  • Step 2: Click this link to sign up then pick 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the button below!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


Passive Income Formula Review

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