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EverFunnels Review: Complete Marketing Systems To Help You Generate Sales Every Day

EverFunnels Review: New Revolutionary Way To Build Pages & Funnels

EverFunnels Review

There is one thing EVERYBODY in the world will be doing for the next 10 years. We’re talking about a market that is supposed to be $260 Billion dollars by the year 2020! Have you guessed what this is? It’s Online Education….

So if you’re not familiar with online education, I’m referring to Udemy, Lynda.com and even MasterclassI absolutely believe this is the future… People from all around the world are going to be sitting on their couches with their laptops in their laps logging into a secure site and bettering themselves in every way possible.

  • They’re going to learn how to cook
  • Play the guitar
  • Save on their taxes
  • Learn accounting
  • Discover how to read forex charts
  • Set Up a blog
  • And so much more….

People are just now discovering this technology! It’s taking off like something fierce… Imagine if you were there when the internet was discovered.  What would you have done if you could turn back time? Well that’s where you are today with Online Education… It’s MASSIVE! So I’m going to present the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to you! Let’s find out about it in my EverFunnels Review below!

EverFunnels Review


What would you pay to have a TOP-NOTCH marketer write emails for you? Seven-Figure earner… What would your business look like then?

I’m sure you know who Chad Nicely is… He’s been behind some MONSTER launches in the business. He’s also a master when it comes to webinar conversions. I was on a webinar with him and another marketer where he did $317 per attendee. That’s unheard of….

People are usually happy with $30 per attendee…However, one thing I have learned about what he’s doing is the email sequences… He’s very very thorough with his email copy:

  • He has a very detailed pre-email sequence
  • He has what what we call an indoctrination sequence
  • He has a very-clever closing sequence

I’ve seen him use it over and over. You see that’s the key… Once you get something that works, you just keep using it over and over again. You don’t need to deviate from it.

So For the past 3 years Chad has been focused on his platform called EverLesson. Well he and his partner Karthik just released the second phase of EverLesson and it’s called “EverFunnels”

  • EverLesson module allows you to create your courses in a matter of minutes without any technical challenges or needing a staff member to help you.
  • EverFunnels module allows you to put up signup pages, sales pages and complete webinar funnels in minutes to effectively sell your onlline courses and memberships.

In a nutshell, EverLesson is the portal that lets you build the memberships. EverFunnels is the portal that lets you build out the pages. And when you get EverFunnels, EverLesson is also included.


EverFunnels Review

Vendor Karthik Ramani
Product EverFunnels
Launch Date 2018-Jan-31
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $297
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software and Tool, Training Course
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


EverFunnels Review

EverFunnels was created by Karthik Ramani and his partner Chad Nicely. Karthik has been working on online marketing for more than 10 years and generating many 6-figure launches. He’s one of the most well-known Indian marketers on JVZoo.

Karthik is the founder of Jargonhandlers Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. And Indian, he runs the training company TechKnowledge Education, one of the biggest spiritual travel portals in his home country. With his robotic system, this business has tapped on the lives of thousand students.

His specializes in Email marketing, Email infrastructure and Product Creation. You can check out some of his products like EngagrConversly, MemberHub, Elementio, or Social Suite,…

Now, let’s look at the next part of this EverFunnels Review and find out its features.


This part of my EverFunnels Review will show you the overview of features list of this system:

Features of Everlesson:

  • Allows you to create an online course or an entire membership in a matter of minutes ( Seriously these guys have this down to a science)
  • You can even import in your course from a simple spreadsheet (that happened in like a minute)
  • You choose from the theme of your choice (6 themes to choose from)
  • There is a responsive theme for your members
  • You’re able to gamify your course (This is a feature where the members are going CRAZY)
  • Deploy amazing monetization campaigns (lightboxes, newstickers, banners, countdown timers) and you can do this inside of the course
  • And so much more….

Features of EverFunnels

  • You choose theme sets from the platform
  • This means you will have a beautiful high-converting sales page
  • Lead capture pages
  • Complete webinar funnels
  • And you’re even going to have your emails written for you (pre webinar, indoctrination and post webinar)

Let’s take a look at the details:

  • Video Library

Everything inside of this platform is a library. This means you can use the content and media over as you see fit. The video library you to load videos from YouTube, Wista, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Drop-Box and HTML Code.

  • Fast Action Buttons

These icons are what allow you to make even more profits with your online course. You’re able to turn on your newsfeed, support link, leaderboard categories and your dashboard. Your dashboard will contain more courses your members can purchase.

  • Gamification

One of the greatest strenghs of this platform is the gamigication. As your members proceed through the course they will receive points and badges. Once they will receive at badge you can also issue a reward at the same time. It’s a very effective yet easy to implement process in our system.

  • External links

They have made it very easy to create external links, internal links, iframed links, and just about every other link you can think of. Also take note of the “Rate this product link. When your customers click this link they will be abe to rate your course and leave reviews. Those reviews can then be pulled into your sales page.

  • Goal Blocks

With every single lesson inside your course you should have at least one goal block. That goal is relevant to what was taught inside the video lesson. Once they complete that goal they are then issued points or badges. This will then lead to rewards.

