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BlackBird Review: the Ultimate Tool for an Amazon Seller

BlackBird Review: The secret engine that powers $10M/month in sales

BlackBird Review

I’m super excited about this! For years now, I’ve seen people struggle to build online businesses because they’ve lacked ‘on-call’ expert support. Many times people have had a good blueprint, and good tools, but never before have I seen this kind of ‘hand-holding’ LIVE *strategic* support from true experts.

NOTE: This is NOT low-level tech support, it’s advanced strategic support!

Amazon is PRIME for the taking, but you need 3 things:

  • The Blueprint
  • The Engine
  • The STRATEGIC Expert Support

And with BlackBird, you have all three 200% nailed. Let’s read my BlackBird Review below to find out more!



BlackBird is a complete set of tools for Amazon sellers, and also comprehensive training provided by highly successful Amazon sellers. In other words, BlackBird is the total package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business.

It consists of:

  • 64 start-to-finish business model training tutorials
  • Live ‘guru’ support (via live ‘on-call’ chat)
  • An ‘Opportunity Finder’ to sort through over 87,000,000 products
  • A tool to spy on the EXACT profit of other sellers
  • Breakthrough split testing technology
  • A fully-fledged CRM environment (autoresponder+order portal)
  • An intuitive tracking tool (to monitor your progress)
  • Finance Tracking (so you know all your numbers at a glance)
  • A radical new keyword-research tool (DESIGNED for eCom)
  • And MUCH more



Vendor Aidan Booth et al
Product BlackBird Suite
Launch Date 2017-Aug-21
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $97
Refund YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Niche eCommerce, Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended


BlackBird Review

BlackBird was developed by Steven Clayton, Matt Carter and Aidan Booth. In addition to having over a decade of teaching experience, they earn MILLIONS on Amazon every single year, so they know this business model inside and out.

Fast forward to now, and Aidan’s business has completely changed to how it was when he started out back in 2005. He partnered with Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey a couple of years ago – that was the first big change.

These days, they have three very distinct parts to their business, I like to think of them as being like three different pillars.

  • Pillar #1. Niche Sites & eCommerce Stores – this is much the same as what they have always had, although it’s ran as an individual part of the business, and monitored accordingly.
  • Pillar #2. Internet Marketing Training & Coaching Services – this is the training and coaching they provide to people who want to replicate their success online.
  • Pillar #3. Small Business Marketing – this is a mixture of marketing, consulting, and services that they offer to small businesses globally.

The three pillars all contribute significantly to their bottom line and all three pillars are managed like separate businesses, each with equal importance.


  • BlackBird Carries Messages to Customers

BlackBird knows when your orders are confirmed, shipped, and delivered. It automatically sends emails to your customers with the mission to secure as many positive reviews for your products as possible.

Included with your account are email templates designed by the creators of BlackBird (each one of whom earns over a million dollars in yearly revenue on Amazon) and these are the same emails they use to get feedback so you can literally copy what’s working for them.

  • BlackBird Delivers Constant Intelligence

Day and night, BlackBird will track the performance of your entire Amazon account and at-a-glance you can see intel on…

+ Sales results for your products
+ How you rank for your keywords
+ Where your competition is weak
+ BSR performance over time
+ Price points and revenue impact

  • BlackBird Looks for Open Opportunities

Selling on Amazon brings up lots of questions:

+ What products are selling right now?
+ How fast are they being sold?
+ What is the potential revenue?
+ How strong is the competition?
+ Should you move forward with your new idea?

To answer your questions, consult BlackBird by clicking on the Opportunity Finder.

  • BlackBird Watches Your Enemies Like a Hawk

Anything BlackBird can do FOR you, it can do TO your competitors—in a place where competition can be cut-throat, it turns you into a perfect predator.

You can spy on your competitors—BlackBird will monitor the performance of their products in almost every way, including identifying why they may rank better than you for certain keywords.

With BlackBird, your competition can’t have a leg-up on you because you’ll know what’s working for them as soon as they do.

  • BlackBird Training Academy Gives You the Best Business Tactics & Sales Strategies

One click on the Academy button gives you access to world-class training for selling on Amazon—updated regularly—created by the team of multi-million dollar Amazon sellers. You get instant access to a library of videos, PDFs, and webinars to educate yourself on how to sell successfully on Amazon

You also get access to private mastermind webinars with their coaches so you can ask questions, interact with them live, and stay informed on the latest Amazon updates. You’ll find out all the new things they discover every month.

  • Grab a Guru – Direct Access to Amazon Coaches

Grab a guru is one of the features that sets BlackBird above all its competition. With the click of a button you can message the BlackBird coaching staff and ask your Amazon marketing questions!

They’re here to make sure you succeed on Amazon, and to help do this they’ve created a direct link for you within BlackBird to the team. This is NOT basic support staff, this is access to people who generate MILLIONS of dollars selling on Amazon, true experts, so you’re in good hands.

