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2017 Blueprint Review – 60% Discount On A Very Limited Time

2017 Blueprint Review

Hi guys, welcome to my 2017 Blueprint Review. What if I told you: It is EASY to build a successful business online. What do you think? Seriously, it is really easy. The problem with most people are… “They make things more complex than it is supposed to be”. Why? Two Words: Scarcity Mindset. 

You see, people want to believe what they want to believe. When you believe that there was no way you could see an extra $500 or even $25,000 in your bank account, that’s what you are going to end up with. PERIOD. Let me told ou a story: “one day, when Henry spoke with Desmond, Henry told Desmond that one client just handed him a $25,000 with just 10 minute conversation. At that time, Desmond was in shocked. Why?
-> Henry didn’t sell the client.
-> Henry didn’t try to pitch the client.
-> Henry simply told the client to park his car on the side of the road. Then, he told the potential client to give him $25,000.

Without hesitation, the client simply asked Henry to give him the “wire transfer” info. In all, the conversation lasted only 10 minutes. There is no selling. There is no pitching. There is no so-called creating an irresistible offer. It is all about helping the clients to realize that he needed Henry to solve the problem. How? Well, this is EXACTLY what you are going to learn in my 2017 Blueprint Review.


2017 Marketing Blueprint is the most powerful course I found this year. It is NOT just a regular “Mickey Mouse” home-study course you’ll see on the Internet. It is a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint that allows you to build a business that gives you $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $3,500, $10,500, or even up to $25,000 per lead by working as little as 37 minutes a day.

In addition, you will also learn how to get massive traffic to your business where you will be able to build massive subscribers coming your way. As studies have shown you that each subscriber that you have is equal to $1 to $1.50 per month for your business, we will show you how to get traffic from free traffic, cheap traffic, and all the way to paid traffic. This allows you to see clearly on what you need to do to make massive cash every single day.

Here’s Exactly What You Are Going to Get:

  • Module #1: Intro to 2017 Step-by-Step Blueprint.
  • Module #2: Setting-up Your 2017 Cash Blueprint 2.0.
  • Module #3: $200 to $500 Daily Cash By Just Sending Emails.
  • Module #4: Setting-Up High Converting Lead Hoover Pages.
  • Module #5: The “Fundamental” to Attract Massive Cash With Affiliate Marketing.
  • Module #6: Three “Illumunati” techniques to Get Unlimited Free Traffic to Your Websites.
  • Module #7: Top 10 Leaderboard Guaranteed Formula on Crushing Product Launches.
  • Module #8: Scaling Your Business to $300,000 Pear Year By Working As Little As 37-Minute Per Day.


The Niche Marketing Kit OVERVIEW

Vendor: Henry Gold et al
Product: 2017 Blueprint
Launch Date: 2016-Dec-27
Launch Time: 08:00 EST
Front-End Price: $7-9.95
Official Page: Click here
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommended: Highly Recommended
Skill: All Levels
Niche: List Building


2017 Blueprint author


The man behind this product is Henry Gold. Henry Gold is the famous internet marketer in the online marketing world. He has created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years. He is an international Best Selling Authors, Seen On TV: Fox, Star, The Sun, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He and his team have done over $20,000,000 transaction with their online businesses, transformed many clients around the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, South Korea, Paris, United States, China, Australia, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, and much more. 

And much, much more. 



  • You will receive a “Proven & Tested” 2017 blueprint which Desmond and I have been using to make cash from $100, $500, $3,500, $10,500, and even $25,000 per lead.
  • You will receive “48 hours quick cash” money machine that allows you to know how to generate $200 to $500 per day selling affiliate products.
  • You will receive a step-by-step “Area 51” blueprint on generating $15,000 to $25,000 in five days for each product you launch to the marketplace.
  • You will receive “instant residual cash” underground formula 2.0 that allows you to make residual cash between $35 and $97 per month from each new lead you receive.
  • You will receive a “tight-lipped” illuminati strategy to close clients at the price of $3,500, $10,500, and even $25,000 for every lead you bring to your business.
  • You will receive a step-by-step blueprint on “Unstoppable” massive traffic blueprint that will literally crash your server. WARNING: The ONLY way you can stop the traffic is, if you shut down your server. It is that dangerous.
  • In this course, you will receive a roadmap, checklist, and videos with detailed explanation on how you can have someone to wire you $25,000 in just 10 minutes.
  • Each format of the course will be explained with “real life” examples. This allows you to understand the right ways to make massive cash, FAST! (NOTE: We are talking about cash we have been receiving in a matter of minutes!)
  • You will avoid the “trials & errors” most of the entrepreneurs have to go through as you will receive a short-cut from two International bests-selling authors who have been doing it for more than 17 years.
  • You will also receive a “Massive Residual Cash” formula where you can get between $2,000 to $3,000 per month and growing .
  • The “2017 Blueprint” works really well regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer. — NOTE: You will learn everything from scratch on how you can literally build a business from $0 to $300,000 per year in the year 2017 and beyond. Plus, you will even claim yourself as an expert at the end of this course. NO EXCEPTION TO THE RULE.
  • And much, much more. (Well, it is as important as the other features we have shared with you!)

