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Destiny Review: This free new tech is crushing affiliate promos

Destiny Review: Crush Your Next Affiliate Promo With THIS

Destiny Review

Hi there! Do you know Chatbot Technology is an untapped $10,000+ per month opportunity for anybody to make money online? More than email, more than social media, Chatbots offer unbelievable potential to connect with people and put your products in front of those who are ready to BUY. Chatbot development has skyrocketed recently and no other technology is emerging with more opportunity to make money online…

Whether you’re in eCommerce, affiliate product marketing, CPA marketing, offline consulting – the opportunity to grow your results by 4-6 figures per year has never been better! All you need to do is PLUG IN and get started and you’ll make money. The secret is to build chatbots that engage with your traffic and lead them down a funnel which you can build yourself in just a few minutes… When you create bots this way, the results are amazing, and you can start creating highly profitable bots TODAY – without spending a penny! Let’s find out more details in my Destiny Review below!

Destiny Review


Chatbot’s are a big part of the future of Internet Marketing. Unlike other training that preach chatbots as the “replacement to email marketing” DESTINY will teach your tribe that chatbots are an excellent addition to an any kind of email marketing, or even as a great stand-alone method to earn affiliate commissions.

DESTINY will teach your tribe how to setup a white-hat chatbot that engages with traffic, promotes affiliate products, tags and segments users based on their engagement with the chatbot, and even adds new chatbot subscribers to their autoresponder – on autopilot.

In other words, Destiny is a revolutionary, never-before-seen video training designed to make it easy for anyone, even someone who’s never seen a chatbot before, to profit from creating profit-hungry chatbots that engage with completely free traffic to put money in your pocket. It’s designed to help beginners and veteran marketers put together their own chatbots to help make sales and drive traffic to “value-points” in their business.


Destiny Review

Vendor JayKay Dowdall
Product Destiny
Launch Date 2018-Jul-26
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $13
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Training
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Destiny Review

JayKay Dowdall is a young talented digital marketer and also the software creator with many achievements. Although he hasn’t worked in this field for a long time, he has succeeded with many product launches such as FB Master’s ProgramEvolution, Auto Profit Daily…. and many more.

With this recent launch, he has spent much time and energy to create and develop it. He desires to bring a new game changer for Internet marketers and help people to succeed with the least effort as well as budget. Now Don’t miss out on the next part of my Destiny Review as I will further explain its features.


Here’s What’s Included When You Get DESTINY Right Now:

  • Complete Video Training

Complete A-to-Z training showing you how to create your own chatbots and deploy them to do your bidding!

  • Swipe Files, Checklists & More

Use the swipes to get inspiration for your own chatbots OR just copy/paste the recommended copy right into your own chatbot!

  • Lifetime Insider Updates

As Chatbots develop more overtime and new ideas become available, these updated training modules will be added into DESTINY with your lifetime membership!

DESTINY includes 3 complete case studies showing you how JayKay Dowdall has used chatbots with 100% free traffic to make $160 in 24hrs, $417 in 24hrs, and $396 in 24hrs on 3 seperate occassions. One of these case studies is also recorded and update LIVE as the DESTINY chatbot sends out messages for JayKay and sales are made consistently over the first day of the promotion – totaling $396 in the first 24hrs.

DESTINY includes over 30 videos, PDFs, cheatsheets, FB Mastermind Access, and more explaining WHY Chatbots work, HOW you can create one yourself, WHAT to do with them once you’ve created one, and WHERE to promote your chatbot for free for maximum engagement and subscribers.

JayKay explains free traffic strategies from a beginners perspective, paid traffic from an intermediate perspective, and advanced paid traffic strategies.

In detail, DESTINY Is Fully-Loaded With Training Designed To Make You Money FAST:

  • Complete Free Traffic Strategy

Follow this incredibly simple, but incredibly effective free traffic training to send highly-targeted clicks to your chatbot. Then let your chatbot do the hard work and turn them from free clicks into targeted leads!

  • Detailed Chatbot Creation

DESTINY explains the technical side of putting together your first chatbot as well as the creative side. You will learn exactly what to have your chatbot say and when – and even get access to exclusive swipe files for copy/paste results!

  • Build An Email List

DESTINY can teach you how to warm-up your traffic before sending them over to an opt-in page to massively increase your conversion rates – and then you can even let your chatbot deliver your lead magnet for you!