  • Plan To Be The Perfect Predator

BlackBird makes managing your business easier than ever before. For the first time, you can oversee virtually all your Amazon operations from one place with one monthly charge

+ Track 500 keywords
+ Analyze 100 products
+ Keep tabs on your competitors
+ UNLIMITED negative notifications
+ UNLIMITED access to the Academy
+ UNLIMITED market research

  • Cloud-based Software

BlackBird is cloud based software tool. All members will have lifetime access to a Members Area where all software and associated training will be published. This is not drip fed, you get instant access to everything.


This off-the-radar tool suite and training has single handedly allowed a small number of ‘early-adopters’ to crack the Amazon code, by providing unparalleled cutting edge technology and LIVE strategic support to ensure that you can smash through any potential roadblock … EVERY time. Let’s take a look of the benefits when you using BlackBird. You will get:

  • The tried-and-tested blueprint (served up via 64 detailed videos)
  • The ‘engine’ that will give you an edge over competitors, including multi-million dollar MEGA-sellers (yes, it makes you untouchable in the Amazon eco-system)
  •  The LIVE ‘guru’ support system, so you can get strategic support from seasoned pros WHENEVER you needed it

And those three things are ALL you need to succeed with this business model. And Here what I love about this:

  • The selling technology is backed up with 64 business model tutorials, so even a complete newbie with ZERO experience can see results FAST.
  • LIVE strategic chat support is offered 24/7 (this is NOT low-level admin support outsourced to some developing nation)
  • You can pin-point the BEST eCommerce product opportunities in an INSTANT by analysing and filtering through over 87,000,000 products
  • An entire CRM portal is included, meaning you can automatically contact buyers, manage orders, and generate reviews on 100% autopilot
  • Advanced Split Testing software will allow you to optimize your way to the top, using nothing but brute force marketing know-how…
  • You can spy on a unlimited number of competitors, watch their every move, and know exactly what they’re selling and what their revenues are at any given time (stealth competitive research)
  • A ‘Finance Portal’ serves up your critical metrics at a glance, and allows you to see trends, analyze performance, and monitor profit margins seamlessly…
  • Keyword Research for eCommerce has been taken to an entirely new level with the breakthrough project-based ‘seed-search’ system


All it takes is only 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Find Opportunities
  • Step 2: Source Products
  • Step 3: Optimize Listings
  • Step 4: Get Reviews

Let’s watch the demo video below to see it in action!


  • I just started selling on Amazon, do you have any training resources that can help sellers like me get started on Amazon?

Absolutely! What sets us apart from other Amazon seller tools is we don’t just provide software to our members but also high-quality training videos to help our members become successful in their Amazon business. BlackBird was founded by successful Amazon sellers who have made millions selling on Amazon. These videos are designed to help Amazon sellers who are just starting and the more seasoned ones who are looking for that “push” to take their business to the next level. In addition to training videos, BlackBird members will also have direct access to our experts via our Grab a Guru chat box. You can ask any questions you have and they’ll be there to answer.

  • How can BlackBird help me increase my customer feedback?

In our years of selling on Amazon, we learned that buyers who are unsatisfied and unhappy are more likely to leave feedback than the ones who are satisfied. By sending gentle and friendly reminders to your buyers, you significantly increase your chances of getting positive feedback.

  • How many emails can I send to my customers?

It will depend on your subscription. BlackBird comes in 3 packages – Business, Pro, and Unlimited. Business has a cap of 15,000 e-mails per month, Pro gives you 50,000, and the Unlimited package gives you unlimited e-mails.

  • Can I schedule emails to send when an order is shipped or cancelled?

Absolutely! We call these “Triggers” in BlackBird. You can send e-mails when the order is Confirmed, Partially Shipped, Shipped, Cancelled, and Unfulfillable.

  • Does BlackBird have the ability to send emails only to customers who purchased a specific product?

Definitely! You can create a message and choose the specific product from your list of products. You may also choose to send the message against multiple products by entering their SKUs and ASINs.

  • Can I send emails for both AFN and MFN orders?

Yes, you can choose to send to both or just one from the two.

  • I have customers from all over the world but there are instances when I only want to send the message to orders made from a specific country. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. When you create your message, BlackBird gives you an option to send or not to send the email to a specific country.

  • Can BlackBird help me find my next BIG product?

BlackBird has a feature called the Opportunity Finder. What you can do with it is you can specify search criteria like Category (e.g. Appliances), Price Range (e.g. $100 – $1000), and Keywords (e.g. Dishwasher). Basing on these criteria we will show you all related products together with their BSR value (Best Seller Rank). The lower the BSR, the better. That’s how we can help you find your next BIG product!

  • Can BlackBird tell me how my product rank for a particular keyword?

Absolutely! BlackBird allows you to add the keywords for each of your products and then see where your product appears within the top 50 results.


During the launch time, you can grab BlackBird with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suite for you before this special offer gone!


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my BlackBird Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

BlackBird Review

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order BlackBird by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages below
  • Step 3: Hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done these step 1 & 2. You will get the chosen package within 24 hours.







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