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LeadKit PRO Review: The Comprehensive All-In-One Lead Capture Platform

LeadKit PRO Review: Honest Review, Huge Discount With Special Bonuses

LeadKit PRO Review

Do you know three things that make great lead magnets?

  • They are immediately useful
  • They are expertly written
  • They are laser focused

What are some problems you’ve encountered when creating lead magnets? Let me ask you this… if you had to create a lead magnet right now, what would your process be? How long would it take you to research your content and get it all ready?

Once you had it all together, what would you use to produce it and what kind of template would you use?

What about the landing page, opt-in form, thank you page, etc.?

Then when you create the actual lead magnet that your leads will download, how will you deliver it to folks who ultimately opt in to your list?

It’s all about the process isn’t it?

Actually, each step that I outlined above could potentially be a sticking point. If I could boil them down though, I think I would summarize the problems I think every marketer has experienced with creating and delivering lead magnets at some point to the following:

  • Creative roadblocks (writer’s block, lack of graphics)
  • Technical headaches (web page building, email integration, content delivery, lack of process)

Even though, these problems don’t seem like big ones, most folks who do encounter these rarely get their lead magnets finished and online capturing leads – and that’s a big deal! If you’ve experienced these in one way or another, you’re gonna want to take a look at my LeadKit PRO Review below. This is a new application one of my good friends has created.

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Lead magnets are so necessary to grow your online business; and yet so hard to create. Technical challenges and creative roadblocks prevent most marketers from making lead magnets and capturing leads like they could. That stops today! LeadKit PRO just makes it easy to start creating and delivering lead magnets to your audience. LeadKit PRO now allows you to run your lead capture campaigns from any landing page online… yes, that includes Leadpages, Click Funnels, Unbounce and your own website!

In other words, LeadKit PRO is one of The most comprehensive All-In-One Lead Capture Platforms – Now you can build, promote, & deliver all of your lead magnets using one, all-inclusive system. With it, creating lead magnets, putting them online, and capturing leads are easier than ever. All the problems we discussed above have been solved… and if you don’t mind paying a small fee to have them solved, LeadKit PRO might be for you. In the next parts of this LeadKit PRO Review, i will show you more details about it!


LeadKit PRO Review

Vendor Phil Benham
Product LeadKit PRO
Launch Date 2018-Jul-02
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $97
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche List Building, Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


LeadKit PRO Review

Phil Benham created IgnitionHub LLC after realizing his obsession with building software that helps entrepreneurs and marketing professionals increase traffic to their websites, engage more prospects, and convert more visitors into customers. While heading up IgnitionHub, Phil has spearheaded several six-figure marketing software launches. He brings his expertise to light with every product he creates. Now, let’s look at the next part of this LeadKit PRO Review and find out its features.


Have a peek below at a system that will remove every obstacle you have when creating and delivering your lead magnets and, ultimately, building your list.

  • Create Entire Lead Capture Funnels!

Just start adding content and let LeadcoDyno showcase it for you in an easy to consume web-based format. Now, you’ll never again have to search for graphic templates that you may or may not be able to use to showcase the information you want to share with your subscribers.

  • Use Your Own Content & OPC (Other People’s Content)!

Using THE intuitive Medium-style editor, you can add images, video, stylized text and more instantly, and on the fly. In addition, using a simple technology format, you’re able to embed content from around the web. Say good-bye to having to create your own unique content every time you want to create a lead magnet! Just paste links to any content online and our smart system will automatically embed it into your content.

  • Customize Your Users’ Experience!

LeadKitPro allows you to add up to 10 individual content sections giving you an easy way to organize everything to fit any kind of format. Each section may be designated as public or private content in order to give some content away as teaser material – generating good will and higher interest in the private content.

  • Organize All Of Your Lead Capture Campaigns!

Instead of having your lead magnets spread out all over the internet on different web pages and across blogs and sites… use LeadKitPro to keep all of your lead magnet content neatly organized in one place.

  • Keep Your Content Updated And Relevant!

Your lead magnets live online, so you can update them anytime – and your subscribers will always be able to see the most up-to-date version anytime!

  • Automatically Connect With Your Email Service Provider!

Give a little to get a lot. Make sure to take advantage of using the lock and unlock feature to show enough content to your public visitors and hide exclusive content for your subscribers. The good will you’ll generate will attract your best prospects!

  • Export Campaigns To HTML!

You’re welcome to send all of your traffic to your campaigns right on LeadKitPro – all without even having a website. Many of you would rather have your campaigns on your own website, though; so they’ve made it easy for you to export your campaigns (landing pages and all) to put on your own website easily.

  • WordPress Plugin Makes It Easy To Use On Your Own Site!

If you run your website on WordPress, you’re in luck because we’ve created a plugin that makes it super easy to import your campaigns directly into your WordPress pages! They’ve worked hard to make sure you’re branding isn’t compromised!

  • Premium Package – Drip-feed Content!

With this feature (available in Premium package only), you’ll be able to hide content until you make it available on a schedule. You could easily setup your email autoresponder to email your subscribers when new content is available. So some lead magnets have more content than can be consumed in one sitting. That’s why the creators have made it easy to drip your content out to your prospects on regular intervals. Make your lead magnets smarter and more engaging over time to help you build a relationship with your subscribers.

LeadKit PRO Review


It is simple, let’s take a minute to recap the major reasons you should get LeadKit PRO:

  • Online Businesses Need Lead Magnets

We all preach the importance of building a list. The most widely accepted way to do that is by using lead magnets; yet there is no real way of automating that task… until now!