The Niche Marketing Kit info


In this 2017 Blueprint Review, I’ll show you How the 2017 Blueprint Help You? Then you can answer the question above by yourself.

  • $40 – $97 Residual Cash

Instead of chasing after cash, you will learn how to get $40 and $97 cash for each lead you receive to your business.

  • 13-Year Old Kid Blueprint

This product is a step-by-step blueprint designed for a 13-years old kid. As long as you know how to Copy-N-Paste, you will be able to see the results.

  • Hot & High Demand

The 2017 Blueprint works regardless of who you are, what your ethnicity is, or even where you are from. In addition, it can even work regardless of the conditions of the economy.

  • $250 – $500 Per Day

Want a lazy way to make cash in just a few minutes? Unlike utilizing email marketing where you need to be able to write well, you can sell your leads for $250 to $500 each with just one phone call away. That’s it.

  • $10,500 Talking to Stranger

Want to earn up to $10,500 by talking to a stranger on the phone? Well, with this course, you will know the underground strategy to make up to $10,500 with every stranger you talk with on the phone.

  • $25,000 in 10 Minutes

Need $25,000 in 10 minutes? Simply utilize these techniques we have been using to generate an extra $25,000 by talking with your current customer for 10 minutes.

  • Proven & Tested Results

The 2017 Cash Blueprint is the strategy Henry Gold & Desmond Ong have been using to beat up the curve where they have been using it year after year to sell over $30,000,000 on the Internet.

  • Recent Case Studies

This blueprint focuses on the “real” case studies we have been using to make $100, $500, $1,000, $3,500, $10,500, and all the way to $25,000 for every person you attract to your business.

  • Step-by-Step Checklist

As we want to feature you as one of our success stories, you will receive a step-by-step checklist where you are able to learn how to get up to $25,000 per lead.

Wait, Here’s Something More. You will receive Bonus from Henry Gold

  • 2017 Blueprint Step-by-Step Roadmap (VALUE $97)

To ensure that you completely understand what you need to do to build a successful business in the shortest time possible, you will receive a step-by-step roadmap on what you need to do to earn $100, $200, $500, $1,000, $3,500, $10,500, or even up to $25,000 by working as little as 37 minutes a day. This allows you to truly understand what it takes to earn up to $25,000 for every lead you receive in your business. NOTE: You will even receive a video tutorial on how the whole roadmap works. This allows you to have all your questions answered.

  • 2017 Blueprint Step-by-Step Checklist (WORTH $97)

To ensure that you completely understand what you need to do to build a successful business in the shortest time possible, you will receive a step-by-step roadmap on what you need to do to earn $100, $200, $500, $1,000, $3,500, $10,500, or even up to $25,000 by working as little as 37 minutes a day. This allows you to truly understand what it takes to earn up to $25,000 for every lead you receive in your business. NOTE: You will even receive a video tutorial on how the whole roadmap works. This allows you to have all your questions answered.

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group (WORTH $197)

Instead of leaving you hanging, you will have access to other students via Facebook Group. This allows you to have all your questions solved. You can ask questions such as:

1) How can I get $25,000 in 10 minutes?

2) How can I get massive traffic for your business?

3) How can I get $10,500 in 60 minutes with a stranger?

4) How can I… (Just ask your questions!)

Basically, you have unlimited access to the Facebook Group.

  • Build $300,000 Per Year Business With Three Simple Steps (WORTH $197)

On this training, Desmond and Henry are going to share with you the exact techniques they have been using to build a $300,000 per year business…. Here’s how you can do it too!
+ Discover the secrets to make $100 to $200 per lead on a daily basis.
+ Get people to send you thousands of subscribers with both and paid traffic.
+ Attract $25,000 in 10 Minutes by talking with a potential client on the phone.
+ Plus…. You will get the “three” step-by-step blueprint to build your business with 37 minutes a day.



