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GeoCraft WordPress Theme Review & Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Geocraft WordPress theme review

Hello everyone, today, in my GeoCraft WordPress theme review, I am going to introduce a WordPress theme which will allow you to create your own business directory site in any specific city for any business type easily in the matter of few minutes.
At first, Directory site is really one of the very best business model, it allows you to generate your own recurring passive business in just few simple steps. So let me just brief you on what directory business are, Directory business is something that will allow different businesses to aggregate and list down on your website. So if you have a directory business yourself, you can actually list down different businesses in your city on any specific niche and put them and aggregate them on your website. Since there would be hundred of businesses aggregated on your website, Google loves your site and you get better ranking for search engine and you get different kind of people coming over to your websites where you would be generating business for all those businesses who are listed on your site.

I. GeoCraft WordPress theme review – What exactly is it?

Let me just brief you on all the different steps: So the authors are releasing this ‘Geocraft Theme’, It is a version 2 of Geocraft . It is really fantastic.

They have made tonnes of improvement to Geocraft. Ever since they launched the first version of Geocraft back in 2012. It has all the different improved features, the code base is very very clean since the last time. It allows you to create directory of your own city, you can list business in any niche. So basically it allows you to create your own business site for doctors, lawyers, attorneys, wedding planners or just about any business type out there.

Businesses love directory site and there is big reason for that, the biggest reason is that people really love directory site because they get business out of it, the reason they get business out of it is because, lets say a doctor creates an individual website of its own. It is very hard to rank in search engine as well as very hard for the doctor who is really into the practice of doctor to really work on his site to get it higher on the search engine, while in your case since your building a directory sites aggregating all the doctors in your city, your website is quite easier to rank in google because when google comes over to your websites, he sees that you have put a potential amount of time and resources in creating and aggregating a directory sites.. And google always love site where there is content and directory sites allows you to put hundred of pages of different content for all those different businesses out there. So it is really one of the things that search engine loves personally and it is actually very easier to rank. This is one of the reason that directory site is very popular.

Now imagine the situation if a doctor who gets a $500 clients and if you put out his business on your website in a premium mode, and lets says he gets $500 leads out of your website, wouldn’t he be happy to pay you $100 or $200 in every month. Because he is getting about $2500 out of your websites, he would be more than happy to pay up to $100 or $200 every month in recurring fee. And lets say you have 100 businesses on your website paying you 100 to 200 dollars every months for getting their business listed it would be an easy to 10000 dollars to 20000 dollars in your city and in your specific niche as well. So directory site is, this is one of reason directory site is very profitable and it allows you to generate a payment on a recurring basis and you can actually build a business out of it.

Directory sites are easier to rank in search engine, since people would be finding your websites on the search engine they would be coming over to your site and if they have any specific requirement they would be filling out the leads form and all those kind of request form on your website. When they fill out the request form this lead can actually be sold to different business for again a one time a recurring payment. This gives you a multiple way to earn money using your own directory sites as well as this directory sites allows you to actually list multiple businesses without even contacting the doctor, the advocates, the lawyers, the attorney, first you can list your businesses on their own website and they can actually claim their listing on your website if they find it really profitable. This themes comes with the claim listing option, and it allows payment via paypal so all the payment module, all the multiple currency payment modules is really supported in this specific business directory site, which will allow you to create directory site easily in just a matter of few minutes and allows you to collect payment in just about any currency out there.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in France, Germany, Canada, NewZealand, US or Australia. You can actually build your directory site in just a matter of few minute in any specific businesses niche in just any country or any city out there. Directory sites are very profitable creaters have been doing this like from 2012 . They created their first directory site as Geocraft theme as Geocraft, it is one of the very popular theme and 100s of people all around the world created directory website using it. This is an advance version of the same directory theme of Geocraft and it comes with the tonnes of amazing improvement which will actually make this website a really really great thing for you to start your own directory businesses. You might have heard about ‘Yelp and Yellow Pages’ already, Yelp is $300 million, company it really made this profit in just last year alone. It started a small by just aggregating restaurant in different cities and last year they made $300 million profits alone. Yellow pages is another one of the biggest directory websites, and there is 100s of potential to create a recurring websites in small city because this site can’t reach in small city as effectively as you can different cities and if you create a domain and get a domain like restaurants or may be something like that. You would be easily getting 100s of businesses paying you for getting their business listed on your website.

Don’t hasten, because there are a lot of interesting things waiting for you in the next section of my GeoCraft WordPress theme review. Just calm and scroll down!


II. Overview

Creator: Neeraj Agarwal
Product: GeoCraft WordPress theme review
Front-End Price: 47$
Official Website: https://www.inkthemes.com/
Date of Launch: 2016-Nov-29
Time of Launch: 10:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommended: Highly Recommended
Skill: All Levels

GeoCraft WordPress theme overview

III. Author

The company behind this product is Inkthemes. Instead of reading about them in my GeoCraft WordPress theme review, let’s hear some honest review of their past customers:

GeoCraft WordPress theme customer

IV. GeoCraft WordPress theme review – Features of product

GeoCraft WordPress theme features

GeoCraft WordPress theme features

GeoCraft WordPress theme features

V. Why should you get it?

1. Make More Money By Business Listing Submissions

GeoCraft provides a call to action button on the top right corner through which any business owner can signup and start adding listings to your directory. Listings can be related to any niche like clothes & fashion stores, bakery shops, jewelry shops, taxis & transport, health & beauty shops, etc.

