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Copy Immersion Pro Review: a must-have solution for writer’s block

Copy Immersion Pro Review: Get An Amazing Bargain On High Power Sales Copy Resources

Copy Immersion Pro Review

“Copy that sells” means money in the bank. And that’s what EVERY business owner, professional, and home-based entrepreneur wants.

Mastering the skill of writing powerful, persuasive copy can deliver quick and easy money directly to you – around the clock – and on virtual autopilot.

In fact, it just doesn’t get any easier – When you get it right.

But, truth be told, trying to write sales copy from scratch is tough – even for experienced writers. You can count on brain fog to roll in, or writer’s block to suddenly appear. Even when you jot down what seems to be a good idea in the moment – all too often, you find those words just don’t seem to gel.

You search in vain for a BIG IDEA. But more often than not find yourself staring endlessly at a blank screen. You pray for a spark of inspiration, Divine intervention, or for a windfall of words to magically flow. But all you feel is the PAIN of frustration and disappointment.

But those days are over!

In fact, you’ll never have to go through the nerve-wracking exercise (in futility) of writing copy from scratch ever again. Forget about doing things the tired, agonizing and time-consuming way.

Your SOLUTION? Let’s find out the details in my Copy Immersion Pro Review below!

Copy Immersion Pro Review


Copy Immersion Pro is a super-selling, value-packed multiple-offer package of amazing multimedia training on how you can create incredibly powerful sales copy to attract buyers and make more money – effortlessly and ethically – No Matter What You’re Selling!

Copy Immersion Pro features flagship products from legendary masters Brian Keith Voiles (a world-class word wizard who commands $35,000.00 for a single sales page) and Vincent James (a self-made multi-millionaire who revolutionized the supplement industry with powerful direct response advertising that works like gangbusters).

I will show you more details about it in the next parts of this Copy Immersion Pro Review


Copy Immersion Pro Review

Vendor Collin Almeida
Product Copy Immersion Pro
Launch Date 2018-Oct-01
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $10
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Internet marketing, Training
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Brian Keith Voiles is a copywriter’s copywriter. He’s a “details” guy – and one of the very best you’ll find anywhere. This world-class wordsmith has written for top marketers like Jay Abraham, Robert Allen, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert,Mike Enlow, Terry Dean, Peter Sun and Frank Kern to name just a few. All these marketing wizards could write their own copy and it would be stellar. But they all happily hire Brian and paid him tens of thousands each for one reason: he gets RESULTS time after time.

Vincent James made history by earning millions while still in his 20’s. Unfortunately, he ruffled some legal feathers along the way and paid the price by serving time. But thankfully, he meticulously documented his marketing and advertising wizardry and is now available in Copy Immersion Pro.

Collin Almeida is a highly-experienced and well-respected direct response marketing consultant. He’s a “behind the scenes” expert strategist who has his fingers on the pulse of the marketplace. With a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t, Collin is known for stacking enormous VALUE in the buyer’s favor – to help making the buying decision a virtual “no-brainer”.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Copy Immersion Pro Review and find out its features!


Front End Product: Billion-Dollar Ads Swipe File ($10) >> See Details <<

This is “12 Month Millionaire” Vincent James’ top-secret advertising vault – unlocked, unrestricted, and instantly accessible. Buyers get James’ personal stash – a collection of the most arresting and profitable ads and sales letters ever written – to jumpstart your own profitable promotions – no matter what you plan to sell!

As a launch special, you will also get access to a second swipe file featuring over 15 years of meticulously hand collected exhibits and examples from the ‘Make Money Online’ niche featuring some of the world’s greatest internet marketers.