  • Other Lessons

Here you will see all the other lessons that are included in your course will be listed below. You an turn this feature off if you choose to, however if you choose to display it they are automatically placed for you. One for unique feature in this program is the fact the lessons will light up when you highlight over them.

  • Resource Box

Here you will see all the other lessons that are included in your course will be listed below. You an turn this feature off if you choose to, however if you choose to display it they are automatically placed for you. One for unique feature in this program is the fact the lessons will light up when you highlight over them.

  • Monetization

The monetization modules inside of this platform are unlike anything you have ever seen before. You’re able to create “Global Monetization” campaigns that allow you to deploy multiple monetization strategies at the same time including banners, newstickers, video popups, lightboxes and so much more. You can get ultra-targeted with where you want your campaigns deployed.

  • Dynamic Menu

The menu that you’re seeing deployed on this page is created automatically. When you create your lessons this stylish menu is automatically created for you. There’s nothing from stopping you from getting this done.

About the themes that you’ll get inside EverFunnels:

  • Customize

You can very easily change the overall look and feel of your theme template. The features that you do not want, you’re able to turn them off. You will be setup in no time at all!

  • Nothing To Set

We know it can be confusing getting all of your pages and funnels linked up, so they have done everything for you. There is nothing you need to worry about!

  • Responsive

Every single page inside of your theme set has been tested for responsiveness. We know how important this is today and they have you covered 100%

  • Clean & Consistent

All the theme sets we have inside of EverFunnels are clean, congruent and consistent. It’s very important that your prospect knows what there call to action is without any distractions.

EverFunnels Review


To make it clearer for you. These are the benefits of EverFunnels and how does it help you:

  • You’re going to be able to use EverFunnels yourself. Most people have a “guy” that builds out their pages
  • They have handled the designs and layouts for you. All they want you to do is fill their simple template forms and it’s done… anybody can do this
  • Your entire funnels will automatically be linked for you. The pages, order forms, replays, everything
  •  You’ll sale more courses, put more members in your membership, fill up your webinar, and make more sales

EverFunnels is going to change the way you build pages and funnels forever. The reason why, is because it is using a very innovative technology that collects information from you once, and then utilizes that information throughout your whole entire funnel. What does that mean?

  • You’re going to be able to create your whole entire online business in one system. You can create multiple training courses or you can create a monthly membership
  • You’re going to learn how to use gamification in your business, so that your members will be excited and they will come back and buy over and over from you
  • You’re then going to learn how to monetize your existing members. This system will handle all that as well
  • And you’re going to have all your marketing setup in minutes. I’m talking about lead capture pages, funnel pages, webinar funnels, sales pages…
  • The list goes on and on….


After using this system for 2 weeks from beta access, I have received:

  • The Everlesson platform (this sets up your course)
    The EverFunnels platform (this setups your funnels for you)
  • The Autowebinar platform
  •  5 complete theme sets
  • The Internal Pagebuilding system
  • The email follow up system
  • The monetization/gamification modules
  • so much more….

Note:  This is not a wordpress plugin.  It is all self-hosted, you literally login to a site and start building out your course and your funnels. No wordpress, no hosting, no domain (unless you want one).

EverFunnels comes with 5 theme sets. Each one of those sets you are able to customize very easily… and remember, if you purchase before the launch closes you’re going to get an extra theme set for the next 3 months… but you have to purchase before the doors close.

Even you use YouTube to build the membership and pages with EverFunnels. That is the bulk importer that instantly lets you create memberships that you can use to build massive lists. This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. That is a PRO feature (The first One time Offer).

Here’s everything that EverFunnels is going to do for you:

  • You’re going to choose a themed set (There are 5 sets to choose from)
  • Once you have that set you’re going to fill out a simple question form
  • That’s all EverFunnels needs to build the foundation of your funnel
  • That will build out the majority of your pages for you
  • You then have the option to go into each and every page to make whatever changes you like with a very simple to use editor
  • Finally, EverFunnels takes all the links that were just created, setups up countdown timers, and writes all your emails for you
  • Then it cues them up and sends them out


In short, the process is like that: EverLesson module lets you setup your course in a matter of minutes. Then you are going to get EverFunnels. This lets you set up all your pages, funnels and emails for your course in a matter of minutes as well.

  • Step #1 – Create The Course
  • Step #2 – Your Sales Page Is Done For You!

YES! You read that right. The sales beautiful high-converting sales page is automatically created for you. They will pull in your headlines, graphics descriptions and link it to your order form. BOOM!

  • Step #3 – Member registration Pages

As soon as your course is created your Member Registration pages are also created. You can use the page builder to customize these pages to your liking. We have an official “Back-Door” registration page too!

  • Step #4 – Complete Webinar Funnel

Yes you read that right! As soon as your course is created they have o created a complete webinar funnel! Your funnel will include a high converting webinar signup page, webinar confirmation page, webinar replay page and an order form!

All the emails are writen, linked and cued up for you ready to be sent!

Let’s check out the demo videos below to see it in action:


For a limited time, you can grab EverFunnels with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my EverFunnels Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

EverFunnels Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order EverFunnels by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages below
  • Step 3: Hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done these step 1 & 2. You will get the chosen package within 24 hours.







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