Users need to register themselves to submit their listings and need to complete the payment process in case of premium listings.

You as an administrator, on the other hand, has a full right to approve the FREE/PREMIUM listing submission and set the payment modes for each listing as well.

Different modes of payment like one-time and recurring can be set by the administrator. PayPal integration helps you to collect payments online!

In order to earn more, you can set Claim listing feature (turn on) from the admin’s dashboard for listings submission so that whenever a user claims a particular listing, he can pay you extra.

Users can also upgrade a free listing to premium type to get more visibility. Business owners have the advantage of getting leads, whenever a user makes a contact through lead capture form.

2. Send Email Notification For Listing Approval/Expiration

Keep business owners notified for listing approval and expiration by using the email notification feature of GeoCraft. You can also set multiple email reminders in the case of listings expiration so that users can renew it on time to keep it active.

Along with sending notifications about listings, it is important to stop spammers from registration. Hence confirmation links are sent in the email to validate registrations.

Captcha is added to the registration form and client contact form to protect your website from spam. You can anytime turn on/off the captcha from the backend panel.

3. Get High Traffic By Maintaining Trust Among Customers.

As business directory website produces a variety of content featuring different niche listings you rank higher on Google which in return generates more traffic/leads for your customers.

Feature customer’s review for different listings and gain trust among online visitors to your site. Customized reviews and rating systems to provide an ease to the customer to share their feedback.

Moreover, using this directory website template you can display various categories and recently added listings in the sidebar by giving wide range of options to customers to choose from!!

4. Easily Create Your Directory Website In Minutes! 

Get your directory website online in no time!! This is possible as you don’t have to add all the listing ads manually.

Just import the listings in bulk (using CSV format) and get your site running instantly. Similarly, you can export your business listings as well.

You are also provided the dummy content (sample data) for business listings to launch the site in no time. The listings can be browsed by exploring the map, searching the directory, or filtering them using the categories. This directory website includes an interactive Google Map powered on the homepage that displays each of your listings as custom markers.

5. Get Direct Revenue By Running Advertisements & Use Google Adsense

GeoCraft directory WordPress theme provides enough ad space to let you monetize your website traffic.

Ad banner space provided in the theme let you earn more money for displaying ads on your website. So get paid by advertisers and earn enormously. Directly use Google Adsense code from the theme admin panel rather than inserting it in the template.

Running Google Ads and other Ad sources on your directory site is a great way to earn direct revenue. You can easily get a good number of clicks on your ads by placing ads relevant to your website content.

6. Let Your Visitors Contact You Directly

Lead capture form integration in business directory WordPress theme helps visitors to contact directly to publishers. This contact form is embedded on each page of your listing ad where visitors can directly contact to your clients and ask queries.

An email is sent to your client as soon as visitors submit the form where the email body includes listing title, name, number, and message.

7. Display Results Customized To The User’s Location.

Geolocation location search functionality provides search results customized to the user’s location. You can list any kind of entity based on a global or local basis.

This advanced, customizable, and speedy search feature drop a pin on the map during the creation of listings location process and shows the precise location of the business.

Geolocation search on/off feature gives you the ability to adjust its visibility from the theme options panel.

8. Barter Ranking Positions In Your Listings

Offer higher rankings to those advertisers who pay you better. With GeoCraft, it becomes so easy to alter the positions in listings.

You can also decide which listing entries are to be featured on top of your website to give more visibility and which entries are to be given low priority.

So, if any advertiser wants more visibility, you can charge him more and put his listing on top of a category. Arrange all the listings based on the prices various advertisers are ready to pay.

VI. Funnel

GeoCraft WordPress theme funnel

GeoCraft WordPress theme funnel

VII. GeoCraft WordPress theme review – Conclusion

Want to build a directory submission website to highlight the local and global attractions by covering all possible locations?

In the era of digitization, every business owner wants to promote their business online to get maximum exposure which creates a requirement to launch a Directory Website.

Whether you want to list hotels, restaurants, local business listings, car dealership, real estate, tourist attractions, events, properties, job boards, travel destinations, local parks, hospitals, and playgrounds etc., GeoCraft V2 directory WordPress theme handles it all for you!!

It is a directory business template which is highly customizable, responsive, adaptable and hence becomes easy to build and manage a directory portal. The theme offers plenty of monetization options to help you make more traffic and money!!

Build a profitable directory template using GeoCraft and get your website on top of Google searching results.

Thanks for reading my GeoCraft WordPress theme review, and see you again!


GeoCraft WordPress theme overview Order

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