What is SEO / How To Make Money Today With SEO?

what is seo?

I started making money online with internet marketing in 2010. But by 2015 I have a very serious look and consider it as a major career. In that process SEO plays a very important role. Not only affiliate marketing, but also in the business, sales, make money with blogging, adsense, …

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3 Basic Factors Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic Factors Of Search Engine Optimization

Google is always looking for the best search engine results (SERPs) for users. Definitely! They want users to find the most relevant results and valuable content. They know that users do not want to see a link that has an almost absolute bounce rate. Or wait more than 15 seconds to …

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5 short tips to write a blog post like Neil Patel

write a blog post like Neil Patel

Today, Neil Patel is one of the world’s leading marketers / digital marketers. According to the similarweb, Neil’s blog recorded over 6.5 million monthly hits. The majority of readers are looking for a guide to using website analysis tools and learning about marketing. What makes Neil’s blog so engaging? In …

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