Here’s Exactly How it Works:

  • Step 1: Download 2017 Blueprint
  • Step 2: Switch on Traffic
  • Step 3: Make Up to $25,000 per Lead

That’s all you have to do. We will break down the “2017 Blueprint” into three parts. This allows you to earn cash the “lazy” way to the “most advanced” way from each lead you receive for your business. This allows you to master the keys to earn $100, $200, $500, $1,000, $3,500, $10,500, and $25,000 per lead in your business.


Remember that the 2017 Blueprint is the ONLY blueprint you will need to generate up to $25,000 for every lead. It includes all the steps from generating $30 to $97 per month residual cash, $200 to $300 daily quick cash, and all the way to earning up to $25,000 by talking with strangers on the phone. In addition, it is based on proven and tested strategies the author has been using since 2004. Best of all, it is all yours. 2017 BLUEPRINT is a significantly efficient product to do marketing. This special offer will be in the form of a dime-sale, which means that the price will be going up with every sale. So, I recommend you let act right now!


The Niche Marketing Kit order

Regardless, thank you for reading my 2017 Blueprint Review. Goodbye, and see you again!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses from me if you finish 2 steps below:

Step 1: Order 2017 Blueprint by Clicking here.
Step 2: hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 24 hours.

Bonus #1: Copy My $10,000 Funnel

Copy My Stupidly Simple Affiliate Funnel That Made Me Over $10,000 In Commissions While Building A Highly Targeted, Profitable Email List!

My exact lead magnet strategy that people love & get sales.
Steal my high converting squeeze page, thank you page, follow up emails – that make sales on complete autopilot for me.
My exact traffic source, strategy, ad copies, keywords so you can get started right away.

Bonus #2: CASE STUDY – How I Made $1100 Spending Just $8.13 In FB Ads!

This report highly compliment Buyers List Blueprint Steal My Exact Campaign That Made Me $1100 In Revenue Spending Just $8.13 In Facebook Ads! You get to see my exact ad copy, ad images, kind of ad that work best, my exact ad strategy that get results like above.

Combine this with Buyers List Blueprint to maximize your profits.

Bonus #3: List Building Holy Grail

Getting Started to Build 100% Buyers List in Any Niche on Autopilot By Using A Proven Secret, 100% Actually Make More Money From Your Email List With My Optimizing Hacks

Bonus #4: Debbie’s Promotion Checklist

Get leaps and bounds ahead of people who have no idea how they should be spending their time promoting offers.

Stop the overwhelm and finally do the right things to promote your offers (Books, PDF’s, Guides, Squeeze Pages, Courses, Webinars (anything).

Bonus #5: Lazy List Profits

Lazy List Profits will teach your customers how to build their lists & make instant profits with a unique funnel we created. The course is packed with value and unique bonuses (no PLR crap).

Bonus #6: Supersonic List Machine

The secrets revealed inside Supersonic List Machine will turn you into a list profiting MACHINE because this is…

– Based on a real $300/day case study
– Extremely unique method
– Simple step-by-step system
– Very easy to do
– 100% newbie friendly
– Gets results within 24 to 48 hours

Bonus #7: List Academy

The Foundation – this is crucial to your success with the system as you will learn what it takes to build an email list that will generate traffic and sales anytime you mail them.
The Relationship – you’ll get to see every kind of email that Anik is sending to his own email list to build a relationship that allows him to earn $1 per subscriber per month (e.g 2,500 subscribers = $2,500 per month!)
Conversion Techniques – learn how to turn up the profits by converting more of your traffic and subscribers into commissions with Anik’s advanced conversion strategies.

Bonus #8: List Profit Legends

Discover the different types of traffic and how to target only profitable traffic!
The methods for achieving highest conversions to maximize profits!
The Simple Tools To Get You Started to Creating $1,000’s in Profit Today!
How to achieve all of the above very, very simply and quickly!

Bonus #9: List Secrets

Eric’s million dollar closely guarded list secrets
The exact step by step plan to get you from $0 – $1,000 per month in less than 60 Daysand then scale this to 6 figures!
What is the fastest way to generate CASH?
If we lost everything, how would we start from scratch.

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