Just take a peek at some of the ads and sales letters you’ll find in the Billion-Dollar collection:

  • The 4-page sales letter for a “male enhancement” pill that made the author over $77 Million in sales in just 22 short months
  • The “lady” ad that brought him $5 Million in sales every single year. It cost just $3000 to run the ad every month
  • The web sales copy that sucked-in $1 Million in sales-in less than 24 hours!
  • A simple 4-page “dollar bill” letter that makes $234.38 for every 50 cent letter mailed! AMAZING!
  • Web copy that made $320,000 in less than a week selling a Real Estate investing course!
  • The letter that sells $100 Million worth of coffee every year… or what about…
  • The ad that got Gary Halbert befriended by women way too good looking for him?
  • A sales letter that made over one billion dollars. Some experts say this letter was the most profitable sales letter ever!

Upgrade #1 ($27): Vincent James’ “How I Made $77 Million Dollars In 2 Years — And How You Can Too!” Manual >> See Details <<

As a launch special you will also get Russel Brunson’s entire 6-hour intense coaching session with Vincent James that allowed Russell in his own words “to catapult my business into the stratosphere and make over $10 million dollars before my 28th birthday!” The package also includes the complete transcripts of the 6 hour coaching session.

Gary Halbert called this “by far the most important marketing document ever put together” – and after reading it twice, I have to agree. It’s a brilliant, eye-opener of just what’s possible with plenty of brilliant insights.

This program levels the playing field, making it possible for the “little guy” to make millions using nothing but an idea and the profound power of persuasion.

This “regular” fellow made more money in his 20’s than the CEO’s of the world’s top corporations combined and its all laid out in an easy to follow format

Russel Brunson’s entire 6-hour coaching session with Vincent James that allowed Russell to catapult his business into the stratosphere and Make Over $10 Million Dollars Before His 28th Birthday!

A sure-fire way to become a millionaire with NO education and NO special skills (If a drop-out with a learning disability can figure this stuff out and make millions – surely you can follow his plan, can’t you?

Here’s what you will discover inside:

  • How he sold an impressive 65,000 stereo club memberships in 24 months – without ANY advertising! (Why spend money to MAKE money IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO?)
  • His secret “3-S” formula for crafting KILLER sales letters on demand and how even a complete novice can steal his secrets and create million-dollar winners – at will! (This proven formula is a powerhouse!)
  • Why – according to Vincent James – most experts in wealth-building are absolutely CLUELESS – and how he was able to run circles around their “worthless” advice. (Toss out all those worthless “get-rich” books from the bookstore and get the REAL WORLD, results-producing goods right here!)
  • How writing a simple letter can earn you enough extra income to say goodbye forever to your boss. (If Vince and I can do this, then YOU can do it too! You even get his PROVEN template – FREE!
  • The amazing story of how his buddy makes $10 million a year from his kitchen table!
  • The TRUTH about his $60 Million paragraph – how he discovered it – and how you can use this golden gem with almost ANY product!
  • How you can literally become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE with just 4 sheets of paper! (If someone with all the cards stacked against him can do it – you can you!)
  • The FOOLPROOF way to track your ads and sales letters with 100% accuracy! (It’s grade-school easy but what it reveals can be the difference between breaking even and making a million dollars in pure profit!)
  • 4 BIG things that would have prevented Vince from losing a staggering $48 Million in a single day! (Incredibly costly mistakes and how to prevent them from ever happening in the first place!)
  • The Jay Abraham headline solution that always virtually DOUBLES the sales of every ad… every sales letter… and every website – every single time!
  • …and a whole lot more!

Upgrade #2 ($197): Brian Keith Voiles’ Ad Magic Master Course >> See Details <<

Largely considered the “bible” of copywriting by many of today’s up and coming “copy stars” Ad Magic is among the most revered programs on crafting persuasive sales copy ever published. For powerful copy training – there’s nothing that comes close.

It also comes complete with proven swipe files and market-tested, “copy and paste” sales copy templates. This is the crown jewel of today’s copy courses. And everyone who picks this up will walk away with at least ten 10X more in USE VALUE than then paid in cash value.

A simple payment plan can be helpful in getting this product into more hands. For anyone hesitant to pull the trigger and spend the full amount up-front, a convenient split pay helps. For some, that may be all they need to jump onboard.