  • Easy Way To Build Lead Magnets

How many times have you been poised to build a Lead Magnet… and fall flat when writers’ block and/or technical challenges present themselves? LeadKit PRO solves those issues once and for all!

  • Build Complete Lead Capture Funnels!

Sure, you can build Lead Magnets with LeadKit PRO, but the real power of the system is that each campaign comes complete with a landing page, opt-in form that sends leads to your email service, and a content delivery platform.

  • Amazing Medium-style Content Editor

Medium got it right with their simple content editor. Not too many options, but just enough to build engaging content for writers. That’s why we’ve mimicked their format for our users – keeps things simple and focused on content.

  • Built-In Landing Pages

A basic account domes with a default landing page that is easily customizable to fit any niche. Change text, colors, hero image, etc. on the fly and without any technical experience.

  • Built-In Opt-In Forms

On the landing page, a click of the call-to-action button will present a high-converting opt-in form complete with GDPR compliance. These are easily connected with any email service a user has integrated via API.

  • Hosting Included – Don’t Even Need A Website!

Each campaign will come complete with it’s own LeadKit.PRO URL. This means that users don’t even need a website to start building their audience! Of course, we’ll provide other hosting options for more established users.

  • HTML Export & WordPress Plugin

If you do not want to use the LeadKit.PRO URL, they’ll allow you to export your campaign to HTML – OR – use their WordPress plugin to automatically include complete campaigns on your own websites!


Not only can you create lead magnets… LeadKit PRO gives you all the tools to make entire lead capture funnels!

  • Landing page? Check!
  • Opt-in form? Check!
  • Integrate with my autoresponder? Check!
  • GDPR compliant? Check!
  • Easy content creator? Check!
  • Embed content from anywhere online? Check!

Inside the LeadKit PRO software You Can:

  • Build entire lead magnet FUNNELS that live online!
  • All campaigns you build includes landing pages, an opt-in forms, and interactive content pages.
  • Create unlimited campaigns!
  • Capture unlimited leads!
  • Integrate every opt-in form with any of your email service providers or autoresponders
  • Build amazing content easily using their “Medium”-style editor
  • Paste URL from just about any site to embed content (no searching for embed codes)
  • Download your entire campaigns in HTML format
  • Use their WordPress plugin to seamlessly include your campaigns on your own site
  • Unlimited hosting of your lead magnets on their servers

After that, you’ll be given an opportunity to invest in the Power User Edition. What is the Power User Edition?

  • This upgrade will give you access to their Template Club [sounds silly, but hear me out] which let’s you choose from multiple landing page templates AND have access to new ones as they are released – usually monthly.
  • The Power User Edition ALSO gives you access to their brand new Drip Feed functionality! This will let you “drip” each content section of your lead magnet out to your subscribers a period of time after they opt-in.

Think of how powerful this feature is:

  • You’ll be able to offer email courses where new content is presented each day.
  • You can easily power up your email welcome series by offering exclusive content to your new subscribers.
  • You could also run launch sequences where your audience will only be able to see the videos that have been released so far – without having to code this in your website or use funnel building software.

ON top of that…the bonus they just added today! Everyone who has purchased so far AND everyone who comes in during the next few days will all get access to: PUBLIC or PRIVATE Content! Yeah, that didn’t do it for you? Let me explain:

So this is something that they’ve reserved for the Power User Edition, but now they’re giving it to everyone because they think it’s integral to your campaigns successes! The way it works is that now all content you create for your lead magnets is PRIVATE by default. That means that someone has to opt-in to view it…make sense? That’s how lead magnets work anyway.

But now, with today’s bonus feature addition, you’ll be able to mark sections of your content (your lead magnets are automatically divided into content sections) as PUBLIC. That means that people can view parts of your content without opting in! Think “teaser” content…so that you can give your visitors a sneak peek into your content without giving all away without getting their email address.

The beauty of this is that as your visitors consume your PUBLIC content, they will feel obligated to enter their email address when they click on PRIVATE content. You’re really just giving them a taste of what’s to come. I know you’re going to love this feature and I can’t wait to hear how it helps you increase your lead magnet opt-in conversions!


In just three easy steps, you can crank out quality lead magnets as fast as you can enter links to the best content online. That’s right; you don’t even need to create your own content!

  • Step 1: Customize Your Built-in Landing Pages

Choose from several high-converting landing page examples and quickly customize them, point-and-click style, with your own colors, images and text.

  • Step 2: Add Engaging Content From Anywhere Online

Use the simple Medium-style editor to add content to your lead magnets easily. Copy and paste links to third-party content to automatically embed it in your content!

  • Step 3: Connect Your Email Service And Get Leads

Connect to most major email service providers with a few clicks of your mouse; and all of your leads will be automatically added to the subscriber lists you choose.

Let’s check out the demo video below to see it in action!


If you understand how important it is to have an email list (and even even more important to have lead magnets working for you to grow it) and you want to build your list quicker and better so you can make more income from that list, this is for you.


For a limited time, you can grab LeadKit PRO with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • LeadKit PRO Starter & Pro Plans

This is the baseline front-end software product. Customers can get in at $9/mo. or $79/yr.

  • LeadKit PRO Power User Edition

The only one-time payment (of $49) makes it’s debut as the first OTO…and it fits!

  • LeadKit PRO Agency Edition

Again, a recurring product as the final OTO ($10/mo. or $90/yr.). This will be for those that have to have everything and will allow customers to manage their own clients.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this LeadKit PRO Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

LeadKit PRO Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: [Optional] Clear your browser cookies FIRST. That’s how I’ll get credit for your purchase, which is the only way I’ll know who qualifies for the bonus.
  • Step 2: Click this link to sign up then pick 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the button below!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


LeadKit PRO Review

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