  • Scaling Strategies

After getting your first subscribers into your chatbot it can be difficult to know – what to do next? DESTINY will teach you how to grow vertically (to earn more money) and horizontally (to get even more subscribers)

  • Advanced Traffic Training

After mastering the free traffic training you can use DESTINY to grow even further and FASTER by using the advanced traffic training modules for truly explosive growth!

  • 3x Detailed Case Studies

DESTINY is not all theory, and no action. You will also get exclusive access to 3 extremely detailed case studies explaining the chatbots created and 100% free traffic sources used to make $160 in 24hrs, $396 in 24hrs, and $417 in 24hrs!

Destiny Review


It is simple! Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • 100% Newbie Friendly

No Experience Required – Advanced Tactics Included for Experienced Marketers As Well

  • Completely Original Content

This is an original method using completely untapped strategies and technology!

  • Step-By-Step Video Training Included

Every step, every moment, explained in detail so you never feel lost of confused!

  • 3x DETAILED Case Studies Included

Showing you EXACTLY what I did to make $160 in 24hrs, $396 in 24hrs, and $417 in 24hrs…

  • Completely Free Traffic Strategy

You never need to spend a penny to make DESTINY work for you!

  • Absolutely NO LIST Required

DESTINY will help you build a list – but you do NOT need one to start!

  • No Coding Knowledge Required!

Creating these advanced chatbots requires ZERO coding knowledge!

Besides that, You do not need to have a website to use DESTINY – however, to follow some of the affiliate training exactly as it’s laid out in the course would need to be able to build at least 1 webpage somewhere online – even on a free site builder like Wix or WordPress.

DESTINY might sound advanced but it’s based on incredibly simple concepts that genuinely get results – even if you’ve never made a penny online before. The author covers basic concepts in some of the videos, but some content and be skipped over in favour of more advanced content not recommend for beginners – all are included in the members area.

In addition, you will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:

Destiny Review


DESTINY is a unique piece of training that will immediately put an end to the expensive costs that are traditionally associated with successful affiliate marketing. This awesome course teaches you to create affiliate robots to do the selling for you so you can simply focus on finding products to sell and your little robot buddy does the work for you. Cool, right?

All you have to do is select a product from any affiliate network like WarriorPlus, JVZoo, or a CPA offer, input the links in your robot, and BOOM – sales. My favorite part? JayKay shows you how to do this with completely free training. JayKay also way over-delivers by teaching you how to build landing pages, bridge pages, and how to write copy that converts.

JayKay is One of my favorite marketers. Never any fluff. Always clear, concise, and thorough. With his teaching style, I love how even beginners and advanced marketers alike can easily implement his strategies and profit. JayKay teaches you how to apply his cutting-edge method to your affiliate marketing business. And because he’s a great instructor, it’s perfect for newbies as well as advanced marketers.

Watch These Results Come in LIVE After Setting up a DESTINY Chatbot!


It Takes Just 4 Simple Steps To Start Generating Sales & Getting Recurring Leads With DESTINY:

  • STEP #1: Select a product or offer you want to promote, in any niche – whether it’s an affiliate offer, CPA offer, eCommerce product, etc.
  • STEP #2: Use free or low-cost software to develop your first chatbot using a simple drag n drop interface without touching a single line of developer code.
  • STEP #3: Deploy your chatbot to whatever page you want – a blog, ecommerce store, landing page or use a free drag’n’drop page builder recommended in the training.
  • STEP #4: Use the completely free traffic strategies to send clicks to your web page and let your chatbot do the rest; engaging with traffic while selling them your product of choice from Step #1


For a limited time, you can grab the Destiny with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: Destiny ($10)

This Ground-Breaking New Strategy Combines FREE TRAFFIC With the Untapped Potential of Affiliate Chatbots to Create $417 Profit in 24hrs

  • Upgrade 1: 10 DFY CHATBOTS ($37)

10 diferent Chatbot conversations that will help you save time in promoting affiliate products, offering lead magnets, getting registrations, and more.

  • Upgrade 2:  AUTOPILOT LIST BUILDER ($47)

This training will teach you how to create a chatbot that will work for you to add more subscribers to your email List. Includes DFY Chatbot and email swipe.

  • Upgrade 3: DESTINY MASTERS ($197)

This additional training will teach advanced tactics that will including creating chatbots to get users to high-ticket webinars, how to resell this service to others and more.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this Destiny Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Destiny Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: [Optional] Clear your browser cookies FIRST. That’s how I’ll get credit for your purchase, which is the only way I’ll know who qualifies for the bonus.
  • Step 2: Click this link to sign up then pick 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the button below!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


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