Here’s just a TINY sampling of every discovery, secret, strategy, and shortcut you’ll have instant access to:

  • The single most important first step before writing a word of copy
  • 11 quick and easy steps to writing a “million dollar” sales letter.
  • 27 fail-safe tests to almost guarantee your ad’s success in advance
  • 24 pages of time-tested words and phrases that sell like crazy
  • How to guarantee your mailing gets opened, read, and responded to
  • The real reason people buy (top secret info known only to sales pros, sociologists and con artists)
  • 24 sure-fire formulas for sizzling, benefit-packed bullet points – almost instantly
  • The real reasons people choose to buy anything — the secret truth long known by master salesmen, sociologists, and “con men” finally revealed! (Chapter Five, “Motivation Magic” shows you all you need to know!)

Upgrade #3: Official Resellers License for Ad Magic by Brian Keith Voiles >> See Details <<

Here’s a special opportunity for buyers to cash in on a copywriting masterpiece and long-term bestseller. Getting copywriting skills pretty much lets you write checks to yourself. This skill really trumps all the others. Without copy, you wouldn’t have any customers to service. Without copy, no one would call your company so that you even have a chance of selling them. Products would just sit on the shelves if it wasn’t for copy.

The potential audience for Ad Magic is HUGE, UNTAPPED and growing all the time. Any business or individual that wants to attract new customers, prospects, clients, patients, and sell more of their products or services, is a prime prospect for AD MAGIC and the Script Engage software.

Buyers can take advantage of this game-changing course by acquiring lifetime rights for a one-time fee – a fee that seems low, given the high praise for Ad Magic and the impeccable reputation of it’s author. This is a rare opportunity to secure an official reseller rights license at a price never to be repeated

The split pay option will help get this highly-profitable licence in the hands of more people in your tribe. And that’s a good thing for everybody. For those who are on a budget and prefer payment plans – this one’s a winner.

Copy Immersion Pro Review


Within this part of Copy Immersion Pro Review, I will only talk about the front-end: Billion-Dollar Ads Swipe File.

Collectively, these ads have generated more than a billion dollars in sales. And – they’re all yours to mine for all the solid gold nuggets contained within – as much as you want. You get a massive, 700+ page resource center of the best moneymaking ads and sales letters ever assembled. You can legally “steal” as many high profit ideas and examples as you want to create your own breakthrough promotions for life.

This entire collection was hand-selected by Vincent James – a high school dropout from New Jersey who used these very ads and sales letters to build his own $77 Million Dollar empire – in less than 2 years.

Think you could find enough juicy snippets in this rare collection to shortcut your own path to pure profits?

Imagine having instant and lifetime access to self-made millionaire, Vincent James’ hand-picked collection of proven moneymaking ads and sales letters that have collectively generated over one billion dollars in sales. That’s 700+ pages of solid gold you can mine for all its worth. And it’s all yours to legally “steal” for your own purposes – as much or as little as you want.

The secret to making millions of dollars is simply this: use what works. Do not reinvent the wheel. Borrow, or even STEAL from marketing pieces that previously made BIG money. Nothing gives you a greater shot at massive success than a winning combination of words and phrases that have ALREADY proven themselves.

Just one idea can make you a fortune. Imagine all the ideas you’ll get from this massive 700+ page collection of market-tested ideas responsible for creating multiple fortunes.

But that’s not all…

When you grab this 90%-off deal today – you’ll also get a second swipe file free. The giant “Ultimate Response Boosting Weapon” swipe file features 15 years of meticulously hand-collected exhibits and examples from the ‘Make Money Online’ niche. It’s one of the biggest niches online – but also one of the hardest nuts to crack.

In this bonus package, you’ll get even more breakthrough ideas for headlines, guarantees, and offers you can use in your own sales letters and ads. Instantly improve your copy and boost your profits by having this quick reference tool at your side – no matter what you’re selling.

In addition, you will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action: 

Copy Immersion Pro Review


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this Copy Immersion Pro Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Copy Immersion Pro Review

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  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.


Copy Immersion Pro Review

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